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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.



SUBMITTED TO :M/S Pantaloons Retails ( India ) PVT. LTD.


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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Completing a new task is never one man effort. It is often the result of
invaluable contribution of number of individuals in a direct or indirect
I express my whole gratitude towards the management of Pantaloons
Retails (India) Private Limited, Patna for giving us the opportunity to
undergo my summer project in a multinational concern of a great reports
and allowing us to gain invaluable with subsequent exposure to the
modern business world.
We are very grateful to Mr. Manish Upadhyay (Team Leader, Ajili
Band ) For guiding us on our project. I further extend my thanks to
Miss. Alisha Mishra (HR- Manager), Mr. SURAJ SAW







manager ) , Mr. Ravi Kant (Sops ), Mr. Chandan Singh

& Binod Singh ( Adm) , Roushan Singh , Niraj Tiwari ,
Satender Kumar for appreciation and co-operation given by
them in gathering all the information available at the Brand . Our
training periods were from 1 st March 2015 to 31 th March

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

The research provides an opportunity to a student to
demonstrate application of his/her knowledge, skill
and competencies required during the technical
session. Research also helps the student to devote
his/her skill to analyze the problem to suggest
alternative solutions, to evaluate them and to
provide feasible recommendations on the provided data
The research is on the topic of


Although I have tried my level best to prepare this
report an error free report every effort has been made to
offer the most authenticate position with accuracy.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

I hereby declare that the project report entitled


is an authentic work done by me.The project was
undertaken as a part of the course curriculumof
Diploma In Retails Management program,
Araybhatt Knowledge University, (A.N
College Patna ). This has not been submitted
to any other examination body earlier.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Ranjan Kumar

Table of contents
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Object of study




History of Pantaloons



Pantaloons , Apparel brands & accessories



Pantaloons A Success Story in Org. Retail





Mission & Vision



Retail Store Operation



Visual Marchandising



The Goal





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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.


Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is Indias leading retailer that operates
multiple retailformats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the
Indian consumer marker, alongwith some other big names such as RPG,
Shoppers Stop, Life Style, Westside, Ebony,Piramyd etc.The reason
why I chose this sector is because as there are huge opportunities in
thissector in the coming years. India was not into retail before 10 years
from now but now itis very much into organized retailing. There is
cut through competition in this field. Everyalternate day we hear of a new
companies getting into Retail sector, where this makescompetition
tough. I felt if I have experience in Pantaloon than I would be equipped
toface the challenges that will come across while working in this sector.I was in
marketing along with Customer Loyalty Program. I felt that while
doing outmarketing projects for the Pantaloon store I will have well
expose & experience of thisfield. I got to learn a lot about retailing,
marketing in retail sector, knowing differentpeople, how exactly
product reaches final consumer, how all theses things are decidedand
how. This is the reason why Retail sector influences me the most.
Since I wasinvolved into marketing for different event of the store where all the
parameters has to beconsidered which made this project more challenging &

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.


Objective of the Retail store Marketing was to make
customers aware about the Sale offers during Denim
Exchange and EOSS i.e. End Of Season Sale provided by
Pantaloon and also to achieve the Green Card target
of Customer loyalty Program during EOSS.
To provide extra privileges to Pantaloons Green Card customers
- keeping in mind that they get extra privileges not only inside the
store of Pantaloons, but also outside the store and to make the
Pantaloon Customer Loyalty Program more powerfully doing tieups with Restaurants, Health-Clubs, Saloons, Pubs, colleges,
Laundries, Tattoos Makers.
To make Green Card Members realize that they are
Special customers for the company.
To find out customer loyalty for Pantaloon store
To find out customer satisfaction

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

India, like Britain, is a nation of shopkeepers. With
over 12 million retail outlets, India probably has the
highest density of retail outlets in the world, with one
for approximately every 90 persons; little wonder that
the country is the ninth-largest retail market in the
world, with estimated annual retail sales of around
USD215 billion in 2005 (Rs 960,000 corer). At the
sometime, the share of organized trade in this enormous
market is currently very small. It is estimated at just
USD8 billion (Rs 35,000 corer) in 2005, up
fromUSD6.25 billion (Rs 28,000 corer) in 2004. This
accounts for less than 4 per cent of the total retail trade
in the country
Organized trade in India is very underdeveloped when
compared with other emerging markets in Asia,
Latin America and Eastern Europe. The Indian and
Chinese markets are comparable in many aspects: Both
countries are not homogeneous. They comprise many
markets within a single country, with significantly
varying cultures and customer preferences across

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

History of the Pantaloons

Mr. Kishore Biyani

Ex Managing Directore

Mr. Kumar Mangalam

Birla, Aditya Birla Group

Pantaloons Retail (india) Limited

Pantaloons Retail (india) Limited

Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Limited is an Indian

premium clothing retail chain. The first Pantaloons store was
launched in Gariahat, Kolkata in 1997. As of November 2013,
there are 76 Pantaloons stores in 44 cities.[1] Pantaloons was
previously controlled by the Future Group, but has now been
taken over by Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited (ABNL). According to
the Brand Trust Report2014, a study conducted by Trust
Research Advisory, Pantaloons featured among 100 most

