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Analysis of New Policies for Microgeneration and Hourly Electricity Tariff in LV

Laura Lisiane Callai dos Santos - laura.callai.santos@gmail.com, Daniel Pinheiro Bernardon
dpbernardon@ufsm.br, Alzenira da Rosa Abaide - alzenira@ufsm.br, Aline da Rosa Abaide Martins
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM

Keywords: White Electricity Tariff, Microgeneration, Smart Grid, Renewable Generation, Software
The power system will be subject to significant changes with the advent of Smart Grid. Smart Grid is
characterized by a series of integrated technologies, e.g., electricity, information technology and
communication. The system should also be prepared for the significant increase sources of Distributed
Generation (DG). DG has attained a considerable penetration level in HV and MV networks, involving
different types of sources and conversion technologies.
Besides, the microgeneration directly connected to the LV network is becoming a reality. The change
that occurred in MV networks may also happen in LV networks: connection of small modular generation
sources; typically in the range from 5 to 100 kW; renewable generation (wind turbines and PV systems),
micro turbines (natural gas or bio fuels), fuel cells.
Brazil recently implemented new policies for microgeneration and electricity tariff, which can be
used as reference for other countries. Such policies aimed at better load profile for residential consumers
and encouraging the increase of renewable generation in LV network.
The new resolution defined the White Electricity Tariff for residential consumers, where the price
will be for hourly energy.There will be three prices according to the time of day: off-peak with lower
price (from 0 to 17 h and from 22 to 24 h), intermediate time with price equal to three times the off-peak
(from 17 to 18 h and from 21 to 22 h) and peak time with price equal to five times the off-peak (from 18
to 21 h).
Using the rates of application of the dealership in Southern of Brazil, Copel made a comparison
between the conventional tariff and White electricity tariff over their costs, as shown in Fig 1.






8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22

Fig. 1. Pricing Terms

Other new resolution is of Microgeneration aims to encourage the use of renewable sources in LV
network, and grid-connected set-ups with net metering. The objective is present a methodology that
analyzes the impact of White Electricity Tariff and Microgeneration for residential consumers in LV
network. The methodology use the software HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric
Renewables), considering the conventional tariff, the new tariff, load profile of residential consumers and
microgeneration (wind turbines and PV systems), for this, we developed a network model with the
configuration shown in Fig. 2. The main result is the economic in the electricity bill.

Fig. 2. Electrical System Model

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