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1. Dantian Conditioning
2. Strengthening Qi (Rope Exercises)
3. Martial Grand Circulation
4. Finger Conditioning
5. Wrist Conditioning
6. Cinderblock Toss
7. Iron Board Bridge
8. Brick Rooting
9. Push against Tree
10. Push Dantian Mutually
11. Jing Gong Training
12. Bundle Striking
13. Leg Conditioning
14. Log Running



Martial Qigong for Internal Power

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Part I. General Concepts

1. Traditional Definition of Qi and Qigong

2. Scope of Qigong Practice

Wai Dan (External Elixir)

Nei Dan (Internal Elixir)

3. Schools of Qigong Practice

Medical Qigong for Healing

Scholar Qigong for Maintaining Health/Peaceful Mind
Religious Qigong for Enlightenment
Martial Qigong for Fighting

4. History of Martial Qigong

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Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
Subtitle transcript
Leslie Takao

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2014 Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Qigong and Neigong

Neigong and Waigong
Wuxue Neigong

Part II. Neigong Theory

1. Human Qi Network

Two Polarities of Human Body

Three Dantians

Qi Channels (12 Meridians) Rivers

Qi Vessels Qi Reservoirs

Qi Cavities
108 36 72

7 Qi Matching Gates

Two Qi Chambers of Human Body

2. Theory of Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Change Classic)

10/7/14 3:15 PM

Taijiquan Theory of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

3. Qi Quantity and Quality of Qi Manifestation

Qi Quantity
Normal Abdominal Breathing
Reverse Abdominal Breathing
Quality of Qi Manifestation

4. Small Circulation Qigong

3. Martial Grand Circulation

Dazhui (Gv-14)
Shangbei (Daoist)

Part IV. Applications of Neigong


Shenzu (Gv-15)
Shangbei (Daoist)
Shenque (Co-8)
Duqi (Daoist)

5. Martial Grand Circulation Qigong

6. Neigong and the Martial Arts

Mingmen (Gv-4)

Yinjiao (Co-7)

Yi Training Alertness, Awareness


Huiyin (Co-1)
Haidi (Daoist)

Part III. Basic Neigong Training Foundation

1. Increase Qi Quantity

False and Real Lower Dantian

Dantian Conditioning
Rotate Dantian (Four Directions)
Spring Dantian

Cultivating Qi (Generate Qi)
Martial Fire, Scholar Fire

Nourishing Qi (Store Qi)

Filling Qi

Transporting Qi

Strengthening Qi

2. Improve Quality of Qi Manifestation


Embryonic Breathing

Staring at Candle

Use the Yi to Lead the Qi

Joint Breathing

Laogong Breathing

Yongquan Breathing

Four Gates Breathing

Five Gates Breathing

Single Finger Chan

Self Grand Circulation

Partner Grand Circulation

Application 1: Gongli Training

Example 1: Finger Conditioning

Grabbing Spring

Finger Speed

Untie Knots

Push Up with Fingers

Real Dan Tian

Figure 36. Martial Grand Qi Circulation

Example 2: Wrist Conditioning

Condition Wrist by Resisting
Turning Wrist with Staff
Application 2: Rooting

The Fifth Gate Breathing
is the Grand
most important
key to the Jins manifestation.
Thousand Kilograms Sinking
The Yi and the Qi of this gate are balanced with the other four gates, and when the

Example 1: Stand on Bricks
Yi and Qi are strong in this gate, the Yi and Qi of the other four gates will also be

Example 2: Push against Wall
strong. Naturally, the Jins manifestation
will be powerful.
The Baihui (Gv-20) (
) is the
residence of the Shen, and the Huiyin (Co-1)
Example 3: Push Dantian Mutually
) is the storage place of water. The Shen is Yang while water is Yin. That is why
the Shen is commonly called Yang Shen (
) while the Huiyin (Co-1) (
) is

called Sea Bottom (Haidi,

) (Figure
35). The Huiyin3:
is the
that connects
the Real Dan Tian and the four Yin vessels
thus stores the
the Shen is
the place that governs the effectiveness of the Qis manifestation. In fact these two
Jing, Soft-Hard
cavities are the two poles of the bodys centralHard
energy through
the spinal cord.Jing,
Whenand Soft Jing
this central energy is strong, the bodys
is strong.
the Jin mani vital force
> Qi
> Action
> >
fested will be powerful and precise.

Training of Hard, Soft-Hard, and Soft Jings
Example 1: Holding the Fists
Example 2: Striking the Ground
Example 3: Bouncing the Knees
Example 4: Sand Bag Striking

Application 4: Iron Shirt, Golden Bell Cover ,

Conditioning Battery (Lower Dantian)
Bundle Striking
Turtle Shell Qi Spreading
Resist Restraint
Single Finger Chan
Iron Sand Palm
Iron Head Gong
Light Gong


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10/7/14 3:15 PM