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Tourism is the movement or travel of people from one place to another; whether it is within their
own country or to other countries, for pleasure, business, pilgrimage and other purpose. Tourism
has become a very important and dynamic sector both in the world economy and particular in the
developing countries. Its growth affects not only the activities directly linked to tourism
but also other sectors. Tourism is already an important sector in some developing
countries and will become so for others. Bangladesh is a reverie country having many
attractive panoramic beauties. There are hills, valley, canals, lake, eco-park and mangrove forest,
rivers, so many Inland and largest beach in the world. However, from the perspective of tourism
based resources and its availability in the country seems rather pessimistic. To promote tourism
sector and its contribution to socio-economic sector of the country, we need to utilize available
resources properly and beneficially. For this, there is need of dynamic and tourism friendly
policy and joint effort of the government and the private sector as well.

Bangladesh as a vacation land has many facets. Her tourist attractions include
archeological sites, historic mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic
spots, forest and wildlife. Bangladesh offers opportunities for angling, water-skiing,
river cruising, hiking, rowing, surfing, yachting and sea bathing as well as brining
one in close touch with Mother Nature. She is also rich in wildlife and game birds.
Today tourism has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for
every class of people. Cevat and Dallen (2001) opine that tourism is not only
associated with aristocracy. With the passage of time, the tourism has become
almost a part of our normal life. Many countries are now practicing tourism industry
development to develop their economic condition. Later, the introduction and
development of the modern means of transportation and communication have
contributed to tourism growth by facilitating and augmenting traveling activities
(Shrestha, 1978:20). In Bangladesh, kuakata is one of the largest and popular sea
beaches. But lack of better communication, transportation and technological
advancement, kuakata is under developed.
Literature review
Tourism is an important source of foreign exchange earnings, provides employment opportunities and
helps in economic growth of the country .The rapid growth of tourism in the world started only after the

Second World War. The realization for the need of development in almost all countries, increasing
liberalization of foreign exchange and travel restrictions, liberal policy of governments, the aspiration for
international brotherhood, etc., are the main factors contributing for the rapid growth of tourism
(Shrestha, 1978: 22). Travel agencies in both the destination and the tourist generating
countries also play important roles in the promotion and development of tourism in
a country (Hossain, 2006) Although tourism development results in the provision of facilities and
services, there are, however, instances when these facilities are not accessible to local residents,
particularly if tourism development involves the creation of tourism enclaves. In the last two decades in
particular tourism has developed, especially in developing countries by their integrated tourism
planning (Buhalis, 1999; Butler, 2002; Vanhove, 2005). Bangladesh is a country with rich traditions,
natural beauty, beaches, forests, lakes, hills, wild lives, archaeological attractions, monuments,
handicrafts, sanctuaries, religious festivals, cultural heritage, tribal culture and architecture, incredible
greenery, mighty rivers and attractive river cruises, sunny beaches, colorful tribal life and attractive
cultural functions that offer great tourist attractions (Haque, 2005; Hossain and Nazmin, 2006).
Bangladesh has the worlds longest 120 km unbroken sea beach (Hossain, 2006) sloping here
down to the blue water of the Bay of Bengal in Coxs Bazar,Parki beach, and Kuakata. But tourism
industry in Bangladesh has not got a solid footing to taken off despite all the efforts and measures from
government and other private agencies (Shahabuddin, 1996). In this report we want to identify problems
regarding kuakata sea beach and how to develop kuakata sea beach as an attractive tourism spot in

As a student of marketing, we should have to gather more experience beside our study.. A clear
objective help in preparation of well decorated report in which others take right type of
decisions. So, identifying objectives is very much important. Our purposes of preparing this term
paper are:
1. To analyze the significance of tourism in KUAKATA
2. To study the existing tourism facilities and opportunities in KUAKATA
.3.To create a significant judgment about its various resources.
4. To evaluate the potentials of tourism in KUAKATA.
5. To identify the problems to the development of tourism in Kuakata

.7. To provide necessary suggestions and policy implications for the development of tourism in
8. To gather more knowledge and experience.

Literature review

The study is based on secondary data. We collect different article published in different news

Limitation of the study

As a student of faculty of business administration 2nd year, we have lack of experience in
making such report. For this reason we suffered a lot. Beside these we have faced some other
problem. Many websites do not provide all the related information.

The tourism prospect of Kuakata:

Kuakata is regarded as a big issue in case of tourism prospect. In spite of being the longest sea
beach in the world we did not give importance on its potentiality. It is not recognized as a famous
tourist spot than other places around the world because of not taking proper aspects. But recently,
Kuakata has emerged as an asset to nature and beauty spot to reserve.

