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Cc Topic n thi tt nghip THPT hc sinh tham kho (li dch l

ca Google nn c th cha chnh xc ht).

Topic 1: Write a letter to a pen pal about the importance of family in your life
and your family rules.
87 Tran Hung Dao street
Thaibinh, Vietnam
25th May, 2014
Dear Mai,
I have received your letter and I feel so glad when knowing that you had passed
your examinations with good marks. You want me to tell you about my family
rules, and the importance of family in my life? I am always willing to tell you all
about my family.
Family rules? It's an interesting topic, isn't it? It may be obvious that every
family has its own rules. Mine has a few, apart from our traditional rules,
especially for this school year as I'm in the final year.
First, I'm not allowed to watch TV, nearly no, except when there is a good or
interesting movie or when I have finished all my homework and exercises. And
never do my parents let me stay up so much late at night.
Next my parents don't permit me to go out with my friends without
necessary reason for example birthdays.
Besides, I have to take a balanced diet to keep fit for my coming exam. And
one more thing I have to keep up is talking on the phone, that is I have to set a limit
to my using of the phone.
For me, family is very important part of my everyday life. It helps me in improving
my personality. It also helps me in shaping my life. It teaches me the value of love,
affection, care, truthfulness and self-confidence and provides me tools and
suggestions which are necessary to get success in life.
Family is a place where I can be myself. It is a place where I am accepted for what
I am. This is where I am completely tension free and everyone is there to help me.
Family encourages me when I am surrounded by problems. It helps me survive

through tough times and bring joy and happiness into my life. Now I am preparing
for my GCSE examination and the entrance examination. They are very hard for
me, but I try my best to pass the exams with good marks.
I have told you something about my family rules. How about your family rules?
Are you ready to let me know about it? I am really excited to hear about it. And I
look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes to you!
Thu Trang
Ch 1: Hy vit th cho mt ngi bn thn bt v tm quan trng ca gia
nh trong cuc sng ca bn v gia nh quy nh ca bn.
ng 87 Trn Hng o
Thi Bnh, Vit Nam
25 thng nm 2014
Thn Mai,
Ti nhn c th ca bn v ti cm thy rt vui khi bit rng bn vt qua
k thi ca bn vi im cao. Bn mun ti ni cho bn v quy tc ca gia nh ti,
v tm quan trng ca gia nh trong cuc sng ca ti? Ti lun lun sn sng
cho tt c cc bn v gia nh ca ti.
Quy tc gia nh? y l mt ch th v, phi khng? N c th c r rng
rng mi gia nh c quy tc ring ca mnh. Ti c mt s t, ngoi quy tc truyn
thng ca chng ti, c bit l trong nm hc ny nh ti ang trong nm cui
u tin, ti khng c php xem truyn hnh , gn nh khng c, ngoi tr khi
c mt b phim hay hoc th v hoc khi ti hon thnh tt c cc bi tp v nh
v bi tp ca ti. V khng bao gi b m ti cho ti li qu nhiu vo ban m.
Tip theo cha m ti khng cho php ti i chi vi bn b ca ti khng c l do
cn thit v d nh ngy sinh nht.

