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Who would think that in eleven years Batman`s movies could change so much.The
Batman movie series could make a viewer crazy. They are so different, despite having the
same character.TherangeofproductionsarehugeandsomeonelookingwillseetheBatman
films have begun as black and white primitive filmsandcontinuedtomodernhightechnology
Batman: The Dark Knight
(2008) and Batman and Robin (1997) are the best
example of howtwofilmscanbesounlikeeachother.Theyaredifferentinsomanywaysbut
the popularity, the photography and the characters are the best points to show the
Batman series is known around the world for many reasons, the movies and
animations always are present in the awards ceremonies. The first, BatmanandRobinisnot
known to begood.Themoviewasrankedliketheworstmovieeverin2008foralltheaspects
that made it so bad. On the other hand
Batman: The Dark Knight was acclaimed the best
hero movie ever made, witha great approval by the public.
second moviefroma trilogythatwasasuccessfulandraisedalotofmoney.Theoldermovie
was nominated in ten categories of the Golden Raspberry award
s and won one. In contrast
The difference in the photography and production ismore than the yearscanexplain.
The first movie was made in 1997 and use the highest technology that they could use in
Hollywood. Despite all the investments, the final result was not good. The movie was full of


mistakes about the history and used the characters without care about their background.
Conversely, the second movie was made with almost the same technology, but used the
characters in theright way and knew how to use each character. The costumes were oneof
the most controversial point, in
Batman and Robin the productors tried to change the
costumes .Asaresult,theBatmanfanswereverycritical.Ontheother hand,
The characters were the final point to make the difference between each movie,
primarily antagonists and protagonists.
Batman and Robin had good actors but the script
didn't help thedevelopment ofthestory. TheantagonistwasMr.FreezeinterpretedbyArnold
Schwarzenegger, however the character did not have a good acceptance for the audience,
and using slippers in the movie did not help him. Instead inthe second movie, one famous
point was the antagonist, Joker, interpreted by Heath Ledger who memorably gave life to
Batmans biggest enemy while maintaining all the originalityof thecharacter.Theprotagonist
also was a differential. George Clooney was Bruce Wayne whereas hewasnotabletocatch
the essence of Batman and his acceptance by the public was not good.On the other hand,
Finally the public was able to see that with the same character two moviescanhave
complete different results, because of
how the story was worked, and
how the actors
incorporated the character. That will make the difference between beingfamous ornotbeing
famous. The history of heroes movies isfullofbadandgoodmovies,andnowafter