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General Information
Date of Visit: 12. 14. 13
Name of Company: Radyo Natin Boac
Started at Laylay, Boac then transferred to Santol, Boac and currently at Poras, Boac,
Marinduque by December 2013
Broadcast Time and Program Logs:
Tapping to main Radyo Natin Center at 4:30at with official sign in
5:00-8:30AM Radio Natin National Center Broadcast
8:30-8:45 AM National Program by Gold Shine
8:45Airing of Local Advertisements
9:00 AM -12:00 NN Airing Local morning show with DJ Melai
Announcement of Top of the hour during 9and10and AM
12:00 NN - 12:17 PM -Tap toNationalRadyo Natin Center for National News
12:17PM - 1:00 PM- Local station News
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Radyo Natin Center
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM-Program with DJ Kaye -Heart Talks
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Radio Natin Center
During Saturdays at 9:00 AM-12:00 NN Variety show
10:00 PM -Sign off
Transmitted Power:
Not specified but power can dissipate at Boac and Mogpog towns.
Approximately 15 kW according to the station engineer
Complete Assessment of Broadcast Equipment:
Starting from first operation in 1998 the station uses the same receiver, mixer, satellite dish
almost all equipment except for computer that is updated. The studio set and equipments are being
Company background:
Local station of National Radyo Natin station
Sister company of DZRH and a member of Manila Broadcasting Company
Station Engineer: Engr. Walter Hidalgo
Date of Establishment: Year 1998
NTC permits:
With permit and renewable
During change of location renewed its station permit to comply requirement of
change in location with more than 500 meters.
Personnel/ s and Designation: Ms. Carmela Monteras
Call sign: DZBH
Classification: Limited time slot
Frequency Assignment:
Channel 289 of Frequency 105.7 FM
II. Visitation Experience
During the visit of the class at Radyo Natin Boac, it was quite mesmerizing and enjoyable. At
the momentwe arrived at the station the wife of the station Engineer welcomed us and introduced
us to the program host. The place was a bit messy because they just transferred the station; we just
have to ignore the place. The program host was the first one to entertain us, she is so witty (DJ

Melai) same as her on-air personality. Our questions were answered as long as she can and
ignoring whether the answer can be confidential. After presenting us the program log, she has to
leave us for a while because its her time to go on-air. She greeted us in her segment which made
the class enjoy the visit more. It is noticeable that her voice was a little bit modified on-air. This is
thru the mixer that is used; there is also a feedback problem because the equipments were not
probably properly settled. After her segment, the interview continued and by this time together
with the station engineer. Engr. Hidalgo was very careful in answering the questions maybe
because of some ethical reasons. After the interview, we asked the station engineer if we could
take some photos of the transmitter but sadly, we were not granted with permission for it might be
dangerous because they haven't settling the whole area. Luckily, we are given chance to view the
studip and took some photos inside it. We thanked the personnelafter some shoot.
Iwas mesmerized when the two DJs told me that they already know me before during my
event organizer days and being a choreographer. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why the three
(3) of us had easy talks during the interview. They even had to special me in their
program<laughs!>after that the class walked to the town.
Plate Pictorials:

Taking a pose at the Radyo Natin Boac

Studio with these two (2) awesome DJs
Name of Student: Historillo, Jan Fern
Log-in: 10:43 AM
Log-out: 11:32 AM
Personnel Interviewed:
Station Engineer: Engr. Walter Hidalgo
Program host: Carmela Monteras

Me and Criestal Joy Mancia while doing an

interview with the two personnel of the station