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2. How effective is the combination of your main product with ancillary products?

The recurring motifs that I have developed in the combination of my main product with the ancillary
products is the trees and the scenery that is used. This is because in my music video I have not used
the artist which means I have had to use footage that represents the narrative. This links to
Iconography theory by Goodwin. I have used trees and scenerys a recurring motif to identify and
brand identity and a connection with the music video and the ancillary products.

The Brand Identity within my music video and my ancillary products link back to the recurring motifs
that I have used. Within the ancillary products the brand identity the Artists name that is in a
particular font so the audience knows it is Landon Austin when they see the artists text because it is
on the album cover and advert. The photograph on the digipak can constitute as brand identity as I
used the same photograph for my magazine advert. This is because when the target audience looks
at the advert, they will automatically know it is about the digipak as they know the front cover and
because the
artist name
font is
I also found
that the
of the trees
at sunset are also a part of the Brand Identity as well as a recurring motif. This is because I found
that when the audience may see another album with trees at sunset they can make a visual link to
Landon Austin so if there is another album released by Landon Austin but there is another
photograph of a tree at sunset, the audience may assume it is another album made by Landon
My overall promotional package is very effective with how it has stuck with the theme throughout.
The colour scheme has been consistent by using pink, purple, orange, black and blue by editing
photographs on Photoshop and by taking photographs at sunset so I could capture some of the
natural colours and the light to set a relaxed and calming feeling to the photographs to make the
overall promotional package relaxing and calming. On the Music Magazine, I have included ratings
from popular music magazines such as NME and Q so that the audience can get an idea of how good
music magazines thinks the album is and as the audience is aimed at people who listen to Indie, it
persuades them to buy the album as they trust the opinions of these music magazines. I have also

included the singles that would be well known to the audience on the advert because from
researching music magazine adverts, I have found the recurring theme of including the artists most
popular and well known singles because it means that if they like the well-known singles that are
being advertised on the advert, the audience might but the digipak because they liked the
advertised songs so they might like the other songs on the digipak. The title and fonts on both the
digipak and the music magazine advert are the same. This is because I wanted the audience to be
able to make the connection between the advert and digipak. This is because if I had done the tile
different, there wouldnt be no clear brand identity and also if the font was different, it would not
flow nicely and the audience may not link that the advert is for the digipak. For the whole
promotional package I have linked to the genre that I was best for the music is Indie and I have made
links from my promotional package because the research that I have done album artwork , I found
that Indie artists would use photographs, art or patterns instead of themselves which I have used
photographs of trees. This is because Indie artists are all about the music and the meaning behind
the lyrics and not about the image like stereotypical Pop artists. This links the Joan Lynch theory of
Narrative as I have used the photographs to link the feeling and meaning of the music and it can be
interpreted deeply.

My music video and promotional package

are linked visually with the cutaways of
trees and nature that I have used in the
music video and in the promotional
package, I have used photographs of trees
and sunsets on every panel of my digipak
and my music magazine advert. This then
links to my music video and promotional
package thematically because it sets the
theme of relaxation, calmness and also the
sense of love and meaningful emotions as
sunsets are stereotypically seen as
romantic. As it is more relaxing and calm, it
shows that my video and promotional package is linked more to Indie because it uses photographs
to portray meaning without having someone to act it all out like a pop music video does and also a
pop digipak and video are more upbeat and brightly coloured. My music video and music video link
generically as it is linked to people mainly into indie music (possibly girls even though it is aimed at
both girls and boys). This is because when I have edited the filter of my photographs to seem more
Indie and so they go together more in the digipak, they have resulted into colours such as pinks,
purples and Orange which stereotypically the audience would assume that the digipak is more
aimed at girls (Ann Oakley - feminist). My music video links generically as it is aimed at young adults
who can interpret and understand the meaning from the lyrics and see it in the video (Stuart Hall encoding & decoding).