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Among those who reduced the level of perfection of unity, perhaps even eliminate
it completely and remove monotheism to the roots is dependent liver to the yarn or
other forms of amulets in the hope that others can bring benefits and prevent
harm. This includes idolatry. Including polytheism is wearing an amulet with a
variety of forms in the hope of realizing the benefit or prevent harm.

Allah says in the Qur'an,

‫قل أفرأيتم ما تدعون من دون الله إن أرادني الله بضر هل هن‬

‫كاشفات ضره أو أرادني برحمة هل هن ممسكات رحمته قل حسبي الله عليه يتوكل المتوكلون‬

Which means, "Say, 'Have you thought about what you invoke besides Allah, if Allah
was to bring harm to me, if your idols that can eliminate that danger, or if God
wanted to give mercy to me, if they can help the grace Him?. Say, "Enough is Allah
for me". In whom trust in the people who submit "(Surah Az-Zumar: 38).

Hearts can only be propped up to God. Pleaded healing, prevented a disaster or

loss of armies can only be to God. It was he who gives, who held rizki, raise or
lower degree. In the hands of Him control of all affairs.

Narrated by Imam Ahmad with a chain of transmission quality that is not why the
Imron bin Husayn, the Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam, forbade the one hand there
is a copper bracelet. The Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam, then that person asked,
"What's this?" "To cure pain in the hands of sluggish," the man replied. The
Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam, said, "Remove".

In another narration, "Lepaslah real thing will only make you more sluggish. If
you die in a state still wearing the thing and you die not in a state religion of
Muhammad ".

Narrated by Imam Ahmad, '' Uqbah ibn 'Amir, the Prophet-peace' alaihi wa sallam,
said, "He who is wearing amulets then God will not fulfill his desire. He who wore
amulets to comforter then God will not calm him down ".

In another narration, "Those who use the talismans he has done shirk".

In an authentic hadith, the Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam, said, "Verily

incantations-spells, amulets and pellets or passion is idolatry".

Think about the hadiths above. Which convey the same hadith hadith on many more.
These hadiths are among the evidence that the Prophet had wanted good for his
people. The Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam, explained that the above that Muslims
remain a noble people because his heart to his Creator dependent and rely on his
Lord. Just expect healing from God, not from any form of amulets whether made of
beads, shells, copper, or iron. All of these things are God's creation can not
save himself, much less give the benefit or prevent harm from others.

People who use various forms of fetish on the not be separated from two

First, people who take it believes that the object itself that brings benefit or
eliminate danger. Things that are healing or eliminate disaster bala. Such
convictions for these objects are comparatively large shirk Islamic cancel the
agreement all the Islamic scholars. The arguments that show this very clearly and
some have been mentioned.
Second, people are wearing these things with confidence that that gives pleasure
or a disaster, giving or not giving is God. However, she was wearing these things
because he thought that it was merely a means and for healing. If so then this
works quite small shirk that caused the loss of perfection of Tawheed which is
obligatory. As we know together that these objects is not a means of healing both
Shari'a and according to the medical.

Therefore, every Muslim has a duty to be extra careful and vigilant and really pay
attention tauhidnya purity of tawhid, or destroying everything that reduce or
eliminate the level of perfection in a total of unity. Thus remain dependent
liver, lean back and put their trust only in God, not to others.

Among the customs of the Prophet-peace 'alaihi wa sallam-is if there is a sick man
who brought to the Prophet so he meruqyahnya by saying, "O Allah disease
hilangkanlah human keepers. Heal, who has a healing engkaulah. There is no healing
but the healing that comes from you with the healing that leaves no disease at all

O God fahamkanlah us with our own religion and guide us the straight path. Our
Flee from idolatry either vague or a real, large or small.