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General Directions: Read the instructions carefully before proceeding. This examination has four pages. Check the pages of the
examination and if lacking, have it changed and return the complete set. Answers directly on the answer sheet provided, do not write
anything on the examination questionnaire, this will invalidate your exam, and this will be submitted to the proctor together with the answer
sheet. Anybody caught cheating will automatically disqualified. Total number of items in this examination is 80; passing score is

TEST I: MULTIPLE CHOICES: On the answer sheet provided, mark the letter corresponding to the correct answer
1. What classification of wood in terms of its growth refers to its inward mode of growth?
a. exogenous
b. indigenous
c. softwood
2. What do you call the artificial means of treating wood by elimination its moisture to a more
acceptable level?
a.sun drying
b. kiln drying
c. chemical treatment
3. What local material is considered second coconut in terms of its commercial value?
a. nipa
b. bamboo
c. abaca
4. What classification of rock is formed by the deposition of sediments by glacial action?
a. igneous
b. sedimentary
c. metamorphic
5. What form of stone construction is characterized by rough fragments with one good face for
exposure as walls?
a. rubble
b. crushed
c. dimension
6. What equipment is used to check the plumb ness of a horizontal surface?
a. plumb bob
b. plumb level
c. plumb square
7. A tin shear is an equipment used by whom?
a. electrician
b. painter
c. tinsmith
8. What referred to as substructure that facilitates transmission of building load down to the ground?
a. base plane
b. core structure c. foundation
9. What is trade name of cement based compound commonly used for water proofing concrete
a. sahara
b. valspar
c. solignum
10. What do you call the type of plastic which becomes permanently rigid once it is cured, and
cannot be soften again by reheating
a. thermoplastic
b. polyethylene
c. thermosetting
11. What do you call the straight slender pieces of metal having one end pointed and the other end
flattened for purposes of hammering?
a. screw
b. bolts
c. nails
12. What classification of wood is characterized by pointed leaves predominantly evergreens and cone
a. exogenous
b. indigenous
c. softwood
13. What is considered as the most expensive of all Philippine timbers
a. tanguile
b. apitong
c. narra
14. What local Material is commonly used as soil reinforcement to prevent the erosion of the soil?
a. abaca
b. cogon
c. rattan
15. What is the standard size of plywood (l x w) that is readily available in the market?
a. 4 x 8
b. 4 x 8
c. 4m x 8m
16. What acronym is used to identify lumber that is planed or smoothed on all four sides?
a. S4S
17. Which of the following is the common trade name for an anti-termite control applied on the surface
of a wooden member?
a. sahara
b. valspar
c. solignum
18.What is the smallest unit of volume used of trading or selling paint products?
a. quart
b. pint
c. liter
19.What is called a mixture of solid pigment suspended in a liquid and applied as thin opaque coating
to a surface for protection and decoration?
a. varnishes
b. paints
c. sealers

20. How many millimeters is the minimum depth of a concrete slab?

a. 20
b. 15
c. 10
21. What paint based type is commonly used for steel or wood surfaces?
a. oil based
b. water based
c. acrylic-based
22. What is the unit of measurement used for buying and pricing cut lumber or wood?
a. linear meter
b. linear foot
c. board foot
23. What do you call the building board which is made up of three types of fiber, wood sugar canes and
a. insulating fiber board b. chip board
c. particle board
24. What do you call the building board which is made up of wood particles and a binder, often faced
with veneer and is commonly used for cabinet doors?
a. insulating fiber board b. chip board
c. particle board
25. What steel product is commonly used for reinforcement in concrete?
a. steel pipe
b. reinforcing bars
c. steel wire
26. What type of carbon steel has a low carbon content ranging from 0.15% to 0.25%?
a. spring steel
mild steel
c. medium steel
27. What do you call the process to which steel or iron is coated by means of immersing it in a bath of
molten zinc?
a. galvanizing
b. polarizing
c. plating
28. What do you call the machine that uses weight, vibration, or a combination of both to achieve
a. vibrator
b. mixer
c. compactor
29. What do you call a beam that is supported only to one end?
a. composite beam
b. simple beam
c. cantilever beam
30. What do you call a composite material, which consists of a binding medium to which particles or
fragments of aggregates are embedded?
a. cement
b. concrete
c. plaster
31. What terms refer to the height of flight of stairs between to landings
a. tread
b. rise
c. steps
32. What do you call a two wheeled cart with tires used for transporting small quantities of concrete
from the mixer?
a. bucket
b. buggy
c. buck stay
33. What type of test is commonly used to check or measure the consistency of the water content in a
concrete mixture
a. cylinder test
b. setting test
c. slump test
34. The vernacular term for roofing overhang is called?
a. bolada
b. badosa
c. media agua
35. What do you call the corner joint in wood work, wherein the adjoining pieces are cut in a 45 degree
a. mortise and tenon
b. dovetail
c. miter
36. What do you cal those protrusion on the surface of the reinforcing steel bar which provides
better bonding with the concrete mix?
a. lugs
b. deformations
c. ties
37. What type of glass is produced by having it run over a bed of liquid during the forming process
a. float glass
b. strained glass
c. tempered glass
38. What term is used to describe the vertical opening along the entire height of a building used to
contain the vertical mechanical system?
a. chase
b. hoist way
c. shaft
39. What do you call the chemical that is used to slow down the curing concrete?
a. admixture
b. retarders
c. shaft
40. What do you call a footing which is usually square in a plan and is used to carry individual or
separate columns?
a. isolated footing
b. mat footing
c. composite footing
41. What do you call a thick piece of steel which is usually bolted on a concrete pedestal which
serves as an anchor to a steel column?
a. metal strap
b. gusset plate
c. base plate
42 What do you call the load force, which is committed of shockwaves and variation?
a. super imposed loads b. impact load
c. Live load
43 What term refers to the material which when added changes to properties of concrete?
a. admixture
b. retarders
c. accelerators