Bn cnh , ti phi c mt ch n ung cn bng gi cho ph hp cho k

thi sp ti ca ti. V mt iu na ti phi theo kp c ni chuyn in thoi,
c ngha l ti phi t gii hn s dng ca ti v in thoi.
i vi ti, gia nh l mt phn rt quan trng ca cuc sng hng ngy ca ti.
N gip ti trong vic ci thin tnh cch ca ti. N cng gip ti trong vic nh
hnh cuc sng ca ti. N dy ti gi tr ca tnh yu, tnh cm, chm sc , trung
thc, t tin v cung cp cho ti cc cng c v cc xut l cn thit c
c thnh cng trong cuc sng.
Gia nh l mt ni m ti c th l chnh mnh. l mt ni m ti chp nhn
cho nhng g ti. y l ni ti hon ton cng thng min ph v tt c mi ngi
gip ti. Gia nh khuyn khch ti khi ti c bao quanh bi cc vn .
N gip ti sng st qua thi im kh khn v mang li nim vui v hnh phc
trong cuc sng ca ti. By gi ti ang chun b cho k thi GCSE ca ti v k
thi tuyn sinh. H rt kh khn cho ti, nhng ti c gng ht sc vt qua cc
k thi vi im cao.
Ti ni vi bn iu g v nguyn tc gia nh ca ti. Lm th no v quy
tc gia nh ca bn? Bn sn sng cho ti bit v n? Ti thc s vui mng
khi nghe v n. V ti mong mun c nghe t bn sm.
Li chc tt nht cho bn!
tnh yu,
Thu Trang
Topic 2: Write a paragraph to discuss the reasons why many students want to
study abroad.
Nowadays, studying abroad isnt a new learning method and is more and more
popular in the world. It has several good points such as: broadening your
knowledge, improving your language and helping you with more experiences.
However, there are some bad points like: being homesick, culture shock, and
financial problem. This essay will focus the above-mentioned aspects.
Studying abroad is one of the learning methods bringing many advantages to you.
Normally, foreign countries have conditions better than Vietnams ones. The
schools and universities are full of modern facilities helping you can study and
comprehend lessons effectively. The majority of them are large and have many

different majors so it is easier for you to choose which you want to learn. Besides,
you will know more things when living abroad for a long time for example, such
as: culture, traditions, habits, lifestyle, food and so on. Your knowledge, of course,
will become more abundant. Moreover, the degree of foreign country is always
higher than the one of Vietnam, so looking which leads students to look for a good
job quickly after graduating from your university. Simultaneously, studying abroad
improves your language. Your speaking and listening skills will also be fluently
and clearly. In addition, it helps you have many experiences as well as soft skills
such as: communication skill, managing, routine, time and money
Nevertheless, studying abroad has some disadvantages. Firstly, when living in
strange country, being homesick or feeling lonely will happen. Living condition of
foreign countries is more luxurious so most of the things are expensive. Therefore,
finance is one of the problems you have to encounter. Secondly, youll cope with
culture shock. The difference of food also affects your digestion: food smells
strange so you cant eat much, which made makes you uncomfortable and it is easy
to get sick if your health isnt good. Communication problem can cause difficulty
for you. Sometimes, you can be unconfident and shy because of different learning
style of foreign students. They are independent, active and learn by themselves but
Vietnamese students are shy, dependent on teachers and lack self-taught skill.
In conclusion, studying abroad has more advantages than disadvantages and is very
useful for you. To reduce bad points of it, you should find and read as much as
information as possible about the country you are going to study and prepare
necessary skills for yourself so that you can adjust quickly.
Ch 2: Vit mt on vn tho lun v l do ti sao nhiu sinh vin
mun i du hc.
Ngy nay, du hc khng phi l mt phng php hc tp mi v ngy cng ph
bin trn th gii. N c mt s im tt nh: m rng kin thc ca bn, ci thin
ngn ng ca bn v gip bn c kinh nghim hn. Tuy nhin, c mt s im xu
nh: l nh nh, c sc vn ha, v vn ti chnh. Bi vit ny s tp trung vo
cc kha cnh nu trn.
Hc nc ngoi l mt trong nhng phng php hc tp mang li nhiu li th
cho bn. Thng thng, cc quc gia nc ngoi c iu kin tt hn so vi nhng
ngi Vit Nam. Cc trng hc v cc trng i hc c y tin nghi hin i
gip bn c th hc v hiu bi hc mt cch hiu qu. Phn ln trong s l ln
v c nhiu chuyn ngnh khc nhau nn n d dng hn bn la chn m bn
mun hc. Bn cnh , bn s bit nhiu iu khi sng nc ngoi mt thi
gian di v d, chng hn nh: vn ha, truyn thng, thi quen, li sng, thc

