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Curriculum Vitae

Clive Crous

April 13, 2007

I am a senior systems analyst and developer with 8 years commercial corporate experi-
ence, including ICL mainframe, SCO Unixware, FreeBSD, several Linux distributions and
all versions of Microsoft Windows. I currently analyze and lead projects from conception
through to final release. I have experience with 3GL and 4GL application development, as
well as database design. I have designed and developed programmers’ in-house toolsets and
worked in large teams as well as independently. I’m also actively involved in Open Source
development and a lot of my free time goes into leading or contributing to several on-line
Summary of skills:
• FreeBSD, Linux (debian, redhat, mandrake, gentoo, suse), AIX, SCO Unixware 7.0
• Ruby, C/C++, Python, Assembler (x86)
• PostgreSQL, MySQL
• Subversion, CVS, Darcs, svk
• Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL
• bash, zsh and sh shell scripting
• UML (Dia,bouml,umbrello)
• Porting (Windows to Unix and Unix to Windows), Cross platform compatibility
(Windows, Unix and Mac)

Career History
Jul 06 to current ViaMedia1
– Application design and development
Software design and development for in house WASP software. These systems provide
internal APIs for in house software as well as external APIs and interfaces to client and
mobile service providers such as Vodacom, MTN and CellC.
Overview of primary technologies used: UML, C++, MySQL, SubVersion, services (ba)sh scripting

Jul 06 to current Linux Game Publishing2

– Porting of commercial Windows games to Linux
I’m currently involved with porting several top selling commercial games from the Mi-
crosoft Windows platform to Linux. Linux Game Publishing is based in London and has
a group of international programmers. We integrate our designs and software development
over the internet.
Overview of primary technologies used: C++,C,OpenGL,SDL, CVS

Aug 05 to Jul 06 KrazyBoyz Digital3

– Web application and application development
Web application development for multiple clients. I am involved with the design and
implementation of clients’ websites, as well as leading all application development done
by the company. I am also involved with server setup and maintenance of the internal
servers used for development as well as the live servers on which clients’ completed sites
are hosted. I have architectural lead on most of the projects I’m involved with and also
consult, especially with database design, for the other teams.
Overview of primary technologies used: UML, Ruby [Rails], Python [Twisted, WxPython], PHP, MSSQL,
PostgreSQL, MySQL, C, (z)sh scripting

Jan 05 to Aug 05 Point 45 Entertainment4

– Online Lottery and Gaming development
Web application development, Javascript and web front and back end programming. At
Point45 I was required to use my extensive web and database experience to help design
and maintain a complex online gaming system. Players from all over the world can have
online credit accounts which they use for playing the games we have created. These users
can then play either against the gaming machines we developed, or against other online
players. There is also an interface to several of the world’s largest lotteries for online ticket
Overview of primary technologies used: Python[Twisted], PostgreSQL, (z)sh scripting


Jun 04 to Dec 04 Adaptware
– Custom software and web development
Head of development, Chief Systems Analyst. At Adaptware I was responsible for anal-
ysis of all project requirements and oversaw the development of all projects. My team
consisted of two graphic artists, four programmers and two marketing specialists. We
completed six full projects during my stay at Adaptware as well as an additional five
enhancement projects to clients’ existing software. I was also responsible for establishing
and maintaining all development standards and development infrastructure.
Overview of primary technologies used: C, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, (z)sh scripting

Feb 02 to May 04 Resource Informatik (Pty) Ltd5

– SAP Enterprise Portal consulting and facilities management
Web Application Development, SAP Enterprise Portal consulting, and Facilities Manager
South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town offices). Developed and maintained HTML,
DHTML, XHTML and PHP sites and applications for employer as well as employer’s
clients. I developed interactive gsm(sms), database and web communication software
using c, mysql and php for use at Swiss Expos where our company wished to showcase
our technological capabilities. I maintained the company’s internal networks and servers
for the South African offices. I also installed and maintained Enterprise Portal servers for
clients. I was responsible for managing all IT equipment, software and maintenance as
Overview of primary technologies used: SAP Enterprise Portals 5 & 6, Java, C, PHP, Python, MSSQL, Novel
E-Directory, MySQL, (ba)sh scripting