Kuakata at glance:
Kuakata, locally known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea) is a rare scenic beauty
spot on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. Kuakata in Latachapli union under Kalapara
Police Station of Patuakhali district is about 30 km in length and 6 km in breadth. It is 70
km from Patuakhali district headquarters and 320 km from Dhaka.
At Kuakata excellent combination of the picturesque natural beauty, sandy beach, blue
sky, huge expanse of water of the Bay and evergreen forest is really eye-catching. From
its seashore one can watch both sunrise and sunset. The coconut trees increase the scenic
beauty of this seashore.

The main tourist season is in winter but all over the year tourists visit this place. In
Kuakata you can visit the life style of tribe Rakhains, who are very friendly to the tourist
and visitors.


As Kuakata is situated on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh, going to Kuakata seems a long
and laborious journey for international tourists. The journey is pretty long and it may take 10-12
hours from Dhaka to reach Kuakata. Inbound tourists come here by bus or boat and those are
their popular means of transportation. Normally, foreign tourists wishing to go to Kuakata first
go to Dhaka. From Dhaka there is direct bus service to Kuakata. Again from Dhaka, there are air,
bus and boat transportation connecting to Barisal division. From Barisal to Kuakata (112km),
there is only bus and boat transport. Boats are very popular in those area and the amenities in
boats are good enough. As there are lots of rivers and canals in the southern part of Bangladesh,
there is no rail communication to Kuakata or even to Barisal. The roads from Kolapara (Amtoli)
to Kuakata is very poor, no vehicles can go smoothly on this route. Very often accidents occur on
this route. The fares of buses and boats are quite reasonable. The roads are now being repaired
and widened. Before there were five ferries to cross on the way to Kuakata from Barisal, but now
all of them are being replaced with nice bridges. Now the transportation facilities are better and
faster than before. But if someone wants to have more luxury and avoid hassle in buses and
boats, it is wise to go with a private car. (Ruposhibangla, 2013)


Every year in Kuakata many tourist come from various countries, mainly from Denmark, China,
America etc. They stay there in hotels or motels; there are about 32 hotels and 10 restaurants in
Kuakata with Tourist Holiday Home, R & H Rest House and LGED Rest House. But among all
of them about 10 hotels or Motels and 3 restaurants are standard. Some hotels or motels offer
meals to their guest by taking charge but maximum does not do it. In "Tourist Holiday Homes"
every cook are trained by the UNICEFF for 6 months, but other Hotels and Restaurants cook are
not so qualified. For this reason the meal condition of maximum hotels and restaurants are also
below of standard and non-hygienic. But the meal cost of this area is quite reasonable.
Most hotels are run by the local people and they serve the demand of domestic tourists. Very few
hotels are of international standard (TourBangladesh, 2013.) The rent is different for domestic

and international tourists. There are many restaurants surrounding the beach area. Most of these
restaurants serve local food. There are also some food made of sea fish and dry fish are available
almost in all restaurants. These types of food are very cheap and popular to Bangladeshi tourists.
But there are not enough facilities to have fast food or foreign food. This is the price of an ideal
hotel (Parjatan Holiday Homes) in Kuakata under Bangladesh Porjatan Corporation. This hotel
serves everything for international tourists. (Tourismbangla 2013)
The Hotel Business Union of Kuakata generally divided the year in two seasons: Peak & Offpeak. Peak season is from October to April & Off-Peak is from May to September. In peak
seasons the rent costs of the Hotels are full and in off-peak season some Hotels offer 25%
discount, some offer 50% discount. The room rent of these Hotels is about TK.300-TK.1500 per
night; generally it depends on room size & condition & varies from hotel to hotel. The main
problems of these hotels are room crisis in Peak season. They can't offer the visitors sufficient
room because maximum hotels have highest 10-12 rooms and others below of this. There is also
lack of Fast Food Shop & Chain is Restaurant. Except room rent and meal facilities the Hotels &
Restaurants of this area does not offer anything like The Night Club, Bar, Coffee Shop etc. There
is nothing for enjoyment at night. So, at night it becomes a boring place for the tourists.
TABLE 1: Rent off different hotel rooms in a hotel at Kuakata (adapted from Tourismbangla


Bed type

BDT (Local)

