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Instruction sheet 524 073

Laser motion sensor S (524 073)



The laser motion sensor S is used as a sensor in conjunction

with the computer-aided measuring system CASSY. It enables
the measurement of distances between 20 cm and 20 m.
Experiment examples are found on the CD of the CASSY Lab
software (524 200) or in the download version of the software
under http://www.ld-didactic.com or in the manual of the CASSY
Lab software (524 201).

Laser exit opening

Stand rod

Scope of delivery

1 laser motion sensor S

1 retroreflecting foil
1 warning sign

Safety notes
The laser movement sensor S emits visible radiation with a
wavelength of approx. 650 nm with an exit power of 0.2 mW
limited through an absorption filter and an electronic safety
off-switch. The value is a fifth of the limiting value specified
for class 2. Therefore the Laser Movement Sensor S
corresponds to the specifications for class 2 in EN 60825-1
Safety of laser equipment. With laser equipment of class 2
the eye is not at risk in the case of random, brief exposure to
laser radiation, i.e. up to 0.25 s. For this reason class 2 laser
equipment can be used without any further protection
measures as long as it is certain that intentional exposure for
longer than 0.25 s or repeated looking at direct or reflected
laser radiation is not required. It must never be assumed that
the eye lid reflex will be available to protect the eyes!
Nonetheless, the following rules must be observed:
Never look directly into the laser beam.
Allow only authorized and instructed persons to operate
the laser motion sensor S.
Align the path of the beam in such a way that it is not located at eye height and avoid unintended reflections.

Inform all persons who participate in the experiment and in

the observations about the dangers of laser light and about
necessary protective measures.
The area where the Laser Movement Sensor S is used for
experiments must be screened against unintended access
and marked with a warning sign.
In Germany, the regulations for prevention of accidents
BGV B2 Laser Radiation and, if existing, decrees of the
ministers of education and cultural affairs have to be observed. In other countries, corresponding regulations have
to be observed.
If used as intended, safe operation is guaranteed. However,
the Laser Movement Sensor S must be switched off if e.g.
visible damage suggests that safe operation is no longer possible.
Check before switching on that the housing is not damaged and if the blue absorption filter is to be seen behind
the laser exit.
In the event of malfunctioning or visible damage switch off
the Laser Movement Sensor S and protect against unin-

Instruction sheet 524 073

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Measurement quantities

Lab /1/
(524 200)


Travel time

(524 020)

(524 009)


1.000 m
2.000 m
10.00 m
20.00 m

5.00 ns
10.00 ns
50.0 ns
100.0 ns


6.1 Making movement recordings with CASSY Lab:


for Sensor-CASSY (524 010), Pocket-CASSY (524 006) or

Mobile-CASSY (524 009) at a PC
in conjunction with Sensor-CASSY (524 010)

Method of functioning

The laser movement sensor S emits a modulated light, whose

intensity pulses with 6.0 or 60.0 MHz and receives it after it has
been reflected by a (moving) object. The receptor is a
photodiode, which converts the light signal into a 6.0 or
60.0 MHz alternating voltage. Because the light reaches the
photodiode after the travelling time of t the signal has
experienced a phase shift in comparison to a synchronous
reference signal by
= 2 f1 t with f1 = 6.0 or 60.0 MHz
This phase shift is measured and converted to the travelling
c t
time t or the distance s =

Limitation of the emitted power

The emitted power of the laser movement sensor S is limited by

an electronic safety circuit and a blue absorption filter to
0.2 mW.
In the event of an incident, the emitted light is switched off
within less than 2 ms.
If the safety circuit fails the laser movement sensor S cannot
emit light.
If a visible damage is observed with the laser movement sensor:
- Make sure to pull out the mains plug !!!
- Check if the blue absorption filter is to be seen behind the laser exit. Do not operate the laser movement sensor S without
a blue absorption filter!
For re-commissioning after an incident:
- Pull out the plug and plug it in again.

- Stick the retroreflecting foil to the moving object.

- Mount the laser movement sensor S at the desired position
(at a minimum distance of 20 cm from the object) or mount to
a tripod.
- Connect the laser movement sensor S to the CASSY-Module
and adjust it in such a way, that the laser beam meets the
moving object.
- In the dialogue window Sensor input settings click on the
button 0 .
- Start automatic recording of the measured values and initiate
the movement.
- Read the measured value.

6.2 Measuring of distances of travelling times:

- Stick the retroreflecting foil to the object.
- Set up the laser movement sensor S at the desired location.
- Connect the laser movement sensor S to the CASSY-Module
and adjust it in such a way, that the laser beam meets the
moving object.
- If applicable change the measurement quantity.
- Read the measured value.

Technical data

Light source:
Shortest measuring distance:

Diode laser, approx. 650 nm

0.20 m from the front plate
for higher precision 30 cm
0.25 10 of the range


195 mm 80 mm 60 mm
approx. 1.1 kg

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Instruction sheet 524 073


Connect the laser motion sensor S to the following CASSY

(524 010)

(524 009)

Software CASSY Lab

version 1.43 or higher

with PC


(524 006)

with CASSYDisplay
(524 020) with
firmware 1.20 or

With firmware
1.13 or higher

Being a member of the CASSY family, the sensor has the

following properties:
The sensor may be plugged in at any time.
The plugged-in sensor will be automatically identified by its
ID signal.
Measurement quantities and measuring ranges are set via


If the software or firmware used is older than that given above,

an update of the software or firmware is required. The current
version of the CASSY Lab software is available on the internet
under http://www.ld-didactic.com.
- Install the current version of the CASSY Lab software and
start it.
- Connect all available CASSY modules to the PC one after
- As soon as you are prompted, bring the firmware up to date
with Update CASSY Modules so that it matches with

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