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296 East Pike Rd
Indiana PA
ZIP 15701

Phone: 630 - 303 - 9481

Email: kamiusa@gmail.com

Objective: Seeking a full-time position in fields of


Please Note: Available Immediately, Ready for Relocate

11 Years experience in Electronics (Analog & Digital) + Electromechanical

(PLC, Sensors, Actuators, Valves, Proximity Switches, Servo Controls,Encoders)
Microcontrollers (8051) programmer
Over 8 years in Computer (H&S) + Networking
Currently Working on Hydroxyl system Automation
Technical Professional with advanced experience and abilities
Fellow, Institution of Engineers (IEPAK)
Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting and customer skills
Experienced team leader,

Associate Electrical Engineering (3 Years)
Advance Diploma In Industrial Electronic (1 year)

Design Experience:
Microcontrollers (8051) Based Projects
Digital & Analog Electronics
Industrial Electronics
Switch mode power Supplies
Automation Softwares
Web Page
Infra Red & LASER
Building Automation & Control Systems (BACS)
Printed Circuit Layout
Low Power RF Projects

Skills Experience

Industrial Electronics
Computers and network technology both hardware and software
Repairing and fixing of ELECTRICAL / Electronic Equipment and all Kind of peripherals
Associated with a PC or NETWORKING and Embedded Control systems (CNC, DNC)
Experience with Micro-Controllers, SBCs & PLCs. (Programmable logic controllers)
(Industrial controls etc)
Advanced knowledge and usage of Microsoft Windows, all versions
Extensive knowledge and hands on experience with the vast majority of electronic
Advanced knowledge and use of CAD electronic design apps and analysis programs.
(Pads, P-Spices, Easy Pc, Protel, Proteus (Ares + ISIS)...Etc)
Extensive experience with the use of most test equipments
(Spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal / Waveform Generators,
TDR, RF Frequency counters, Generators and Power meters)
A full understanding of certification requirements for UL and FCC compliance testing with
some EMI and RFI as well
Expertise and experience in digital and analog design with some RF circuit and equipment
Ability to design complex test equipment
Embedded processor design experience with MCS8051 family of microcontrollers
Design experience with Telecommunications electronics, hardware and system architecture
The ability to design and fabricate, in house, small, custom Printed Circuit boards for
proving and testing new circuit concepts, designs and theories
Able to solder professionally under microscope conditions and able to work with
components down to 0201 package size.
Tremendous amount of skill and experience in the hardware and research lab designing,
testing and reviewing infant technology while working closely with colleagues and managing
engineering technicians

Repair maintenance & troubleshooting Experience:

With a Background of vast experience, I have had worked in almost all kind of Electronic
fields like domestic, commercial, industrial and medical Electronic, I have an
excellent Skill of troubleshooting and repair up to deep component level for these
manufacturer Philips Sony Toshiba Panasonic Hitachi Dell Compaq hp NEC and
many others, here are some Equipments names which were repaired by my hands, I

Embedded system Related peripherals + Drives

Desktop/Laptops computers

Industrial PLC and Drives

Induction Furnaces

AC / DC Motor Speed controllers

LCD Video projectors

RF Communication

Video Cameras

LCD Monitors


LASER Power supplies

Telephone Exchange

PLC Controllers

CPU of Cars

Security and fire Alarm systems

Cell and cordless phones


Green LASER (eye operations)

Switch mode power supplies

Design Experience:
Here are some projects name which were personally Designed by me A to Z except the
casing .some are for domestic and others are for commercial/Industrial purpose ,
Please Feel Free to Ask Any question
IR Switching and control (home and industrial/Commercial) with static and pwm out puts
Telephone Exchange (PABX) 4+32 lines
UHF Amplifiers (960 MHz to 2.4Ghz)
Moving message Display (pc based)
Moving message Displays (Microcontroller based)
Building Automation & Control System (control via cell/cordless or home phone)
Induction heating System (VV VF) with LCD Read out
LASER Based Communication System
Ultra sonic distance measurement
Antenna 2.4 GHz
Digital power supplies (VV VC)
Intelligent UPS
Digital Measurement (yards counting for paper mills and Yarn/fabric industries)
Digital Contact less RPM measuring system (high speed 42000 rpm)
XYZ Stepper Motor Controls (with Feedback)

Digital Satellite Dish movement control (with IR control)

Home/farm gardening system (automatic/programmable water sprinklers)
PLC/ Industrial STATE machines (programmable input / out put controls)
Induction Motor Speed Controllers (single phase/ 3phase)
Energy Saving system (for high current motors)
DC Motor Speed controllers (Digital RPM Read out)
Nurse Call system (24 beds)
Heart & temperature Monitoring system (24 beds)
Fire & Security System (over 120 data points)

Experience History: (1988 to 1992)

After completion of my academic Qualification I started my carrier as an assistant to my
FATHER and My elder brother in our OWN ELECTRONIC LAB. I learned the way of
Designing and Repair of deferent kind of jobs. Especially electromechanical and
proto type Electronic Designing. And earned a hand On Experience and

Off shore: (1992 to1998)

To gain further knowledge in IT and networking with PC based building automation & control
system I joined SBG (Operation & maintenance) in Saudi Arab. I started as an electronic
technician and within 2 and half years permuted as Electronic supervisor/foreman. During my
stay in This Company I worked for various Projects and got Experience in HVAC, CCTV, Fire
Alarm, Security System, Carparking system, UPS systems, public address system

