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Has our culture and knowledge been
passeddown from the so called 'sL7
gods' mentioned in so many different
ancient texts?


Many of the answers to the alien presencewill
most probably involve theories and
explanations which are revolutionary to our 0 6[R rTuF0$
ts l|
Some spectacularreports of UFO
way of thinking. To find truth in the
paranormal we are forced speculateon very activity in the British Isles.
unusual ideas. |J l' lLl l , l l T E I
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et[0 t IF Us t0 t{ 7?YO R1|S1 UI O|IR SE
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How the Alien presencehas changed people's
lives and abilities and a look at the personal
perspectiveof the alien being.

0 lTRRt{$F0R11flil0ils
OO Tfl tEtS
Everyday people who have extraordinary tales.

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Did an advancedculture once tamper with the geneticcode to
createhideous hybrids? Is Man an alien experiment?Harry Hinde
ars'.'ffi genetic
3;:;f,Tffi*T'":l*.Ti?:'is on reading becauseincredible as it may sound there was once
id a super race of master scientistsonce
indulge in the most hideous forms of genetic widespread belief that in the earliest prehistory this horrific
engineering?Experiments so bizarre and master race of people did actually exist. In fact there are some
ghastly that they involved transplanting the who believe that the experimental abilities of these people
head of humans on goats and eagles?Creatures substantiallyaltered the genetic makeup of our entire species.
literally built together and constructed of the Some go even further to suggestthat Mankind is himself the
limbs and featuresof every other animal? product of a genetic experiment originated by aliens.
Impossible?'Well,certainlyto our ears,not just impossiblebut Even more intriguing is the fact that ail this is said to.have
quite ridiculousto evencontemplate. But keepon reading.Keep occurred many many millions of years ago, during a period when
[he the world was otherwise in a complete state of
chaos. It was thought that an unknown race of IIE$OPOIfll|IR
'We go now

beings that inhabited the world of that time
acquired the knowledge and abiliry to be able to
control and distort the genetic makeup of all
human and animal life forms. Eventually
to Mesopotamia and the ancient
records of the Babylonians. It is here in the land
of the two rivers that our modern understanding
of civilisation arises. Significantly this ancient land

lon0berm however this experimentation went horrifically

wrong and the whole habited world of that day
was almost completely destroyed.
possesses a richly developed seriesof creation
myths and many of the later Judaeo-Christian
writings, are thought to have been passed down

from this once fertile area of Mesopotamia.
It was the belief of these early authors that the
world was subject to frequent catastrophes that

frequenHtlAn intriguing story, but where is the evidence? We

are after all talking of a period in the deepest
prehistory - a time long before Mankind is
periodically wiped out nearly all living matter. To
a certain extent they believed these catastrophes
were predictable, and rather than face the loss of

nrtd thought to have even existed. And yet now we are
talking not only of a developed species at that
time, but also one capable of altering the very
their records and traditions they buried a history
of their people in the "city of the sun at Sippara".
This was a wise precaution because a fresh

blueprints of our existence.
To many this will sound like crossing the very
boundaries of credulity. But wait. Let's take things
disaster is said to have wiped away the entire
world of its day. Finally when the survivors
returned they remembered the secret records

0I| in order. Let's look at the evidence.Let us look
first at the earliest records. Mostly these are
which were unearthed and used to reconstruct the
ciry of Babylon.

composed of myths and legends.Not very reliable The nature of these records might well have

[his one might think. But here you would be wrong.

The language of the myths may be flowery and
hard to fathom but this is mostly because they are
been lost to us forever, but fortunately fragments
of what they contained are still to be found. They
originate from a source with personal accessto

iI| riddled with allegory and symbolised happenings.
In fact they are something of a code. Ignore them
and you ignore a very real source of historical
these records - the historian Berossus.This
Babylonian priest of the temple of Belus, who
most commentators credit with an unusually

dl'n$[ evidence, Tieat them with respect however and

you invariably open the door to a whole new
avenue of thought and enquiry. Here one has only
developed sense of historical accuracy lived and
wrote in the time of Alexander the Great.
Unfortunately his great work Babylonian History

to remember Schliemann'sfaith in the Iliad and his
subsequent discovery of Tioy. In fact the truth is
that whenever there have been people willing to
is now lost to us, but fragments of it have been
preserved by the classical authors Abydenus,
Apollodorus, and Alexander Polyhistor.

