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Classroom Strategy

English language teaching methods, tools & techniques

100 Ideas for Teaching English
Think Strategically
Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Dummies 2009
English Teaching Professional issue 87 July 2013
Smart Thinking Skills for Critical Understanding and Writing
ABC Pronunciary
How Languages Are Learned 3rd edition
Teaching & Learning
Creative English Teaching
Transformative Approaches to New Technologies
Vocabulary Builder
Vocabulary builder 1
Vocabulary builder 2
Vocabulary builder 3
Vocabulary builder 4
Vocabulary builder 5
Vocabulary builder 6
Vocabulary builder 7
Vocabulary in use Pro
Cambridge English Collocations In Use
Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use Elem 1st Ed
Cambridge Professional English in Use Law
Cambridge McCarthy English Idioms in Use
Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use-Pre-int_Int 1st Ed
Cambridge English Vocabulary In Use-Advanced
English Vocabulary in Use Upp_Adv 1st Ed
Cambridge English Phrasal Verbs In Use
Cambridge Business Vocabulary in Use
Cambridge Professional English in Use ICT
Cambridge Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary
Cambridge Professional English in Use Finance

Punctuation One Step Ahead

Longman-Common Errors
One Language, Two Grammars
One Million Things A Visual Encyclopedia
English Verbs & Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners
English Verbs & Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners
Murphy R. English Grammar in Use. 2012 4-ed.
MacMillan Childrens Dictionary
Cambridge Murphy Grammar in Use 3e
Cambridge Hewings Advanced Grammar in Use 2e
A Practical English Grammar-4th
The Antigrammar grammar book
Saddleback Publishing Grammar and Usage
Grammar Rules
Betty Azar -Understanding and using English Grammar_SB
Azar -Understanding and using English Grammar_WB
Betty Azar Basic English Grammar 3rd Ed
Advanced Grammar in Use 3rd edition 2013
English Book Basic Grammar in use Book 2
Learn and Practise English Grammar 1 (Beginner)
Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge
Oxford Practice Grammar with Answers
Understanding Grammar Nouns and Pronouns
Understanding Grammar Adjectives and Prepositions
Understanding Grammar Verbs and Adverbs
Understanding Grammar Sentence Types and Punctuation
Understanding Grammar Phrases, Clauses and Conjunctions
Undenstanding and using English Grammar. StudentBook Azar
Understanding english grammar kolln
Betty Azar (Grammar PowerPoint)


Cambridge IELTS 7 + AUDIO
Official IELTS Practice Material
Ace the IELTS
IELTS Target band 7
IELTS complete material.rar
IELTS for academic purposes with 6 practice tests
Cambridge IELTS 9
Collins Grammar for IELTS
listening for IELTS
Reading for IELTS book
Get Ready for IELTS Reading Pre-Intermediate A2
Get Ready for IELTS Speaking Pre-Intermediate A2
Get Ready for IELTS Listening Pre-Intermediate A2
Get Ready for IELTS Writing Pre-Intermediate A2
Longman.Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test.2 edition
Building-IBT TOEFL
Oxford Reading Tree Phonics 1
Oxford Reading Tree Phonics 2
Oxford Reading Tree Phonics 3
Oxford Reading Tree Software Stage 4
Oxford Reading Tree 6 & 7
Oxford Reading Tree 8 & 9
Oxford Reading Tree 10 & 11
Spelling Game from Webster

English for Writing Research Papers
Writing American Style
How to Say It Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and
Paragraphs for Every Situation, Revised Edition
Secrets To Writing Great Papers (Study Smart Series)
Grammar and Writing Handbook
Spelling Simplified (Study Smart)
OLSON, Judith F. Writing Skills Success In 20 Minutes a Day
BURT, Angela The A-Z Of Correct English
Great Writing 2 Great Paragraphs, 3 edition (Book, Answer Key)
Great Writing 2 Great Paragraphs 3rd edition
Paragraphs and Essays with Integrated Readings (11th Edition)
Top 20 Great Grammar for Great Writing
Dictionaries & Software
Oxford Learners Thesaurus Dictionary
encyclopedia dictionary
Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use Elementary
Cambridge English Grammar Today
WordWise Dictionary
HTML Dictionary
Daniel Jones
English Grammar in Use
Oxford Collocations Dictionary 2nd Edition
Merriam-Websters 11th Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus
American English File 1 Oxford University Press

American English File 2 Oxford University Press

Oxford Picture Dictionary
Merriam-Websters Medical Desk Dictionary v3.0
Top Notch 1
Top Notch 2
Random House Websters Unabridged Dictionary
The American Heritage Talking Dictionary, 4th Ed
Collins Dictionary
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
Longman Active Study Dictionary
Longman Grammar Express
Longman business Dictionary
Lose Your Accent In 28 Days
Longman photo dictionary
SuperMemo Advanced
Focus On Grammar High-Intermediate CD-ROM
How to build your blog (wordpress tools)
English Pronunciation in use advanced
Cambridge English Pronunciation in Use Advanced
English Pronunciation in Use Advanced CD B Disc 1
English Pronunciation in Use Advanced CD B Disc 3
English Pronunciation in Use Advanced CD D Disc 4
English Pronunciation in Use Advanced CD E Disc 5

