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Jordan Steele

Published: 2012
Categorie(s): Fiction, Erotica, Romance, Adult, Short Stories,
Short Stories
Tag(s): "Naughty Secretary" Sex Erotica Office Slut Hardcore

Jordan Steele
Ms Susan Hawke had recently been hired for a secretarial
position in a company she knew almost nothing about. 20 years
old and freshly kicked out by her parents, she had immediately
applied for every job she could find. The interview had been
difficult. Of course, she didnt have any of the qualifications or
experience. However, her boss-to-be, who just happened to be
in his late thirties and unhappily married had decided that this
particular job was more of a learn by doing position. His decision was aided by the 34Ds on display through the tight
blouse and the slender, tanned legs delicately crossed.
Ms Hawke suffered no illusions about how she got the job or
her ability to do it well enough. Accordingly, she decided that,
for a while at least, she would have to use her natural assets to
soften Mr. Tylers annoyances. So for her first day she picked
out the same short skirt and another thin, dark, sleeveless
blouse. A lacy black bra would show through nicely to add to
the effect. Before she dressed she paid great attention to topping up her tone with a light tanning cream and applied more
make up than was absolutely necessary. She had natural
beauty but her looks needed to overshadow her incompetence
and the painted look would distract any man. She left for the
office with immaculately positioned hair and looked ready for a
night out more than a day at work.
A busy afternoon shift, ending at 7.30 at best, was the usual
for Larry Tyler and he was glad of it. He could go home earlier
but missing dinner with his wife was a blessing. Despite the
refuge he took in his work running late, the new secretarys
delays and mistakes were starting to grate. It was already approaching 8 and he had just received latest set of typed up reports, full of errors. With a sigh, he pushed the intercom connecting to the small room between his office and the rest of the
Ms Hawke, could you come in here please? Hed worked
hard for this office. It was as large and well decorated as any
in the building and reflected his high status among the boardmembers. The door opened and the still immaculate young woman stepped inside. Her high heels, far too high for an office

worker, clicked loudly against the tiled floor as she strode

across to the desk.
You wanted to see me Larry?
I told you its Mister Tyler. And yes. These reports are full of
errors. I need to be able to trust you to type this stuff up. It
cant be full of errors like this.
Im sorry La Mr. Tyler. This is my first day and I think I
just need to settle.
Ms Hawke, typing up these reports is the simplest part of
your job and if you cant do it then I have to question whether
you should be working here. I expect some things to be difficult, but this is unacceptable.
She shifted her position in the chair and leant forward. He
was looking down at her cleavage. Normally she would admonish him but these were desperate times.
Mr. Tyler I cant afford to be fired. I really need this job. I
can do it I guarantee, she pleaded. She could see her pleas
were being met with utter scepticism by her boss. The man
now held her fate in his hands. She was hoping it wouldnt
come to this. She leant further forward and moved her hands
to her thighs. Ill do anything to keep this job, whatever you
Mr. Tyler looked up in surprise. Hed obviously thought
about it but women who looked like that didnt need the attentions of a balding workaholic. He replied through tensed lips.
Ms. Hawke. Remember where you are. If you think offering
yourself to me for a quick reprieve from your mistakes you are
wrong. He hesitated. She was much more desirable than his
wife. One dirty evening in the office cant save your job.
Susan saw her opening immediately. A negotiation and she
held none of the power. She couldnt threaten to ruin his marriage because hed probably welcome it.
Of course not sir, she let a small smirk slip through her
worried expression. After all, it had been a little while since
shed had any real fun. I was not suggesting that you could be
swayed by a single act sir.
And what do you propose you could offer me? Another test.
She had to leave an open answer.
Whatever it takes to satisfy you sir. She stood and
stepped slowly around the desk. I bet a big powerful man like