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Pantaloons Fashion & Retail, one of the top clothing
brands in the world, is India's fastest growing premium
lifestyle company. With innovative designs, concepts
and products, the company brings the latest trends in
fashion and clothing styles to the apparel market.
Pantaloons, previously controlled by the Future Group,
has been recently taken over by Aditya Birla Nuvo
Limited, a US $4 billion premium diversified
conglomerate and India's largest manufacturer of linen
Pantaloons offers multiple accessories and clothing
brands across a spectrum of categories for men,
women and kids. The company provides an incredible
and complete one-stop shopping experience to its
buyers through its vast collection of more than 100
prestigious brands for the discerning fashionista.
Pantaloons, with a presence across 47 cities through
100 aesthetically designed large format stores and 26
factory outlets, displays a range of classy and trendy
merchandise that truly lives up to Pantaloons maxim of
fresh fashion.
A typical Pantaloons store comprises a brand portfolio
that runs across a gamut of styles that spell class. The
collection includes ready-to-wear western and ethnic
apparel for men, women and kids, complemented by an
exhaustive range of accessories. The variety of
products and brands has helped propel Pantaloons to
become one of the best clothing brands in India.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Apparel, brands and accessories

Pantaloons offers its customers a collection of apparels
and accessories from the stables of globally renowned
brands. The private labels for men in western wear
include Lombard, Rig, Bare Denim, Bare Leisure, SF
Jeans, Byford, F Factor and JM Sport apart from trendy
brands like Urbana, Scullers, John Miller and Indigo
Nation. Akkriti provides a wide selection of ethnic wear.
The womens section houses the private labels Bare
Denim, Bare Leisure, Rig, Annabelle, Honey, and Ajile
in western wear, as well as the choicest ethnic wear
from RangManch, Trishaa and Akkriti. Popular brands
like Lee Cooper, Biba and W are also available. The
formal wear section offers a range of crisp and welltailored collection by popular international brands such
as Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England and Louis
Kids can choose from private labels like Bare Denim,
Bare Leisure, Rig, or indulge in exclusive brands like
Lee Cooper Juniors, Chalk, Pink & Blue, and Sach in
addition to international brands like Barbie and Disney.
For the ethnic look, they can opt for traditional wear
from Akkriti. The portfolio of brands also includes infant
wear by Chirpie Pie.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Pantaloons offers much more than just apparel.

Customers can shop from an assortment of watches
from renowned international brands, including Tommy
Hilfiger, Esprit, Kenneth Cole, Citizen, Timex, Titan and
Trendy sunglasses from Polaroid, Guess, Police, Scott, I
Dee and Allen Solly are also available. The accessories
and beauty segments display an attractive collection of
ladies handbags from Lavie, Caprese, Fiorelli and
Fastrack. Also available are products from colour
cosmetic brands such as Bourjois, Chambor, Deborah,
Faces, Revlon, Maybelline, and Lakm, as well as a wide
collection of exotic fragrances.
In its endeavour to meet the consumers ever-changing
fashion needs, Pantaloons has introduced new brands
that include Candies, Alto Moda, Turtle, Spykar, 109F,
AND, Chemistry, Global Desi and Giny & Jony.
Pantaloons is an integral part of the prestigious Aditya
Birla Group, a USD 40 billion Indian multinational
company, operating in 36 countries across the globe
with over 120,000 employees.Voted as Indias Most
Trusted Apparel Retail Brand in the prestigious Brand
Equity Survey 2014, Pantaloons continues to nurture
consumer trust and confidence.
With its overwhelming repertoire of lifestyle apparel
brands, the company is focused on growth while
continuing to create fresh fashion. Among some of the
top clothing brands in India, Pantaloons is recognised
by its warm personalised service that completes the
core proposition of this trendy chain.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Pantaloons A Success Story in Organized

Retail Plays a major role in increasing circulation
and sales for all kinds of consumer goods and
services. Countries like USA,U.K and China are
successful examples of the same.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Consumer retail is the second-largest industry

in the United States, both by the number of
establishments and by the number of
employees. Wal-Mart, the worlds largest
retailer, is also the worlds largest employer. It
has become the most successful retail brand in
the world due to its ability to leverage size,
market segmentation, and its efficacy in
assuming market dominance. Wal-Mart heads
the Fortune magazine list of top 500 companies
in the world.

Retail Scenario in India:

In India over 94% of the retail sector consists of
traditional mom-and-pop stores and street-vendors.
With no large players, infrastructure being far from
adequate and a tiny part of the population being
able to afford it, , Indian retail never attracted
large business houses and majorly focused on
niche product segments and luxury goods.. This
was till they realized that retail in India is a USD
$353 billion industry[BMI India Retail Report 2010]
growing at a CAGR of 10% and contributing more
than 25% to the countrys GDP. Today it might
seem implausible that this important sector of the
countrys economy had been overlooked by

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Corporate giants. However they cannot be squarely

blamed too. Indian retail has traditionally been an
unorganized sector, where retailers lacked the
means as well as the will to develop or expand.
Retail could also never enjoy the support of the
Indian consumer, who is famous for being miserly
and treated shopping as a form of leisure than a
necessary evil, thus enjoying the thrill of
discovering bargains and discount deals on his
Small gains, lack of infrastructure, an unattractive
Indian consumer and absence of regulation never
provided opportunities for retail giants to
capitalize. Meanwhile, the Government preferred
to remain silent while the unorganized retail sector
provided a meager standard of living to millions in
the country. Poverty plagued a majority of the
population and the corporate giants preferred to
spend their resources in areas like power and
telecom where large-scale opportunities were
abundant. Today the retail industry has witnessed
a remarkable transformation.

