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uk/nubs Issue 05: Autumn/Winter 07

From the
In this issue: South Pole to
— New Goldman Professor
Fiona Cruickshank shares her
the North Pole
formula for success. p9 Another Marketing and
Management graduate sets
 CL to NYC
Putting classroom theory into practice. p13 out to conquer the Pole p17
— Bringing Business Skills
to the Charity Sector
Why the charity sector needs more
Business graduates. p21

From the Director’s Desk

Welcome to the fifth issue of
NUBusiness. Since our last issue
Regional roots are demonstrated by the connections we
have with many local organisations through the The PoPs Have New Goldman A pharmacist at the head of a multi-
million pound drug manufacturing
there have been some changes in
the Business School. After seven
Executive MBA programme. Graduates from this
programme exercise the leadership and management
Arrived: A Professor Shares business is the latest high profile
entrepreneur to become the
years as Director of the School, skills they have developed by helping the organisations
that they work for to grow and develop. We are also
Different Kind Her Formula for Goldman Visiting Professor
of Business Innovation.
Professor Ian McLoughlin has
taken a year-long research leave. linked in to the Newcastle Science City vision to translate of Professor p7 Success p9
In his absence, I have taken over as scientifically-based intellectual capital into economic and Newcastle University is committed
social benefit for the North East of England. We have now Professor John Leopold to become a university “open for
Acting Director of the School, and
appointed four Professors of Practice (PoPs), one for each Acting Director NUBS business” for Newcastle Science City.
Dr. Hugh Metcalf as Acting Deputy
of the Science City theme areas. These PoPs are people
Director. who have been able to combine scientific research with
As a school we have been re-working
entrepreneurship and now have the task of connecting NCL to NYC p13 From the Human Resources
and reformulating our vision and we
have now encapsulated it in the
science to business and business to science. You can read
more about this on pages 7 and 8 of this issue. South Pole to Management Is
phrase: “To be regionally rooted, One example of many where we are able to influence
policy decisions of government and business at national
the North Pole p17 Just a Click Away
nationally influential and globally Following on from similar
respected.” level is Professor Mike Jones-Lee’s position as specialist consultancy trips in Europe, COVER STORY p19
adviser to the House of Lords Select Committee on students from the Executive MBA You may have a great business
Our inspiration for this has come Economic Affairs, which is conducting an inquiry into
from the Angel of The North. undertook a consultancy project Another Marketing and Management idea, but have you any experience
Government Policy on the Management of Risk. Another with Thomson Financial. graduate sets out to conquer the Pole. in managing people?
Beneath the steel superstructure are colleague from the ESHER research group, Professor
thousands of tons of concrete which Sue Chilton, has been a policy adviser to DEFRA on the
root the statue in place. Recently the
British Culture Secretary named it
health benefits of reduced air pollution. A Round Table The Rise of Win a Digi Memo
as one of the UK’s top ten cultural Together with Dr. Hugh Metcalf, Professors Jones-Lee
and Chilton are also now part of the Norwegian
Discussion p21 Metaverses p24 Notepad!
icons, and obviously it now has world
wide recognition. Government research centre into risk management. p30
This shows how we can expand out from national to
At the Business School we seek to international significance and influence.
emulate this achievement by also
being regionally rooted, nationally Many of the other activities reported on in this issue are
influential and globally respected. related to this vision, which will be the inspiration for our Is the International Summer School Are three dimensional worlds
future work. meeting expectations? the next generation web?

A Word from the Editor Full contents:

News...................................................... 03 From the South Pole Research Focus:
The PoPs Have Arrived: to the North Pole................................... 17 The Rise of Metaverses......................... 24
Hi everyone and welcome to the We have introduced a new discussion series with A Different Kind of Professor............... 07 Love Newcastle LIVE Newcastle!…....... 18 Alumni Archive..................................... 25
fifth issue of NUBusiness. I hope this issue, the first of which is about the University’s New Goldman Professor Shares Her Human Resources Management Alumni Events....................................... 27
you like the new layout for the International Summer School. We also bring you Formula for Success.............................. 09 Is Just a Click Away............................... 19 Book Review:
magazine. highlights of the Executive MBA trip to New York, Bringing Business Skills A Round Table Discussion.................... 21 The Tiger That Isn’t.............................. 28
news on the appointment of the fifth Goldman Visiting to the Charity Sector............................. 11 Profile: Making the MOST NUBusiness Briefings........................... 29
As is always the case, it is difficult Professor and advice from alumnus David Rankin on NCL to NYC........................................... 13 for the Region........................................ 23 Competition Page.................................. 30
to fit all that’s been happening at online human resources management. And, as always,
the Business School in one issue! Our we have updates on research focus, NUBusiness Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee
alumni around the world are making briefings and our ever popular alumni archive. NUBusiness Editor Credits and Thanks
a name for themselves, and it doesn’t Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts,
get any better for Brian Douds who Many thanks to BMS World Mission, Special thanks to the Editorial Board, Cover photograph courtesy Daniel R.
contributed articles and helped me put this, National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Karol Marketing and our hardworking Westergren, Senior Photo Editor for
has just returned from a trip to the our second anniversary issue, together. Shalinee Chatterjee, Kristen Bradfield, team at SUMO. National Geographic Traveller Magazine,
North Pole or David Locke who is Mick Warwicker, Dan Howarth, Stuart One-North, Singapore.
making a world of difference by Please continue to send in your suggestions Garratt. Gwilym Mumford, Aarushi Nigam
working for one of the oldest and contributions to nubusiness@ncl.ac.uk. and Nick Pitsiladis.
charities in the UK. Enjoy the issue!


News News

School Advises Third Sector Pathfinder Grant

for Lecturer
Business School Lecturer Rob Joanna Berry, Academic Director of
Wilson, who is also the leader of the Executive MBA Programme, has
the Social and Business Informatics become the first successful applicant
research group which sits in the from the University for a North East
School’s Centre for Knowledge Higher Level Skills Pathfinder grant of
Innovation Technology and £15,000. This will be used to deliver a
Enterprise (KITE), was recently the series of short courses to practitioners
Chris Brink, keynote presenter at two national in the cultural and creative industries,
Vice-Chancellor of conferences aimed at the voluntary to provide them with the business
Newcastle University and charity sectors. skills and knowledge which will

New Vice-Chancellor Takes the The title of his keynote speech was support this critical sector of the
“Balancing the Mission with Funding UK economy.
Priorities.” His talk outlined the The Sector Skills Council recognises