phm v nh vy. Kin thc ca bn, tt nhin, s tr nn phong ph hn . Hn

na, mc nc ngoi lun cao hn so vi Vit Nam, tm kim dn sinh vin
tm mt cng vic tt mt cch nhanh chng sau khi tt nghip i hc ca bn.
ng thi, nghin cu nc ngoi ci thin ngn ng ca bn. K nng nghe v
ni ca bn cng s tri chy v r rng. Ngoi ra, n gip bn c nhiu kinh
nghim cng nh k nng mm nh: k nng giao tip, qun l, thi quen, thi
gian v tin bc...
Tuy nhin, nghin cu nc ngoi c mt s nhc im. Th nht, khi sng
t nc xa l, c nh nh hay cm thy c n s xy ra. iu kin sng ca
nc ngoi l sang trng hn v vy hu ht nhng iu l tn km. Do , ti
chnh l mt trong nhng vn bn c th gp phi. Th hai, bn s i ph vi
c sc vn ha. S khc bit ca thc phm cng nh hng n tiu ha ca bn:
thc phm c mi l, do bn khng th n nhiu, lm cho lm cho bn kh chu
v n rt d dng c c bnh nu sc khe ca bn khng tt. Vn thng
tin lin lc c th gy kh khn cho bn. i khi, bn c th khng t tin v nht
nht v phong cch hc tp khc nhau ca sinh vin nc ngoi. H l c lp,
nng ng v t hc nhng sinh vin Vit Nam nht nht, ph thuc vo gio vin
v thiu k nng t hc.
Trong kt lun, nghin cu nc ngoi c li th hn nhng bt li v rt hu
ch cho bn. Gim im xu ca n, bn nn tm v c nhiu nh thng tin cng
tt v t nc bn ang i nghin cu v chun b k nng cn thit cho bn
thn bn c th iu chnh mt cch nhanh chng.
Topic 3: Write a paragraph to introduce a beauty spot in Viet nam.
The ancient town of Hoi An, 30 km south of Da Nang, lies on the banks of the Thu
Bon River. Occupied by early western traders, Hoi An was one of the major trading
centers of Southeast Asia in the 16th century.
Hoi An has a distinct Chinese atmosphere with low, tile-roofed houses and narrow
streets; the original structure of some of these streets still remains almost intact. All
the houses were made of rare wood, decorated with lacquered boards and panels
engraved with Chinese characters. Pillars were also carved with ornamental
There is no shortage of bacon in town, but cao lu is the dish that one simply can
not miss. Prices and service are rightfully on par with the latest venues in major
cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. People are very friendly in Hoi An.
Over the last few years, Hoi An has become a very popular tourist destination in
Ch 3: Vit mt on gii thiu mt thng cnh Vit Nam.

Ph c Hi An, 30 km v pha nam Nng, nm trn b sng Thu Bn. Chim

thng gia phng Ty u, Hi An l mt trong nhng trung tm thng mi ln
ca khu vc ng Nam trong th k 16.
Hi An c mt bu khng kh ring bit vi Trung Quc, nh ngi thp v nhng
con ng hp; cu trc ban u ca mt s trong nhng ng ph vn cn gn
nh nguyn vn. Tt c cc nh c lm bng g qu him, c trang tr vi
Ban sn mi v tm khc k t Trung Quc. Tr ct cng c chm khc vi
thit k trang tr.
Khng c tnh trng thiu tht xng khi trong thnh ph, nhng cao lu l mn n
m ngi ta ch n gin l khng th b l. Gi c v dch v l ng l ngang
bng vi cc a im mi nht trong cc thnh ph ln nh H Ni v thnh ph
H Ch Minh. Mi ngi rt thn thin Hi An.
Trong vi nm qua, Hi An tr thnh mt a im du lch rt ph bin Vit
Topic 4: Write a paragraph to share with your friends about the charity work.
Charity work is a great way to help the community and to increase life experience
on various issues. When you have more advantages, you should share those
privileges with the poor, which makes the community better. In addition, charity
work gives you a chance to better someones life and create a positive impact on
your surroundings by building a caring society. We and the poor are the members
of human race, therefore, our action of sharing will strengthen social and
traditional morality. Moreover, you can gain valuable experiences through real
work. You can work in almost any field and contribute meaningfully to the cause.
For example, you can volunteer for the betterment of the disadvantaged children in
mountainous regions. You can participate in a walk for charity and raise funds for
the organization. In short, not only does charity work bring hope and happiness to
the community, but it also leads to personal growth. It is an experience that cannot
be bought with any amount of money.
Ch 4: Vit mt on vn chia s vi bn b v cng vic t thin.
Cng tc t thin l mt cch tuyt vi gip cng ng v tng cng kinh
nghim cuc sng v cc vn khc nhau. Khi bn c nhiu li th, bn nn chia
s nhng c quyn vi ngi ngho, m lm cho cng ng tt hn. Ngoi ra,
cng tc t thin cung cp cho bn mt c hi tt hn cuc sng ca mt ai v
to ra mt tc ng tch cc mi trng xung quanh bng cch xy dng mt x
hi quan tm. Chng ti v ngi ngho l nhng thnh vin ca loi ngi, do ,
hnh ng ca chng ti chia s s tng cng o c x hi v truyn thng.
Hn na, bn c th t c kinh nghim qu bu thng qua cng vic thc t.