0drdet| trust in ancient legendsmajor discoverieshave

invariably followed.
Even so Tloy rates as recent history compared to
Much of the work contained in these fragments
is an account of early prehistory. Yet unlike the
myths it uses no sense of allegory and is obviously
the timescale we are now thinking of. And yet a intended to be treated as historical reality. This
record of these times still exists. It is to be found makes it all the more remarkable becausewe find
written as part of the annals of one of the earliest a definite reference to a remote period of time
cultures on Earth. when the Earth was populated by the most
hideous of creatures:
"There was a time in which there was nothing
but darkness and an abyss of waters, wherein
resided most awful beings, which were produced
of a two-fold principle. Men appeared with fwo
wings, some with four and with two faces. They
had one body but rwo heads; the one of a man,
the other of a woman. They were likewise in their
several organs both male and female. Other
human figures were to be seen with the legs and
horns of goats. Some had horses' feet, others had
the limbs of a horse behind. but before were
fashioned like men, resembling hippocentaurs.
Bulls likewise bred with the heads of men and
dogs with fourfold bodies, and tails of fishes. Also
horses with the heads of dogs: men too and other
animals, with the heads and bodies of horses and
the tails of fishes." In short these were creatures
with the limbs of every other species of animal.

ls illankind it todaysimply genetic
theresrltof a bizane
erperimentcanied galaxy?
stop at simply transplanting animal organs into
people. Perhaps their curiosity got the better of
them. Maybe they took this genetic engineering
beyond all moral and ethical limits to create
terrible hybrid species of the sort described in the
writings of Berossus.
'We can laugh all we want but the fact is that
with our current rate of progression science will
again be able to create these hybrid monsters of
antiquity. There is nothing to stop us except our
Thn ts
own conscience, but as history has shown, this has
never been an impediment.
The fact is that even the most cursory study of
To any other age - to any other people, this ancient texts shows that reference to this idea of
account would have read as no different to any of hybrid creatures is never hard to find. We see it in
the many myths and legends. Yet surely now on the Minoan legend of the minotaur, that was half