1 Double

US$ 50.00

Deluxe Non
Deluxe AC

2 Single

US$ 60.00

Tk. 1200.00

1 Double

US$ 70.00

Tk. 1800.00

1 Double

US$ 80.00

Tk. 2000.00

Suite 2 Single
US$ 90.00
All taxes & service charge are included

Tk. 2800.00

Tk. 1000.00

Attracts and entertainments

Wandering Sites
Beach sites
Kuakata sea beach is a nature of beauty. It is about 18 km long & 3.5km wide. The tourist, who
came here, can see the Sunrise & Sunset from the same place. It's a great opportunity & in the
world this type of opportunity is only in Japan. The sea beach is surrounded by green trees &
beside the beach, there are many wooden trees garden & forest, like The Foyej Miyar Coconut
Garden, Lembur Chor, Jhauban, Gangamotir Chor etc. These gardens & forests are the most
attracting part for the tourist. There are no quick sands in the beach. So the tourists can
frequently run, take bath, swim, & pick up cockle from the beach. But there is no signal light to
alert, no enough sitting place on the beach, no life jacket, no coast guard & life saving men to
ensure security for the tourist. There are two rivers; named Payra & Bishkhali are west of the
beach & a river named Agunmukha is east of the beach. They all are concentrated in the Bay of
Bengal. This entire river made a channel about half kilometer outside from the beach. This halfkilometer is about 3-4 feet deep & the channel is about 14-15 feet deep. This channel is about
half kilometer & after the channel the height of the water is again 3-4 feet, it is about 2-3
kilometer. Now-a-days, the beach is consequently breaking down by the flow of water through
the channel. So, if the government could not take necessary steps to save this beach recently then
our country may lose a valuable tourist spot.
Rakhain Polly
It is not sure at which time people started to live in Kuakata. But everybody believes that
Rakhain community was the oldest inhabitants here. Once upon a time Rakhains were the
majority here but now they became the minority. But they have maintained their history, culture,
with in this Rakhain Polly. If you go there you can watch their life style & daily work very
closely. Generally Rakhain's life style & cultural activities are different than ours. They are
"Buddhist" in religion & "Buddha Purnima" is their main religion festival around the year. Their
every home has an own embodiment. Most of women are engaged in making handicraft. They
made Lunge, Scarf, and Shawl etc. They have an own market in Kuakata, named "Rakhain
Mohila Market". They bring materials from Burma & Cox-bazar. Men are engaged in
agriculture. Most of them are not educated. Often people of other culture interrupt their life style

&religion. So most of them are contracted in mind because they think that they are small in
number in our country.
Sima Buddha Temple
It is situated near the sea beach. The temple is made of wood & tin. It cannot be accurately said
at which time it was built. But it can be surely said that it is very old. In the temple there is statue
of Buddha made by eight metal situated on a three foot high stand. It is second embodiment in
south Asia.
Coconut Grove & Jhaubon
The coconut grove was built on 200 acre areas around sea beach in1960's decade. But for the
continuous & unprotect able breaking of beach a part of the grove has already lost. At the east
side of the grove there is a beautiful Jhaubon (on 15 hector) made by the forest department. At
the sunlight of evening & at the moonlight the coconut grove & Jhaubon look very beautiful. At
the daytime, the continuous whizzing sound of Jhaubon hears very nice to visitors.
Fatrar Chor
At the west side of the beach there is a small Island named Fatrar Chor(99705.07), a mangrove
forest. People started to call it the "Second Sundorbon". Keuya, Gauya, Goran golpata etc type of
mangrove trees are seen there. There are also many birds & animals like monkeys, pigs etc.
Gongamotir Chor
Another attractive place for the tourists is Gongamotir Chor, which is10 km east of Kuakata's
main land. Though it is less known to visitors for poor communication, the most attractive place
here is the "Gongamotir Lake". There are many trees like Keuya, Gauya, Saila etcmany animals
like wild pig, monkeys etc.
Lembur Chor
Five kilometer east of Kuakata beach there is an attractive place named Lembur Chor. There is a
forest of Keuya, Korai, Gauya, Saila etcof 1000 acor.
The word "Rus" mainly came from the word "Ros". This festival was started depending on
collecting "ros" in winter; later the festival name became "Rasmela". It is one of the main

religious programs of "Monipuri". At the time of "Rasmela" festival many visitors came here to
enjoy it.
shutki Polly
Shutki Polly is 4 km west of Kuakata. Fishermen catch many kinds of sea fish from sea during
the year but mainly the fishes which are caught in winter season, are be sunned in process. This
"Shutki Fish" is supplied in many places of our country, mainly in Dhaka. The people who like to
eat "Shutki" but have not seen the process of drying fish; this can be a place for them to get

Kuakata as a tourist spot can play an important role in the National economy of Bangladesh. But
still now we are failing to capture the facilities for lack of the proper utilization of this natural
resource. There are many problems or lacking which
1. Lack of knowledge and awareness:
In Bangladesh, there still is a fundamental lack of basic cognizance of the economic
importance of tourism as an industry and its positive impact as a potential source of
foreign exchange and employment.