Bn c th lm vic trong hu ht cc lnh vc v ng gp c ngha cho s

nghip. V d, bn c th tnh nguyn cho s tin b ca tr em hon cnh kh
khn cc vng min ni. Bn c th tham gia i b t thin v gy qu cho t
chc. Trong ngn hn, khng ch cng vic t thin mang li hy vng v hnh phc
cho cng ng, nhng n cng dn n s pht trin c nhn. l mt kinh
nghim m khng c th c mua vi bt k s tin.
TOPIC 5: Your school organizes a competition for students to write about
"The world in which I would like to live in the year 2020." Below are 2 essays
by one of the students.
1. "My ideal world would be a peaceful one. There are no wars or conflicts
between nations. People won't have to live under the threat of terrorism but all live
together in harmony. Everyone has a job to do and there is a good healthy standard
of living for all. I would also wish to live in a clean healthy environment with less
noise and less pollution. There are more and larger parks where children can play
and wildlife can be protected. But my main desire is to see people less
materialistic, less selfish, less violent and more loving than they are now."
2. My ideal world will be an interesting one. There will be no longer terrorism. All
people will have jobs with high salary. We will use modern computers. In stead of
typing on computers, we'll say the words and the computers will type them. People
can breathe fresh air and live in clean environment. Especially, people will use
motorbikes which run on solar energy. People at that time will be richer and they
will live longer thanks to the environment.

TOPIC 5: Trng t chc mt cuc thi cho hc sinh vit v "th gii m ti
mun sng trong nm 2020." Di y l 2 bi tiu lun theo mt trong cc
sinh vin.
1. "Th gii l tng ca ti s l mt trong ha bnh. Khng c chin tranh hay
xung t gia cc quc gia . Mi ngi s khng phi sng di s e da ca ch
ngha khng b nhng tt c u sng ha thun vi nhau. Mi ngi u c mt
cng vic lm v c mt tiu chun sc khe tt sng cho tt c. ti cng mun
sng trong mt mi trng lnh mnh sch s vi t ting n v nhim t hn. c
hn v ln hn cng vin ni tr em c th chi v ng vt hoang d c th c
bo v. Nhng mong mun chnh ca ti l xem ngi dn t vt cht, t ch k,
t bo lc v yu thng nhiu hn so vi hin nay."

