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Pranic Healing

Made BY :Muhammad Ali





What is Pranic healing?

What is the invisible energy body

What ailments can be treated by pranic healing?

Prana or Universal Life Force

Source of Prana

Ancient Knowledge of Prana

Experiencing Prana-test

Prana and Scientific Research

GDV Photograph

Kirlian Photographs

Learning Pranic healing

Pranic healing levels

Benefits of Pranic healing


Pranic healing is thousands of years old and spans cultures

and continents. Because the practice is based on a healer's
use of the elements air, sun, ground and divine Prana
(meditation and prayer), it naturally developed in several
places and quickly adapted to new communities once
introduced. Over time the Rishis, Chinese Taoists, and
Tibetan monks (the most prominently known users of Pranic
healing) used Prana. Lessons in Pranic healing were cloaked
in secrecy and only taught to a few, who were responsible
for passing down the practice.


Pranic healing is important because it empowered ancient

people to heal one another. It created a system of
respected mystical healers with a following of laypeople
who were able to overcome their ailments, or at least
believe they were getting better. Because of the religious
connotations of Pranic healing, the healers were thought
to be closer to God and therefore were part of a caste
system that helped to structure ancient civilizations in
terms of power, religion and healing.


Pranic Healing was introduced to the United States on the

West Coast. Because of the large Asian immigrant
population and the liberal politics of the area, Pranic
healing was able to go beyond the esoteric confines of the
immigrant community and came to be accepted by
Americans. Master Stephen Co is one of the practitioners
who has spread Pranic healing throughout California since
the 1980s and caused it to flourish.

What is Pranic Healing?

Prana is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "life-force" - the
invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive
and maintains a state of good health. The Japanese call this
subtle energy Ki, the Chinese Chi, while the Greeks refer to it
as Pneuma. In Polynesian it is known as Mana, and in Hebrew,
Ruah - meaning "Breath of Life."
Pranic Healing is a form of energy healing which makes use of
Prana, or vital energy, in the treatment of a wide variety of
ailments. As an art and science, Pranic Healing was widely
practiced in ancient civilizations in China, Egypt and India. In
Pranic Healing, cure is effected by simply removing diseased
energies from the patient's invisible energy body and by
transferring fresh vital energy (Prana) to the affected areas
with the use of the hands. Using a scientific "no-touch"
methodology, Pranic Healing can prevent, alleviate, and heal a
whole spectrum of physical, emotional, and mental ailments.
Because the methods are simple and fairly easy to understand,
anyone can learn and apply pranic healing in no time at all.


Scientific evidence provides tangible proof of the existence
of the energy body and its relation to the health and wellbeing of the physical body. Based on the scientific
experiments conducted by the eminent Russian scientist,
photographs taken of humans, animals and plants through an
ultrasensitive camera process showed a colorful, radiant
energy field surrounding the physical body. This energy field,
or aura, interpenetrates the visible physical body, extending
about 4 to 5 inches from the skin's surface. Experiments have
also revealed that diseased energies appear first in the
energy body before manifesting as a physical ailment. Further
experiments have produced dramatic evidence that a person's
thoughts and emotions substantially affect the color,
brilliance, and vitality of his energy body.






Simple physical disorders like headaches, toothaches,

coughs, sore throats, fever, stomach aches, diarrhea,
dysmenorrhea, muscle pain, sprains, and minor burns;

Severe ailments, tuberculosis, hypertension, heart

problems, hepatitis, myomas, cysts, migraine, arthritis,
and epilepsy;

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace modern

medicine. Rather, this ancient healing methodology is
intended to complement conventional medical practices
as well as other alternative healing methods.

Prana or Universal Life Force

Prana is present in abundance in the universe

This keeps the living beings alive

On earth it is present in and around

Living and Non-Living bodies

Prana In living beings

Present as the Aura

Aura is pulsating with life

Prana In Non Living objects

Present on the in and around it but much less quantities and is

not pulsating

Source of Prana




With a trained eye anybody can observe prana


moving rapidly in the atmosphere

also coming out of the earths surface

Ancient Knowledge of Prana

Knowledge of Utilizing Prana is an ancient

science and art

Prana or vital energy is utilized in various

aspects of life for

Physical, Emotional and Mental well being of any living

being including plants by accelerating the natural
living process

Ancient Knowledge

Chinese: Chi or Universal life force

Japanese: Ki or Universal life force

Europe: Elan Vitalae : Vismedicatrix Naturae

Van Helmont: Magnale Magnum

Illiaster: Munis

Hebrew: Ruah

Hawai: Mana

Experienceing PRANA- test

Open your palms facing up

Touch the tip of the tongue to the palate

Place it comfortably on your lap or arm rest

Soft portion of palate

Be aware of your breath and gently breath (2 to 3


Inhale slowly & stretch your palm

Exhale slowly & relax your palms

Experiencing PRANA- test

Relax you hands

Bring the palms 3 to 6 inches apart, facing each other.

