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Study habits survey questionnaire


Date: _______________

Age: __________Gender: ___________

Directions: Read the statements below and encircle the letter of the answer

1. When you do homework, you study hard to get an A.
a. I do this regularly
b. Depends on the subject
c. Rarely
d. No, I never make As
2. When you first begin a new chapter of the book, you...
a. Read it through once quickly to discover what you already know and
do not know
b. Read it thorough, underlining or highlighting important
c. Outline it
d. Only look for answers to the questions at the end of the chapters.
3. You usually need materials at least twice because:
a. The words do not make sense the first time
b. So you can outline the material
c. You are unclear about the certain parts
d. You rarely re-read the material
4. When you read books in English, do you pronounce the words to
a. Usually only the ones I do not know
b. Yes, frequently
c. Rarely or never
d. It depends whether I am reading for pleasure or for a test
5. When you read the chapter, you are able to create mental pictures on
your mind
a. Regularly
b. Not at all

c. My reading involves some imagery or action

d. Rarely
6. When you are reading, you tend to...
a. Fall asleep
b. Have trouble concentrating with certain subjects
c. Concentrate pretty well all the time
d. Allow my mind to wander to other thoughts or ideas
7. How often do you find yourself inspired to study but are overwhelmed
by the amount you need to accomplish?
a. Never happens before
b. Sometimes
c. Frequently
d. Depends on the kind of assignments
8. You study with loud music or TV
a. Rarely
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Always
9. If you dislike your teacher, does it affect you?
a. Rarely
b. Sometimes
c. Yes, frequently
d. This has not been a problem for me so far
How often do you contact others for studying purposes?
a. Often
b. Sometimes
c. Depends on the subject
d. Never

1. Are you able to take notes in class, keep with the instructor, and
understand the concept at the same time?
a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Depends on the subject
d. Never
2. Do you review your notes each class, preferably right after class?
a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Often

d. Rarely
3. Do you know what the important stuff to write down is and what are
the cues that this is the important stuff?
a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Rarely
4. In addition to highlighting, do you make notes as you read class
a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Rarely
5. Can you put class notes or notes from texts into your own words?
a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Rarely
1. Do you catch yourself wasting time getting started on the task of
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. No
d. Depends on the subject
2. Do you tend to wait for the right moment before starting an
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. No
d. Depends on the subject
3. Do you find that you are easily distracted while trying to study?
a. Sometimes, but not a lot
b. Hardly ever
c. Fairly often
d. Constantly

4. In scheduling your study time, how do you proceed?

a. I schedule everything ahead of time-studying, personal time, sport,
social event
b. I do not schedule studying. I just do the work





c. I schedule study time on a day to day basis

d. I do not like schedules because I know I will not follow them
You notice that your study time is interrupted by outside distractions,
such as facebook notifications, messages, calls, text messages, noises
a. Rarely
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Not really a problem for me
You spend more time on the computer or watching TV than you should
a. Rarely
b. Sometimes
c. Often
d. Not really a problem for me
How much total time do you spend studying every night, on average?
a. Two or more hours
b. One or two hours
c. Thirty minutes to an hour
d. Less than thirty minutes
Do you frequently find that you are too tired or too sleepy to study
a. Yes, often
b. Sometimes
c. Rarely
d. I know I frequently use this as an excuse


1. Do you review your notes each night by turning them into test
a. Consistently
b. Not really
c. Only for a difficult subject
d. I would like to, but do not know how
2. You study for test with your friends, not by yourself
a. Often
b. Sometimes
c. Rarely because when I get to test, I have to ready to do it alone
d. Depends on the subject
3. Do you find that you get nervous on tests?
a. I am usually tense, but under control
b. I sometimes missed important points because of my anxiety or
c. I am very tense during most exams
d. I take test without tension

4. Before writing an answer to an essay question on a test, do you write

outline on paper or in your head?
a. Yes, I always plan before writing
b. No, i just write what comes into my mind
c. It depends on my mood
d. I plan out as I write
5. When you are studying, do you keep goals in mind for yourself?
a. Yes, I like to get perfect score
b. As long as I get passing grade
c. It bothers me when I earn less than A
d. My grades do not matter as long as I am alive and breathing
6. Which of the following best describes your memory system?
a. I can remember things for a short period of time
b. I find it difficult remembering information for unit test or exams
c. I usually remember things for a long period of time
d. I have not discovered an efficient memory system
7. When you try to remember large chunks of information, a speech, or a
story you want to tell ...
a. You do not find it difficult
b. It takes works but you can do it
c. It is too difficult, and you need help in this area
d. It makes you too nervous or pressured
1. I study more...
a. Because they find the material interesting and practical to use in a
certain subject.
b. Because the class is difficult and they are afraid of failing
the subject.
c. When midterms and finals are approaching.
d. When he/she found the class easy and he/she can get an easy A.
2. I am motivated to study...
a. Because I want to graduate with Honours.
b. Because they dont want to disappoint their family.
c. Because they want to prove something to their selves.
d. Because they want to outdo their classmates and friends.
3. My top reason for not studying is...
a. I dont have any time to study because of work and family
b. That I would rather go out or hang out with my friends than
studying because I never get any kind of recognition for doing well
c. The facilities at school are not conducive to study.
d. That they never even remember the lesson or use the content of
the course later on or in the future when they are already working.

4. I hate studying...
a. Because, for me, school holds no interest and I am a bit lazy
to study.
b. Because I have no good reason to study and studying is not
important to for me anyway.
c. Because I dont have what it takes to do well in school
d. Because I dont have the knowledge required to succeed in school.
The survey ends here... Thank You very much for your participation!!