2. Th gii l tng ca ti s l mt trong nhng th v. S c khng b khng

cn. Tt c mi ngi s c vic lm vi mc lng cao. Chng ti s s dng
my tnh hin i. Thay v g trn my tnh, chng ti s ni cc t v cc my
tnh s loi chng. Mi ngi c th ht th khng kh trong lnh v sng trong
mi trng trong sch. c bit, mi ngi s s dng xe my m chy nng
lng mt tri. Ngi lc s c phong ph hn v h s sng nh cn cho
mi trng.
TOPIC 6: Write a passage about some measures to protect endangered animals.
1. As you know, animals play an important part in our environment. They help
maintain the biodiversity in nature. Today many animal species, however, are in
danger of extintion. The reason causing the decrease in the number of animals is
mainly from human beings. It is high time we must take some measures to protect
endangered animals.
Firstly, we should educate people from the young age about the importance
of wild animals in maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity. Young people should
be educated how to protect our environment in general and how to protect
endangered animals in particular. They should be told about the things that threat
the safety of wildlife so that they can avoid doing them. This should be included in
their curriculum at school.
Secondly, the governments all over the world should set up national parks
and wild-life preserves as many as possible. Thanks to these places, animals will
have a suitable habitat to survive and good conditions to grow and multiply. There
they can be kept in a natural and safe environment.
Last but not least, each nation must enforce stricter law with more serious
punishment- capital punishment, for example- to prevent people from poaching
rare and valuable animals.
In general, protecting wild animals is not a person's work but it needs the
solidarity of human beings all over the world. I should think each of us has the
responsibility for protecting and saving endangered species before it is too late."
2. There are a number of measures that should be taken to protect endangered
animals. First, people should organize different activities to raise people's
awareness of the urgent needs to protect these animals. For example, they hold
international conferences, seminars and forums about the great importance of
ecology and biodiversity. At the same time, they should appeal for government
agencies in the world to contribute to the programmes of protecting and preserving
plants and animals that are driven to the verge of extinction. In addition, people
should contribute to the fund of preserving the earth's valuable natural resources

for the future generations. Besides these, governments should enact laws to ban
activities that can damage or destroy the nature. If these measures are taken, our
planet might be a peaceful and beautiful place for all kinds of beings to live in.
TOPIC 6: Vit mt on vn v mt s bin php bo v ng vt qu him.
1. Nh bn bit, ng vt ng mt vai tr quan trng trong mi trng ca
chng ti. H gip duy tr s a dng sinh hc trong t nhin. Ngy nay, nhiu loi
ng vt, tuy nhin, ang c nguy c extintion. L do gy ra gim s lng ng
vt ch yu l t con ngi. l thi gian cao, chng ti phi mt mt s bin
php bo v ng vt qu him .
Th nht, chng ta nn gio dc con ngi t tui tr v tm quan trng
ca ng vt hoang d trong vic duy tr h sinh thi v a dng sinh hc. Nhng
ngi tr tui cn c gio dc nh th no bo v mi trng ca chng ti
ni chung v lm th no bo v ng vt qu him ni ring. H phi c
thng bo v nhng iu m mi e da s an ton ca ng vt hoang d h c
th trnh lm cho h. iu ny cn c a vo chng trnh ging dy trng.
Th hai, cc chnh ph trn ton th gii nn thit lp cc vn quc gia v
cuc sng hoang d bo tn cng nhiu cng tt . Nh vo nhng ni ny, ng vt
s c mt mi trng sng ph hp tn ti v iu kin tt pht trin v nhn
rng. , h c th c gi trong mt mi trng t nhin v an ton.
Cui cng nhng khng km, mi quc gia phi thc thi php lut nghim
khc hn vi hnh pht t hnh vn nghim trng hn, v d nh ngn chn
nhng ngi sn bt ng vt qu him v c gi tr.
Ni chung, bo v ng vt hoang d khng phi l cng vic ca mt
ngi nhng n cn s on kt ca con ngi trn ton th gii. Ti nn ngh
rng mi ngi chng ta c trch nhim bo v v tit kim cc loi nguy cp
trc khi qu mun."
2 . C mt s bin php cn c thc hin bo v ng vt qu him. u tin,
mi ngi nn t chc cc hot ng khc nhau nng cao nhn thc ca ngi
dn v nhu cu cp thit bo v cc loi ng vt. V d, h t chc hi ngh
quc t, hi tho v din n v tm quan trng ca h sinh thi v a dng sinh
h. ng thi, h nn hp dn cho cc c quan chnh ph trn th gii ng gp
vo cc chng trnh bo v v bo tn thc vt v ng vt c y n b vc
tuyt chng. Ngoi ra, mi ngi nn ng gp vo qu bo tn ti nguyn thin
nhin c gi tr ca tri t cho cc th h tng lai. Bn cnh , cc chnh ph

nn ban hnh lut cm cc hot ng c th gy thit hi hoc ph hy thin nhin.