you could think of plenty of things to do with a little slut like

me. The die was cast and his reaction would determine her
fate now.
You are a little slut arent you? Lift up that little skirt.
She reached for the hem and raised it just enough to reveal
the lower half of a black lace thong. A slow twirl let her boss
know that there were no tan lines or any imperfections on her
supple young ass.
This isnt an appropriate way to dress in an office Susan.
Youll have to make it all up to me. Come over here, he said as
he unbuttoned his trousers to reveal the swollen mass beneath.
Susan lowered herself to her knees and took the dick in both
hands. She began to pull and quickly found a rhythm to make
her boss even harder. She knew this was filthy and wrong but
despite herself, she felt a thrill spreading through her body at
the touch of swollen flesh.
Does that feel good Larry? My hands on your big dick getting you excited?
Ive told you call me Mr. Tyler! Dont make me tell you
again. Put it in your mouth, he ordered. The young beauty had
been stirring his loins all day but now he was harder than he
had managed in 15 years with his wife. With Susan at his
mercy he couldnt waste the opportunity.
Yes Mr. Tyler, said Susan enticingly and opened her
mouth. She brought him between her rose red lips and flicked
her tongue over the head of the throbbing cock. As she began
to move up and down, taking him deeper and deeper towards
her throat, Mr. Tyler was sighing with pleasure at the feel of
her soft lips and wet tongue. This was obviously something
hed never been able to get from his wife, along with so much
Aahh, much better Susan. I think you might be more suited
for this job than I thought.
She couldnt reply and she didnt want to. The cock in her
mouth occupied all her attention. There was a thrilling moist
feeling spreading from her crotch as she pushed Mr. Tyler
against her cheeks. Even the taste of him filled her with
Suddenly, she felt two hands on the back of her head. Mr.
Tylers hands moved to her crown and copied her motion.

Eventually, he could hold back no longer and pushed downwards. Susan felt the pressure and resisted automatically. She
succumbed easily and felt a dark thrill and the cock filled her
mouth and stabbed at the back of her throat. Her head was
held there briefly and then released entirely. She almost fell
backwards as she pulled back and gasped for air. As her gaze
was drawn to Mr. Tylers dick, glistening with her saliva, she
noticed a red stain around the base. Her lipstick! A feeling of
pride and excitement overtook her and she leapt forward to engulf him again.
You like taking my cock like that do you? Good little whores
take it right in their throat! A muffled string of nonsense came
from the woman below him and the hot breath around his
throbbing cock was driving him wild. Susan looked up at him
through her heavy mascara and eye shadow to show him the
brilliant white of her eyes. Looking up at him with a mouth
stuffed full of cock, she was the very image of a desperate
whore. She pushed him deeper and gagged a little. The sudden
tightening of her throat sent an intense wave of pleasure
through his body. He couldnt last long now.
The throbbing cock was now pushing against the opening to
her throat and denying her air. Every time she pulled back she
gulped in deeply and took him back inside as quickly as possible. It was throbbing vigorously now and seemed to expand
even further. Susan entirely forgot about her boss and suddenly the cock was all that mattered. It took on an identity of
its own and all she wanted was to please it.
Thats good Sue. Keep going! Youre gonna take it! Take it
She felt the thick, warm cum fire into her throat as the cock
spasmed and released its load into her mouth. It filled her
mouth and the strong taste sent a thrill through her body. It
was like a sign of approval for her efforts and she was endlessly grateful. The cock softened after shooting out a final few
drops of the precious fluid but stayed in her mouth.
Swallow it slut! Once again Susan became aware of her
new boss looking down at her. She had been savouring the
taste and the dirty feeling for long enough. Swallow it? She
was glad to. Three big gulps and she took it all down as she

