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Physical Levitation

There are three chakras that are associated with levitation. One is the root chakra or first,
second, is the heart chakra or the 4th chakra, and the 3rd is the third eye chakra, known
also as the 6th chakra. Just choose one of these chakras and meditate on it.
Then you possess its power to Levitate. Remember if you develop one system you are also
developing the other at the same time. It is like killing a million birds or more with one
stone. For example if you meditate on the sixth chakras, yes, you will possess the power to
levitate but also you will possess a light body and clairvoyant, telepathic, and telekinetic
power also.
Do you see what I mean? If you meditate on the fourth chakra, yes, you will levitate but
you also develop love energy as well. And if you meditate with the first chakra, known
also as the base chakra, you will levitate but you will also develop a deep planetary
connection with the earth and her beauty creatures, forms, Mountains, and life forms of
different sorts on earth, as well as in yourself, deep appreciation, inspiration, and
admiration for physical health and life caring.
Well, another system also known for levitation is the udana, or the upwards flow of life
energy or prana. The udana is located at the base of the throat, all the way to the top of the
head. The udana links the 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras together. The udana is the upper part of
the susunna and the susunna is the cord that runs up and down the spine and links all the
chakras together (from Chakra one to chakra seven), from earth chakras too human and
planet and star chakras. The udana looks like a vertical cord where all the chakras pour
their life energy of consciousness and information into it and that's where they all collect.
So all you have to do is focus on the upper part of the susunna or also called the udana:
the reason it is call the udana is its a Sanskrit word for upwards flow of life forces. You
see the udana is very important in that it helps the chakras to exist, integrate, and stay
connected. The udana is responsible for swallowing, putting a person to sleep, and
controlling hunger. It is also responsible for levitation, moistening the body, and helping
the immune system, and is also responsible for dimensional travel like teleportation and
walking through walls, rock, and other obstacles, etc. So you just visualize a small cord
the size of your pinkie (fingers) and made it golden and white blue in color. The
visualized cord or udana should be from the base of the throat to the top of the head in the
middle of your upper part of your body.
Now just maintain that visualization and breath energy into it every time you breathe;
you'll see the udana become more visible in form and in color and along with your
visualization become more real and vivid along with every breath. This will give the
power of internal vision (better than x-ray vision).(aura field), and cells or DNA, etc.
Now once you feel like you've got the hang of it then you add to your visualization that
the size of the udana grow larger and larger until you feel that it is big enough to carry
you up wards and rise physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually off

the ground, water, obstacle, mountain, and country, etc. Once you become good at
levitation you will also, at the same time, develop the phase body shift. This is the true
reward of the udana system phase body shift and is another freedom that the light body
offers. This freedom allows your body to walk through walls and phase into the earth like
it was water. So you can swim in the dirt like water and walk through walls like the light
beings or guardians. You can also jump to different dimensions at will, that is the
teleportation also (you see what I mean now the phrase killing a million or more birds
with one stone). All the psychic method systems are connected. If you develop one
system, you are also developing the other at the same time. Now you can have fun flying.

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