The New Story

The countrys towering economic growth of around
8% has resulted in major shifts in the Indian

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

economic class, with higher incomes leading to the

growth of the Indian middle-class. This middleclass is aware of the standards of living in other
countries, thanks to exposure through the tools of
Globalization the Media & the Internet. They have
decided to thus adopt a Spending approach to
improve their standard of living rather than the
traditional Saving approach. The currently
estimated value of organized Indian retails target
population is larger than that of the entire United
States. Voted the most attractive retail destination
in the world for two years in a row, India is
expected to witness 10% growth in its retail sector
over the next few years (Source: Retail in India
Getting Organized to drive growth. CII-A.T.
Kearney, Nov. 2006, Assocham Press Release).
Recognizing the short-term and long-term growth
of retail in India, a number of domestic business
giants have entered the retail industry. We focus
on the factors that have led to the success of
Kishore Biyanis Pantaloon Retail.

Pantaloons Story

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Pantaloons success and continuous growth in the

Indian organized Retail market can be attributed to
a number of factors, some of which have been
derived from the strategies of large retailers in the
west, while others are completely tailor-made for
the Indian market. What is evident at the outset is
that Biyani has foreseen and understood the Indian
retail roadmap better than anyone else.
Pantaloons major advantage over its competitors
in the retail sector has been its unique
understanding of the Indian organized retail
market with all its quirks, shortcomings and
challenges. By creating a retail business from the
ground-up and expanding rapidly, Pantaloon has
followed a Wal-Mart-like pattern of growth.
However, unlike Wal-Mart, it decided to experiment
with as many retail formats, product-mixes and
brands as was possible in order to gain maximum
knowledge about the uncertain Indian mindset. In
fact, newer entrants in the organized retail market
would learn the ways of the unique Indian
organized retail sector as well as find a way to
combat Pantaloons dominant market share in
almost all forms of organized retail a daunting

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

What did it do Right ?

The Retail Experiment Multiple Formats, Multiple Brands

Pantaloon has experimented with every retail

format possible. Most of their experiments have
proven to be successful and Pantaloon continues
to experiment while expanding existing ventures.
However, the real reward of these experiments is
the knowledge and experience gained- This was
most elusive in a previously untouched and
unknown organized retail sector. This is an
example of Pantaloon adapting itself to the Indian
market rather than attempting to copy a Wal-Mart.
The experimentation process did not end with
testing different store formats alone: Pantaloon is
also experimenting with a variety of products.
From mens wear the company has moved on to
introduce furniture, sportswear, kitchen
appliances, food, electronics and childrens
apparel. Again, it seems to know what works and
what doesnt in the Indian market, something that
would not have been this apparent even 1 decade
Pantaloon has also introduced a number of private
brands. For example, it has experimented with
launching clothing lines based on famous
Bollywood blockbusters.. Within the brand retailing
19 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

space, Pantaloon has also tied up with some of

Indias most popular brands like Gini and Jony to
sell them at their stores. Rather than attempt to
compete with existing popular brands the company
has decided to partner with them and leverage
them in the ambiguous Indian market. These
brands have achieved success and a loyal fan
following; Pantaloons move has brought in more
customers then they could retain.
The competitors do have the opportunity to learn
from the experiences of Indias largest retailer, but
the experience that comes with managing these
diverse retail formats in the Indian scenario is
something that new entrants will have to learn on
their own. Due to the pace at which Pantaloon had
moved, it has made several sectors of organized
retail out of anybodys reach.

The Right Joint Ventures at the Right Time

In accordance with its experimentation policy
Pantaloon has formed key joint ventures with a
number of popular names like Staples and
Starbucks. With its first-mover advantage, it
actively shut doors for the competition by snapping
up major brands before others could get to them.

20 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Versatile Retailing
Rather than expand as a menswear retailer alone,
Pantaloons policy of comprehensive
experimentation has given it an important
advantage a versatile retail presence. Consumers
see Pantaloon as an exclusive brand retailer,
discount retailer, specialty retailer and food
retailer: all at once. One of the reasons for this
versatility is that the brand name has not been
forced on, or even associated with the different
products and stores other than the original
menswear line. Instead, each store and product
has been given its own identity and presence.
Pantaloon is essentially an organized retailer in the
guise of a large number and variety of unorganized
retailers. This again represents the companys
unique understanding of the Indian scenario
consumers often feel threatened in a monopolistic
environment, and are thus allowed to choose
between multiple brands, all of which essentially
belong to the same parent !!