released him from her mouth. Her tongue played across her
lips almost subconsciously as she carefully massaged Mr.
Tylers dick. Good. That was very good Sue. How do you feel?
Dirty Mr. Tyler. Very dirty, she replied honestly. I love it!
Can I keep my job?
We arent finished here. She was hoping for that. Stand
up and take off your clothes. She obliged a little too readily
and gleefully. You enjoy this do you? Said Mr. Tyler as she
exposed her bra. You like being a dirty slut?
Oh yes Mr. Tyler! I love being a dirty slut just for you. And I
love the taste of your cum in my mouth! She stepped out of
the skirt and stood before him like an underwear model. He
had removed his trousers and now opened his shirt. His intentions were clear and Susan saw his cock twitching and swelling
again. So soon? Wonderful! She wanted its power again. Looking invitingly at her boss she said, Do you see anywhere else
youd like to cum?
He leapt forward and grabbed at her large chest, pulling the
front of the bra down to expose the nipples. Susan almost took
a step back but welcomed him as his mouth engulfed her
nipple and sucked on it eagerly.
You like my big tits sir? Her hand had already started
stroking his cock and she felt him respond. You like having a
big titted slut working for you? He didnt answer with words
but instead bit down on the erect nipple drawing a sharp
breath of pain mixed with pleasure. Thats right, bite it! Fucking hell yeah!
He drew back and looked at her seriously. She moved to kiss
him but he pulled his head clear. You dont tell me what to do.
Im your boss and I give the orders. Take off that thong!
Yes Sir Mr. Tyler. Whatever you say sir.
His hand teased her clit and felt the wetness flowing freely
down her legs. She had never been so turned on. Such a
whore. You like getting your pussy fingered by a stranger? This
getting you off?
YES! Please dont stop sir. It really was getting her off. She
almost lost her balance but Mr. Tylers spare arm shot around
her back to keep her standing. His other hand was furiously
working her clit whilst she lay back in his embrace. Mr. Tyler
looked her naked torso up and down as she began to quiver.

Youre gonna cum like a cheap slut arent you? Cum for me
OH yessir! Youre making me cum! OH Mr. Tyler
She came hard and covered his hand with her juices. Spasms
wracked her body and all she could think of were her boss insults. She was a slut. She embraced it fully and revelled in the
ecstasy of the benefits of her appearance. All she wanted was
more. Her body was her great tool to get her what she needed.
Susan was still shaking when her boss brought his hand to
her mouth. She took all four fingers inside and her eyes never
left his as she licked them clean. She could taste herself as she
had done a hundred times before. Something was different
though. Normally she enjoyed sucking cum off her toys almost
as much as she liked cumming on them. It was different with
real flesh though. Everything was magnified because she knew
she should feel shame. Maybe she would later but now she felt
nothing but desire. The desire to be filthy. To throw off any respectability. The desire to please him.
Mr. Tyler?
What is it slut?
I want you to fuck me. Bend me over that desk and ram me
with that cock!
She bought her whole body close to him and pressed her tits
against him. Both hearts were racing. Oh please sir! I need it.
I need that big cock inside me. Ill be a good little slut for you.
Ill come in and suck your dick every day. Please fuck my
Very convincing. Without another word he dragged her
limp body over to the desk and bent her over it. With her heels
she was just high enough so that he wouldnt have to bend
down. She spread her legs and one hand stroked her pussy
gently. It was still sensitive and she needed to spread her
juices around the opening. She let out a small yell as he
entered her without warning.
Ah! Mr. Tyler! Fill me up!
He grabbed the secretary by the hips and fucked her. The
bareback feeling thrilled him as the young pussy gripped him
tightly despite the lubrication.

Youre tight for a whore. Well see what we can do about

Oh yes! I love it sir. Do you love my tight pussy? Oh yes
hard just like that! Give me the fucking I deserve.
You like it rough? He drew back one hand and slapped her
across the ass. The sharp pain transformed her into a wild
Oh YES! Fucking hit me like that! [SMACK!] You like giving it to this fucking whore? You can have it every day Mr.
Tyler. [SMACK!] YES! Every fucking day! The desk was
wobbling under the power of his thrusts. Good thing the office
was empty. Susan was getting louder.
You want it every day bitch? Youll have to fucking earn it.
In that moment she was determined to just that. The intense
feeling in her pussy had overtaken her. She began to rock
backwards to increase the pleasure.
Her boss looked down at her squealing in pleasure and doing
all she could to please him. That soft ass was shaking with
every plunge and slapping against him. There was a red mark
on her right asscheek where he had hit her. [SMACK!] He did
it again and watched her mouth open in shock. He disengaged
and stood back while she lay there over the desk catching her
breath. She was loving every moment.
Time for you to do some work around here.
He flopped back into his chair and beckoned her over. She
understood and straddled him on the chair, holding his cock
upright so she could lower herself onto it. She did so slowly
and let out a drawn out sigh of relief as she brought him back
inside her. Before she made another move she unclasped her
bra and discarded it, allowing her heavy breasts to fall into the
face of Mr. Tyler. His tongue flashed out and explored her
chest vigorously as she began to bounce on top of him. Every
time she brought herself down as far as she could and made
sure her tits landed either side of the boss face.
You like having big tits in your face?
Keep going Sue, was all he said. It was clear that he did as
his eyes probed her chest extensively. The sight of them bouncing up and down was maximising his pleasure. He would grab
them and squeeze hard or pinch the nipples to cause her that

