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Enter the Exciting World of Big Data

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Programming for Big Data and Analytics

Develop Real-World Big Data and Analytics Applications
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What is Big Data?

Big Data consists of an exploding world of structured and unstructured data
sets that are beyond the ability of conventional databases and programming
tools to process and analyze. Big Data is characterized by far greater Volume,
Variety and Velocity than traditional data.

Asokan Pichai
Senior Vice President, TalentSprint

Big Data and Analytics refers to the process of collecting, organizing,

transforming, analyzing, and presenting large sets of data to discover useful
patterns, correlations and insights.
Why Learn Big Data and Analytics?
We live in a digital era, defined by information abundance and growing

S. Anand

complexity. Every interaction with businesses is now digitized, waiting for a

Chief Data Scientist, Gramener

clever algorithm for analysis. The potential of analytics to increase efficiency

or forecast future probabilities is tremendous. Businesses and governments
are taking advantage of these new data-focused tools and techniques to
improve organizational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.
With all this comes the demand for new talent for Big Data. Many companies
are now looking for IT professionals with Big Data programming skills who
are able to identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data to drive
value and innovation for the organization. Programming for Big Data and
Analytics is a highly innovative program designed to create IT professionals
with the skills required to manage and analyze Big Data.
Why Join this Particular Program?

Big Data professionals earn twice as much as other IT professionals

Co-designed by Big Data experts at TalentSprint and Gramener

5 real-time case studies and 1 project from Gramener

Joint certificate from TalentSprint and Gramener

MOOC certificates on Big Data from top US universities

365 days placement assistance after the program

Program Details
Duration : 300 hour program in 3-month full time format or 6-month part
time format

Prabhu Ramachandran
Professor, IIT Bombay

Who Should take this Course?

Professionals returning from a career break

Professionals looking for high-growth careers

Engineering graduates / students looking for a differentiated career

Program Outline
Setting up the Tool Chain

Core Language and Libraries

Data Collection and Cleansing

Understand why Python is the toolbox of

Use the standard library and development

tools setup to write, execute, and
troubleshoot Python programs for regular
data processing tasks.

Learn to load data from common sources,

such as structured text files, web pages
and SQL databases. Use some standard
tools to clean and prepare data for

choice for data science and how each tool is

used for data science workflow. Set up a
functional Python based environment in
your machine and cloud for your use.

Data Types and objects

Version control: git, github

Control Flow

Reading and Writing CSV files

iPython, notebook

Reading and writing data

Reading and Writing SQL

Editors and IDEs

Modules and Namespaces

lxml, beautiful soup and requests

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Advanced constructs: OOP, FP

Background Statistics

Data Exploration and Analysis

Data Transformation

Brush up on the core concepts of statistics

and learn how to carry out statistical
computations using Python.

Learn how to perform statistical analysis

using specialized tools and packages to
explore data and extract meaningful

Gain in-depth experience in using pandas

for data manipulation and transformation.

Mean, Median, Mode, ANOVA


Using pandas

Data munging with pandas

Short case studies
Normalization and outlier removal

Overview of R

Distributed Computing and

Machine Learning

Parallel Computing with Spark


Learn about the machine learning

algorithms and how to use the scikit-learn

Learn how to manipulate data sets using

parallel processing with Apache Spark.

Learn how to deploy and extract data from

subprocess and multiprocessing
Hadoop installation/deployment
Data extraction from Hadoop

Survey of Algorithms

G et edX certificate University of

California, Berkeley

scikit-learn library

Using pig/hive
Get a MOOC Certificate!

Data Visualization

Text Processing

Course Project

Learn how to present information and

results of analysis graphically for best

Learn about patterns and NLTK libraries

and how to use them for Text Processing

Gramener's extensive library of live case

matplotlib in depth
survey of other tools

Work on a real time project from

studies and big data sets!

TalentSprint Awards

FICCI LeapVault Skills

Champion Roll of
Honour 2012

Best Non-Corporate
Performer 2012

Best Performing
Partner Award 2013

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About TalentSprint
TalentSprint is a leader in professional skill development and integrated talent management for the
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About Gramener
Gramener is a Data Visualization and Analytics company. Its proprietary platform, Gramex
Visualization, handles large-scale data via programmatic analysis and visualizes it in real-time. The
company helps clients unlock hidden insights from data, and using cutting-edge visualizations
develops foresight for critical business decisions. Gramener works with Global Fortune 100
customers in a quick, non-intrusive manner to condense large amounts of data from heterogeneous
sources and convert these findings into intuitive visual representations. Gramener customers are
spread across various domains including Telecom, Manufacturing, Financial, Pharmaceuticals,
Media, Utilities, Airlines, Retail, Education and Government sectors. The company has its offices in
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