Helm at Newcastle University challenges facing the third sector, in

particular the problem of surviving
in the “organisational aquarium” of
that over half a million people work
in these industries, which contribute
£23.5bn annually to the UK economy,
public sector service delivery, where but businesses in this sector suffer
ongoing issues for third sector from a very high failure rate due to
organisations include sustainability, The ESRC funded project is titled “Delivering Public an identified lack of administrative
Newcastle University has a new Vice- Professor Brink is successor to His career since then has divided Services in the Mixed Economy of Welfare: Putting
Chancellor. He is South-African born Professor Christopher Edwards, who between academic and management mission drift and finding the balance and management skills.
between competition and networking Research into Practice.”
mathematician Professor Chris Brink, retired after six-and-a-half-years as positions in South Africa and The short course theories will be
activity. Some of the materials will be piloted in two regional known as “Jigsaw” in order to allow
who became the university’s executive Vice-Chancellor. The University has Australia, with frequent contacts
These conference events have training workshops in the East Midlands and the North for its development into an industry-
and academic head on 1 August. achieved sustained growth under in Britain and Europe.
coincided with the launch of a new East. The North East event will take place at Newcastle specific, flexible format with a
Professor Brink was formerly Rector Professor Edwards’ leadership. In 1998, he was appointed Pro-
research project where the Business University on January 24th, 2008. common core of subjects. As well
and Vice-Chancellor at Stellenbosch Olivia Grant, Chairman of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor (Research) at
University in South Africa, where he University’s governing body, Council, the University of Wollongong in School’s KITE research centre is a For more information see the project website as using the University’s internal
led a “transformation agenda” which said: “Chris Brink is a renowned Australia, where he restructured the partner with Age Concern, at www.socialwelfareservicedelivery.org.uk. teaching resources, practitioners from
resulted in Stellenbosch emerging as academic with an international University’s activities in research, Nottingham Trent University and For more information on KITE within and outside the sector will be
one of the country’s leading research reputation in higher education who innovation and commercialisation. Manchester Metropolitan University. please visit www.ncl.ac.uk/kite/. providing up to date and informed
universities and gaining a reputation has demonstrated outstanding Following the decline of the steel advice and commentary
for promoting equality of opportunity leadership at Stellenbosch. The industry, the University was key to on these and other subjects.
by attracting more black students Council believes he shares our the rebirth of Wollongong as a
into higher education. commitment to the crucial regional
and local role of the University whilst
knowledge-based city. Business School’s This year, the seminars in the broad
management subject area have been
(including venues) will be made available on the School
website: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/nubs/research/
Professor Brink said that while in
South Africa, he became aware of the strengthening our international
excellence and diversity.”
He was appointed Rector and Vice-
Chancellor of Stellenbosch University New Research coordinated into a single series to
encourage participation and facilitate
All students, alumni, partners and friends
reputation of Newcastle University
for “excellence and relevance.” He Professor Brink was born and raised
in South Africa in 2002, which he has
led through a transformation agenda Seminar Series dissemination of ideas. External
speakers for the October seminar
of the Business School are cordially invited!
aims to build on this commitment by in a small rural town at the southern while at the same time increasing its series included Professor Ted Fuller, Upcoming Seminars:
applying teaching and research to the edge of the Kalahari Desert. At the research and academic profile Professor of Entrepreneurship and November 12th
benefit of people and businesses. age of 18 he moved to Johannesburg, nationally and internationally. The Business School is buzzing with
research activity, which is reflected in Strategic Foresight, Teesside; Dr. Dr Lorraine Warren, Senior Lecturer,
“It was the vision of this university where he gained a first degree in Professor Brink himself is a logician Stefanie Reissner, Lecturer in School of Management, Southampton University
the seminar series planned for this
that brought me here,” said Professor mathematics and computer science. with a strong commitment to academic year. Management, University of Topic: Academic Entrepreneurship: career
Brink. “I am enthused by the idea of a He continued his postgraduate study interdisciplinary work who has Sunderland; Colin Herron, One transformation through the practice of
marriage between excellence and in mathematics and philosophy at published widely in the fields of The seminars are for both Business NorthEast; and Wayne Delaforce, entrepreneurial identity
relevance, and committed to the ideal Rhodes University, Grahamstown, mathematics, logic, philosophy and School staff and invited speakers Assistant Director, Development
South Africa, before being awarded a from the UK and overseas to present November 28th
of a university that is a driver for computer science. He is a Fellow of School of Humanities and Human Dr Graham Dietz, Lecturer in Human Resource
development and economic growth prestigious scholarship to the Royal Society of South Africa, their current work well ahead of Services, Queensland University of
Cambridge, where he completed a publication. They are therefore an Management, Durham Business School
through the internationally a former President of the South Technology, Australia. Topic: Trust repair after an organisational failure
recognised quality of its research PhD in Algebraic Logic in 1978. African Mathematical Society and a opportunity to keep abreast of the
most recent developments in The seminar series will be run during The School is always interested to hear from people
and teaching.” Founder Member of the Academy of term-time with seminars taking place
Science of South Africa. academic thought. who would like to appear as one of our speakers.
almost every Wednesday, from 4 p.m. For more information on the seminars please contact
He is married with two daughters to 5 p.m. The details of all seminars Kasia Zdunczyk at kasia.zdunczyk@ncl.ac.uk.
and a son.


News News

Girls Prefer Pink — Newcastle University’s

Forum for Business
Or At Least a Redder Ethics Launched

Shade of Blue In recognition of an increased

demand for guidance and input on
ethical issues, the Business Ethics
Network will offer a forum for

Photo reproduced courtesy of The Journal, Newcastle upon Tyne

discussion of subjects around
organisational ethics.
The forum, essentially a series of
participative lectures, will have a
virtual centre at Newcastle
University, and it will aim to act as a
Kate Partridge (right) catalyst to attract external people
pictured with Caroline with an interest in organisational
Theobald (left) ethics to the University. The lectures/

Sowing the Seeds for the Next

seminars will be as inclusive as
possible, offering a regional “best in
class” resource.

Generation of Business Leaders A new study by scientists from

Newcastle University gives substance
In the test, young adult men and
The sessions will be facilitated by an
invited guest speaker and subjects for
discussion sessions will be arranged
women were asked to select, as rapidly around themes in ethics rather than
to the old adage “Pink for a girl, as possible, their preferred colour from by sector, i.e. “transparency and
Newcastle University Business School Rocket Science and Lisa Hart of during her internship that she met blue for a boy.” each of a series of paired, coloured probity in governance’ or “measuring
alumna Kate Partridge has been given Acritas Research. Caroline and set about securing a job rectangles. While the test revealed that stakeholder impacts” rather than
Evolution may have driven women’s
a leadership role by her employers. for herself post-graduation. the universal favourite colour appears “ethics in the public sector.”
Caroline Theobald, Bridge Club preference for pink, according to the
Kate is a familiar face on the to be blue, the researchers found that
founder, said: “The North East has Keen to stay in the North East, Kate study published recently. The erstwhile Sunderland Centre for
networking scene in the North East in females had a preference for the red
set itself a target of finding 20,000 actively sought potential employment “The explanation might date back to Business Ethics which regularly
her role as business manager at The end of the red-green axis.
new business leaders over the next opportunities away from run of the humans” hunter-gatherer days, when attracted 30-40 people, the success of
Bridge Club and has helped hundreds decade and this newly created role is mill graduate schemes. Kate has “This shifts their colour preference a recent Corporate Social
of fledgling North East firms make women were the primary gatherers
one small step towards that. It is a big always taken an interest in the topic slightly away from blue towards red, Responsibility strategy day held at
new contacts over the past two years. and would have benefited from an
step for my company and for Kate, of leadership. The 2000 Fulcrum which tends to make pinks and lilacs Newcastle University and a pilot
ability to hone in on ripe, red fruits.
Now she will have the opportunity to who has proven over the past two Challenge offered her the chance to the most preferred colours in Business Ethics Network seminar
Culture may exploit and compound
tackle the tougher aspects of running years that she is an incredible go on an expedition to China and comparison with others,” says held in April this year have all
this natural female preference,” says
a company after being appointed as a employee and team player who has Mongolia as well as an intense Professor Hurlbert, who carried out signalled the importance placed on
Anya Hurlbert, Professor of Visual
director of The Bridge Club, the potential to be an even more personal development course during the study along with research associate ethical issues by local organisations.
Neuroscience at Newcastle University.
networking specialists for early-stage incredible leader.” her A-levels. She is also a founding Dr Yazhu Ling. It is anticipated that regular
businesses. The move will enable the member of JCI North East England The study, published in “Current attendees will comprise local (to the
Kate graduated from Newcastle The test included a small group of
twenty-four year old to put in to and a member of the CBI Young Biology,” provides new scientific North East) corporates, professional
University Business School in 2005 Chinese people among the other 171
evidence in support of the long-held
practice much of the business advice with a degree in International Leaders Council. British Caucasian study participants to services, SMEs, public sector, third
she has learnt from many of the North notion that men and women differ sector, education and HE people.
Business Management, during which Kate said: “This is a tremendous establish whether gender differences
East’s most successful entrepreneurs, when it comes to their favourite
time she spent a study year abroad in opportunity to become a company in colour preference depend more on The first of the quarterly seminars
who have graced the couch for the colours.
Germany. Kate worked throughout director. The Bridge Club has been biology or culture. According to will take place in Autumn 07.
popular “In Conversation With…” her time at university in various on an upward spiral and these are “Although we expected to find gender Professor Hurlbert, the results among To register your interest, please
events that The Bridge Club is roles, including running her own extremely exciting times to be differences, we were surprised at how the Chinese participants were similar, email Stuart.Garratt@ncl.ac.uk
renowned for hosting. The most domestic cleaning company in her involved. I look forward to having a robust they were, given the simplicity strengthening the idea that the gender or call: 0191 222 8745.
recent event saw Greggs managing home town of Harrogate. major impact on the future success of our test,” says Professor Hurlbert. differences might be biological.
director Sir Mike Darrington cover of the business.” The study is the first to show that
the challenges and successes of a During her final year at University, Overall, the differences between men
colour preference can be broken down
career spanning four decades. Kate took on an Enterprise and women were substantial enough
into two elements: red-greenness and
Internship with the University’s that the seasoned researchers can now
Other high flyers to take to the Bridge blue-yellowness. These are the usually predict the sex of a participant
Enterprise Centre. Here she was
Club stage include Jocelyn Maxfield of biological mechanisms that underlie based on their “favourite colour”
responsible for developing an interest
Tom’s Companies, Simon Heptinstall colour. Girls and boys differ in the profile. The researchers plan to modify
in enterprise and entrepreneurship
of Storey Carpets, Paul Callaghan of emphasis they give to these two the colour-choice test for infants to
amongst the student body. It was
the Leighton Group, Alan Timothy of fundamental components. further test the “nature versus
nurture” theory.