the eve of the 21st Century we are able to see bull and half man. We see it in the legend of the
things differently. In this era of high technological
achievementit is possibleto re-look at this account
Unicorn, and the winged horse Pegasus.
see it graphically immortalised in half-human
'We also
with eyes not of incredulity but astonishment at
the reality of these dramatic lines of early history.
For are we not seeing here the description of a
mixtures like the famous sphinx of Egypt.
Across the Mediterranean in Greece the sphinx
was an even more complicated creature which
the of
technological era gone crazy?
Berossus soeaks of hideous creatures "with the
limbs of eveiy species of animal". Today we can
possessedthe head and breasts of a woman, the
body of a lion, and the wings of a bird. The
ancient Greeks also believed in the legend of the
scarcely open a newspaper or turn on the
television without learning of a new procedure
that cross matches animal and human tissue. Pigs
Chimeras, which were composite monsters
constructed of "incongruous parts". This was said
to have been the head of a lion, the body of a
hearts in humans, Lungs of oxen considered as
human substitutes and a whole new area of spare
parts surgery made possible from animal organs. In
goat and the tail of a serpent. In plain language
nothing that the science of the future will find too
difficult to duplicate.
addition to this, cloning of animals through
biological manipulatiop is now a distinct
possibility. Even scientists are expressing alarm at
There are even those who go further and say
that Mankind himself is the result of an alien
experiment. In short we are the product of a
the rate at which this research is developing.
Essentially it means that in the near future it will
be possible to clone identical herds of cattle from a
long term project, frequently altered and
manipulated and sown on this planet like seeds in
a vast terrestrial garden.
single specimen. Image being able to clone a
hundred Red Rums all identical in terms of ability
and fitness and you have some sort of idea of
As a theory of our origins this is fast gaining
converts. Best-sellingauthors such as Erich Von
Daniken, and George Adamski are almost insistent
where we are heading. The know-how is all there
and even scientists are becoming concerned as to
where this is leading.
on this point. They highlight the fact that
loopholes in our ideas on human evolution,
particularly the famous missing links are only
David Hopkinson, director of the Human
Biochemical Genetics Unit at University College
London, said in a recent interview inThe Times
explainable by the fact that the answers must lie
in the hands of an influencing power.
The certain truth is that out of the blue our
that he viewed this achievement "with some
trepitude". Another scientist said the whole thing
was a truly "appalling prospect".
The reality is that we are fully capable of
species arose from being little better than an
animal, to one capable of travelling to another
planet. And remember that ecologically this
occurred over a time period that is barely more
replacing human organs with animal equivalents. than a blink of the eye. Instead of evolution we
This capability represents the here and now. have world of species that to all intents and
already done it. purposes appear to have been created
It stands then that if there once existed an instantaneously in full corporeal identity.
advanced civilisation in'deepest prehistory, they Significantly this is just the way that ancient texts
too would have had the capability of doing such like the Bible say it happened. In other words
things. Perhaps they even went further and didn't each living thing was a separatecreation.
lifespans.This was originally explained as an error
in their counting of the years, but detailed study
of these manuscripts show this not to be the case.
A year in the Bibie is just as long as the year we
know today. Yet people of that time were living
five to nine hundred years.
Von Daniken amongst others explains this in
terms of a mdlignant aging virus that was
deliberately sent to make our days shorter. If so it
wasput therea very long time ago.
Now the mysteries of ageing are at last being
unravelled. Breakthroughs in our understanding
of degenerativeceli damage mean that we can
once again look forward to much longer lifespans.
In fact Michael Rose, professor of evolutionary
biology at the University of California says"There
is no limit to the potential life of human beings".
He also insisted that eventually with this new
understanding people could easily live out
lifespansof four hundred years or more. On the
face of it this may all seem like a cheerful
Whatwasthespecial forcegiven
Facedwith this reality it seemscertain that our
development. After all, living out indefinite
lifespansdoes have attractions, but tampering
with the genetic code can be dangerous.It's rather
didit come from?
specieswas at some point in its development like fiddling with the registry of a modern day
impregnated with special qualities that set him computer. Mix up the messagesand you finish up
apart from the animals. Some see this as the hand with an insoluble crisis.
of God and others as the inrervention of aliens. Perhapsthis is what happened thousands of
The fact is that it happened. years ago, in the days of the monstrous hybrids.
In his book Return to the Starsbest-sellingauthor Perhapsthe scientistsof the day didn't know
Erich Von Daniken puts things into the following where to stop and brought on themselvesa
context: "I think it likely that unknown cosmonauts biocatastropheof epic proportions. This would be
brought with them to our Earth branchesof all too possible as changesin our biological make-
knowledge of the kind we are now acquiring and up could also introduce lethal viruses capable of
that they made our ancestorsintelligent by their wiping out all living matter. As one Harvard
manipulation of the genetic code." scientist observed: "The ability to manufacture,
ElsewhereVon Daniken taiks of this transplant, and combine genesis at the heart of a
manipulation extending to the very heart of our potential catastrophethat threatens the entire
ageing process.Curiously in all the ancient records human race with a biological doomsday."
such as the Bib1e,people were living out fantastic Who saysevents don't move in cycles?


