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Seon Pierce

Pittsburgh, PA
An accomplished manager with an established background in the risk management field to include
proper management and execution of Workers Compensation programs and other insurance driven
products and programs. Someone that is driven and passionate towards empowering people. A
strategic thinker that also has have several years of experience managing vendor relationships and
negotiating mutually beneficial deals for stakeholders.

HM Insurance Group a wholly owned subsidiary of Highmark, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
Senior Relationship Manager
Responsibilities were to fully install and manage Workers Compensation programs for a 15 million dollar
block of business. A background in establishing Return To Work Programs, managing the experience
modifier, establishing physician panels, and driving claims to closure. One who eats, drinks and sleeps
workplace safety! A consultative influencer who worked with clients (250k to one million in premium)
regularly to get their risk management house in order. Skilled with implementing solutions that create
immediate results and also long term stability. Industry sectors to include: Manufacturers, Colleges
and Schools, Transportation providers, and Health Care.

Educated clients as to the core competencies around effective Workers Compensation

management to include state and OSHA rules and regulations.
Consulted with safety teams in the areas of ergonomics, employee health, building and noise
inspections and numerous other workplace safety focus areas.
Negotiated Return to Work agreements with Unions to mitigate losses in school districts. Result
was more than 35% savings on insurance premiums.
Was a part of a strategy team to figure out how to engage the marketplace and grow market share.
Result: In 2006 the company had revenues of $10 million. By 2014, the company exceeded $150
million in revenue and became one of the top seven carriers in the state of Pennsylvania.
Significantly reduced losses for manufacturers with workers in the field. Results: average claim size
prior reduced from more than 50k per incident to less than 10k over three year period.
Established new vendor relationships for both Physical Therapy and Diagnostic treatment. Result:
More than 30% savings to the bottom line on overall value of the claim.
Overall client retention rate of 94% over five year period. Result: Industry average below 80%.
Pre sales presentations. Was called upon from time to time to pitch our value proposition to
prospective customers. These were very large strategic accounts. Result: Closed more than 90% of
those opportunities.

Seon Pierce
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HM Insurance Group a wholly owned subsidiary of Highmark, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Account Manager
Core responsibilities were to welcome the client to our company, get them set up to file claims,
establish their physician panel and provide guidance to them on proper claims management as needed.
Was responsible for renewing an $8 million block of business.

Timely reporting on injuries. I partnered with the insured to establish an understanding that filing a
claim timely saves them money. Result: On average a client files claims to the carrier within a
week or so of the injury taking place. My clients averaged less than two days.
Worked along with Loss Control consultants to implement strategies and safety committees to
mitigate the insureds risk. Result: On the front end, this ensured a 5% savings on premiums back
to the client. The overall savings in many cases was significantly higher.
Served as a liason to the claims adjustor as needed. As the eyes and ears of the client, was able to
advise the claims staff as to next steps when trying to resolve a claim. Results: Overall sound and
effective claims management.

Quality Air, Inc.,

Pittsburgh, PA


Sales Manager
A strategic thinker who managed a team of sales reps in the western Pennsylvania area and established
a market strategy for several product and service offerings. Was charged with hiring a team of
representatives to market the product, and held full P& L responsibility for the product offerings. In
addition, established distributorship relations for two products, negotiated those terms and also
implemented a company-wide service plan to offer to customers as an additional revenue
generating vehicle.
Market strategy I developed relations with a few marketing firms to generate leads and put into
place a regular flow of potential new customers. Result: Grew sales from 265K to $1 million in
2004. Sales of $1.4 million in 2005.
Team Growth and capital expenditures Result: One who invested in people and equipment to
take our approach to the marketplace. This was a large contributing factor to our increased
Additional Revenue Streams Result: Created and put into place service agreements with our
customer base that allowed us to generate an additional 80K in revenue in year one.

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Seton Hill University


Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook


President, Hempfield Area Athletic Association 2010 2014

Business Advisor, A to Z Promotions - ongoing