Nu cc bin php ny c thc hin, hnh tinh ca chng ti c th l mt ni
yn bnh v xinh p cho tt c cc loi sinh vt sinh sng.
Topic 7: Write a bout a book you have read recently
I recently read The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnfor, a book about three
animal friends who travel across the Canadian wilderness looking for their owners.
It is a fascinating story that describes some of the incredible things animals can do.
When a Canadian family goes to England for a long trip, they leave their
three pets with a friend who lives 300 miles away. Though well treated by the
friend, the pets miss their family. One day, they are also to leave the friends house
unnoticed and begin the long journey to find their owners. The central theme of the
book, a problem the animals must resolve, is how to survive in the wilderness in
order to arrive home. They never could have completed the journey alone, but they
take care of one another, and all the three make it and are reunited with their
Each animal has a distinct personality, but they care for one another almost
as if they were a family. The most impressive of them is the old dog. The journey
was the most difficult for him, but amazingly he found the strength to make it.
The author did not try to turn the animals into people, speaking and acting
like humans. Instead, she was faithful to her characters as animals and showed us
their journey through animal eyes. That made the book interesting and
I would like to recommend to anyone who likes animals. I think that anyone
who has ever had a pet or wanted one would enjoy it.
Topic 7: Vit mt cn mt cun sch bn c gn y

Gn y ti c The Incredible Journey bi Sheila Burnfor , mt cun sch

v ba ngi bn ng vt ngi i du lch qua vng hoang d Canada tm kim ch
s hu ca h. N l mt cu chuyn hp dn m m t mt s trong nhng iu
ng kinh ngc ng vt c th lm.
Khi mt gia nh ngi Canada i ti nc Anh cho mt chuyn i di , h
li ba vt nui ca h vi mt ngi bn sng 300 dm. Mc d cng c iu
tr bi nhng ngi bn, nhng vt nui nh gia nh ca h. Mt ngy, h cng
phi ri khi nh ca bn c ch v bt u cuc hnh trnh di tm ch s
hu ca h. Ch trung tm ca cun sch, mt vn cc loi ng vt phi
gii quyt l lm th no tn ti trong vng hoang d v n nh. H khng
bao gi c th hon thnh cuc hnh trnh mt mnh, nhng h chm sc nhau, v
c ba lm cho n v c on t vi ch s hu ca h.
Mi con vt c mt tnh cch khc bit, nhng h chm sc cho nhau nh
th h l mt gia nh. n tng nht trong s l con ch gi. Cuc hnh trnh
l kh khn nht i vi anh, nhng ng ngc nhin ng tm thy sc mnh
lm cho n.
Tc gi khng c gng bin cc ng vt vo ngi, ni v hnh ng
ging nh con ngi. Thay vo , c y trung thnh vi nhn vt ca c nh
ng vt v cho chng ta thy cuc hnh trnh ca mnh thng qua i mt ng
vt. lm cho cun sch th v v khng th tin c.
Ti mun khuyn bn nn bt c ai thch ng vt. Ti ngh rng bt c
ai tng c mt con vt nui hoc mun ngi ta s thch n.
Topic 8: Write a paragraph that are encountered by women in modern