Tl|r0il0lll$ 0F0uR
As more and
sPEilE On the surface it would appear that aliens have
only turned up in recent decades, perhaps taking RLtEil
an interest in our new technology and the Is it possiblethat the vision of 200L: A Space
more UFO advancement of our civilisations. However, the Odyssey is true; that evolution was forced upon

sightingsgo study of ancient texts, including the Bible, could

indicate that alidns have been visiting Earth for
us by alien intervention. One theory is that
evolution does occur, but in a slow and basic way

on record centuries. According to some theorists they could

have been coming her since the dawn of time. The
and that for the sudden appearanceof man,
genetic engineering must have taken place, It is

and as more most unusual theory is that aliens are actually

responsible for the existence of humanity.
postulated that a monolith of some kind, perhaps
a pyramid, was put on Earth to shift ape DNA
evidenceIS Nobody can be certain where life originated or
where the first DNA strand evolved. It could have
slightlS helping to bring about the evolution of
man. Or it could be that aliens abducted ape
collated, one formed on Earth, in a chemical soup, by chance. creatures and directly manipulated their DNA, to
Other people, however, prefer to think it came create'instant' humans.
questton from space, inside a comet. Or it could be that an Again this might sound like a wild theory, until
t. even older civilisation {rom elsewhere in the you consider the fact that sudden shifts in species
Keepscommg galaxy, deliberately seeded planets with DNA to are known to occur, though there is no
.l help start life. The remains of a civiJisation seen at explanation of why this happens.
to mrnd - Cydonia on Mars, could give a clue to our Darwin's theory of evolution states that
ancestry. Perhaps Mars was once rich in life but organisms produce offspring which are slightly
why are the experienced global warming and as life ceased, the different to their parents. Natural selection
seeds of existence were sent to Earth. favours the survival (and hence breeding) of
alienshere? Such ideas are disturbing because they imply individuals whose improved features (such as
that humans are nothing more than an experiment better eyes,or sharper teeth), enable them to
or a compromise. If true however, it could be that survive. So by chance mutation, Darwin believed
that creatures gradually improved at random and
Kenworthy we are much more than an experiment, but that
we haven't seen how we fit into the larger picture. were then preserved,by being more fit for
rnvesttgates. though, when science has fully explained
Man's evolution, should we believe that aliens
survival. It sounds convincing, but may not be
the full story.
were involved? It seemslike an unnecessary Although experiments show that changes can
fantasy, confusing the known facts. In truth human occur, these are usually within a species, a form of
evolution hasn't been fully explained. Although we micro-evolution. So a fruit fly may change in
are taught that Man evolved from more basic life hundreds of ways. from generation to generation,
forms, there is remarkably little evidence to show in terms of wing shape,eye colour and so on -
that this is the case. Evolution is by no means a but no matter how it mutates, it is still a fruit fly.
didalien watertight theory, which has led some people to Darwin thought that speciescould gradually
seedEarthwithmodifiedDl{A believe that aliens must have been involved' change into new species,but this doesn't seem to
designed life?
intelligent shifting evolution along. be the case. The fossil record should show many
slight gradations betlveen old species and new
ones, but this isn't so. Darwin observed this
he said it was, "the gravest objection to my
theory". He assumedthat better researchwould
reveal more fossils, but today, that still hasn't
happened. According to the evidence,something
forces speciesto shift suddenly from one form to
another. It could be possibletherefore that life
developed on Earth but that something - perhaps
aliens - continually shifted its development to
more advanced forms.
In many ways, this seems plausible, because the
idea of gradual evolution is quite ridiculous. How
could it be for instance, that we could develop
eyes in gradual stages.Half an eye, or part of a
feather, is useless;only the complete forms are
worthwhile. This being so, why would natural
selection preservetransitional organs?It wouldn't.
It should also be noted that the fossil record
shows no evidence of transitional forms, where
organsare graduallychanging.