21 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Strengthening Back End Operations: Supply-Chain

A robust Supply chain serves as the backbone of a
successful retail chain in the long-run. Although
the company ignored these aspects in initial
phases due to the inadequacies in infrastructure, it
rightly favored experimentation over organization.
But to continue to grow at the pace it had acquired
in the first few years, it needed to pay attention to
its sourcing network, transportation system and
other logistics.. What Pantaloon is and will always
have to improvise on is the absence of basic
infrastructure like transportation and regulation.
The pace of expansion of the retail industry is
likely to outstrip that of development of the
countrys infrastructure. Pantaloon will have to be
innovative in deciding as to how it compensates for
these inadequacies while efficiently managing its
supply chain.

Money: The Ultimate Differentiator

Pantaloon has the upper hand as compared to
most potential foreign and domestic competitors.
However the same characteristics that have made
it an exclusive and versatile retailer can prove to
be a disadvantage. Much of Pantaloons
competition comes from either retail ventures of

22 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

other large Indian industrial houses (Reliance

Retail, Birlas retail venture) or foreign retail giants
(Wal-Mart). In other words, Pantaloons competition
is rich, very rich. While the competition may not
have made inroads into the Indian market as
thoroughly as Pantaloon, it still has enough money
to compensate for this shortcoming.

Through a carefully executed policy of
comprehensive multi-format experimentation,
Pantaloon has managed to understand and take
advantage of the compressed evolution of the
organized Indian retail industry (mentioned earlier)
to become the dominant player. As far as industry
knowledge, experience and skill are concerned,
Pantaloon with its dream team is looking in good
shape. Now it is facing stiff competition that is
financially better-equipped. How it takes
advantage of its existing resources, accesses
additional capital and competes with its
competitors in a race to develop an efficient
supply-chain will determine the future of the
company. While the task is daunting, Pantaloon has
more leeway and an enormous head-start
compared to anyone else.

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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.


1 Store

2 Loyalty programme

3 Products

Store of Boring Cancel Road Patna

With a chain of 86 fashion stores across 40 cities and towns,

Pantaloons is constantly extending its footprint into the rest of
modern India. It spans a retail space of 1.7 million square feet
which is amongst the largest in India.

24 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Loyalty programme

The Pantaloons Payback Green card, which is a unique loyalty

programme, has been designed exclusively for Pantaloons'
customers to enhance customer experience. Presently offered
to over 4 million members, the programme entitles members to
discounts, points and special privileges at all Pantaloons
The card has four tiers depending on the year's shopping. As a
customer shops, the card upgrades with increasing privileges
and discounts.
The benefits covered under Green card include discounts,
Payback points, complimentary parking, complimentary home
drop of altered garments, relaxed exchange policy,
complimentary shipping across India, exclusive sale preview,
exclusive billing counters and assisted shopping among others.

25 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.


Brand of Ajile
A pantaloon retails approximately 200 brands which comprises
a mix of private labels, licensed brands and more in apparel
and accessories. A pantaloon offers a wide range of exclusive
brands that cater to different occasions for men, women and
kids. These include Ajile, Chalk, Akkriti, Trishaa, Honey, and

Product Description
A chic black active wear from Ajile by Pantaloons, can
never go out of style! Look smart and savvy in this printed
cotton shirt, perfect for a ride into town as well as a
gathering of friends. Team this with a pair of perfectly fitted
jeans and statement flats.
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Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Corporate Missions
The blog flits down the mission and vision
statements of India companies at one single place.
Useful for comparing, for strategic decision and
management students.

Pantaloon Retail

Group Missions
To deliver superior value to our customers,
shareholders, employees and society at large

Our Values

Integrity : Acting and taking decisions in a

manner that is fair and honest. Following the
highest standards of professionalism and being
recognised for doing so. Integrity for us means not
only financial and intellectual integrity, but

27 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

encompasses all other forms as are generally

Commitment : On the foundation of Integrity,
doing all that is needed to deliver value to all
stakeholders. In the process, being accountable
for our own actions and decisions, those of our
team and those in the part of the organisation for
which we are responsible.
Passion : An energetic, intuitive zeal that
arises from emotional engagement with the
organisation that makes work joyful and inspires
each one to give his or her best. A voluntary,
spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and
objectives with the highest level of energy and
Seamlessness : Thinking and working
together across functional groups, hierarchies,
businesses and geographies. Leveraging diverse
competencies and perspectives to garner the
benefits of synergy while promoting organisational
unity through sharing and collaborative efforts.
Speed : Responding to internal and external
customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously
striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the
best rhythm to optimise organisational

Group Vision
To be a premium global conglomerate, with a clear
focus on each of the businesses.