Features Features

The PoPs Have Arrived:

A Different Kind of Professor
Estelle Chatard and Feng Li
The Professors integrate Harry
Peter Gore

When Newcastle University got involved in Newcastle Science City, it business and academic roles
committed to become a university “open for business.” One of the many and collapse the university-
signs that transformation is happening is the recent appointment of four
Professors of Practice.
industry divide, turning a
conflict of interest into a Dr Harry Bradbury is founder
and Chief Executive of Intelligent
Peter Gore has an Engineering
Design Masters degree from
confluence of interest. Energy, a company in fuel cell
technology and hydrogen
Loughborough University and
has over 25 years’ experience in
generation technologies. Harry medical product design. In 1990
founded the company in August he became the Director of R&D
2001 and personally raised and Quality for the BOC Group in
around £30 million in equity Atlanta. In 1993, he founded and
financing for technology became the Managing Director of
development and corporate Cane & Able Ltd that specialised
growth. He has ten years’ in assistive technology. In 2002,
experience in teaching and he founded ADL Smartcare Ltd
research in universities in the to match people and technological
UK and USA, and has worked solutions currently available.
in more than fifty countries
worldwide for and on behalf of
local companies and global
corporations, including Shell, Lyddiatt
L’Oréal, Rolls Royce and Suez.
Harry has also acted as advisor
to ten national governments
including that of the UK.

Over the past decade, the title Newcastle Science City has been The Professors of Practice are The Professors of Practice have been appointed in the David Leahy Dr Andrew Lyddiatt has over
“Professor of Practice” has been the catalyst for the formation of an one of the enablers for this change. University’s strategic research fields in science and 30 years’ scientific experience in
adopted at a number of leading unprecedented partnership between They are scientist entrepreneurs technology and are hosted by the Business School. They biochemical engineering and has
research universities. This title, Newcastle University, One North with strong academic credentials are working very closely with the scientists, Business a PhD in molecular and cellular
traditionally adopted in professional East, Newcastle City Council and and research interests whose School faculties and Newcastle Science City to develop biology from Durham University.
schools or colleges in fields such as industry leaders. This Triple Helix expertise can help strengthen both new commercialisation opportunities for the University. He pursued his interests in
architecture, design or business, between academia, industry and the research as well as technology These appointments represent a key milestone in the postdoctoral research on microbial,
is now used in other disciplines government is set to accelerate the transfer capabilities of the university. transformation of Newcastle University, which will lead Dr David Leahy has over 20 years’ animal and human proteins at
such as arts or science. American transformation of Newcastle and These Professors integrate business to a culture that not only encourages but also actually scientific experience in the Trinity College Dublin, Imperial
universities are using Professors North East England as a vibrant and academic roles and collapse the rewards academic entrepreneurs. bio-informatics and chemo- College and in the commercial
of Practice to further enhance the location for state-of-the-art research university-industry divide, turning a informatics applied to drug environment of Cambridge Life
quality of teaching and put “real and high-tech businesses for the conflict of interest into a confluence discovery. After working for world Sciences. He established the
world” practitioners in front of benefit of everyone. As part of this, of interest. PoPs are employed part- leaders such as AstraZeneca, Biochemical Recovery Group at
students. These Professors are also the University is undergoing one of time, allowing them to maintain David went on to form Cyprotex the University of Birmingham in
seen as an efficient bridge between the biggest changes in its history. dual careers in business and to pursue his ideas for improved 1985, and as Professor of Process
academia and industry, giving Not only is it embracing its new academia. And as agents of change, technology for drug discovery. Biotechnology subsequently
access to talent for companies and mission of economic and social they will foster new industrial Under David’s leadership directed the Birmingham
placement opportunities for students. development, it is also setting networks, develop translational Cyprotex grew and was eventually Centre for Bioprocess Engineering.
At Newcastle University, the the pace to transform the way it research programmes, identify floated on the London Stock In February 2003, he joined
Professor of Practice (PoP) concept interacts with industry through commercialisation opportunities Exchange. David is now working Millipore Biopharmaceutical
has been taken to a new level. translational research and and act as role models for staff with universities and commercial Division in county Durham
commercialisation programmes. and students. organisations throughout Europe and managed 25 research
and the USA on developing new & development personnel
research programmes. in the UK and USA.


Features Features

New Goldman Professor Shares

Her Formula for Success
Team NUBusiness

A pharmacist at the head of a multi-million pound drug manufacturing business is the latest
The Goldman Endowment
high profile entrepreneur to become the Goldman Visiting Professor of Business Innovation.
David Goldman took a company of his own creation Through their gift, the Goldman family have
She adds: “As an active supporter of It has more than 5,000 of the UK’s 12,000 independent from extremely modest beginnings and built one of established a permanent memorial to David through
the local knowledge economy, I feel high street chemists on its books and more than 120 the most successful companies in the North East of the David Goldman Chair of Business Innovation,
it is very important to invest in the NHS Trusts. England. This year Newcastle University celebrates the David Goldman Visiting Professor/Fellow of
future and also a privilege to play a Fiona Cruickshank is the fifth holder of the post of the 5th Goldman Visiting Professor and the Goldman Business Innovation and the David Goldman
role in the educational development Visiting Professor, which is offered to high profile and family making the decision to give a gift to the Doctoral Studentship.
of young people.” successful entrepreneurs in the region. Business School in his memory. It was done in the
Originally from Newcastle, Fiona hope that it might inspire other entrepreneurs to do
graduated in pharmacy from as David did and establish opportunities for those
London University in 1987. living in the region where David was born and began
As a founder of the only North East his working life.
company to break into The Times “I was desperate to work in
industry,” she says, “and I managed The Sage Group Plc, as it is now known, was the
Fast Track 100 — a list of Britain’s
fastest growing private companies — to secure one of the six industrial “I have put my money where my result of David joining forces with Graham Wylie,
then an undergraduate from Newcastle University’s
Fiona Cruickshank is urging budding placements available at the time
with the Wellcome Foundation.
mouth is and I know the North East computing department, to devise an integrated
entrepreneurs to lose their fear and
launch the business of their dreams. Starting in sterile products is a great region for launching hardware and software package thus lead to the
manufacturing at their Dartford launch of the Sage brand.
As managing director of
site I gained experience of quality
science and technology businesses.” After his death, it was David’s belief in business,
pharmaceutical business
control, development laboratories, branding, marketing and entrepreneurs which led his
The Specials Laboratory,
tableting and packaging.” sons Daniel and Andrew and his wife Cynthia to
Northumberland, Fiona has been
Having spent ten years working establish a permanent memorial to him in the North
selected by the Business School to be
across the UK in community East. A deep responsibility to remain involved in the
our incoming Goldman Visiting
pharmacies, hospitals and in social development of the North East was also a
Professor of Business Innovation
industry, Fiona moved back to the strong driving force behind Cynthia, and her family,
this year. She says she will use this
North East to set up her business. in making the gift to Newcastle University Business
position as a platform to encourage
After an unsuccessful attempt to School.
others to take the plunge and set up
on their own. buy-out the Specials Laboratory –
a pharmaceutical manufacturing
The role of Visiting Goldman
facility where she worked at the
Professor involves working within
Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary -
the School to provide leadership and
she decided to set up on her own.
mentoring to our students and
faculty, as well as delivering the She says: “I felt that after failing
David Goldman Business School to buy the business, the market
lecture at the annual event which opportunity for niche medicines
will take place on November 8th was too good to miss and decided to
at 6pm at the Research Beehive, start from scratch.” Her father who
Newcastle University. had been in business all his life said:
“Why don’t you just start up on your
Fiona says: “I have been there; I have
own?” It is this move that has
put my money where my mouth is
catapulted her to prominence
and I know the North East is a great
amongst the region’s business
region for launching science and
technology businesses. I am thrilled
to join the Business School and feel The Specials Laboratory began
my knowledge of what it’s like to with four staff in 1999 but has
build a business in the real world grown dramatically with expected
would inspire more people to do the sales this year of £11m, an increase
The Specials Labratory

The Specials Labratory

same themselves. You should not put of 40% on last year and now
barriers up between you and your employs about 150 staff.
dreams, if you have an idea or have
spotted an opportunity just get on
and do it.”
Features Features

