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NQDI: Scalable, flexible, detailed

processing, investigation and reporting
of network survey data.

Scalable, flexible,
and detailed processing
NQDI is SwissQuals post-processing system
for network optimization and benchmarking
and is based on data produced by QualiPoc
and Diversity product families.

NQDI provides a detailed analysis of the quality of voice, video, and data services
using primary RF measurements, network trace events and call control parameters
for all radio technologies.




NQDI correlates information from

physical, service, and application
layers in time-synchronized views
using maps, grids, line graphs,
bar graphs, pie charts, tables and
hierarchical lists.

NQDI offers extensive payload

analysis of voice and video
services, with onboard
QoS algorithms supporting
troubleshooting and optimization
the end-to-end services QoS.

NQDI has a smart adapting GUI

which is sensitive to the context of
time & date, technology, operator,
device type, map polygons,
quality thresholds, and events
being displayed.

NQDI is designed as a client/

server application using Microsoft
SQL Server as a data repository
and is fully scalable from a
standalone laptop solution to large
client/server enterprise systems.



NQDI supports all the major

mobile radio technologies,
including GSM, GPRS, EDGE,
CDMA2000, EV-DO, IS-136, iDEN,
DVB-H, WiMAX, and LTE.

NQDI has automated analysis

of CS and PS calls with failure
cause categorization that
assists the user in finding the
top most quality degrading
network problems within just
a few seconds.



NQDI allows time-correlated

physical and protocol diagnosis
across numerous layers RF, L2,
L3, TCP/IP, RTSP, UDP,H.245,
streaming media player and more.

NQDI stores detailed information

in the database instead of
aggregated data and raw binary
files, allowing more detailed
analysis, more flexible filtering and
long-term trend analysis.

Combines high level KPI
summaries with full access
to detailed drilldowns
Smart adapting GUI is
sensitive to contextual
Time synchronization and
correlation of numerous data
layers helps automate fault

 NQDI goes beyond basic post processing and allows

us to get into extreme detail, even looking at voice and
video MOS scores for individual calls. Thats important
when the delta between being first or second for
quality is just one dropped call.

Did you know?

Making complicated systems is hard. Making them easy-to-use is
harder still. But SwissQual has taken giant steps in making systems that
deliver complex answers very quickly.
We not only give customers the ability to define their own bespoke KPI
values, but also calculate them in real-time live, during data acquisition.
That means that the KPIs coming directly off the network drives are
those the customer likes to see, without waiting for any post-processing.

NetQual NQDI Software specification

Post Processing Platform

Automated Analysis

IP Analysis

NetQual NQDI with in-depth data analysis, network

troubleshooting, report generation and historical
performance trending. Flexible and customizable data
selection and filtering capabilities including time & data,
network technology, operator, device type, map polygon
regions, service quality threshold, layer 3 messages and
much more. Customizable Excel reports based on KPI with
a powerful report generator.

Automated analysis of CS and PS Calls with failure causes

categorization that assist the user in finding the top most
quality degrading network problems, detected in the
measurement data, within just a few seconds.

Dedicated protocol and IP throughput analysis of Diversity

and QualiPoc probes IP trace data including DNS resolver
details. Files including PCAP IP trace can automatically be
loaded into Wireshark with NQDI time synchronization.

Voice and Video Analysis


Post processing provides in-depth voice and video analysis

using the unique SQuad, VMon and VQuad content based
objective quality algorithms and data analysis based on
correlation of information from Service and Application
layers down to RF.

More than 200 KPIs available for Service QoS and Network
performance reporting and trending with several possible
sorting parameters including Operator, Technology and
Map Region. The extensive set of Standard Reports
includes Voice, Video, Data, Messaging, GSM, WCDMA,
is also possible to embed map plots in the reports.

xtensive technology test support including:
and IP.

Services Analysis

Report Generator

Microsoft SQL Server database engine fully scalable

from a standalone laptop solution to large client/server
enterprise systems with Terminal server. Supported on
both 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms to ensure that
the user can find the optimal balance between price and
performance. Available with named and floating licensing.
NQDI runs independent of Windows Regional settings.

Analysis of a wide range of services:

Voice telephony: CS and VoIP Speech MOS, Noise
suppression, Echo, RTT, DTMF
Data: Ping, FTP, UDP, HTTP, Data Capacity, Iperf
Messaging: SMS, MMS, E-mail
V ideo over IP: Video streaming portals including YouTube
supporting MPEG4, H.263 and H.264 streams with
resolutions from QCIF up to 720p HD
3G Video telephony

Data Storage

Speech Quality Analysis

Store detailed information in the database to avoid

compromising the flexibility and detailed analysis filtering.
Due to the intelligent design of the data files produced by
the SwissQual probes the import speed into the NQDI
database is extremely fast.

Detailed and accurate analysis of all measurement values

captured with SwissQual and ITU voice MOS algorithms:
ITU-T P.863 (POLQA) full reference voice MOS (narrow &
ITU-T P.862/P.862.1 (PESQ) full reference voice MOS
SwissQual SQuad full reference voice MOS (narrow
& wideband), echo, noise suppression and RTT
SwissQual NiNa+ no reference voice MOS

More than 500 pre-defined Map plot items in a powerful

and fully configurable plot engine which supports MapInfo
and Google Earth. Supports configurable binning on grid or
latitude-longitude precision.

System Architecture

User Interface
Context sensitive user interface adopts the presentation
automatically to the content and technology, there is no
need to change between workspaces or rearrange any
windows manually. Customizable and detachable windows.
Drill down and visualization of information from Service and
Application layers down to RF in time synchronized views
using maps, grids, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts,
tables and hierarchical lists.

Data Selection
Flexible and customizable data selection and filtering
capabilities including time and data, network technology,
operator, provider, device type, map polygon regions,
service quality thresholds, call markers, layer 3 messages
and much more. User can save and easily reuse the most
used selection parameters from a Favorites list.

Video Services Analysis

Full support for video service analysis and visual quality
V ideo service evaluation with success, completion and
drop ratestime to first picture, long term freezing, IP
statistics and degradation causes values
SwissQual VQuad full reference visual quality MOS
SwissQual VMon no reference visual quality MOS

PI report generator allows users to create their own custom

KPI reports that are saved in the database and can be
easily shared across your organization. The Excel reports
can contain success rate and average pivot tables with
PDF, CDF and Pie charts. A trending sort function can
group the data into time bins ranging from Hour up to Year.

Map plotting

User can save and easily reuse the most used plots from
a Favorites list. BTS lists for GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE
can be loaded. Serving sector line indicates Serving BTS
and BTS Coverage function displays BTS sectors coverage
for all points like a spider web. Smart window splitting
and map layer offsetting makes the analysis of multiple
networks and multiple parameters easy. The map window
is time synchronized with the analysis charts and tables.

Database Management
NQDI databases are easily managed with the integrated
data management tool, without the need for specific SQL
server or database knowledge. NQDI can create and build
historical databases to provide the global overview and
trending over time.

Web Compatibility
Fully compatible with NetQual NQWeb platform for
corporate wide distributed presentation and reporting.

For more information
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