28 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Retail Store Operations

Retail is clearly the sector that is poised to show
the highest growth in the next five years.
The present size of the organized retailing sector
is approximately 3% and is expected to grow to 2530% by the year 2012.
There are about 300 new malls, 1500
supermarkets and 325 departmental stores
currently under construction.
Entry of global retail giants such as Wal-Mart,
Tesco, Germany's Metro AG in Indian retail
Leading Indian Retailers
Future Group: Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Central, Food
Bazaar, Home Town
Rahejas Group: Shoppers Stop, Hypercity, Globus,
Reliance Group: Reliance Fresh, Reliance Trendz,
Reliance Mart, Reliance Digital
Tata Group: Westside, Star Bazaar, Croma
29 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

A glimpse of the International Retail

One of the world's largest industries
47 global fortune companies & 25 of Asia's top 200
companies are retailers
Dominated by developed countries
US, EU & Japan constitute 80% of world retail
Biggest player in India is Kishore Biyanis Future
Key Trends
The existing players like Big Bazaar, Shoppers'
Stop, Piramyd are expanding to smaller towns and
cities. Many other business houses are planning to
enter the retail sector either on their own or
through partnerships. New entrants like Reliance
Retail Ltd and Wal-Mart are also expanding their
business. Even rural areas will provide a huge
opportunity to be explored.
Easy entry
Education and Training: 12th pass with basic
knowledge in retail preferred
Salary MedianINR 4000 to 5000 per month
Newspaper want ads and career sites on the
Internet often list openings for retail sales
executives. Employers prefer 12th pass students
for entry level positions. For jobs in specialty
stores employers may prefer to hire executives
30 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

with some experience or trained students. Given

the high turnover rate in the retail industry, sales
employees can sometimes be promoted to
supervisor within a year.
Employment Outlook
Retail store entry-level sales executives serve
customers, sell products, are into cashiering,
stock movements, and other entry-level store
activities in retail establishments.
Sales executives are employed by general and
discount department stores and by specialty
stores such as furniture, book, and music stores.
In smaller establishments sales executives may
cover the entire sales floor during their shift.
In large department stores the sales executives
generally cover a single department such as mens
department or ladies department.
Sales executives typically report to store
supervisors. They also handle customer queries.
Sometimes they are entrusted with stock keeping
In big department stores they may be responsible
for organizing the merchandise on store shelves,
and to make sure everything is in stock, and
achieves the sales goals for their departments.
Sales executives in specialty stores may need
specialized knowledge. For instance, an executive
31 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

employed in an electronics supply store should

know a good deal about electronic goods.
Advancement Possibilities
Some retail store executives become store
Those who work for chain stores may be
promoted to administrative jobs in the company's
As retail operations expand, companies will hire
more employees at entry level.
Most openings will occur as experienced workers
transfer to other occupations or leave their jobs.
Earnings and Benefits
Earnings for retail store sales executives are
reasonable to begin with and vary widely with
location, individual experience, and the
responsibilities of the job.
They are also provided with various incentive
schemes, and perks on achieving monthly as well
as yearly target.
The most important of all this is the store
operations which is the heart and soul of this
industry. In store operations they say Retail is
detail. Retail operations offer exciting and
challenging career opportunities. It offers profit
and loss handling activities and the experience of
managing people early in your career. Entry-level
32 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

retail jobs for college graduates offer both of these

opportunities. Most college graduates can begin
their career in retailing as department managers if
they have undergone proper retail management
training. As a Department Manager one will be
responsible for the profitability of a category of
merchandise or a department of the store and will
be managing people who will work for you. You will
get opportunity to provide lot of innovative
thoughts which will be initiated immediately to
increase sales and will be rewarded in a huge way
through incentives and perks.
Career opportunities:
Tremendous opportunity exists in this industry and
one can achieve a good career launch through this
sector. Retail as most assume is not just about
shops and salesmen. Apart from sales one can
consider various functions from the choices listed
Segments within the industry:
General Merchandise
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Consumer Durables
Various inter department roles and functions:
Organization structure and Human Resource
33 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Information Systems and Supply Chain

Merchandise Management
Communication Mix
Store Operations
Store Layout, Design and Visual Merchandising
Financial Strategy
Customer Service
Loss Prevention Cell
Various other roles one can fit into are:
Facility Management
Real estate/Properties
Category Management
Project Management
There is tremendous growth for an employee in
store operations from any section, whether
frontline or back end team, be it vertical growth or
horizontal growth which again is an advantage.
Reason is because the growth of an employee here
is directly related to the number of store openings
which opens the gate to various different openings
in various levels. One also has an advantage of
getting exposed to other departments and
develops their knowledge.
34 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Because this industry is witnessing a huge growth,

one can also look for tremendous growth options
within the industry. One can easily climb the ladder
from a supervisor level to a store manager level in
a span of four to five years time. Apart from this
one also has a tremendous opportunity to grow
horizontally in this industry as scope for learning is
Let us limit to operations and understand Store
Operations in depth.
An operation is a transformation process of inputs
into outputs. Store operations are linked to all
processes related to a store. A store operation is a
task by itself and requires trained people to
manage this process efficiently for more
productivity and profitability.
A store operation is the heart and soul of this
industry. In store operations they say Retail is
detail as it deals with every activity in the minute
detail. Retail operations offer exciting and
challenging career opportunities. It offers profit
and loss handling activities and the experience of
managing people early in your career. Entry-level
retail jobs for college graduates offer both of these
opportunities. Most college graduates can begin
their career in retailing as a sales executive or
sales advisor, but can also join in as a
35 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

