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BMED 2100 Spring 2015

Homework 3 Due March 12th in class

Soft Contact Lenses

1.) All of you who have soft contact lenses know that you must (should) clean
your lenses daily. In fact you usually use an enzymatic solution to clean your
lenses. Why do you need an enzymatic solution?
2.) You also are generally told to remove soft contact lenses when you sleep.
Why is this?
3.) If you were designing a contact lens, what would be the design criteria in
terms of mechanical properties, vision quality, gas transport, patient comfort
4.) What polymers are commonly used in soft contact lenses? (look up on the
internet) What properties are advertised for these contact lenses?
5.) Would you want the polymer being used to synthesize the contact lens to be
hydrolytically degradable? Why?
6.) Would you want the contact lens polymer to be in a semi-crystalline/glassy
state or in a rubbery state? Why? What does this mean for the T g of the
polymer used?
7.) How are contact lenses prepared/fabricated?

Breast Implants
8.) Breast implants using are composed of a polymer casing and a polymer filler.
What would be the mechanical property requirements of the filler? What
would be the mechanical property requirements of the casing?
9.) What kind of response does the body have to breast implants (look up on the
internet)?, i.e. does it bond to the implant, produce a fibrous capsule, or etc
What are the primary reasons for breast implant revision surgeries
(look up on internet)?
Given what you learned in (10), what may be reasons that you
wouldnt use these same polymers in lip augmentation situations?

What polymers are standard breast implants composed of (look up on
internet)? Please be specific.
If you have a reasonable strong stomach and are not adverse to real physical
anatomy, please what the following videos:
Degradable Polymers
Give an example of an anhydride polymer used in biomedical
applications. Give the name, structure and application(s).
Give an examples of an ether-containing polymer used in biomedical
applications. Give the name, structure, and application(s).
Ligament Reconstruction
Read the following site on ligament repair options:
You will see that biomaterials are used even in allograft and autograft
procedures. What are these materials as mentioned on the site?
What are the reasons given on this website for the failure of artificial
Given an example of creep deformation from your daily life.