Be aware of center of the palms and Concentrate on it for

about 2 to 3 minutes

Keep inhaling and exhaling gently

Gently rotate your hands for 5 to 6 times.

Move palms closer and farther (3 times)

What do you feel in the center of the palms?

Many of you may feel

Warm sensation

Tingling sensation


Magnetic Repulsion

What you felt is the Prana moving in your hands and body

Prana and Scientific Research

Scientists now acknowledge that the material universe

has an etheric body.

Sir Isaac Newton: recognized the facts of the etheric or

energy body that underlies all forms

The Encyclopedia Britannica describes ether as

necessary for transmitting gravitational force between
one piece of matter and another.

Prana and Scientific Research

According to modern science

Human organism is not just a physical structure made of


We are also composed of energy fields

We are moving out of the world of static solid form in to a

world of dynamic energy fields

We too, ebb and flow like the sea

Scientists are learning to measure these subtle changes

Scientists are developing instruments to detect these energy

fields related to our bodies and to measure these

Prana and Scientific Research

in USA

SQUID: This device does not even touch the body when
measuring the magnetic fields around the body

Dr. Samuel Williamson of New York University states that

the SQUID offers more information about state of brain
functioning than a normal EEG

Prana and Scientific Research

in USA

Ultra faint luminescence:

Super sensitive photo multipliers Instrument that

registers energy field

Flashing signals of light in coded pattern coming

from body.

Advance diagnosis of disease before physical

symptoms show up

GDV Photograph of Aura

Before Healing

After Healing

Kirlian Photographs Aura around

the thumb
Before Healing

After Healing

The above images show the bioplasmic energy field around

the thumb of a patient having diabetes and neurological
problems, before healing and after 10 sessions of healing.

Kirlian Photographs Aura around

the finger tips

Before Healing

After Healing

Kirlian Photo of a Biological Substance

Pranic Healing on MITOMYCIN
Before Pranic Healing

After Cleansing

After Cleansing and Energizing

Learning pranic healing

With patience and persistence, Pranic Healing is easy to

learn. As simplified by Master Choa Kok Sui, it is a
transferable technology. Its principles and techniques
can be learned in a few sessions. Students can reach a
certain degree of skill or proficiency given enough
practice and time. There are several levels of Pranic
Healing. Each of the levels is formally taught in
internationally standardized modules, in about 18 hours
per level. Proficiency is gained through constant
practice and study.

Pranic Healing levels

The first level deals with the principles and basic techniques,
enabling the student to heal simple physical ailments.

The second level , Advanced Pranic Healing, makes use of

advanced techniques and colors, thereby shortening the healing
time. Students are familiarized and taught treatments for more
severe chronic ailments.

The third level, Pranic Psychotherapy, delves into the

treatment of psychological aspect of diseases and their causes
using even more potent energy techniques.

The fourth level is Pranic Crystal Healing. It is the technology

of crystals for treatment of severe and chronic ailments.

There are higher levels but they were taught to more senior students for
application in their mission to assist in the spread the teachings.
Each of the first four levels are taught accompanied by books, written by
Master Choa Kok Sui as veritable cookbooks in the treatment of
disease. These courses and books are available in Pranic Healing
Centres in 73 countries. The first book, Miracles Through Pranic Healing
has been translated into 34 languages to date. The second book,
Advanced Pranic Healing into 17 languages.

Benefits of pranic healing

Pranic Healing benefits both the person receiving treatment and the
Pranic Healer. The benefits are cumulative.

Complementary to orthodox or western medical treatment.

Increases the rate of healing by three or more than the normal rate of

Provides rapid healing power to the body.

Prevents manifestation of diseases in the body.

Helps to improve appetite.

Helps in building energy shields in your body.

In chronic conditions, it is used to initiate healing process.

Easy to learn by anyone with average intelligence and interest and

diligence in healing

Empowers the student. Provides the alphabet of the bridge between the
outer and inner composition of well being and disease.

Thank You