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Is Malaysia Ready for Nuclear

A very good afternoon to the madam
speaker,wisest panel of adjudicators, the most
accurate time keepers, members of the missed
informed government and last but least, ladies and
gentlemen, members of the floor.

We the members of the govt. absolutely disagree

with the motion for today which is THBT Malaysia
is Ready to Go Nuclear.

Before we start our stand, I as the first speaker of

the govt. would like to analyse and define a few
essential keywords and phrases that would mould
our argument for today. First is Ready which is
prepare for an action or purpose whereas nuclear
energy means the energy released during nuclear
fusion to generate electricity. Therefore, is the
country prepared for the energy that is released

during nuclear fusion to generate electricity is

totally unacceptable.

We totally disagree with the motion for today and

would like to specify our stand towards the bill by
giving out our arguments and specify the roles of
our outstanding members of the govt. As the 1st
speaker of the govt. house, I am honoured to speak
on the first argument that falls under the key
phrase financial preparation the amazingly
wonderful third speaker will talk about two other
points which are ___________________ and
________________. The brilliant third speaker will
rebut all the points put forth by the opp. And prove
to you, L&G that THBT Malaysia is ready to go
Nuclear is completely unacceptable.

Before I begin, let me first rebut the point put forth

by our charismatic first speaker. He/She said that

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the floor,

Nuclear energy is very expensive. Cheap nuclear
energy is a myth. This is caused by misleading that
it is cheap are often based on unvariable sources.
The justified claims are usually made with hidden
assumptions and are highly favourable to the
nuclear industry.

As reported by the star online, a statement by

Prime Minister and the ministry of finace, said that
Malaysia is currently 566.1 bil in debt domestically
while 16.8 bil in external debt.Do you want the
govt. to be more in debt and increase the taxes?
Do you think the govt. have enough assets to cover
it all? Our main export is going down and we want
to replace them with nuclear energy. Does the
govt. have a money tree at their backyard to cover
the debt?

L&G,members of the floor,

Now, only 14 countries are planning on building a
nuclear reactor.67 reactors is classified as under
construction and 47 of them are having significant
delays. Some of it like in The US, it has been under
construction since 1972. With the cost of building
this is getting bigger every year, can the govt.
handle it?
The cost of constructing a reactor largely
determines the final cost of nuclear electricity,
particularly when numerous construction delays
and cost overruns impact budgets significantly.
Some estimates are from One THOUSAND
past decade per installed kilowatt.

There are some nuclear reactors are closing down

in Europe and the US as the projected income does
not cover the operating costs. Debt levels remain
very high amongst European Power groups with the
top French and Geman companies have a
combined 173 billion dollars in debt. Their share

value has lost half of its 1.4 trillion dollar share


There are also concrete evidence where electricity

generated is far more costly compared to
renewable energy sources and fossil fuels. The
ratings and risks firm, Moodys corporate finances
stated that nuclear energy is 275% pricier for wind
energy and 150% for solar energy. They also
predicted that nuclear energy will increase
significantly whereas renewable energy will
substantially reduced.