management trainee, and after completion of the

training period get designated as a floor or
department manager at floor level if they have
undergone proper retail management training. As a
department manager one will be responsible for
the profitability of a category of merchandise or a
department of the store and will be managing
people who will work for you. You will get
opportunity to provide lot of innovative thoughts
which may be initiated to increase sales and will
be rewarded in a huge way through incentives and
The Operations: Front end career path for front end
store operations begins with:
Team Member
Team Leader
Asst. Department Manager
Department Manager
Floor Manager
Asst. Store Manager
Store Manager
As depicted above the front line career on the shop
floor normally begins with a candidate being
appointed as a Team Member. Across corporate in
this industry the designation varies as follows:
(Team member/ Customer sales associate/ Sales
Executive/ Sales Advisor). As a fresher you land up
36 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

getting salaries in the range of Rs. 3500 4500,

however if you have an experience of 1-2 years in
the industry, then the candidate will be absorbed
as a senior team member with a salary of around
Rs.5000+ . The team member looks after the front
line sales within a store. The team leader is in
charge of the members. The hierarchy follows as
explained above. A Team leader draws around Rs.
6000 7500, who reports to an Assistant
Department Manager- ADM. In some cases the
team leader may also report to a Department
Manager-DM depending on the size and business
generated from the department. The ADM in turn
reports to the DM who takes care of a specific
department e.g. Mens wear which would in turn
comprise casuals, formals, accessories etc. In
certain cases an ADM may directly report to the
store manager if the department is smaller in
business and size.
Depending on the size of the store the hierarchy
may further grow up to the floor manager, an
assistant store manager and finally the Store
manager who is responsible fFor the entire
operations and the business of the store. E.g. Big
Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloons, More, Shoppers
Stop, Lifestyle etc. An ADM /DM normally gets a
package in the range of 1.5 3.5 lakhs per annum.
37 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

Further up the remuneration normally depends on

industry experience and expertise.
The growth path..
Area Manager
Operations Manager
Business Manager


Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising is the art of displaying
merchandise in a manner that is appealing to the
eyes of the customer. It sets the context of the
merchandise in an aesthetically pleasing fashion,
38 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

presenting them in a way that would convert the

window shoppers into prospects and ultimately
buyers of the product. A creative and talented
retailer can use this upcoming art to breathe in
new life into his store products. Passion for design
and creativity are essential to be a good visual
merchandiser. A perfect design process and the
ability to create ideas that are different are
required. Awareness of happenings in fashion
world is needed so as to keep up-to-date with the
dynamics of the market constantly. Visual
merchandising includes window displays, signs,
interior displays, cosmetic promotions and any
other special sales promotions taking place.
Components of Visual Merchandising:
There are certain things which a retailer needs to
take care while proceeding with the process of
displaying his products. These components when
combined together in a proper ratio will make a
successful outcome. Make merchandise the focal
point: The main goal of display is to showcase the
products within the overall display area.
Customers give three to five seconds of their
attention to window display. The retailers visual
message should be conveyed to the customer in
that short period of time. It should not be like an

39 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

unsuccessful TV advertisement, where the product

is forgotten altogether and only the concept of the
commercial remains in the mind of the viewer. The
arrangement of window display should go with the
product and should not suppress them to make it
discernable to the eye. Right choice of colors is
vital: Color is one of the most powerful tools in the
Visual Merchandising segment. It is a visual
perceptual property. Colors can be associated with
emotions, special occasions and gender. It attracts
attention and pulls more customers into the store.
A retailer has to focus on the right choice of color
that would match with the theme of display. It is
not possible to satisfy everyone all the time, but it
is possible to cultivate the taste of customers
gradually and purposefully. A right choice of colors
in the display items can turn walkers into stoppers
and significantly convert them into customers. It is
there for mandatory to choose the right color for
the right theme of display. A Halloween display
would require black color in the display theme.
Valentines theme should be ruled by red color
supplemented with pink and white. A display of
babys accessories should reflect light shades of
pink and blue colors. A Christmas display should
contain colors of red, green, gold and silver.
Display themes to appropriately support the
40 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

product: A theme is a display of sale items of

similar categories e.g. a display of kitchen
accessories. Its essential to have themes for all
retail displays. They can be romantic, wild, or
capricious, and capture peoples imaginations. A
good theme will lure the customer with a shopping
mood into the store. Themes mainly depend upon
the retailers imagination and creativity. Focusing
on the right theme rather than creating a display
with expensive raw materials is the key to
successful window display. A shoe store theme
can be a group of elves buying shoes. A theme for
display of casual wears can be a group of
mannequins sitting casually at a get together in
different poses. Related themes will tug the
heartstring of the customers and will pay off.
Display should complement the retailers other
strategies : The content of the display should
complement the in store environment and other
marketing strategies of the retailer. If the retailer
has a specific logo, the colors of the display can
reflect the same color of the logo. For e.g.
MacDonalds display, the clown is of the same
color, red and yellow as in their logo. Cleanliness:
Neat and clean arrangement is the foundation of
an inviting a successful visual display. A beautiful
display can be ruined by a cracked sign holder or
41 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

