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International AIFS College Division

River Plaza • 9 West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902-3788

fax 203.399.5597

Please check off program of interest.

Please type or print legibly in
black ink and return this form Attach one Argentina
with the AIFS academic year, passport-size o AIFS in Buenos Aires—Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina*
semester or summer application. photo Australia
o AIFS in Sydney—Macquarie University/University of the South
Pacific, Fiji*
o AIFS in Cairns—James Cook University**
Name: Austria
o AIFS in Salzburg—University of Salzburg
Permanent phone: ( ) China
School: o AIFS in China—Beijing Language and Culture University/
Nanjing University/Shanghai International Studies University**
School phone: ( ) o AIFS in Beijing—Beijing Language and Culture University**
Current address: o AIFS in Nanjing—Nanjing University*
o AIFS in Shanghai—Shanghai International Studies University/
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics*
Permanent address: COSTA RICA
o AIFS in San José—Veritas University**
Czech Republic
o AIFS in Prague—Charles University
Class: o freshman o sophomore o junior o senior England
o AIFS in London—Richmond in London
GPA: Previous Semester ________ Cumulative ________
o Internship
Check the term(s) and year you intend to study abroad: France
o summer o fall o spring o AIFS in Cannes—Collège International de Cannes
year ___________ or academic year ____________ o AIFS in Grenoble—University of Grenoble French Lang. & Culture*
o AIFS in Grenoble—University of Grenoble Intensive French Lang.*
o AIFS in Grenoble—Grenoble School of Management*
Check the AIFS program to which you would apply the o AIFS in Paris—University of Paris IV (Sorbonne)
$1,000 semester or $500 summer scholarship: INDIA
o AIFS in Hyderabad—University of Hyderabad*
o AIFS in Limerick—University of Limerick
Attach to this application your essay addressing “How study abroad Italy
will impact my academic and personal growth?” o AIFS in Florence—Richmond in Florence
The 1,000 word essay must be typed. o AIFS in Rome—Richmond in Rome
Signature: _______________________________________________ o AIFS in Cusco—Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú**
Date: ___________________________________________________ o AIFS in St. Petersburg—St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University
South Africa
Semester applicants must submit a completed AIFS academic o AIFS in Stellenbosch—Stellenbosch University
year and semester application (with the $95 application fee), the Spain
scholarship application and essay. Summer students need to o AIFS in Barcelona—Pompeu Fabra University**
submit the summer program application with the required $395 o AIFS in Granada—University of Granada
($300 non-refundable program deposit and a $95 non-refundable o AIFS in Salamanca—University of Salamanca
application fee), scholarship application and essay. Multi-country/Traveling
o Business and Politics in the European Union**
o European Art and Architecture**
Completed scholarship applications must be postmarked no later than October o Italian Influence on Western Civilization**
1 for spring semester, and no later than April 15 for fall semester. Summer ap-
plications are due March 1.
*no summer session ** summer session only