Bringing Business Skills

to the Charity Sector
David Locke
Within two months of arriving at more severely. You will recall the David at the Khimti
Business School alumnus David Locke explains why BMS I found myself en route to tragic consequences of the Boxing hydroelectric project
the charity sector needs more Business graduates. Nepal and visiting one of our Day tsunami in 2004. The incident in Nepal
Engineers (Ex Shell) who was was tragic but the response from our
leading a $200m hydroelectricity team and supporters was enormous.
dam project. This one project alone Because of the new web technology
means that over 10% of the Nepalese and database structures that we had
population now have access to implemented only a few years earlier
electricity. If you can’t imagine the we were able to get our emergency
impact on people’s lives, then wait appeal out in “double quick time.”
until you get home tonight and try And it is at this point that one starts
to live without anything powered to see the result of applying the
by electricity. knowledge and skills that have been
As a further result a clinic was set attained over the years in developing
up which means that instead of a
50 mile journey to the nearest town
the correct strategy.
So what about the MBA? Well an
This one project alone
(by which time even a simple bone
fracture could have developed fatal
interesting development in the
charity sector is that many of the top
now means that over
complications), the local citizens now
have somewhere to turn to for
UK Charities have Chief Executives
and Directors who have an MBA.
10% of the Nepalese
essential medical treatment. When My colleague, Mark Craig, population have access
you see hope in a person’s eyes rather
than despair that is definitely worth
Communications Director, has an
MBA. Our Chief Executive, Rev to electricity.
more than a bigger company car! Doctor Alistair Brown, studied for
While working in a Professional an MBA after he got the job and has
Accounting firm I had developed testified that without it he would not
deep levels of technical ability in one have felt able to lead the organisation Father at the Khimti
specific area (in my case IT security). to take the decisive strategic steps Clinic happy to
However, working in the charity that it needed to take at that time. see his daughter
recovering well
sector required much more than just My next step… Well it won’t surprise
technical expertise. Here one needs you that I’m talking with Alistair
to bring and apply a full width of about doing an MBA as part of my Below: Fishermen in
business acumen, insights, on-going personal development. In India get new nets
entrepreneurial zeal and techniques. both my current role or as a CEO in after the tsunami
Above all one has to be prepared to the future an MBA looks the best
Helping fight hunger learn quickly. route to further enhance my skill sets.
in Uganda
I thus found myself using skill sets My challenge to you: if you are going
So what shall I do with this life? A bit of a dramatic So instead of opting for a career This belief was soon negated when that read more like an MBA course to use an MBA in business, then be
opening line but it is one of the questions we are all ladder move to work in the United I found that in reality, the charity outline. Working with a small outstanding; make lots of money and
faced with. States I opted to work for one of thesector has many exceptionally Director team in the first two years give it away! But, if you are asking
oldest charities in the UK: BMS talented, gifted and modest of my time at BMS we completed some fundamental questions about
In 1999 I found myself asking a few questions about a corporate re-branding review, what you do with the life you have,
what direction to take in my life…to quote the famous World Mission. BMS is a Christian individuals with business
charity working with the poor and qualifications, who share a developed a new website and then think about using your MBA for
David Byrne song… “And you may ask yourself how do implemented a new database the service of those in need – you
I work this? And you may ask yourself, where is that needy in over 30 countries around common passion to help those in
the world. need. As a result, I found that on development, agreed a five-year may not find yourself waking up a
large automobile?” I found myself as a graduate from strategy with the Trustees and millionaire but you may find yourself
Newcastle, a senior manager with Ernst & Young, a Originally I went into my new role one hand while my training and
experience helped me to contribute developed a new £2m training centre intellectually challenged and
Chartered Accountant and qualified in IT security, as Finance Director with a level of in the Midlands. The list goes on… incredibly fulfilled.
asking some of the big questions. arrogance. This was based on my to the team, on the other, the
preconceived idea that I had lots of experience of working with some There is a buzz when one closes a
You can have the car, the house and all that goes with new sales deal in the business world
it, but for some folks this doesn’t “scratch the itch” and superior knowledge to bring from the of my colleagues helped steer my
business world to the “poor cousin” own learning curve in a strong – in the charity sector the buzz is
you want to do something with the skills and abilities upwards direction. about helping people in need who
that you have for the benefit of your fellow man. known as the charity sector.
might otherwise have suffered much


Features Features

This is exactly what the cab ride

was like although instead of your
NCL to NYC life flashing before you it was the
famous New York City skyline.
Ally Robson

Following on from similar consultancy trips in Europe to Krakow, Gdansk and The First Twenty Four Hours Day One Day Two – Focus Groups
Cork, students from the Executive MBA undertook a consultancy project with
It is 2am and my alarm is ringing. After a subway ride and quick coffee The second day at Thomson
Thomson Financial this year, thus marking the course’s first link with an This signals that I have less than stop in one of New York’s thousand Financial involved another series
American institution. The students’ remit was to produce a report on staff an hour to get from my house to coffee shops we arrived at Thomson of focus groups, followed by a
perceptions of the impact on the “culture” and “communications” of Thomson Citywall, the Business School’s new Financial’s headquarters at 195 meeting with the Chief Executive
headquarters where a coach will take Broadway to begin our consultancy of the Organisation Sharon
Financial following the recently announced merger with Reuters. The report was the group to Edinburgh airport for project. It was an amazing feeling to Rowlands, an alumna of
based on focus group sessions with staff members, which the students ran. our eight-hour flight to New York think we were there to offer support Newcastle University. Sharon
City. This was our first taste of the to a multinational company. taking time out of her day to see
One of the students, Ally Robson, gives his account of turning classroom theory harsh side of life as consultants. We went straight up to one of their us showed how important the
project was to Thomson Financial.
into practice. After the amazing feat of getting to boardrooms, where we waited to
the coach in time I was met by the meet members of the senior When we met with Sharon we
rest of the course. To onlookers we executive team. It still didn’t feel real, already had some key themes
must have looked like a group of more like we were pretending to be which we could share with her.
extras from Shaun of the Dead, but consultants rather than actually It was a slightly surreal experience
with excess amounts of luggage. being them. as in the space of a few days we
We landed in Newark airport and This feeling didn’t last much longer had gone from learning about
were now only functioning on the however, as after what felt like only a consultancy to real life
large amounts of coffee supplied to short briefing, it was into the first set implementation, with all the
us on the flight. However we still had of focus groups. There was no doubt responsibilities that come with it.
to get to our accommodation. about it, we were here to work and a Without a doubt this truly was
This part of the journey ended up lot was being expected of us, it was turning out to be an experience
being the most dangerous part of the time to get stuck into it, which is none of us would ever forget.
trip as it involved travelling with exactly what everyone did. The second day marked the end of
Death, otherwise known as a New By the end of the first day we had the normal working week, but not
York City Cab. run four focus groups, two looking for a group of high powered
Just before you die, you are meant to at culture and two looking at consultants like us! We had to
see your whole life flash before your communication. In each session we prepare a presentation and report
eyes. This is exactly what the cab ride would either be taking notes on what for Monday. The decision was
from the airport was like although individuals were saying or actually taken by the group to enjoy Friday
instead of your life flashing before leading one of the sessions. This night and Saturday in New York
you at great speed it was the famous involved asking the staff a series and to get back to work on Sunday.
New York City skyline. of open-ended questions. Needless to say we made sure we
Grateful to be alive, we arrived You would not expect sitting in a all lived it up on Friday night and
at the Columbia University halls room asking people questions to be celebrated all the work we had
of residence almost seconds after so exhausting – but it is, and by the already done. The details of this,
leaving the airport. By this point end of the first day we were all tired like all work nights out, are best
all illusions of consultancy involving(partly due to jet lag) but sheer kept vague; however this evening
business class flights and chauffeur adrenaline had got us through until did involve a search for some cups,
driven cars had been very much 6.00pm. So in a true professional a trip to “the village” and a bizarre
blown out of the water. style it was an early night for the incident involving a snake and
a parrot!
However, through all of this everyone group, with only a few nightcaps
was still excited and eager to get in the local bar near our
started on the project. We would accommodation.
have to wait until the morning before
we could start so, in a bid to blend
into the New York City culture, we
EMBA students at Thomson Financial with Sharon Rowlands, CEO; got changed and headed into the
Kimberly A. Bates McCarl, VP Individual Effectiveness and centre of the Big Apple.
Sarah Dunn, EVP Human Resources and Organisational Development. Right: The thrills
of New York City


Features Features

It would have been a crime to come

all this way and not see any of the
sights, or in the case of the girls on
the trip, the department stores.
Day Three – Day of Rest Day Four – The Gay Pride March Day Five – The Final Day at
and Sight Seeing and a Night in the Office Thomson Financial
Relaxing after a In a space of a few
hard day
It would have been a crime to come Our extra day in the office happened We presented our findings and days we had proven
all this way and not see any of the to coincide with the annual Gay recommendations to senior Below: Sharon
Rowlands answers
our abilities as a
sights, or in the case of the girls on Pride March in New York City. As management in the executive
the trip, the department stores. we all made our way to Thomson boardroom. This was where all the
students’ questions group and earned the
For the group I was with there were Financial’s main office we were able hard work everyone had put into right to call ourselves
two important lessons that were to get to see another side to New
York. And this was definitely not just
the trip paid off. The report was consultants.
learnt on Saturday. well received by the management
Number 1: Central Park is massive another typical day in the office! and was seen to be crucial in the
and is full of kites and ultimate We started early and ended up future success of the merger
frisbee players. working until late, putting together between the two organisations.
the final touches to our presentation In the space of a few days we, as
Number 2: It is very easy to end up a group, had not only produced
in Harlem, especially when you and the bulk of the report. But as
the true professionals we had a piece of work which exceeded
don’t know where you are! Thomson Financial’s expectations,
already shown ourselves to be,
we were all set for the presentation we had proven our abilities as a
on Monday morning. group and earned the right to call
ourselves consultants.
In appreciation for our work,
Thomson Financial arranged for
a fleet of private cars (with blacked
Taxi to Columbia out windows) to take us to the
University airport. If nothing else this proved
we were now truly consultants
and was a far cry from the original
taxi ride. If only they had also
offered to bump us all up to
business class on the way back,
but then, there is always next time…