Idioms & Slang References

The Routledge Modern American Slang
The American Heritage dictionary of idioms
Dictionary of Contemporary Slang
Longman Essential idioms in English
American Idioms Dictionary
The Oxford Dictionary Of Idioms
Short Slang Dictionary
NTCs American Idioms Dictionary
Essential English Idioms Elementary
Essential English Idioms Advanced
Idioms in American Life
101_American_English Idioms
phrasal verbs and idioms_optimized
Extra Pedagogical Materials
Thanks to PhD Ashraf Atta for sharing this section.
Fundamentals of English Grammar p1
Fundamentals of English Grammar P2
Context and Culture in Language Teaching and Learning
Change Tracks Trends
Insensitive Semantics
Listening and Caring Skills in Ministry A Guide for Groups and
language connections
linguistics 2
Multimodality TESOL Classroom
Miller J. An introduction to English syntax
Beyond the native speaker TESOL
Research approach applied linguistics
Is The Brains Mind A Computer Program
The Hidden Mind
Mysteries Of Mind
Writing Academic English p1
The handbook of applied linguistics

Handbook linguistics
Writing Academic English p2
Writing and spelling
Learn To Speak English 8.1
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
CD 4
Face2face Elementary
Face2face Pre-intermediate
Face2face Upper-Intermediate
Face2face Intermediate
Android Dictionaries
Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary v3.0.30
diodict3 oxford 13-1.1.2
Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus 2011 Unabridged
Concise Oxford Eng Dict & Thesaurus
longman contemporary 5th edition
Wiki Encyclopedia pro v2.8
Oxford A-Z of Grammar And Punctuation
Britannica Encyclopedia 2012 v1.28
Audio Cambridge Advanced v3.2.105
Concise Oxford
Collins English and Thesaurus v3.2.105
Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus v4.1.037
Oxford Dictionary of English v4.3.059
Please, install the app & download data using Wifi connection.
Cambridge English in Mind [Second Edition]
Testmaker 1 EiM1 Testmaker

EIM1 Testmaker CD-ROM

EIM1 Testmaker Audio CD
EIM2 Testmaker CD-ROM
EIM2 Testmaker Audio
Extra Resources
Anthology of English literature v1
Anthology of English literature v2
Phonetics 3DCC
English Pronunciation In Use
Oxford Essential Dictionary
Oxford basic American Dictionary
The History of English Literature
Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary
Basic Grammar in Use
English 3rd Dict
Oxford Collocations Dictionary 2nd Edition 2009
New English Elementary
New English Pre-Intermediate
New English Intermediate
Help Me 2 Learn Phonics 1a
Smart Kids Phonics 1
Smart Kids Phonics 2
Smart Kids Phonics 3
Smart Kids Phonics 4
Longman New Grammar Time Series
Stedmans Electronic Medical Dictionary 28th
English Grammar in Use 4th Edition with CD-ROM
Understanding and Using English Grammar (with Answer Key
and Audio CDs) (4th Ed)
Macmillan English Grammar in Context
Literature Time (Secondary Stage)
Great.Expectations 2011
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Treasure Island B

Treasure Island A
David.Copperfield.1999.BBC Part 2
David.Copperfield.1999.BBC Part 1
David Copperfield
Treasure Island (1971)
Three men in a boat
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Great Expectations
Treasure Island
Henry V
Primary New Distribution of Marks 2013-3014
Secondary New Distribution of Marks 2013-3014
Secondary Omitted parts New 2013/2014
Intermediate New Distribution of Marks 2013/2014
Grammar Package
Good Grammar for Students
Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate
Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and
High school English grammar
Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students
English Grammar For Dummies
English Grammar For Dummies
Grammar Practice for Pre-intermediate Students
English Grammar Workbook for Dummies
English Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students
Schaums English Grammar
Grammar Practice for Upper Intermediate Students
Pictures of English Tenses (Elementary)
English Grammar A University Course
English Grammar A University Course
The Teachers Grammar of English
When Bad Grammar Happens to Good People
Focus on Advanced English Grammar Practice
Zoo-Phonics Kids
Book 1



Lets Go Series
Lets Go 1
Lets Go 2
Lets Go 3
Lets Go 4
Lets Go 5
Lets Go 6
Lets Go interactive
Lets Go interactive
Orcheda Learn English (Interactive Self-Study Course)
Orcheda All Dictionary
Grammar CD1
Grammar CD2
Grammar CD3
Grammar CD4
Easy English
Orcheda TOEFL
Berlitz English
Berlitz English Level 1
Berlitz English Level 2
Berlitz English Level 3
Berlitz English Level 4
Berlitz English Level 5
Berlitz English Level 6
Berlitz English Level 7
Berlitz English Level 8
Berlitz English Business 1
Berlitz English Business 2
Oxford Word Skill

Oxford Word Skill Basic

Oxford Word Skill Intermediate
Oxford Word Skill Advanced
Oxford Word Power
Increase your wordpower
Oxford Wordpower trainer hard equation
Oxford Wordpower Trainer
Oxford Wordpower Trainer answer key
Idiom & Phrasal Intermediate
Oxford Living Grammar
Living Grammar Elementary
Living Grammar intermediate
Living Grammar Upper Intermediate
Tell Me More English V10
Tell Me More English V10.part01
Tell Me More English V10.part02
Tell Me More English V10.part03
Tell Me More English V10.part04
Tell Me More English V10.part05
Tell Me More English V10.part06
Tell Me More English V10.part07
Tell Me More English V10.part08
Tell Me More English V10.part09
Tell Me More English V10.part10
Tell Me More English V10.part11
Tell Me More English V10.part12
Tell Me More English V10.part13
Tell Me More English V10.part14
Tell Me More English V10.part15
Tell Me More English V10.part16
Tell Me More English V10.part17
Tell Me More English V10.part18
Tell Me More English V10.part19
4000 Essential English Words
4000 Essential English Words 1
4000 Essential English Words 2

4000 Essential English Words 3

4000 Essential English Words 4
4000 Essential English Words 5
4000 Essential English Words 6
All books PDF one link