Throughout much of the history of human civilization, deep-seated cultural

beliefs allowed women only limited roles in society. Many people believed that
women's natural roles were as mothers and wives. These people considered women
to be better suited for childbearing and homemaking rather than for involvement in
the public life of business or politics. Women nowadays still have to do housework,
fulfill their social tasks and get their career achievements. Women, especially in
third world nations have to suffer from domestic violence, gender discrimination in
work places. However, many women are behaving differently; they are drinking
too much, having casual sex, as a result they have to pay high prices: diseases and
bad reputations. Many problems are facing our women, no matter how hard we are
trying to solve; but they are an integral part of our world, as it is said that men
build the house and women make it home.
Topic 8: Vit mt on vn c gp ca ph n trong x hi hin i.
Trong sut phn ln lch s ca nn vn minh ca con ngi, vn ha tn ngng
su xa cho php ph n ch vai tr hn ch trong x hi. Nhiu ngi tin rng vai
tr t nhin ca ph n l lm m v v. Nhng ngi ny coi ph n l ph hp
hn cho sinh v ni tr ch khng phi l s tham gia vo i sng cng cng
ca doanh nghip hoc chnh tr. Ph n ngy nay vn phi lm vic nh, hon
thnh nhim v x hi ca h v c c nhng thnh tu s nghip ca h. Ph
n, c bit l cc nc th gii th ba phi gnh chu bo lc gia nh, phn bit
i x gii tnh trong ni lm vic. Tuy nhin, nhiu ph n ang hnh x khc
nhau; h ang ung qu nhiu, quan h tnh dc bnh thng, kt qu l h phi tr
gi cao: bnh v danh ting xu. Nhiu vn ang phi i mt ph n ca chng
ti, khng c g kh khn khi chng ti ang c gng gii quyt; nhng h l
mt phn khng th thiu ca th gii chng ta, nh ngi ta ni rng "nhng
ngi n ng xy dng ngi nh v ph n tr v nh".
TOPIC 9: Write a paragraph about one of the football matches you like best
To celebrate the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's Foundation Day, our
School's Sports Club recently played a friendly football match with Hanoi School's

Football Team. The match was held on February 28th, at 4:00 pm at My Dinh
It was a nice day. In the first half, our team played pretty well. They tried to keep
the ball away from the goal and as near to our rival's as possible. By a combination
of passing and dribbling, the opponents gave a shot into our goal. Fortunately, our
goalie could catch the ball. All the stands seemed to be exploded with merry and
exciting shouts. And all the schoolboys and girls jumped up and down cheering. In
the second half, both teams played beautifully and skilfully and tried to score the
goal, but no-one succeeded. Finally it was a draw.
When the game was over, all of us were happy to have a fair game. I think all the
schools in the area should hold such a friendly game to tie up and promote the
friendship and solidarity together.
TOPIC 9: Vit mt on vn v mt trong nhng trn u bng m bn
thch nht.
k nim Ngy ca Lin minh H Ch Minh Thanh nin Cng sn Foundation,
Th thao Cu lc b hc ca chng ti gn y chi mt trn u bng giao
hu vi i tuyn bng trng hc ca H Ni. Trn u c t chc vo
ngy 28 thng 2, ti 16:00 ti sn vn ng M nh.
l mt ngy tt p. Trong na u, nhm nghin cu ca chng ti chi
kh tt. H c gng gi cho bng i t mc tiu v l i th ca chng ti
gn nh c th. Bi s kt hp ca truyn v la bng, cc i th a ra mt
bn vo mc tiu ca chng ti. May mn thay, th mn ca chng ti c th bt
bng. Tt c cc khn i dng nh n tung vi ting la ht vui v v th v. V
tt c cc nam sinh v n nhy ln nhy xung c v. Trong hip hai, c hai i
chi p v kho lo v c gng ghi bn thng, nhng khng ai thnh cng. Cui
cng n c mt trn ha.
Khi trn u kt thc, tt c chng ta may mn c mt tr chi cng bng. Ti
ngh rng tt c cc trng trong khu vc cn gi nh mt tr chi thn thin vi
tie ln v thc y quan h hu ngh v on kt vi nhau.
TOPIC 10: Write a paragraph about measures to reduce Domestic violence.


