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I, AIREEN SCARLET RAMOS, of legal age, Filipino, single and a resident of B18,
L30, Rosalina Village III, BagoGallera, Davao City, Philippines, after having been duly sworn in
accordance with law, do hereby depose and say;
That I am the same and identical person who caused for the execution of this Judicial
Affidavit under the supervision and at the law office of the undersigned counsel with the name
and address stated below;
That I had given my answers on the questions below stated with full consciousness and I
did so under oath, and that, I may face criminal liability for any false testimony or perjury;
That the following are the questions asked by the undersigned counsel with
corresponding answers which I had given;

Please state your name and other incidentals
I am the Aireen Scarlet Ramos, Single and a resident of B18, L30, Rosalina Village III,
BagoGallera, Davao City.

Are you the same person filing a case of rape against one Daniel Bryx Padilla Trazona?
Yes sir.


Do you know personally the defendant Trazona?

Yes sir


What relation do you have with the defendant?

We were acquaintances sir.


How did you meet the defendant?

We met through our common friends sir.

Q6: Where were you on December 26, 2002?

A6: We we at Sunset Beach in SAMAL island sir; we were celebrating our Barkadahan
Christmas Party.

What were you doing in that Christmas party of yours?

We were eating and drinking sir.


Where you drunk during that party?

Yes sir.


What time did you leave the party?

At around 11:00 pm sir

Q10: How did you leave the party?

A11: Brix offered to take me along in his car because he also wanted to go home sir.
Q12: What happened then?
A12: I rode with him in his car.
Q13: Where were you seated?
A13: I was seated on the front seat sir.
Q14: Was there anyone else with you on the defendants car?
A14: No sir, there was just the both of us.
Q15: What happened next?
A15: He was talking to me when we reached the barge but I was too drunk to comprehend
what he was saying, and then he started to put his right hand on my legs, and then he kept
drawing his face to my neck and face, trying frequently to kiss me.
Q16: What did you do during that time?
A16: I tried to push his face away from me, telling him that I did not like what he was doing,
but I was so drunk that I had no power to stop him.
Q17: What happened after that?
A17: The barge arrived at Sasa wharf, then I asked Bryx to drop me off at Bonifacio Street,
from there I would ride a jeepney home, but as we were travelling I fell asleep in his car and then
at around 2am or 3am he woke me up pointing a knife near my face, and then I realized that we
were parked inside a garage.
Q18: Do you know where you were parked?
Q19: At that moment sir I did not know yet, but later on I learned that we were at Karla Inn.
Q20: What happened next?
A20: With his knife at my back, he forced me to enter a room. When we got inside, I asked
what we were doing in that place but he did not answer me back. I protested to him that I did not
want to be there, but then he pointed the knife at me and said that if I did not do what he wants
he would kill me immediately.
Q21: What did he want from you inside that room?
A21: He said he wanted to have sex with me.
Q22: Did you accede to his demands?
A22: No sir, I did not want to have sex with him but I was too drunk and was so fearful of him
that I could not muster the strength to fight back.

Q23: What did the defendant do after that?

A23: With his knife at my neck, he proceeded to strip me off my clothes and when I was
naked, he maniacally fondled my breasts and private parts trying to make me wet.
Q24: What do you mean in he was trying to make you wet?
A24: He was trying to arouse me so that he could penetrate me easier, he was trying to entice
me to have sex with him, but I did not want to.
Q25: What did he do after that?
A25: He again held his knife to my neck, saying that he will slice my neck open if I did not do
what he wanted.
Q26: What did he want you to do after that?
A26: He dragged me down to the floor, with him seated at the edge of the bed, he then grabbed
my head and forced me to give him a blowjob.
Q27: By blowjob you mean he wanted to put his penis in your mouth?
A27: Yes sir.
Q28: Did he succeed in doing so?
A28: Yes sir.
Q29: What did he do after that?
A29: After that he dragged me back to the bed and forced me to lie down facing up, he then
grabbed my legs and spread them apart, after that he started to lick my vagina and started to put
his fingers inside me. I was crying loudly then and I kept asking him to stop because I did not
like what he was doing, and that what we were doing was wrong, but he still would not listen and
he continued what he was doing for about 10 minutes.
Q30: What happened after that?
A30: After that, he pulled himself up and put the knife again at my neck, he then proceeded to
insert his penis inside my vagina. I was crying loudly again because of the knife, he was
laughing at me and seemed that he was enjoying what he was doing. After about another 15
minutes he ejaculated inside me. I was again brought to tears because I was afraid that I might
become pregnant.
Q31: What happened after that?
A31: After doing what he did, he went to the comfort room to take a piss. That was when I saw
my opportunity to run. I grabbed my clothes and handbag and headed straight to the exit. I
realized that the inn was along the road, so I ran out and shouted for help. Thank God there was a
mobile patrol unit and I approached them immediately telling them that I had just been raped.

Q32: What did the police men do?

A32: They took me inside the patrol car and asked what happened, then suddenly Bryx came
out of the inn with no shirt on probably searching for me, I immediately pointed to them that he
was the one who had raped me. When Bryx saw the police he tried to run but he was caught.

Q33: What happened after defendant was taken to custody by the police?
A33: I was taken to the hospital for medical examination
Q34: Did the medical examiner provide you with a medical certificate
A34: Yes sir.

Attached to this judicial affidavit is an original copy of the medical certificate marked as
exhibit A

Q35: Who issued the medical certificate?

A35: It was Doctor Ramon Rodriguez sir.
Q36: Whose signature is in this medical certificate?
A36: My doctor sir, its doctor Ramons signature
Q37: How do you know it is Dr. Ramon Rodriguezs signature
A37: Because I was present when he signed that document in front of me sir.
Q38: Did the police take down your statement?
A38: Yes sir, at the hospital after my examination, a police officer took my statement.

Attached in this judicial affidavit is an original copy of the Excerpts from Daily Record
of Events of Police Precinct 3 to be marked as Exhibit B.

Q39: Whos signature is in this copy of the Excerpts from Daily Record of Events of Police
Precinct 3?
A39: It is the signature of SPO4 William Carpentero, he was the one who took my statement.
Q40: How do you know it is the signature of SPO4 William Carpentero?
A40: Because he signed that document sir in front of me.
Q41: Do you have anything else to say Ms. Ramos
A41: I have nothing more to say sir.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this __________ day of
____________ 2002 at Davao City.


Private Complainant

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this ___________________at Davao City,



Counsel for the State
MCLE Compliance Cert. No. III, 0000000 Aug. 21, 2002
MCLE Compliance Cert. No. IV, 0000000, Nov. 4, 2002
PTR No. 0000000/01-03-2002/Davao City,
IBP O.R.No. 000000/ 12-01-2001/ Davao City
TIN No. 000-000-000/ Roll No. 00051300
Bangkal, Davao City
Email address: baihundra@yahoo.com


I, MARVIC GUILLERMO JR., Prosecutor III, Detailed PPO-Davao city, after having
been sworn to in accordance with the law do hereby depose and say:
1. That I have faithfully recorded or caused to be recorded the questions I asked and the
corresponding answers that witness, Victoria L. Soledad, gave;
2. That I have not, nor any other person present or assisting coached the witness
regarding the witness answers; and
3. That I fully understand that any false attestation shall subject me to disciplinary action,
including disbarment.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this ________ day of
___________ 2002 at Davao City, Philippines.
Counsel for the State

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 7th day of February 2013 at Butuan
City, Philippines.
Public Attorney IV
Public Attorneys Office
Davao City
MCLE Compliance No. IV 000000