CCN : (1998 to 2004)

After finishing my job from SBG, I came back to Pakistan and Established my own Electronic
and Computer lab CCN (computer community & network).And Provided Services As
Microcontroller programmer / Teacher, Computer Networking + Computer Hardware and
software Maintenance / Repair and up grading. Electronic System Design, PLC Software
Development (Intel 51 family), Industrial + Home Automation and Control Systems, Designed
small computer systems , Home Security Systems. all phases from conception to
manufacturable boards circuit design, programmable logic for state machines, schematic
entry, test and debug. Worked also for Biomedical electronics equipment Repair and
calibration up to component level
Software Calibration and training on computers and medical electronics equipment. Digital
and analog devices diagnostic , monitoring, imaging, and communication systems with many

peripherals. Enjoyed challenging jobs While others had trouble doing. Earned the
confidence of the departments I supported.
Migration to USA: (2004 to till now)
After Migration in 2004, I Started my carrier as a Computer Technician in USA (PA,Indiana), I
do fix pc , Laptops and Networking (WIFI & CAT5), printers, Scanners , Point Of sale system
Computers, Commercial Networks, Banking and small businesses Networking, As I have
Sound Knowledge of Electrical/electronics , I also fix Industrial/ Commercial and home
Equipments . Electronic and Computer are not only my profession but Also my
Hobbies too . I Does Enjoy With My profession . I never feeling tired while working in
Electronic or on Computers.
can be your ultimate ally for assistance in setting and staying the course to "best of class"
solutions in Computer (software+hardware) & Networking, Electronic/RF Communications
Product and Process Development, Manufacturing and Management Improvement
Please note that this is an abbreviated CV. A fully detailed unabridged CV is available
under special circumstances

Uzma T Mahmood Is this you? Edit

296 E Pike Rd
Indiana, PA 15701-2227

(724) 349-2008
Age: 50-

630) 303-9481
Naperville, IL



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550 Philadelphia Street,

Indiana, PA 15701

(724) 464-0422
(724) 349-2008 Alt


KAMRAM FAROOQ recently opened the restaurant on Philadelphia Street.

His wife, Uzma Mehmod, owns CoGo's Exxon on Oakland Avenue. I i
Owner of Indian restaurant looking to satisfy spicy craving Gazette
Start Writer Mohammad "Kami" Farooq, owner of Mr. Tikka's
restaurant on Philadelphia Street in Indiana, cooks his Indian food
with a slight twist he makes it less spicy, with American tastebuds
in mind. "I make dishes to suit American people," Farooq said. "Not
too hot. Meanwhile, the taste should not change." The restaurant
opened in November and offers Indian food, teas, jewelry and apparel.
So far, the most popular dishes are goat haleem and chicken tikka.
The meats (chicken, goat, ground beef) are marinated for one to
seven days and cooked in a clay oven between 800 and 1,000 degrees
for 13 to 14 minutes known as a tikka, the restaurant's namesake.
Farooq said this preparation of meat is his "specialty," and it bums
cholesterol and fat while keeping the flavor. New dishes are always
being added to the menu, as Farooq enjoys experimenting with his
cooking. Farooq expected most of his business to come from the
Middle Eastern population in town, but about 95 percent of his
customers are American. "The American response has been better
than we thought," he said. "We thought our community would like it,
that they were tired of cooking at home." Uzma Mehmod, Farooq's
wife, who owns CoGo's Exxon gas station on Oakland Avenue, said
she has noticed many Americans asking for spicier food. Until
recently, CoGo's Exxon also contained a Subway restaurant, but
Mehmod has re-opened it under the name Uzma's. While she still
serves subs and sandwiches, she also now offers Indian food. "It's a
change since I've been here," said Mehmod, who moved to the U.S.
from Pakistan 26 years ago. While business has been somewhat slow

overall, Farooq said he expects more customers as spring and

summer approach. Eventually, he plans to seek permission to cook
outdoors on the sidewalk, so passersby can smell and see the fare
and grab food on the go. MEMBERS WANTED I'd just keep an eye on
it" B. recently kicked off its 2006-07 membership drive. From left is
Joyce Bertness, main street manager tor Downtown Indiana; Tim
McQuaide, Downtown Indiana board president; and Jim Gray, one of
trie organization's newest members. Gray owns Gray's Used and
Unique Books along South Seventh Street. Bertness said one of the
goals is to attract more residential members. Downtown Indiana has
180 members. The membership fee is $75 a year, but has been
reduced to $50 tor those who join before March 31. For more
Information, call (724) 463-6110. Online ordering and delivery will be
available as the restaurant grows, and plans are also in the works to
open a Mr. Tikka in Johnstown, Farooq said. "We know an Indian
couple there," Mehmod said. "They own a Subway. Many Americans
come in and say, 'Why did you open this and not an Indian
restaurant?' So we said, 'Let's start a franchise.'" Cooking is just one
of Farooq's passions. He is a computer programmer and electronics
specialist by trade but was unable to find work in that field after
moving to Indiana from Pakistan a year ago. Soon, though, he plans
to combine his work by opening a computer-repair shop with in Mr.
Tikka. Kami's Computers, named for Farooq's nickname, would offer
electronics and computer repair, upgrades, programming and Web
site design and programming. Kami's Computers should open within
"a few months," Farooq said. Mr. Tikka is open seven days a week,
from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, call (724) 464-0422 or
visit www.mrtikka.com.