:'.'r,;::i,, r,i seltembef

'';;i .;.'1; ISSS

The fossil record shows that species do not appear
gradually, but appear fully formed, as though their
development has.beenguided or engineered.
About 550 million years ago, during the Cambrian
era, a wide variety of complex life forms appeared
at once. So dramatic was this change that it is
referred to as the Cambrian Explosion. These
complex life forms (jellyfish, trilobites and
molluscs) do not appear to have ancestral species;
it is as though they came from nowhere. This
suggeststhat something took rhe basic DNA of
Earth and manufactuted new soecies.
This isn't the sort of evolution they teach you at
school and flaws in the Darwinist theory are
generally kept quiet, but there is no avoiding this
issue. Although the idea of alien intervention may
seem extreme, science itself has no full explanation
for the sudden shifts in evolution.
Perhaps the most dramatic appearance of a new
species,was man. Although we often see charts
showing man evolving from ape, through various
stagesof hominid to modern man, these are a
myth. Despite extensive research, there remains a
missing link between man and earlier species. This could help to explain why the abductions Anancientmonolith,
Evolutionists believe that the missing link will be are occurring now. They are happening because pyramid,
mayhave been$edasa
found and that we will discover fossils showing a they have always happened from time to time. catalyst
to modifyapeDl{Ainto
type of speciesconnecting Man ancestrally to They go on because the aliens are monitoring something produced
earlier species. Unfortunately for them, this may their experiment. Or perhaps they are even humans.
not be the case.As some researchers have pointed moving the experiment up a stage.As abductions
out, there isn't so much a missing link, as a escalate to astonishing numbers, they could be
whole missing chain. preparing to shift our evolution again.
Although Man has obvious similarities to other If this is true, there may never be a moment of
creatures such as monkeys, the dramatic revelation. We all expect the aliens to land on
developments which happened in a very short time the ril/hite House lawn and we exDect a
are unlikely to have happened by chance. The size revelationof their purpose, but it may never
of our brain, which makes us capable of complex come. If we are created by them then like rats in
thought, is unnecessary for simple survival. The a lab experiment we may never know what is
excessof brain power which gives us potential going on, It is possible that the governments of
beyond our basic needs, is puzzhng. Ifyou study the world know what the aliens are up to, but
the fossil record, it looks as though somebody they keep quiet on instruction, to allow for
took basic ape DNA and created man. This may be man's full development. Or it could be that the
disturbing, but it fits in with the facts. Otherwise, governments are as much in the dark as the rest
why have we stopped evolving? If evolution really of us. Like us they know that aliens exist, but
does occur as the Darwinists say, why hasn't their purpose is a mystery,
modern man evolved again? How could it be that Although shocking, the idea of alien-driven
all these changes could take place, and then stop? evolution isn't all bad. Abductions appear to be
on the increase and there are rumours of

One possibility is that man evolved elsewhere, in a
hybridisation plans and alien babies being born
from human mothers. If this is the case, then the
next shift in our evolution could be an exciting
way that we cannot understand, because it is one. 'We may never know in our life time exactly Robots mayhavebeenusedto seedthe
different to the way life operates on Earth. It is planetin prehistory.
what is going on, if such a scheme goes according
possible that we were either seeded from Mars, or to the aliens' plans, but there are enough clues for
that ancient civilisations travelled here directly in us to make educated guesses.It could be that the
escapeships, losing their technology on crash aliens were last here centuries ago, giving us the
landing. Perhaps more likely is the idea that the ability to think scientifically and develop
aliens have nurtured and engineered life for technology. Now that we have done that, they
thousands of years. If, as some people suggest, may have returned to help us advance again. It
they can travel through time, they could could be that they are now giving us creative and
potentially skip through history, coaxing the entire spiritual dimensions, to help us cope with the
evolution of our world within their own life soans. knowledee that awaits us.

', . 1
of 'sky
the wa
texts i
from i
knowledg. of a
mathematics,art €
Hinde investi

e often take for granted the many questions and very few answers. In
fact that our speciesrose from

particular we are faced with a repeating
virtual obscurity to one phenomenon, of emergent civilisations rising up
capable of astonishing feats, as if from nowhere.

but what was the impetus that But is it really feasible for us to believe that our
hastened this progress? rWasit planet has played regular host to beings from
purely from our own ingenuity or were we other worlds? And did rhey moreover help us
influenced, prodded and encouraged along a
specific line of development? And if so, by who
and for what reason?
with our development to the extent of laying the
foundation of all our arts and sciences?
It seemed to me that here was an apparently
These are important questions because they
address the very essenceof who we are and where
we came from. The fact is that for well over a
insoluble problem, rX/here could one go to for
answers?There just didn't seem a satisfactory
avenue of inquiry. Then suddenly it dawned on
hundred thousand years Man is supposed to have
existed as little more than a creature barely able to
satisfy his daily living requirements. Then suddenly
me that perhaps the explanations were to be
found by consulting with the ancient cultures
themselves.They weren't around to approach
out of the blue civilisation arises. Even more
surprising is the complete lack of any evolutionary
processof development leading up to this
them directly, but we still have their writings, and
it made sensethat if it's explanations we are aker 0cct|r$
then no-one knew better than the ancients
explosion of culture. In fact wherever we see the themselves. A-fter all these fantastic civilisations
emergence of civilisation it occurs with with their marvellous monuments and sciences