Christian, Jack
and Steve deep
in discussion


Features Features

Love Newcastle
LIVE Newcastle!
Helen Fleming

International students in the city participate in the

International Community Day and make it a success

From the South Pole

to the North Pole
Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee

Another Marketing and Management graduate sets out to conquer the Pole
Cast your mind back to NUBusiness art of sky-diving. It is with this On his return from the Pole, Brian
issue 02, summer 2006, you may passion for adventure and a dream carried out school tours to inspire
remember reading about Oli to succeed that at the age of twenty- and educate young North East
Pattenden, a former Marketing and four he has just faced his greatest children about the Polar Region January 2006 saw the launch of the The event gave international 356 students from both universities came to the event in
Management graduate winning a challenge yet. Brian was part of an and its climate, the wildlife, the first ever International Community students the opportunity to air their January this year and made the most of all the experts
priceless trip to the South Pole by international team that skied to the history, the landscapes, the Day, an event run by Newcastle queries as well as have some fun. who were on hand. Apart from university officials and
entering a web-based competition Geographic North Pole in April 2007. adventure, the future… University, Northumbria University They were able to make friends, get student societies, the stands at the International
run by local organisation Aspire. The team followed in the footsteps and Newcastle City Council, intended involved in volunteering, talk to Community Day included representatives from the
This tour was a huge success, and
of Nansen, Peary and Cook, trekking to help international students living university services such as careers, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, the National Trust, the
Now another graduate from the his experience left the children in
over drifting ice packs on the Arctic in Newcastle become more involved accommodation and the Job Shop, Home Office, and many more. In addition, a series of
same programme has just returned awe of the Arctic and ready to
Ocean to the Geographic North in the Newcastle community and way find out what’s going on in the city talks were run throughout the day to give advice and
from a challenging expedition to the jump off the sofa to face new
Pole… literally to the Top of of life. Due to its success, the event and the region, and get advice on guidance to international students to help them make
North Pole which was sponsored by challenges and adventures of their
the World! was held once again in January staying in the UK after they finish the most of their time in Newcastle.
Stagecoach, Arriva, Nexus, North own. It was an influential
Sea Logistics, Northumberland Anticipating the challenge that programme that has certainly left 2007, and the third International their studies. As one of the students This autumn Newcastle is looking forward to hosting the
Strategic Partnership and Houghton awaited them, the team prepared its mark on the future generation, Community Day is already planned from Newcastle University said: “It biggest International Community Day to date which will
International Electrical Services. for weeks - the actual experience helping to shape the explorers of for late autumn this year. was a really nice experience and I be open to over 7,500 international students from both
however went far beyond their tomorrow. Brian who is still gained a lot of information. It was a Northumbria and Newcastle Universities, with stands
Brian Douds, a 2005 graduate from good forum to meet people from your
expectations. Extreme temperatures carrying out talks said: “This is and experts from around the North East, and a wide
our BA in Marketing and home country and the international
of -35 degrees celsius, arctic winds, only the beginning – I aim to take range of opportunities for international students. There
Management programme loves an community as well.”
severe exhaustion, vast open water the programme nationwide. Of will be a chance to talk to experts about “what to do” in
adventure. While reading for his
leads, 30-foot pressure ridges and the course, neither the expedition nor Newcastle, and valuable information to help students
degree he travelled independently Students gather
constant threat of a polar bear attack the education programme would make the most of their degrees and their lives in
throughout South East Asia and with for an international
were only some of the hurdles. Three have been possible without the Newcastle. Student reps from all over the world will be
his surfboard in tow he hitch-hiked experience
members of the team suffered support of the sponsors, who were available to give first-hand advice to students to help
solo across Australia, from the North
frostbite and one even fell through the lifeblood of this project.” Now, them feel at home in Newcastle. The Universities will also
to the Great Ocean Road in the far
the ice into the 4,000m deep Arctic the South Pole doesn’t seem to be be offering students opportunities to find out more about
South. Brian has tried his hand at
Ocean. At some point the ice was that far away for him. working in the North East after they complete their
many adventure sports - he is a
only centimetres thick and could studies.
qualified scuba diver, an
been seen dipping as the team
accomplished Motocross rider, in
crossed it! Photograph Courtesy: Daniel R.
his own words, “a not so excellent
Westergren, Senior Photo Editor for For more information about this or future
surfer” and is trying to master the International Community Days please email
National Geographic Traveler Magazine.
Helen Fleming at Helen.Fleming@ncl.ac.uk


Features Features

Human Resources Management

Is Just a Click Away
David Rankin

You may have a great business idea, a vision of where you over the telephone with site visits Web-based and telephone HR
Good financial by seasoned human resources services operate at a fraction of the
want to go with the idea and a passion to succeed, but have management, plans for
specialists, as and when required cost of traditional suppliers of legal
by the business owner. Given the advice because their cost base is very
you any experience in managing people? Masterminding your sales and marketing benefits of such online and telephone low. You can try out the services of
own business is not all black and white. Business School and for employing
HR services in terms of not only
huge cost savings compared to
most suppliers free of charge to see
just how good they are. Have a go at
alumnus David Rankin, Business Development Director at people are all obvious traditional sources of legal advice, this before your employees do!
but also ease and speed of use, it is
BusinessHR, offers his advice on turning big dreams into areas to be covered in not surprising that there are now a
realistic business plans. the creation of a viable number of providers of such services.
business plan and the A good HR website will provide a
business owner with easy-to-use,
development of that online guides that, step by step, will
plan over time. help keep that business owner on the
right side of age, sex, equality and
race relations law and following “best
Choose Your Team Any business plan should show how
those key areas are going to be
practice” in HR. And all this is just a
mouse click away, making the whole
managed cost effectively, quickly and process immediate and thus less
according to “best practice,” leaving arduous, risk free and even
time not only for actually creating pleasurable.
revenue but for unexpected In selecting your online HR provider
problems, of which there will be it may not be a good idea to sign up
many in a new business. with what turns out to be a call
David Rankin
Take the legislative side for example. centre where the person dealing
If you asked the “Federation of Small with your query has no personal
Ast Ma

Businesses” they would tell you that knowledge of you or the issues you
SMEs are struggling to deal with the have raised in the past and whose
complex nature of UK employment knowledge seems based just on an
legislation, as well as the sheer interpretation of the law rather than
volume of it. Even larger companies practical guidance on what you David Rankin studied economics
find it a minefield with the new law actually can do. There is also helpful at Newcastle in the late 1960s.
on age discrimination being a front- advice available on many HR
After a long career both in

runner for creating anguish in websites detailing ways to develop

London and abroad with a major
Human Resources (HR) departments. staff and improve performance – all


the “softer” aspects of managing financial organisation he has, for

The issue of managing people cost
staff which many young and the last 10 years, been involved in
effectively and quickly, using best
thrusting entrepreneurs may well managing a range of small
practice and staying within the law,
not have been in business long companies in the IT sector. His
may be too much effort for many
r Team Inc enough to experience. current interest is BusinessHR, a
small businesses. Unfortunately,
ignorance or lack of procedures is no You need to choose a website that is web and telephone based service
defence in an employment tribunal. easy to navigate around and which which helps companies of all sizes
offers the opportunity to talk to an to manage staff cost
So how can people, who these days
experienced team of practitioners
know their rights more than they effectively whilst staying on the
who have your “call history” on a
ever did and are willing to exercise screen when you call - who get to right side of the law.
those rights assertively, be managed know you over time and adopt you
BusinessHR’s clients include
cost effectively, quickly and as “their” client. You need fast advice
according to “best practice?” Hiscox, The Institute of
confirmed in an email that is legally Hospitality, Intellect (the trade
The answer is that human resource compliant and practical. Last but not
association for the IT industry),
management and guidance on least this advice needs to be cost
employment legislation is now effective. Connaught plc and a nation-wide
substantially provided online and well known firm of solicitors.