2. Transportation problem:
As Kuakata is situated on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh, going to Kuakata seems a long
and laborious journey for international tourists. The journey is pretty long and it may take 1012 hours from Dhaka to reach Kuakata . There are several ways to travel one place to other

places of our country which are very boring and time consuming for the tourists. The
roads from are very poor, no vehicles can go smoothly on these routes. Very often
accidents occur on these routes.
The way of communication of Kuakata is very poor (Mainly Amtoli Kuakata).There is no
fixed bus stand in Kuakata & there are also problems for transport fare for the local
buses. The condition of buses is also not good.

3. Low quality service:

Quality of service needs to be improved. The Hotels has seat problems. They cant offer
the visitors sufficient seats in the peak season. There is also lack of sufficient standard
4. Lack of facilities:
There is no extra facility for foreign tourist. Unfortunately we could not yet develop
infrastructure which are pre-conditionally needed to turn a place of interest into a tourist
destination. One of the classic errors for tourism developing programs lays insufficient
planning and provision for the infrastructural components.
5. Safety problems:
A tourist needs personal security and safety. We cannot develop our tourism sector unless
we can guarantee security and safety requirements to the visitors. There is no life saving
man and signal light station in the beach, to aware the tourist.

6. Lack of investment:
While investment in services is a well-established economic activity in the developed
countries, it is still lagging behind in developing ones. Investment in serviceoriented projects, particularly tourism, in developing countries is often regarded as
a high-risk task. Accordingly, though they may have a natural tourism potential, it
is very difficult for Bangladesh to gain access to reasonable financing for their
touristic projects even when they manage to tackle the problems of project
identification and planning.
7. Political instability:
Political instability and unrest probably are the major reasons, which prevent foreign
visitors from visiting Bangladesh. Vacationing international tourists arrivals are much less in
number in Bangladesh than other South Asian Countries.

8. Managing problems:
The managing system of Kuakata Sea Beach is very poor. . For the purpose, training at
different levels from top management down to door boys should be initiated at national
and regional levels. Now days, the beach is consequently breaking down. Its many
natural resources are also hampered in many ways. One of the classic errors in tourism
developing program lays insufficient planning and provision for infrastructural
components. In Kuakata we do not have anything significant to offer to the tourists at
night. Therefore, some specific programs must be chalked out to keep Kuakata visitors
busy at night. In the mean time we probably can open up some bars and dancing floors in
Kuakata exclusively for the foreign tourists. Only foreigners would be allowed to enjoy
drinks and dances to which they are habituated.

9. Lack of promotional and marketing activities:

There is lack of promotional and marketing activities for Kuakata sea beach. As a part of
the strategy and policy BPC has published and distributed a number of colorful posters
about tourist spots. We feel that along with the descriptions of tourist attractions
information on transport and accommodation facilities, shopping, entertainment and other
supporting facilities should be incorporated in the folders and booklets to provide tourists
enough information before deciding to take a trip.

Negative image:

Most of the tourists have a negative image of Bangladesh. They portray Bangladesh as a
famine and flood-stricken country with dirty and poor inhabitants, overcrowded and lawless
city streets, in sanitary and unhygienic conditions etc.

Developing Kuakata sea beach:

Tourism industry is an important part in the economy of a country. In Bangladesh Kuakata sea
beach is a potential tourism spot which is a great opportunity for Bangladesh. Through
developing Kuakata sea beach it can be a great asset for our country. The certain steps can be

1. Enhancing awareness:
Kukata sea beach is one of the most attractive places in the world. This tourist spot can
contribute a lot in our economy if our government and authority become more aware
about the development of this place and take proper steps. So arising awareness or
consciousness is very important.

2. Ensuring clean and safe environment:

Clean environment enhances the beauty of a place and attracts people. For making a tour
everyone chooses a place of beauty which is also safe. Because of carelessness both the
environment and safety in Kuakata sea beach is becoming worse. For developing
Kuakata, clean and safe environment should be ensued.

3. Development of transportation:
For the development of a successful tourism sector proper infrastructure is a must. The
transportation system of Kukata is not favorable to the tourists. Transportation system
should be developed and huge facilities should be provided which are comfortable.

4. Good accommodation facilities:

Good accommodation facilities should be ensured by building more hotels, motels in

Kuakata. The accommodation service must be the best. It will be comfortable and
available for the tourists.

