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Module 1: Welcome to Using Epi Info in an Outbreak Investigation

Overview of Training Activity

Using a case study based on an actual investigation of an outbreak of cholera
in Uganda, you will use Epi Info for Windows (Version 3) software to perform data
entry and analysis activities commonly encountered in an outbreak investigation.
This training is not intended to cover every function of Epi Info for Windows
but rather introduce the beginning user to the features that are required of a
basic outbreak investigation.
The training is designed as a self-study activity but also works well in a
classroom setting.

Target Audience
The intended audience for this training activity is first-year Field
Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) and Public Health Schools Without Walls
(PHSWOW) trainees; however, anyone with the following prerequisites will benefit
from the training.

You should have an understanding of the following:

Basic epidemiology
Basic biostatistics
The steps taken in outbreak investigations
How to develop questions for an investigation
Basic functions of Windows-based computers

It is not necessary, but may be helpful, to have experience with Epi Info 6 or any
other database or spreadsheet software.

Training Objectives
Modul 1 Epi Info

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Using Epi Info for Windows, a summary of an original outbreak investigation, and a
set of questions to be used in a questionnaire, you will be able to

Recreate a questionnaire form

Program code to check for inaccurate data entry or to facilitate data entry
Enter data in a questionnaire
Manage the data entered
Analyze the data entered
Read data from and write to other database formats
Create reports using Epi Report
Create a menu
Map data using Epi Map

How to Install Epi Info

To install Epi Info, there are two common methods for installation: From a CD-ROM
or downloading from the Internet. Epi Info updates are available via the Internet as

If Epi Info is already installed, first UNINSTALL the existing Epi Info
and reboot your machine BEFORE installing the new Epi Info version.

From the Training CD-ROM:

Use the following steps to install Epi Info from a CD-ROM.
1. Insert the training CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
2. From the computer desktop or START menu, open your CD-ROM drive so that
you can see all the files available on the training CD-ROM.
3. Find the Epi Info for Windows folder and open it.
4. Find the SETUP.EXE file. Double click it.
5. Follow the directions to install Epi Info for Windows.

From the Internet:

Use the following steps to install Epi Info from the Internet.
1. Create a temporary folder to store your Download files. You can either place
this file on the desktop or on your C: drive. Remember where you have set up

this folder, so you can go to it after the download and complete the
2. Go to this web address:
3. Next to Web Install, click on the Download button if you have good Internet
speed and software to open .zip files. If not, next to Multi-Part, click on

Download button and download the individual files to your temporary folder.
4. Follow the directions on the website to open either set of files.

For Updates:
Periodically, the Epi Info for Windows team updates the program. You can download
these patches from the internet.

Create a temporary folder to store your Download files.

Go to this web address:
Check to see if the Internet site lists any update patches.
Follow the installation instructions on the Internet site.











at If you have received this training product on CD-ROM,

you may find that we have added recent patch.
installation files for you. If you have a folder that reads Patch Epi Info for
Windows, you can run the patch by opening the folder and clicking on EpiPatch.EXE.

Uninstall Epi Info

You can uninstall Epi Info using the Add/Remove Programs option provided by

You may or may not have authorization to Add/Remove Programs

depending on your Windows profile access.