A Round Table Discussion:

Summer School’s out but has it been a success?
Kate Morris
Moderator: Lee, as a student do you Moderator: Are there any other Eric Cross: Some academic staff see
The University launched an International Summer School in 2006 and has think your experience has lived up wider non-academic benefits? the summer as their research time
just finished running it for the second time. Students can choose from nine to the mission statement that I will Niek Ten Hove: I think there will be so Summer School was greeted with
now read? benefits from doing it when finding a suspicion from some quarters.
possible summer programmes. For this round table discussion we will “The goal of our summer school job in the future. Newcastle is a very However, other members of staff
focus on the 10-week internship programme and the 3-week academic is simple: to inspire students good university to have studied at. I saw the benefit immediately —
from other countries through also think my English has improved. its usefulness for international
programme on “Doing Business in Europe.” Paul Armstrong, Marketing programmes of intensive learning recruitment.
Eric Cross: Yes, I think it is that
Manager at the Business School, thinks it’s time to ask some of those and teaching excellence, while international experience for your Tracy Scurry: I would add to that by
who’ve been involved whether or not it’s meeting expectations? creating an exciting yet supportive CV — helps get you to interview and saying that it isn’t on most people’s
environment in which to experience then in the interview gives you a radar unless they teach on it, which
British culture and society.” discussion point. is the most unfortunate thing. And
Above: Summer Lee Whieldon: I think I’ve actually getting people to commit to
Moderator: Paul Armstrong is the Marketing Manager Moderator: Kate, we’ll kick off Moderator: Lee, you took the teach in the summer is an absolute
School students experienced more than the mission internship programme, but why
at Newcastle University Business School with you — what is the University at St. James’ Park nightmare. But then I think this
trying to achieve by running the statement. I got a job offer from Newcastle and not London where
Below: Discussion my placement. I have professional reflects that the academic staff are
International Summer Schools? on in full swing the music industry is stronger? under pressure all year round with
connections now. Yes, it has been
Kate Morris: The University is really exciting and supportive but Lee Whieldon: The study abroad teaching, research and third strand.
committed to internationalising also it has been integral to my future advisor at Towson introduced me Those involved seem to really enjoy
Kate Morris is the International Summer to Newcastle’s programme. Also teaching though.
the campus. We want to increase career.
School Manager when I was researching the city,
the number of international Eric Cross: Yes, teaching such a
students we get here. The I found that there is a lot of new diverse group creates an interesting
international summer school music, art and culture building up mix of perspectives and this can be
offers students from around the here. Working with Lisa, I did sales, fascinating for teachers as well as
world an alternative opportunity press, radio and so many different for students.
Eric Cross is the Dean of Cultural Affairs — He to experience student life at the things. If I had gone to London it
promotes the University across international markets probably would have been more Moderator: Okay, so sounds like
University without having to take a
admin. So to get the hands on more internal promotion among
full degree or year-long programme.
experience as opposed to getting academic staff is needed. To wrap up
Moderator: Why do you think the discussion, why should students
a city name was one of the main
overseas students consider doing choose Newcastle in summer 2008?
things about Newcastle.
summer schools?
Lee Whieldon is a student from Towson University, Moderator: Lisa, what made you Tracy Scurry: We are a good
Lee Whieldon: I know that academic institution. On the “Doing
Maryland in the US. She took the 10-week internship take on a summer intern?
American students look towards Business in Europe” programme
programme that included a 7-week placement with NDN Lisa McNab: NDN is about giving
doing an international degree we offer a combination of teaching
Distribution followed by the 3-week academic people experience to get their
because it looks good on their involving academics, practitioners,
programme on “Doing Business in Europe” careers off the ground so it fits to
resumé. It’s vital to experience company visits and guest lectures.
another culture. be taking on an internship student We give a comprehensive business
Niek Ten Hove is a student from Holland. He took like Lee. I thought it was great that
Niek Ten Hove: I want to have overview.
the three week summer school programme on she was from America. When Lee
“Doing Business in Europe” friends all over the world. It’s an Lisa McNab: In terms of the
goes back to the States I will have
educational holiday — the academic
programme is serious but the social “Lee wanted a contact in America who will one internship programme, Lee wanted
something very specific in an area
day be working in the music
programme is fun. You go on trips.
And get to know Newcastle.
something very industry. In America, Lee will be where that industry isn’t ripe and
Tracy Scurry is the Programme Director
for “Doing Business in Europe” Moderator: What types of things
specific in an area targeting bands and they will be
hearing about NDN.
the University found it for her. I
would imagine that other students
should a good summer school entail? where that industry Moderator: So Lee sounds happy
and companies matched with the
same kind of attention will have just
Kate Morris: A good summer school
needs to meet the expectations of
isn’t ripe and the and you do too, but what about as great an experience.
the people who are going to come. University found the academic programmes and
teaching staff? Moderator: That is great everyone
Lisa McNab manages a small music company in the
North East called NDN
We try to be as clear as possible
about what students will get in all
it for her.” — thanks very much for all your
comments and for taking part.
our promotional material. We
deliver a strong academic
programme alongside a quality
social programme.


Profile Research focus

Making the MOST for the Region The Rise of Metaverses

Christian Hicks Savvas Papagiannidis

Business School’s Research Group helps improve competitiveness within companies in the North East. Are three dimensional worlds the next generation web?

The Management of Operations, Strategy and Technology disseminate Lean expertise through
Tom McGovern
(MOST) Research Group is a recently formed the EU funded Intereg initiative.
Lecturer in Business Strategy
interdisciplinary research group within the Business School MOST has an international reputation
that brings together engineers, mathematicians, Research Interests
for research relating to engineer-to-
statisticians and social scientists. The overall aim is to Supply chain management,
order companies that produce complex
conduct world-class research that helps organisations knowledge management, capital
capital goods in low volume. We have
improve their competitiveness. Our research agenda is goods and project-based industries,
addressed a wide range of topics in
driven by the changing needs of companies as they seek company decline and failure and
our research which include business
responses to changes in technology and the commercial, turnaround strategies, the role of
process modeling, manufacturing
regulatory, political and economic environment. change agents, implementing Lean
and business strategy, supply chain
This approach supports the University’s strategy of management, computer aided
translational research, which contributes to regional Pushkar Jha
production management systems,
development. Lecturer in Strategy
manufacturing layout, planning and
One NorthEast, the North East’s regional development control. Some of our recent work has Research Interests
agency, has formed the North East Productivity Alliance concentrated on requirements Learning from Strategic
(NEPA), which has disseminated Lean tools and techniques definition, the management of Experiences; Project based
into companies in the North East of England. This initiative specifications and design change Organisational Learning; Design
will increase the competitiveness of regional companies and control. Contests; Mergers and Acquisitions
sustain employment. MOST has been involved in evaluating (Spec: Post Merger Integration)
the NEPA initiative in collaboration with NA-Consulting, Marketing, and more specifically advertising and to highlight the potential of such Our ebusiness students undertook
based in Sunderland, and is about to embark upon several Mike Cox Chris Hicks
Lecturer in Applicable promoting products and services, was one of the most worlds as business and marketing consultancy assignments using
new Lean projects. Our first project will analyse the Professor of Operations
Mathematics significant areas in which electronic business was platforms. We explored the way the Second Life which threw up different
relationship between company type, implementation issues Management
affected from the outset of the Internet’s introduction. selected banks developed a business scenarios in the real world versus
and performance, while the second will investigate the role Research Interests Research Interests This started by using emails to communicate and marketing presence in the the virtual one. They really enjoyed
of change agents in the implementation of Lean. Multidimensional Scaling (MDS); Operations Research and promotional messages and web pages to display three-dimensional environment, it and one of them even started
MOST has a vibrant community of approximately 20 Statistical Process Control (SPC) Managment; Manufacturing advertising banners, and then gradually evolved to with particular emphasis on his own business selling
postgraduate researchers and engages students in and the Analytic Hierarchy Process Systems; Planning and Control; a wide range of sophisticated mechanisms. customer relationship virtual furniture.
industrially relevant research. Current students are (AHP) Layout; Simulation; Optimisation; management repercussions.
Another evolution, or as many would argue a revolution, The emergence of metaverses has
conducting research in Lean and agile manufacturing, Supply Chain Management;
Paul Braiden could be seen in the advent of three-dimensional virtual We also studied the potential brought extra dynamism to an
supply chain management, shop floor control and the Information Technology; Make/
Emeritus Professor worlds, such as that of Second Life, which are often implications for retailers. The spatial evolving business landscape, in
optimisation of manufacturing layout. Engineer-to-order companies;
referred to as “metaverses.”Metaverses are not “games.” dimension should be taken into which marketing is more and
Research Interests Lean Manufacturing;
The last two decades have seen a massive upsurge in They are extensions of our physical universe, to which consideration by retailers who more influenced by technology.
Complex systems in manufacturing Agile Manufacturing;
globalisation with companies now subject to intense they add new dimensions for economic, social and operate simultaneously in three Metaverses may or may not be the
international competition. Our response to this has been to and design and business processes leisure activities to take place. Similarly to how the different, but intertwined spaces, i.e. next generation web, but there is
Oliver Heidrich
conduct research, relevant to the region as well as from the Internet and more specifically the web created an the physical, the electronic and the no doubt that they are here to stay.
Kasia Zdunczyk Lecturer in Waste Management
international perspective. In doing so, MOST is increasing electronic transacting landscape, metaverses provide a metaverse. A key finding was that
collaboration with other leading business schools. Lecturer in Management Research Interests rich context in which digital transactions can take place. retailers need to employ a holistic
An example of this is the Business School’s joint part-time Research Interests Industrial ecology and the and overarching approach when
Many real world companies and organisations have
Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with Organisational learning and sustainable management of devising their promotional strategies. Dr Savvas Papagiannidis is a
established a presence in metaverses and in particular
Grenoble Ecole de Management, which is based upon a Knowledge; Inter-organisational businesses; Industrial and Lecturer in Management and
in Second Life, spanning a wide range of industries, Other work in the rapidly expanding
common interest shared by both institutions in technology collaboration municipal solid waste management Degree Programme Director
markets and functions. Examples include ABN AMRO, research area of metaverses includes
management. systems; Life cycle assessment; of the MSc in Ebusiness and
Adidas, American Apparel, Dell, Harvard Law School, studies of virtual music
Edward Lugsden Standardised business Information Systems.
We have strong ties with the Faculty of Management IBM, Microsoft, Reuters, Sony Ericsson, the Swedish performances, trust and ethics in
Lecturer in Human management systems (e.g.
and Organisation at Groningen University, which has Government, Toyota, and many others. In most metaverses and general business
Resource Management ISO 9001, 14001) and Business To visit the Ebusiness@Newcastle
a common interest in engineer-to-order companies and cases engaging with the customer is purely for and management implications.
psychology (the human factor island go to: http://slurl.com/
Lean supply. Chris Hicks and Warse Klingenberg have Research Interests marketing purposes. The study of metaverses has been
on management systems) secondlife/ebusiness/125/125 after
acted as Guest Editors for a Special Edition of the Human resource practices in At Newcastle University Business School, our research used in our teaching, especially
International Journal of Technology Management. The downloading and installing the
the National Health Service in this area has been primarily focused on marketing in the MSc in Ebusiness and
For more information on MOST please Second Life software, available at:
Business School in collaboration with One NorthEast and and entrepreneurship. We recently undertook two case Information Systems.
contact Professor Christian Hicks at http://www.secondlife.com.
other partners in Europe, is developing a proposal to studies of real banks operating in metaverses in order