44. What term refers to the steel bars that are spaced at regular increment that is used to hold in
place the main rebar of a concrete column?
a. stirrups
b. fasteners
c. ties
45. What term is used to describe a defect in concrete, which is called ampaw in vernacular?
a. knots
b. honeycomb
c. twist
46. What do you call a roof, which slopes downward to al four sides of a building?
a. hipped roof
b. gable roof
c. munzard roof
47. What is the term used to describe the loads pertaining to people, machinery and furnishings in a
a. dead load
b. live load
c. superimposed load
48. What do you call the conventional method of concrete placement?
a. pre fabricated
b. cast in place
c. pre-mix concrete
49. What do you call the cylindrical metal pipe columns filled with concrete and used as column?
a.spiral column
b. composite column
c. lally column
50. What do you call the brace or system of braces, placed between joist to stiffen them or hold them
in place?
a. bridging
b. stiffener
c. studs

TEST II: TRUE OR FALSE: In the answer sheet provided, mark the letter A if your answer is TRUE and mark the letter
B if your answer if FALSE
51. Aluminum is an example of a ferrous metal that is coated with zinc to prevent rust and is the common
material for roofing and flashing.
52. Galvanized iron is a non-ferrous metal which has a natural resistance to corrosion due to the
transparent film of oxide that forms in its surface, commonly used for door and window
53. Admixtures are chemical which when added to concrete alters its properties such as setting and
54. The standard number of days wherein concrete reaches its maximum compressive strength is 21
55. Type IV concrete is used for general construction purposes with resistance to moderate sulfate
56. Box boards are horizontal boards nailed to corner post to assist in the accurate layout of foundation
and excavation lines.
57. A space frame is a three-dimensional structural system without bearing walls composed of
interconnected lateral supports to function as a complete self-contained unit with or without the
aids of horizontal diaphragms or floor-bracing system.
58. Slump test is used for freshly mixed concrete and is put into a tapered cylinder to test its
59. Cast-iron is a ferrous metal is characterized by a hard, brittle, non-malleable alloy and is commonly
used in sanitary piping system.
60. Retarder is a chemical which when added to the concrete mixture, hastens the setting and
strength development of concrete.
61. Louver blocks are masonry block used especially for tropical architecture, and has a decorative pattern
for admitting air and excluding sunlight.
62. The required minimum side for ordinary standard G.I. sheet is 1 and .
63. Shear walls are designed to resist lateral forces acting parallel to its plane.
64. Metal screws are used to fasten corrugated asbestos cement roofing sheet on steel purlins.
65. Sealers are a mixture of solid pigment suspended in a liquid and applied as a thin opaque coating to
a surface protection and decoration.
66. Plain sawing is a method of wood cutting refers to cutting it approximately at right angles across
the grain.
67. Reflective Glass is used to reduce heat and solar glare.
68. Flat glass or flat or patterned having a square or diamond shaped wire mesh embedded within it to
prevent shattering.
69. Float glass is produced by pouring the molten glass onto the surface of a molten tin and allowing it
to cool slowly.
70. Class C concrete mix uses the ratio of 1:3:6 and is commonly used for concrete
plant boxes.
71 classical Greek method in constructing temples where the horizontal beam is placed across the
space between two supporting post is called columnar.
72. Smoothed and planed lumber are referred to as dressed lumber.

73. The unit of measurement used for selling lumber and other wood products for construction is linear
74. One way slabs are concrete slabs supported on all sides by a beam.
75. The ability of the soil to withstand loads that are subjected to its called bearing capacity.
76. The longitudinal wood members that are subjected to its called soil bearing capacity.
77. Semi-glazed tiles are commonly used or recommended as floor finish for bathrooms.
78. Gusset plates are used to anchor wooden stairs to a concrete base.
79. Steel decks are vertical structural systems, which incorporate the use of preformed metal sheets and
reinforced concrete.
80. Steel is good for resisting compressive force.