an unclean display environment. Effective cleaning

schedule of showcases and display fixtures is
Change the display settings in frequent intervals:
Changing the arrangement of the displays in
regular intervals will initiate new interest about
the products in the minds of the customer. By
designing a plan-o-gram and activating changes
frequently one can thus be a proactive retailer.
With globalization and the retail boom, visual
merchandising is growing in leaps and bounds. It is
not simply concerned about decorating a store
beautifully; but must also symbolise the brand
keeping the target audience in mind.
The importance of VM:
Visual merchandising today forms a critical
element of retailing. Besides the facade and
windows, which are clearly done up with an
objective to attract passer-bys and induce walkins, there is also in-store decor that is designed to
enhance the customers comfort and convenience
while shopping and overall, offer a superior
shopping experience. Consumer behaviour studies
have confirmed that the lure of a beautifully done
up show window and a tastefully decorated facade,
more often than not, prove irresistible as they walk
42 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

in to checkout what is on offer. It also ensures

exclusivity since no two stores should look alike.
Besides, when the mood and theme of such
displays change at regular intervals, it makes
certain that the store remains top of mind. Loyal
customers have often been known to anxiously
wait for the next display. Stickiness in retail
formats is also ensured by the imaginative use of
colours, lighting, space, furniture and visual
elements with regard to in-store displays. Once
customers walk in, it is but imperative to ensure
that they enjoy their first encounter with the store.
After all, repeat visits will only happen if a
customers first visit is a memorable one. The
logical arrangement of counters, with clear
passageways allows for easy access to
merchandise. Rather than getting lost in the mazo
that most large stores are, the customer feels
more in control. Space is allocated to various
product categories taking into account the number
of SKUs stocked and shelves/counter space
requirements are worked out accordingly. Clear
passages are provided for products, which require
touch and feel. All impulse purchase driven
products are also clearly displayed so that the
customers can reach them without any hindrance.
Also, it has been observed that when a person
43 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

enters a room, the human eye moves in a Z

pattern, i.e. from rear left of the room to right rear,
followed by front left of the room to front right.
Care should be taken to do up the rear left end of
the room in an appealing manner so as to guide the
direction of vision and keep a shopper visually
interested. A great deal of research has been
undertaken on the impact of lighting on a
customers purchase behaviour. Results clearly
indicate that in general, stores that are brightly lit,
with the lights cleverly blending with the interiors
lead to higher customer comfort, and as such,
more sales. Different types of lighting and interiors
are used on different floors, the change reflecting
the various products that are on display on a
particular floor, the proposed target audience and
the time of the year. The ladies floor, for instance,
is most often subtly lit with soft lights or then
again, in summers, cool bluish lights are used to
impact an impression of coolness and comfort. The
careful use of spotlights helps add to the appeal of
products such as crystal and jwellery. Sign ages
related to various product sections are put up
clearly to demarcate areas, allowing customers a
clear understanding of what is stocked where.
With various brands having their own pull, brand
sign ages are also put up within the product
44 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

sections so that customers can find their favourite

brands easily. Additionally, within the product
sections, sign ages help to publicise the various
promotional schemes that might be running in the
store. Stores also make use of sign ages to
indicate the facilities/services available at the
store, such as washrooms, cafe etc. Most stores
have an in-house team of visual merchandisers
who coordinate with the marketing team as well as
the in-house merchandisers and suppliers. Each
time any major changes in decorate contemplated,
they present the visual display concepts to the
group for analysis and selection. Subsequently, the
same is executed. The visual merchandising team
also makes projections visavis returns per sq. ft.
for each section and each brand stocked. On
promotions related visual merchandising, the
inputs of the advertising agency are also sought so
that the in-shop communication is in line with the
tactical promotions advertising. With cost of visual
merchandising generally amounting to 1% of sales,
this is one communication tool that clearly has an
edge over others in terms of drawing in shoppers,
increasing flow of traffic and increasing sales.

45 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

strengthening of the brand image, The
satisfaction of our customers, In order to
optimise the retail space in compliance with visual
display guidelines. This will enable the company to
jointly develop a professional Merchandising
approach structured around: In harmony with
current collections and trends, On the basis of a
survey of our customers buying behaviours,
Standard Operating Process of Pantaloons for
Visual Merchandising These processes have been
Basics of merchandise Presentation: Types of
merchandise display technique: Hanging Products

46 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

that need full frontal view, have special embroidery

, print on front or back or product that require to
show the shape, fit & fall of the garment. Ideal for
Fashion merchandise. These can be Frontals or
Side-Outs. Stacking Packed products like formal
Shirts that dont need details of shape, fit & fall
should be stacked. Done for Core merchandise. S
Hook Denims are usually hung using S hooks as it
gives the rough and casual look that compliments
the product. Rolled cargos are rolled at times to
give them a utilitarian attitude. Limp material core
merchandise is styled in this fashion.
Guidelines for hanging merchandise:
Colors should go from Light in front to Dark at the
back. Ensure same style/ price merchandise are
placed together It Is mandatory to do Size Wise
display For Example-XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL
Guidelines for hanger alignment:
Basic principles of hanger alignment and
placement Direction of hangers For easy access
the direction of Hangers should be Question
Marked. For 2-arm, 4-arm, 2 units-2 arm, waterfall,
straight arm, I-browser the hangers should be
placed in the Question Mark direction. Uniform
hanger balance -Hangers should not be tilting