Domestic violence is the most common form of violence against women and its
consequences affect many areas of the lives of victims housing, health,
education and the freedom to live their lives without fear and in the way they wish.
This widespread phenomenon is common to all European countries and is not
limited to any particular social group or class. Domestic violence can take a
number of forms such as physical assault, sexual abuse and rape, threats and
intimidation and should be recognised as a crime.
For all its faults, this government has certainly been proactive in trying to get a
handle on the problem. They havent always had the right priorities, and their
fondness for legislative action has occasionally been self-defeating, but with the
introduction of specialised domestic violence courts, the increase in prosecutions,
the introduction of multi-agency task forces to identify at-risk individuals and the
increased vigilance against forced marriage, they have certainly made some
positive, if incremental, progress. But, as an overwhelming majority of experts will
attest, there is still much that needs to be done.
First, victims need to know that they have been victims of a crime rather than the
inevitable by-product of some lovers tiff. The British Crime Survey found that the
reporting rate, whilst eye-wateringly low, was significantly higher amongst men
and women who knew their partners abuse was against the law. Here, advertising
and awareness campaigns should play an important role, but recent research has
found them not to be having much of an effect. We need to figure out of a way of
encouraging greater numbers of victims to come forward.
Secondly, more attention needs to be paid to rehabilitating the aggressors. Whilst I
realise that rehabilitating a spouse-beater is about as popular as hugging a hoodie,
it remains true that prosecution alone wont make a serial abuser mend his (or her)
ways. As figures from America have apparently shown that people who take
domestic violence programmes are less likely to reoffend, we should make this a
priority of any anti-violence crusade.
Third, we urgently need a national rape hotline and, as the Tories propose, an
increase in the number of rape crisis centres. There are far fewer rape crisis centres
than there were 20 years ago, and since the women who use them frequently
find their comfort, sanctuary and support invaluable, we should ensure there are
enough to cater for the whole country.
TOPIC 10: Vit mt on vn v cc bin php gim bo lc gia nh.


Bo lc gia nh l hnh thc ph bin nht ca bo lc i vi ph n v hu qu

ca n nh hng n nhiu lnh vc ca cuc sng ca nn nhn - nh , y t,
gio dc v s t do sng cuc sng ca mnh m khng s hi v theo cch h
mun. Hin tng ph bin ny l chung cho tt c cc nc chu u v khng
gii hn bt k nhm x hi hay lp. Bo lc gia nh c th mt mt s hnh thc
nh: hnh hung, lm dng tnh dc v cng hip, e da v e da v cn c
cng nhn l mt ti phm.
i vi tt c li lm ca mnh, chnh ph ny chc chn c ch ng trong
vic c gng c c mt x l v vn ny. H khng lun lun c nhng
u tin ng, v s am m cc hot ng lp php i khi cng t nh bi,
nhng vi s ra i ca To n bo lc gia nh chuyn ngnh, s gia tng truy t,
s ra i ca lc lng c nhim ca nhiu c quan xc nh ti - c nhn ri
ro v s cnh gic tng so vi hn nhn cng p, h chc chn thc hin mt
s tch cc, nu gia tng, tin b. Nhng, nh mt a s p o ca cc chuyn gia
s chng thc, vn cn nhiu iu cn phi lm.
u tin, nn nhn cn phi bit rng h l nn nhn ca mt ti phm ch khng
phi l khng th trnh khi sn phm ph ca mt s nhng ngi yu thch tiff.
iu tra ti phm ngi Anh pht hin ra rng t l bo co, trong khi mt
wateringly thp , cao hn ng k gia nam v n, nhng ngi bit tnh trng lm
dng cc i tc ca h l tri php lut. y, qung co v cc chin dch nng
cao nhn thc nn ng mt vai tr quan trng, nhng nghin cu gn y tm
thy h khng th c nhiu tc ng. Chng ti cn phi tm ra mt cch
khuyn khch con s ln hn ca cc nn nhn i v pha trc.
Th hai, ch nhiu hn cn phi c tr tin phc hi nhng k xm lc.
Trong khi ti nhn ra rng phc hi mt ngi phi ngu - beater l v l ph bin
nh m mt o, n vn cn ng m truy t mt mnh s khng lm cho mt k
bo hnh ni tip hn gn cch ca ng (hay c y). Nh s liu t M r rng
ch ra rng nhng ngi c cc chng trnh bo lc gia nh t c kh nng ti
phm, chng ta nn thc hin iu ny l mt u tin ca bt k chin dch chng
bo lc.
Th ba, chng ti rt cn mt ng dy nng quc gia v hip dm, nh ng
Bo th xut, s gia tng s lng cc trung tm cuc khng hong hip dm.
C rt t cc trung tm cuc khng hong hip dm hn c 20 nm trc, v k t

khi nhng ngi ph n s dng chng thng xuyn thy thoi mi, khu bo tn
ca h v h tr v gi, chng ti phi m bo c phc v cho c nc.