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Business Presentation

Final Presentation
TOPIC: Discuss and analyze the future of the PC.
What significant changes, if any, are ahead, and
what will business need to do to prepare for them?

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Business Presentation Write-up

Discuss and analyze the future of the PC. What significant changes,
if any, are ahead, and what will business need to do to prepare for

The given topic is very interesting because here I have to discuss about that
technology which keep on changing and scientist keep on innovating smart
and crazy ideas regarding Personal Computers (PC’s). If we look 20years back
in history, we will came to know that the PC from the very first day had made
human life very relaxed not only in making fast and correct calculations but
also in business dealings in making decision fast and accurate, that’s why
they were greatly appreciated by organization and they started their journey
in business organizations.

Now, come to the topic that to analyze and the future of PC’s. Well,
according to my research and data available on web-sites, blogs, and
magazines and from all the available sources. The essence of my research
came that there is a very bright and successful but a little challenging future
of PC’s. Why, I am saying bright and successful because every day new idea’s
and new concepts of future PC’s come into the market according to customer
need and want or even who are not expecting such crazy ideas. And why it is
challenging because now many PC’s manufactures capture the whole market
and they keep on trying on another shares. Following table which I scanned
from a magazine clearly shows the market share of PC’s in the 2010.

Business Presentation Write-up

Now before I start discussing the changes ahead in PC’s. I would like to define
PC and its types which are booming and also having opportunity for business

A personal computer (PC) is any general-purpose computer whose size,

capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which
is intended to be operated directly by an end user, with no intervening
computer operator.

A personal computer may be a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet PC or

a handheld PC (also called palmtop).


 Workstation
Desktop computer
Single unit
Tablet PC
Ultra-Mobile PC
Home theater PC
Pocket PC
Above, I have discussed all the relevant types of PC’s which are being used
and can be used in organization for the betterment of the business.

Well, the changes are being made in PC every day and from tablet PC-
Laptops, all being changed. Changes not only in technology but also in sizes,
the shapes and in handling them.

Now, more innovative ideas have been presented in which you can feel the
things and you are more close to nature. Now, today’s PC removes the
barrier of handling PC like machines, now they are becoming over sixth sense
to observe and see things.

In the next section, I am going tell some very mind blowing and
innovative ideas and concepts which are successful and now they are going
to be available in next few years.

Business Presentation Write-up

Future PC Technologies
Fabric PC:
As the technologies behind the Fabric PC concept continue to develop,
durable, pliable and light-weight computer-based devices will be introduced
into all corners of the business and entertainment world.
To illustrate, Fujitsu has unveiled several other concept devices along with
the Fabric PC, which rely on similar basic technology. One example is the
"clerk browser" -- a computer worn around the wrist like a large bracelet. This
concept device was demonstrated as a means by which store clerks or
salespeople could provide on-the-spot information to customers -- although
it's easy to imagine other applications for this type of wearable computer. As
with the Fabric PC, e-paper and small, lightweight components would be
essential features of this type of device.

The Fabric PC has a large, flexible e-paper display.
The "card viewer" is another one of
Fujitsu's concept designs that would
rely on e-paper. In fact, this device can
be thought of as an e-paper notepad.
Because e-paper requires inputs to
make changes to its display, once the
display is set, it remains set, even when
disconnected from its power source.
The card viewer concept takes
advantage of this situation by
incorporating one or more sheets of e-
paper displays that can be detached
from the device and handed off just like a business card. The detached sheet
of e-paper will continue to display the same image -- just like a normal piece
of paper pulled from a notepad -- until reattached and updated.
There are countless other possible applications for the types of technology
that Fabric PCs will employ. Just like Fabric PCs, most of these concepts will
have to wait a few years until the supporting technology becomes more
advanced and affordable. In the meantime we'll have to make do with these
exciting concept models, and a little imagination, too.

Pen PC:
A new concept in personal computing - a pen-
shape d miniaturized PC that users operate via
a virtual monitor and keyboard that the device

Business Presentation Write-up

projects onto any available flat surface. The message suggests that these
handy pen-sized computers may be set to replace existing PC's and laptops
in the near future.
TED-Sixth Sense:
SixthSense is a wearable gestural interface device that
augments the physical world with digital information and
lets people use natural hand gestures to interact with that
information. It was developed by Pranav Mistry, a PhD
student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Surface computer:
Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary multi-
touch computer that responds to natural
hand gestures and real-world objects, helping
people interact with digital content in a
simple and intuitive way. With a large,
horizontal user interface, Surface offers a
unique gathering place where multiple users
can collaboratively and simultaneously
interact with data and each other.
What organizations have to do?
Well, all the above discussed technology are the upcoming technology and
these type of innovation really not only going help those organization who
are making this, but also those who are going to use this technology because
they are fast, reliable and most important very much convenient and easy to
use. You can use them where ever you like, this help business individuals for
utilizing every available second of their business and less dependent on
current PC technology.
But this does not mean that just pay for these gadgets and you are going to
making billions surly. For better utilization and proper use of these
technologies organization have to arrange something for themselves and for
their employees as well who are going to handle them. Organizations have to
do following things:
• Employee training: This mean inform of training program all the
relevant staff including clerks to CEO’s have to well-trained about this
PC because this really going to help them in using them better as far as
possible and also avoid misusing it because these are bit expensive.
So, in order to minimize lose and maximize their productivity through
proper use of the PC’s organizations can make billions.
• Educating Different Departments: This is may be not possible for
organizations to change all the present technology of all of their
departments in one day. It takes time, but this may be possible for
Business Presentation Write-up

them let say to use latest technology in marketing or sales department.

So, in this case the entire interlinked department should know how to
manipulate the information properly because sometimes it happens
that different versions, software’s and formats are required to use
properly. So, to avoid such distortion this creates problem for other
departments. It is to be informed to learned and understand by the
other department as well.

Today’s tough economic climate is challenging companies to reduce costs

while continuing to focus on improving efficiencies. For organizations, it’s
truly a “do more with less” dilemma. Now, you can cut cost only by
downsizing now organizations have to smart by using latest available
technology because this really helps organization in making accurate and
realistic decisions and add bucks into their banks as well.


Business Presentation Write-up

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