47 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

towards any side and should be parallel to the

ground. Uniform hanger placement -The hangers
should be equally spaced. Uniform Direction of
hanger -All the hanger heads should be aligned to
one direction.
Limitations2 numbers of I-browser (hangers face
each other), C- browsers (hangers face inside the
ring), H nH browser (hangers face each other).I
was asked to check the alignment of the hangers,
viz., I had to check whether the hangers were
placed in the right direction, whether the hangers
were of the same size and if any problems found to
fix it up immediately. No more than 1 to 2 inch of
space should be ideally kept between two stacks.
The spacing between the stacks should be equal
and the stacked shelf or table should look
symmetric. Merchandise is placed with smaller
size on top and the bigger size at the bottom.
Spacing and Placement All the folds should be
neat with the price tag hanging out only from the
top merchandise. All the size sticker should be
on the same side
Guidelines for size tag/ price tag alignment:
Size tag / Price tag Alignment Fixtures must be
aligned with and perpendicular to the main aisle or
to secondary Entry should be open and
48 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

welcoming with the entry cluster and promotional

merchandise being highlighted . Basics of Layout
Aisle width and Fixture Positions

Width of aisles

should be 5 for main and 3 for secondary aisle as

in diagram.aisles. Fixture layout Main Aisle =
5Distance between fixtures = 3Distance between
wall and fixtures = 3Shorter fixtures near aisle
Height of fixture to be kept as low as the product
on it allows Fixtures to start from the aisle. NO
floor fixture to be higher than 4.5 Low central
fixtures (tables, low browsers) placed in the middle
of a brand space to give a clear view of the wall
High fixtures (high browsers, gondolas) on the
outside to demarcate and structure the space NO
high fixtures next to aisle NO fixtures on aisle
FLOOR FIXTURE HEIGHTS Zones: Each section can
be divided into different zones based on its
visibility. The section on the right is divided into
three zones. Zone 1 Right next to aisle Zone 2
Between fixtures touching the aisle and the back
wall Zone 3 The back wall Display in
ZonesZone1:It is the most visible to the
customers. Power pricing, Entry price points,
Fashion merchandise display. Zone 2: It Is not
visible at the first go. Display Core fashion
MerchandiseZone3: Very visible from far off. Latest
49 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

theme or story should be placed here. Wall display

in coordinated with the nesting table works well,
be it story or color. Cut Sizes should come on the
bottom most shelf on the wall. Or One dedicated
fixture on floor with last of the best sign age
COLOUR BLOCKING Color Blocking is an easy way
of making the most basic and hum drum
merchandise look appealing. It only requires
placement of merchandise based on its color.
Color blocking is always done vertically. This is
done so that the customer can see a variety of
color options available to him/her. As color is a
very power stimulus and evokes strong emotional
response in people, vertical blocking also nullifies
any ill effect a particular color might have on a
person. In a horizontal blocking if the color in the
most visible region was one that a customer
disliked he/ she would probably just turn away
from the store. Color Blocking is done following the
VIBGYOR, with the lighter colors on top and the
darker at the bottom. I had done colour blocking
for the bags section Packed products like formal
Shirts that dont need details of shape, fit Can
have hanging or stacking Gondola Guidelines for
gondola display: Shelf Nesting table C
browser I browser HnH browser 2/4 way
browser with waterfall arm 2/4 way browser with
50 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

straight armDifferent types of Fixtures & The

Last Shirt should be shoulder out In every formal
wear brand Guidelines for Gondola display
Important note:- A4 signage and shelf talkers
Ethnic kurties, Party wear and Fashion
merchandise should be hungfall should be
stacked. & shirts should be front facing As shown
in the picture
Top five Guidelines for wall displays:
Merchandise on shoot visuals or bust display
should always Kept next to the branding or bust
from in the absence of same product try to keep
same color story or similar style. Fashion Tables
Power Pricing display Display large volume of
power pricing Power pricing tables Show
complete product feature through open display,
There are two types of table displays:
Suggestive selling through coordinated display,
Easy shopping experience of customer (easy to
find the complete look together) Table display
Docket As the brand Pantaloons moves towards
fashion the need to make the customers aware
that what they are buying is not just another shirt
but the latest fashion makes us strive towards a
more fashionable approach in our displays. Tables
play an important role in creating that fashion

51 | P a g e

Diploma In Retails Management A.N College, Patna.

atmosphere in the store. & EPP. Large volume:Maximum of 18 pc in normal fold, 10 pc in paper
fold per option. At least 4 options with full size set
for top wear Open display of merchandise with
full size set for selling purpose. Fashion Table
Display & If table i Tables should not have single
piece for display. at least 2 options with full size
set of bottom wear. s divided in two parts one part
will have top wear display.

52 | P a g e

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