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Gospel Doctrine Lesson Fourteen

Who is my Neighbor?

Purpose: To help
class members
forgive others,
and show charity
for one another

Jesus teaches that we must become as little children

Matthew 18:1-6, 10-11,14 Mark 9:33-34 Mosiah 3:19




Matthew 18:3


In Greek means: Humble

or to change direction

Mosiah 3:19


Ready to conform to
the authority or will of
others; to place or
rank under, to obey

Mosiah 3:19


Exercising gods
strength under His

Mosiah 3:19


Dont take credit for

that which you have
used Gods power to do

Mosiah 3:19


In Greek this
translates to endure
during challenges

Mosiah 3:19

Full of love

Greek word agape

means giving love
whether or not it is
returned and without
self benefit; It can
also be described as
the feeling of being

Mosiah 3:19

Willing to submit to all

things which the Lord
seeth fit to inflict
upon him; Why do you
think subbmit is both
the firt and last step?

What does this

quality look like in
you, your friends,
your family?

Mark 9:42-43; 45; 47

And whosoever shall offend (translation in Greek:
cause to stumble) one of these little ones that
believe in me, it is better for him that a
millstone were hanged about his neck and he
were cast into the sea. And if they hand
offend thee, cut it offAnd if they foot
offend thee, cut it offAnd if thine eye
offend thee, pluck it out.

Scriptural symbolism of
common body parts
Hand: denotes mans own power often
leading to the regarding himself as
above others; results in pride
Foot: Natural things of the earth; the
path that leads to evil, the approach
to temptation
Eyes: Signify understanding (See
Matthew 6:22)

"No one has yet fully

realized the wealth of
sympathy, kindness and
generosity hidden in
the soul of a child. The
effort of every true
education should be to
unlock that treasure.
Emma Goldman

Rewrite the verses above in your

own words utilizing the symbolism on
the left.

Parable of the
unmerciful servant
Matthew 18:15,21-35

We all love to be forgivenwe expect it and want it. But we oftentimes find it
a struggle to forgiver; we resist it and sometimes even refuse to do it. The
rabbis taught that you only needed to forgive someone three times. Do you
need to forgive somebody? Has your heart been hardened? Take it to your
Savior. You are only a prayer away from tenderness. We live in a hard world,
but we dont have to live with a hard heart.
Imagine being forgiven of a ten
million dollar debt. Imagine the
relief of knowing that your
family would not be sold into
slavery for generations,, your
possessions auctioned off to the
highest bidder, the shame of
being unable to provide for those
you love.

A talent was
worth about
$1,000, so tenthousand
talents is ten
million dollars!!
The servant
could never pay
this debt back.

By contrast,
100 pence
was the
equivalent of

What did the unmerciful

servant ask for? What
did he get?

Have you accepted Gods forgiveness? Have you extended Christ-like

forgiveness to another?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan:

A type and shadow of the plan of salvation

Luke 10:30-37



A certain man

Adam. In Hebrew the name Adam means man,

mankind Just like Adam we will all make this

Went down

From the garden into the world The Fall The

parable implies that the man went down
intentionally knowing the risks that would be
involved in the journey.

From Jerusalem

A holy place; the presence of God

To Jericho

Jericho was readily identified with this world. At

more than 825 feet below sea level, Jericho is
the lowest city on earth.


All are fallen and are lost (Alma 34:9)

Among thieves

The influences of Satan

Stripped him of his


Wounded, half dead

The attackers apparently only wanted the

travelers clothing, for no mention is made of
any wealth or commodities he might be carrying.
For some reason, the robbers seem interested in
his garment, Early Christian scholars thoughs
the oss of the travelers garment was a symbol
for mankinds loss of his robe of immortality.
The man was left precisely, half-dead. He had
suffered the first death, becoing mortal, but
the second death, the permanent separation
from God, could still be averted (Alma 12:32-36)



By chance

The arrival of the Jewish priest was an accident,

not the result of a conscious search

Priest and Levite

The law of Moses.; The problem is not that the

bearer of this priesthood did not want to help the
fallen man, but that the law of Moses di not have
the power to save him.


A representation of Christ; Just as a Samaritan is

not from Judea, so Christ is not of this world. (See
John 8:48)

As he journeyed

It would appear that the Samaritan was searching

for people to help. He did not happen by.

Bound up his wounds

Bandages represent healing and love. We also

interpret this as the man becoming bound to the
Lord through covenants


The Holy Ghost


The blood of Christ

Set him on his own beast

Took the burden of the mans sin upon himself


The church


Our eternal reward in heaven equal to all that the

Father hath

Seeing the parable in this light invites readers to identify with virtually every
character in the story. At one level, people can see themselves as the good
Samaritan, acting as physical rescuers and as saviors on Mount Zion, aiding in
the all-important cause of rescuing lost souls. Jesus told the Pharisee, Go, and do
thou likewise By doing as the Samaritan, we join with Him in helping to bring to
pass the salvation and eternal life of mankind.
Disciples will also want to think of themselves as innkeepers who have been
commissioned by Jesus Christ to facilitate the long-term spiritual recovery of
injured travelers. Or again, readers may see themselves as the traveler. As the
parable begins, everyone sympathizes and identifies with the lone and weary
traveler. We all need to be saved. As the story ends, all travelers can feel safe,
having learned that, according to this interpretation, He who was neighbour unto
him that fell among the thieves iis none other than the merciful Christ. He is
the most exemplary Neighbor

How did reading the parable of the Good Samaritan as symbolic

of the plan of salvation expand your knowledge of the scriptures,
our savior, or our heavenly Father? Did you gain any insight? Learn
anything new?