Aug 98 to Jan 02 Shoprite / Checkers6

– Branch application development and intranet web application development
UNIX programming and analysis, comprising of Flexgen (COBOL 4GL), shell scripting, c
and Perl. I participated in the creation of many diverse projects all of which where required
by approximately 450 - 500 retail stores and warehouses across Africa. For all systems,
the greatest emphasis was placed on security and stability. I was also responsible for the
development of intranet and internet web applications using visual basic, asp, VBScript,
javascript and Perl (CGI). These responsibilities ran from initial system analysis and user
interaction, to final delivery and support of the product.
Overview of primary technologies used: ASP, MSSQL, COBOL, FlexGen, VisualBasic, Perl, (k)sh scripting

Jan 98 to Jun 98 Full time COBOL business programming course : Van Zyl & Pritchard

Jan 94 to Dec 97 I developed custom applications in various languages part-time while work-
ing as full-time manager of several restaurants.

Software Skills Matrix
Operating Systems
Operating System Implementation Skill Years Current
BeOS 4 2
BSD Dragonfly 3 1
FreeBSD 5 3 ✓
NetBSD 3 1
OpenBSD 3 1
DOS MS DOS 3.3 - 6.0 5 5
PC DOS 4 2
FreeDOS 5 4 ✓
Linux Debian 5 2 ✓
Gentoo 5 4
LFS 3 1
Mandrake 4 2
Redhat 4 2 ✓
Rock 2 1
Slackware 2 1
SuSE 4 2
TurboLinux 2 1
Ubuntu 4 1
Microsoft Windows 3.11 3 4
95 4 4
98 5 7
ME 4 2
NT 4 3
2000(pro) 5 5
2000(adv server) 5 3
XP 5 3 ✓
QNX 3 1
SCO Unixware 3 3
Solaris 2 1

Version Control Systems

VCS/SCM Skill Years Current
arch 4 1
cvs 5 4 ✓
darcs 5 2 ✓
mercurial 4 1
subversion 5 3 ✓
svk 5 2 ✓

Programming Languages
Programming Language Sub-type Skill Years Current
assembler asm86 4 3
masm32 5 3
mk64 3 2
nasm 5 4 ✓
c/c++ ansi 5 7 ✓
borland c 3 2
djgpp 5 3 ✓
gcc 5 7 ✓
turbo c 3 1
Delphi 2 1
kylix 1 1
Java 3 1
java script 5 4 ✓
Pascal Borland Pascal 4 2
free Pascal 3 1
Turbo Pascal 4 4
php 5 4 ✓
python 5 3 ✓
pyrex 5 2 ✓
ruby 5 3 ✓
nitro (Og) 4 1 ✓
rails 5 1 ✓
(x)html 5 8 ✓
shell scripting sh 4 7 ✓
bash 4 5 ✓
ksh 2 2
zsh 4 2 ✓
SQL ANSI 5 5 ✓
MySQL 5 4 ✓
MS SQL 4 3
PostgreSQL 5 3
SQLite 5 3 ✓

Database Systems
Database Skill Years Current
Firebird 3 1
Gadfly 3 1
MySQL 5 3 ✓
PostgreSQL 5 5
SQL 2000 4 3
SQL 7 4 3
SQLite 5 3 ✓

Certifications, Publications and Achievements
• Interviewed by german gaming magazine ‘E. Get Deleted’ which was later translated into
english for ‘RogueLike - The Magazine’.

• My open source project “Vulture’s” featured in the UK edition of Linux Format’s March
issue 2006.

• Entry Level Professional Programming - Van Zyl & Pritchard7

• Top 20 in South Africa - School Computer Science Olympiad 1993