Alumni Archive

Compiled by Stuart Garratt & Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee

It is always interesting to see where your old classmates have gone and what they have been doing since
you last saw them. We got in touch with some Business School alumni to find out where they have been,
what they have been up to and what they remember from their time at Newcastle!

George( Sai Hong) Liu Renata Leite Barbosa Craig Hammer Christine Knight
BA (Hons) Economics and BA (Hons) Economics BA (Hons) Management Studies BA (Hons) Economics
Financial Analysis 1995, MBA 1996 2003 1999 1983

What are you doing now? What are you doing now? What are you doing now? What are you doing now?
I am working as an Assistant I live in New York City and work I am currently working as the I am working as a Senior Project
General Manager (Finance), for the auction house Sotheby’s. Head of Marketing and Strategy Manager for Barclays Bank.
Greater China Region Direct Where do you see yourself for a regional motor group Your most memorable
Shipping Services Group in 10 years time? in Yorkshire. experience at Newcastle:
in Hong Kong. I want to give my best now so that I Your most memorable Arriving home from a second year
Where do you see yourself can have a choice later — to either experience at Newcastle: Saturday night party at 11am on
in 10 years time? stay in the USA or return to Brazil. There are so many… the buzz of Sunday and bumping into my
I hope I can be a small business Your most memorable the city on a Saturday lunchtime, elderly neighbour at the front
owner rather than a senior experience at Newcastle: the smell of pastry emanating out door, who said: “Oh, have you
executive in a large enterprise. I remember all the friends I made from the Greggs bakery, the roar just been out for a Sunday
I am planning to start a small and the lecturers who helped me of the crowd at St James’s Park morning stroll?”
Caroline Armitage (nee Horsfall) accounting firm or a gallery throughout my course. The music being heard from my window in Where do you see yourself
BA (Hons) Economics and Accounting selling Chinese oil paintings in concerts in Newcastle were Castle Leazes, telling me a goal in 10 years time?
1979 the near future. also great. had been scored; summer On a beach in Cyprus…
Your most memorable afternoons sitting on the grass out
Tell us something interesting the front of the union. And then Tell us something interesting
experience at Newcastle:
What are you doing now? Your most memorable about you which other alumni there are the less memorable ones about you which other alumni
My most memorable experience
Two years ago, I sold my art experience at Newcastle: may be interested to hear about: such as Ritzy or Maddisons on a might be interested to hear about:
at Newcastle was the year when
gallery, photography business I don’t think I have “a” most After graduating from Newcastle Wednesday night followed by When I saw the Careers Officer in
I was studying for my MBA.
and home to move to the South memorable experience as I I went back to Brazil and worked Maths and Stats at 9am on a third year and did the personality
Especially the classmates, the
of France with my partner. can remember so many happy for an investment bank. I then Thursday morning! test, the outcome was that I didn’t
staff and the lecturers I met that
We bought a beautiful property, times there. moved on to the music business want to work in accountancy or
year. I am still in touch with some Where do you see yourself
set in forty acres near Hyères on Where do you see yourself and now I am working in the art computing. My first job after
of the classmates even though in 10 years time?
the French Riviera, which we in 10 years time? world. I learnt that sometimes University was as a trainee
they are now based in different Sitting on the deck of my private
have split to create four holiday I hope to still be living in France you have to be persistent in order accountant, then I worked in
parts of the world. yacht in the bay of St. Tropez
apartments and a home for and still taking photographs, which to fulfil your dreams. And, you IT for 15 years and now I’m a
Tell us something interesting don’t have to know now what watching my own football club Business Project Manager… so
ourselves. We now have a thriving is both my passion and my work. play in the Champions League
about you which other alumni you’ll be doing for the rest of there’s a story there somewhere.
holiday rental business. I also have Tell us something interesting about might be interested to hear about: final on my 50in wall mounted
my own studio and workshop on your life – at least I don’t!
you which other alumni might be 10 years since I got my MBA I plasma screen.
site, so have recently recommenced interested to hear about: have discovered two things about
my photography business. Tell us something interesting
I have two grown-up children, the real business world. First, about you which other alumni
Henry (24) and Lucy (21). people create problems to which might be interested to hear about:
solutions must be found. And I am currently trying to execute
second, no organisation in the my own multi-million pound
real world is systematic - there
“I sold my art gallery, photography business are“mess-ups” everywhere. And
business acquisition.

and home to move to the South of France.” to manage these, a “mess-up”

approach needs to be used!


Alumni Book Review

Alumni Events The Tiger That Isn’t

Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee Andrew Simpson

Following the successful alumni events held in Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, The Tiger That Isn’t: Seeing Through A World Of Numbers
London and New York, the Business School made its first visit to the Far East this May. Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot. Profile Books. 2007. ISBM 978 1 86197 839 4

Business School’s Uniquely The School Visits Malaysia Forthcoming Events

As I sit writing this review I can not The authors then take us through
Singaporean Experience
help but feel as if I am something of a journey, looking at concepts of
a fraud, on two counts. First, I still chance, sampling, averages and
have two chapters left to read, correlation. Each is explained with
On the evening of 14th May We will be hosting alumni events although I do not believe that these the use of clear and easily
Professor David Charles hosted throughout the year both in the will change my view of this book. understood examples, without a
a dinner reception at the Chyna UK and internationally. To find Second, I have been trying to teach formula in sight! They use these
Restaurant, Hilton Hotel in out more or to organise a reunion an understanding of numbers to examples to prompt the reader to ask
Kuala Lumpur for the Business for your class please contact MBA students now for six years questions when presented with
School’s graduates in Malaysia. Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee and this book has made me feel like stories backed by numbers. Often the
Professor Charles was at S.Chatterjee-Banerjee@ncl. a complete amateur. real numbers will tell a different
accompanied by Mrs Sharmishta ac.uk story to the reported one. Examples
We are confronted with numbers
Chatterjee-Banerjee, Alumni include such hot topics as speed
in all aspects of our lives – these are
Manager from the Business You can meet us at: cameras and global warming, in
used by the media, business, special
School, and Mr. Subra Singaram each we are helped to understand
Hong Kong: November 24th interest groups and politicians to
and Mr. David Foreman from the that what we are told is not always
Shanghai: November 27th justify actions or inactions and not
A dinner reception hosted by Professor Ian University’s International Office backed by the real numbers or
infrequently to scare or impress.
McLoughlin at Kent Ridge Guild House in Singapore in Malaysia. Beijing: November 30th at very least not in the way it
The authors of this book are the
on 16th May brought together alumni from different A large number of alumni presenters of the Radio 4 series is presented.
Newcastle: December 6th
years and subject groups, who took the opportunity attended this memorable evening, “More or Less,” who set out to This book might not turn you into
to renew old acquaintances and share information allowing the School to rekindle Mumbai: December 15th increase our understanding of the a statistician; it might just turn you
and ideas. friendships with our Malaysian Bangalore: December 16th numbers we encounter from day to into a sceptic. It will, at the very
The event was a good platform for Professor graduates. The Malaysian day and help us see through some least, prompt you to think long and
chapter of our international Newcastle: January 25th
McLoughlin to provide an overview of the Business of the misrepresentation which hard when reading the newspapers
School’s achievements in recent times and invite alumni network was established Newcastle: March 18th surrounds us. or watching the news and as a result
alumni to speak about their memories of Newcastle. with Tikki Gee and Reza Shaifee view them and the world in a slightly
London: June 19th The reader is taken through a
taking up alumni ambassadorships clearer way.
The Business School looks forward to reviving journey, starting with the scale
for the region.
alumni activity in the region and providing a varied of numbers, something that many
programme of events and activities to enable This was, the first such event people fail to appreciate. For Andrew Simpson
Newcastle graduates to maintain their links to both to officially bring together example, much press and political
the University and each other. As a step towards this, our alumni in Malaysia, but attention has been focussed on the
Economics and Accounting alumna Clara Lee was its success will hopefully help £1 billion deficit within the National
appointed Alumni Ambassador for Singapore. to shape future reunions. Health Service (NHS) – is this a big Andrew Simpson, is the Director
number? The answer is no, as this of Executive Programmes at the
Speaking on her role as an alumni ambassador, Business School. He has a
equates to roughly 1% of the budget
Clara said: “Friendships from our days at the Bachelors degree in Management
for the whole NHS. This is not bad
University are most treasured, and alumni events Science with Computing from
when compared to Treasury
are the best way forward to renew and grow these the University of Kent, and an
estimates for the total government
friendships through professional and social MBA and a PhD in Statistics from
deficit of 2%! The idea put forward
networking.” Newcastle University. A fellow
here is to try and personalise the
number to indicate how much does of the Royal Statistical Society,
this mean to you as a tax payer in the Andrew’s research interest is
UK? In this case about £16, less than applied Bayesian statistical
the estimated cost of a General modelling and in particular the
Practioner’s appointment of £18. application of these techniques
to financial time series and the
subsequent derivation of efficient
portfolios through decision
theoretic approaches.


