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Jacky Pow

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.

I am Jacky Pow from Hong Kong and currently an editorial board member of JISTE. I was the
co-convener of the 33rd Annual Seminar in Hong Kong in 2013. I have many years of
experience in teacher education program management and am an active researcher.
I wish to thank those who nominated me to be one of the candidates. I wish to serve as the
Secretary General of the Society because I would like to work with a group of professional
educators who are open and friendly with a heart to work for the advancement of teacher
I first joined an ISfTE seminar at University of New England (Armidale, Australia) in 2008.
Since then I have participated all the subsequent ISfTE annual seminars held at Weber State
University (Utah, USA) in 2009, Pontificia Universidade Catolica (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) in
2010, University of Agder (Kristiansand, Norway) in 2011, Paro College of Education (Bhutan)
in 2012, and University of Hacettepe University (Turkey) in 2014. It is not at all easy for a
group of committed and dedicated educators coming from all over the World to share their
invaluable experiences and research results for the betterment of teacher education. I hope
this unique and meaningful annual seminar will carry on. However, this seminar could not
stand alone without the Society. The society is the cohesive force to drive us together. We
need a strong society not just for its own existence but to further promote innovative ideas
and share valuable experiences in teacher education. With this in mind, I would commit
myself to build a stronger and sustainable society for teacher education through the
following ideas.
Regional chapters
I propose setting up regional chapters of ISfTE so as to make business decisions more
promptly. As ISfTE is registered in the US, I suggest the Society be based at the US. The
regional chapters would be responsible for recruiting new members and holding regional
activities in the name of ISfTE. The structure of the regional chapters need not be
complicated. It should be simple but functional. However, ISfTE will not have any financial
support to the activities to be held in the regional chapters. Research opportunities and

special interest groups could be formed among chapters so as to promote research in

teacher education. A regional chapter will hold a better chance to host future ISfTE annual
Membership is the main asset of any society. It is my intention to maintain a central
membership database that is complete and coherent. The database should be more
user-friendly and members can update their own profile easily. Moreover, I will work closely
with the executive board members to devise strategies in attracting more members to join
ISfTE along the regional chapter concept.
Hong Kong is famous in finance and banking industry. I would suggest opening an ISfTE
account in Hong Kong so as to take advantages of the low banking administration and
international remittance charges. Moreover our treasurer, no matter in which country he or
she lives, could use the internet banking to manage the account.
Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education (JISTE)
Our journal is an important channel for us to disseminate our innovative ideas and valuable
experience in teacher education. To raise the visibility of the journal, I will work closely with
the editors to include our journal in popular academic databases and indexes so as to
increase the profile of our Journal.
ISfTE Website
Web presence is very important publicity of any organization. Being an international society,
we have to make use of information technology to spread our news to the world. Up-to-date
and accurate information on our website is a must. This is one of the areas that we have to
devote more resources.
Together, we will build a truly international society to advance teacher education and work
for the betterment of our future generations.
I hope my strong commitment to serve ISfTE will earn your vote. Thanks.
Peggy Saunders - Weber State University, Utah, USA
Sandy Li Honk Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Wun Wa, Jackie Chan Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Nominators Statement:
Peggy Saunders (Weber State University, Utah, USA)
Comments: I am nominating Dr. Jacky Pow for the position of Secretary-General. I have
known Jacky for many years, and he has been supportive of ISfTE and its membership and
leadership in those years. He was one of the co-conveners for the seminar in Hong Kong in
2013; he is also the publisher for JISTE each time a new edition comes out.
Jacky is a good thinker and leader. He will strengthen ISfTE in the coming years. I fully
endorse Dr. Jacky Pow as the next S-G.