5. Provide best service:

For the development of Kuakata sea beach as a tourism spot we should provide best
service to the tourists including accommodation, transportation, behavior, entertainment,
price etc that will satisfy the tourists. This attracts the tourists and makes a positive

6. Entertainment facilities:
Entertainment facilities are quite less in Kuakata sea beach. Tourists visiting there only
enjoy the scenic beauty. As there is not any artificial entertainment facility, after sunset
there is nothing to enjoy more. So some arrangement of entertainment by the authority
will attract the visitors.

Strategic policies:
With same development tasks, some strategic policies can be taken for the overall
development of Kuakata sea beach as it can contribute in the social and economic
development of our country as well as it can introduce Bangladesh to the whole world
with a positive look and goodwill.

Develop a master plan:

To meet the various requirements for development of Kuakata sea beach, a number of
issues need to be addressed and specific actions need to be taken. For this a master plan
regarding the activities is required as it is helpful to the implementation of the actions and
strategies within a specific time-frame and the mobilization of resources.

Proper management:
Proper management is obvious for any successful aspect. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation
(BPC) should take effective steps making plans and managing all regarding the development
of Kuakata sea beach, a rising horizon for tourism in Bangladesh. For obtaining the motive
the proper management includes leading, coordinating, and controlling in order to bring
together all of the resources that will contribute to formulating and implementing the national
tourism policy.

Private sector participation:

In many other countries private sectors are playing a vital role in many aspects. For the
development of Kuakata sea beach government should influence the private sectors
from which these privet sectors will also benefitted. For private sector participation
some facilities should be provided. Even there can be a partnership between the public
and private sector.

Marketing of Kuakata sea beach:

Tourism is complex, perhaps the most complex term of social science which discusses
human behavior, social phenomenon, and economic change policy field and so on. It
can bring a big change in the society by creating job opportunities very fast or can
destroy them in the other way. It brings people in the same platform or can divide them
into many groups. (Smith 2010, 1.)
Nowadays tourism is regarded as a competitive business. In this regard, Kuakata sea
beach is a great potential tourism spot and our economy can be benefitted a lot by best
using of it. If we want to attract both country tourists and foreigner, new direction, new
strategies and an integrated tourism marketing effort are required. The following steps
can be followed:

Tourism marketing promotion:

Swot Analysis

Kuakata is unique for its natural resources

She has unique natural beauty

Famous for hospitality

Rich cultural heritage and religious harmony

Beautiful beach


Tourism sites are not sufficiently handled

Lack of investment

Low quality service

Lack of safety

Shortage of professional guides

Lacking of promotional and marketing activities of tourism

Transportation facility is not well

Accommodation facility is also poor

No airway facility

Poor private investment


Scope of mixing culture with tourism

Opportunity to develop domestic tourism

Scope of making the tourist spots more attractive

Arrangement of various domestic event as well as international event

Development of tourism culture

Research and development to attract more tourist and making favorable tourism policy

Scope of marketing the region as a tourism area


Political unrest in the country.

Conservative social and religious system.

Lack of awareness of the benefits of tourism.

Absence of proper trained safe guards to save the tourists in case of emergency.

Political Clash between tribal and Bengali people

Religion collision between major and minor religion

Absence of proper tourism policy

Absence of well accommodation and transportation facility

Unruly smuggling of those area

Illegal deforestation

Absence of proper management during the natural calamities



the mix of culture with Tourism should be conduct

Development of domestic tourism is needed
Arrange various cultural program to make know the tourist about our culture
Tourism operating centre should be built
Bill board , leaflet, magazine and other promotional campaign should be conduct
Develop Road Transportation system
Ensure maximum safety of tourist
Develop accommodation facility
A airport should be built to facilitate the higher class and foreign tourist
Tourism training institute have to be established
Arrange different competition or event at beach to make the tourist pleasure
Ecological balance must be maintain by planting more and more trees on the bank of sea beach
It also be ensured that illegal fishing , hunting ,smuggling animals must be prohibited in that area
Government can formulate short term as well as long term plan to develop kuakata
Both the private and foreign investment should needed to develop kuakata
Medical call centre should be established to ensure better health safety in this area
Establish more park, recreation centre
Establish a museum to display historical product
Child entertainment centre can be built near at beach
Government can display traditional movie at the beach
Establish well hotel and motel


Every tourist center of a country has some specialty & Kuakata is not exceptional from this
characteristics. It is one of the rarest places, which has the unique beauty of offering the full view
of the rising and setting of crimson sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a calm environment.
That perhaps makes kuakata one of the world's unique beaches.
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