NUBusiness Briefings Competition Page
The Business School Briefing and Networking events enable business leaders and managers It’s time for this issue’s Sudoku competition! As always, there’s an easy practice grid to get you going
from a variety of organisations in the North East to learn from leading speakers and academics. before the competition game. To play, place each digit from 1 to 9 in every empty cell, so that the numbers
1 to 9 appear once in each of the nine vertical, horizontal rows and each of the 9 boxes.

Staff and Students Take A Lead at BAM Sudoku Easy Grid Sudoku Competition Grid — Nasty!

This year’s annual BAM and Regional Economies,” which Forthcoming Events 2 1 3 6 A 2 8 9
conference, which was held at had an impressive panel including
the Warwick Business School Professor Howard Thomas
on 11th-13th September saw (Warwick); Professor Jaideep
6 9 3 2 6
Newcastle University Business Prabhu (Imperial); Professor Business Ethics Forum: G21-22 Devonshire Building,
School playing a significant role Steve Roper (Aston) and Professor Newcastle University, Monday November 12th 7 8 5 8 6 7
in establishing its presence David Charles (Newcastle). A The Business Ethics Network will be held on Monday
amongst not only the other similar event in the Australian November 12th from 5pm till 6.30pm, with guest
6 5 7 3 8 7 1 8
academic schools that context will be hosted at the speaker Hugh Welch, Chair of Community Foundation
participated but also more widely forthcoming ANZAM conference for Tyne and Wear and Northumberland and senior 1 4 5 6 D 3 4 B
in the management community. in Sydney in December 2007. partner at Muckle LLP.
Business and Management 3 2 8 1 5 9 5 1
In addition to the conference For more information, please contact Stuart Garratt
has become a mature academic on 0191 222 8745 or email stuart.garratt@ncl.ac.uk.
discipline, and its relevance to presentations, the School’s 8 4 1 2 7 6
practice has long been an issue of links with BAM have received
Postgraduate Open Day: Kings Road Centre,
concern to BAM and its members. a further boost this year with
Newcastle University, Wednesday, November 28th, 7 2 1 3 3
With this in mind, the theme of the election of Professor Steve
drop in between 12.30 pm and 4.00 pm
the 2007 conference considered Procter to the BAM Council. 4 9 1 4 6 7 C 2
He will be taking up his post An excellent opportunity for you to meet staff and current
both the “past” and the “future”
from January 2008, and will be postgraduate students for advice and information on the
across all subjects and disciplines To enter the competition, email nubusiness@ncl.ac.uk, Congratulations to Sudoku
joining Newcastle PhD student range of taught programmes and research degrees across
with business and management with the numbers for A, B, C and D. Please mark the
research and education. Swayan Chaudhuri on the the University. To book your place please visit www.ncl. competition winner from Issue 4:
email subject as ‘NUBusiness Competition Entry’.
Council, where Swayan ac.uk/postgraduate/visit/open.
A winner will be drawn at random from the correct
Linlin, a second year undergraduate
A wide range of research papers is a Doctoral Representative student studying on the Accounting and
presented by academic staff from answers and the lucky winner will receive a Digi
responsible for Training and Leadership Myths: Theories versus Practice: Newcastle Finance BA Honours degree programme
Newcastle were representative of Memo Notepad!
Capacity Building of doctoral University Business School, Citywall, Citygate, St
this theme. Those presenting this students. Steve was also invited James Boulevard, Thursday, December 6th, 6:15pm
year included Dr. Alan Fowler, Dr. Newcastle University Business School Leadership Series
consecutively for the second The first of the Business School’s “Leadership Series”
Chris Ivory, Dr. Joanne Roberts, year by the organisers of the events, the panel discussion will explore the theories as
Dr. Audley Genus, Dr.Lesley Doctoral Symposium to run well as the practical and attainable strategies
Mearns, Professor Feng Li and a methodology workshop on “Develop the skills that will take December 6th 2007 Andrew Simpson,
surrounding leadership.
Dr. Savvas Papagiannidis. case studies with other leading you to the top!” 6:15pm - 8:15pm Director of Executive Programmes,
academics such as Derek The evening will start with a drinks reception followed Newcastle University Business Newcastle University Business School
On a particular note this year, A distinguished flagship panel
Pugh (Open), David Wilson by the panel discussion and will end with a drinks and School
there were two papers presented discussion series for our alumni, Steve Kempster,
(Warwick), David Denyer canapés reception giving all attending a chance to Citywall, Citygate
in the Management Consultancy students and friends… Member of the NLA executive board and Director
(Cranfield) and Gerard network. St James Boulevard
track which Kasia Zdunczyk had Our “Leadership Series” will help of Lancashire Leadership Centre, Lancaster
co-authored with her MBA students Hodgkinson (Leeds). For more information please contact Ruth Warwick University Managment School Northern
you to develop a powerful vision Graduates and friends of the
Kunal Chatterjee and Rohini at ruth.warwick@ncl.ac.uk. for your organisation and Leadership Academy
Murarka. These papers were based Business School are invited to join
stimulate the collective energies us for the first of our Leadership The evening will end with a drinks and canapés
on the students’ MBA dissertation MBA Briefing Sessions 2007/2008 : Newcastle of your team. Exploring theories Seminar Series: reception giving you a chance to network with
research which investigated issues University Business School, Citywall, Citygate, as well as the practical and fellow alumni and business people.
of organisational learning and St James Boulevard, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m attainable strategies surrounding “Leadership Myths:
Footnote: BAM was founded in To register please contact
knowledge-based value creation The Newcastle MBA team are running a series of events leadership, you’ll learn how to Theory versus Practice”
1986 to represent the community Ruth Warwick at:
in the context of consulting of management academics for those interested in finding out more about our MBA stimulate change, share best Panellists include:
organisations and their clients. Both with the aim of encouraging programmes. These briefing sessions below are suitable practices, inspire excellence and ruth.warwick@ncl.ac.uk
achieve buy-in at all levels. Most Paul Callaghan,
received a special commendation collaboration between academic for those interested in both the full-time and Executive Telephone: 0191 2430855
importantly, you will learn how to Chairman Leighton Group
from the Track Chair. and commercial organisations in MBA programmes.
foster an environment that Fiona Cruickshank,
As a finale to the conference, pursuit of higher quality research. November 14th, December 12th, January 16th, nurtures and rewards leadership Managing Director,
Professor David Charles and The first BAM conference was February 13th, March 12th and April 16th at all levels to create excellence in The Specials Lab
Swayan Chaudhuri organised held at the University of Warwick your organisation.
For more information about the Newcastle MBA please Mark Hatton,
an Innovation Symposium for in 1987 and since then the
register at http://www.ncl.ac.uk/forms/nubs/mba- Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
“Understanding the Impacts of conference has taken place in
Business Schools on their Local a different university town
each year.
Master Business
in the North East
Newcastle University Business School
offers a two year Executive MBA
programme a one year full-time MBA

• Both programmes are accredited by the Association of MBAs

• Small class sizes allow for increased collaboration

• New executive facilities in the centre of Newcastle

• Executive MBA has the flexibility of block delivery

and both October and January start dates

For more information email mba@ncl.ac.uk

www.ncl.ac.uk /nubs