little bit of pain. Punishment, she thought. The best kind she
could have hoped for.
You want me to cum on your cock boss? Im almost there!
Yes Susan! Cum on it then lick it all off like a good harlot.
His command was her wish and to her delight, he started
rising to fuck her back, driving her closer to ecstasy.
Yeah take it slut! Cum all over that cock!
OOOHH! Yeah I love your cock Mr. Tyler. It makes me cum
Come and lick it clean! she dismounted and without hesitating, greedily took the rock hard cock deep into her mouth.
Her cum mixed with his precum and she loved the result. She
sucked him off for so long that she was almost ready to make
him cum in her mouth again. But he had other things in mind.
Thats enough. You like that?
Mmmm I could taste my cum on you sir.
Good. Now stand up.
Fully naked now but for her heels, she rose unsteadily and
waited for her instructions. In that moment, she probably
would have done anything he asked of her. For the moment,
her boss sat still on the chair and admired her. The make-up
had begun to smudge but it only added to the impression that
before him stood a sex mad slut of huge proportions. That
young body wanted him badly. It needed him and he needed it.
Lie down on that couch. Susan staggered over and did just
that. One leg was raised so her ankle dangled over the back of
the sofa and the other lay lazily on the floor. With her legs
spread wide she rubbed her clit and waited to be entered
again. However, that was not Mr. Tylers intention. He strode
confidently over, ignored her pussy, now dripping wet, and
straddled her chest. He placed himself between her breasts
and pushed them together to envelop himself. Hold them like
His cock slipped smoothly along her chest and soon he was
pushing forward as strongly as before. Over the sound of blood
rushing in her ears, she could hear him slapping against her
chest with every thrust. The feel of him pushing through her
chest and up towards her throat made her feel even dirtier.

Was there any part of her he wouldnt use to please his throbbing dick? She hoped not.
Yeah fuck my huge tits! She lowered her head to look at
what he was doing to her. A deep red mass was stabbing
through her tits and rushing towards her. He stopped just before her face and retreated to the depths, only to push up
harder and faster the next time. Fuck them haaa As she
opened her mouth he rushed up once more and pushed
through into her mouth. The sudden but familiar taste of the
twitching cock flooded her mouth again and again as he held
her head in position.
Thats great Susan. You just love cock dont you? Her
tongue was pleasuring the head once more and each time he
withdrew, it followed him out and waited there for his return.
She felt him throbbing with pleasure and licked faster. Mr.
Tyler threw his head back and fucked her with gusto. He got
faster and felt himself losing control. He released her head and
it fell back slightly but she was still keen to take him in her
Oh yes Mr. Tyler! Fuck em! Oh!
He lost control. She felt his rhythm falter and saw a jet of
thick white liquid fire upwards from her tits. It hit her forcefully square in the face. She felt it shoot into her mouth as well
and revelled in the taste and feel of it. A moment later it was
followed by another jet which sprayed up across her forehead
and into her hair. In a few seconds her chest, face and hair
were glistening with cum.
Oh Mr. Tyler! You like covering your little slut in cum? As
she spoke she gathered what she could with her fingers and
licked them clean. Never before had she acted like such a
whore. The taste of cum, the feel of a twitching cock discharging its last few drops against her bare chest and the way she
must have looked lying there made her feel so filthy. She sat
up and began to lick the cum from her tits as her boss turned
away to dress himself. She didnt care. She wasnt doing it for
Thatll be all Ms Hawke. Ill see you tomorrow.
She dressed in a hurry. Would you like anything special
with your coffee tomorrow?
Ever the slut. He was smiling. I do like those heels.


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