bewildering rapidity as if arriving fully fledged were the work of their hands. so who did thev
from some unidentified source. feel was the influence behind these amaztne
developments?Did they believerhem ro be the

Established science has so far failed to arrive at
result of their own brilliance and ingenuiry or did
they feel them to have been influenced by others? driltlirt0
any credible explanation for this riddle and this
[ 01'lSULIlll0
has led many to suggest that the answers might lie
outside of our planet. According to these theories
flililt]ils on
man was, at various crucial points in his history,
influenced by beings from outer space. These
beings carefully placed him on a specific path of
The answerto this was truly amazing.Almost
with a unified voice I found that emergent
development and gave help to establish mankind civilisations of the ancient world, whether in
as an organised sociery. Mesopotamia, Egypt, Meso-America or the
Predictably science ridicules all notion of this

Andes, aiways attributed their sudden found
connection yet in return fails to offer any
worthwhile explanation. We are left then with
knowledge and culture to benevolent aliens who
arrived from either the sea or the sky. Never did

Iheancient Egyptianswerenottheonly
raceto attributenewknowledgeto a
long before it was known to conventional
astronomy. The Dogon also believe the Nommos
are the overseers and guardians of the universe
and that soon they will again return to the Earth.

The closer we look into the ancient writings the
more references we find of these educating
influences originating from beings who were
apparently not of our species.In a fragment
attributid to the historian Heladius, we find
reference to a personage called Oe who comes out
from the Red Sea with a fish like body but having
the head, feet and arms of a man. This being is
said to have possessedgreat knowledge of
astronomy and letters.
An interesting anecdote to these accounts is the
fact that unidentified objects have never just been
limited to the sky. In fact USO (Unidentified
Submarine Objects), are almost as prevalent.
Typically these are described as spherical orbs,
they even attempt to attribute these rather like eggs that radiate strange lights and
accomplishments to their own skill and prowess. occasionally come to the surface of the ocean.
In Mesopotamia the Babylonians believed this Could it be then that after all these years
influence to have come from the sea. To them a Oannes and the Nommos of the Dogon have
personage called Oannes was responsible for all actually returned to this planet as they said they
their learning and culture. From fragments of a would? If so it would surely herald the coming of
Babylonian historian named Berossus we find momentous events because it is said that
the following description contained in Robert whenever such contacts occur great periods of
Temple's bookThe Sirius Mystery: "This being change are never slow in following.
in the day-time used to converse with men; but Intervention from 'sky gods' or aliens is often
took no food at that season; he gave them an quoted as the inspiration behind the proud
insight into letters and sciences, and every kind achievements of the ancient Egyptians. Amongst
of art. He taught them to construct houses, to other wonders, their golden period of pyramid
found temples, to compile laws and explained to construction combined mastery of stone with
them the principles of geometrical knowledge. impressive mathematical and geometrical
He made them distinguish the seeds of the brilliance. They also loved to hide the full extent
Earth, and showed them to collect fruits; in of their knowledge in the dimensions and outline
short he instructed them in every thing which of their principal constructions; But who had
could tend to soften manners and humanise shown them these crafts, because once again we
Mankind. From that time so universal were his see the swift rise of an amazing culture that
instructions, nothing has been added by way of springs up with astonishing rapidity?
improvement. !7hen the sun set, it was the To the ancient Egyptians belief in the
custom of this being to plunge again into the influencing hand of 'sky gods'was an all powerful
sea, and abide all night in the deep..." impetus. It defined everything they did and
Apparently this Oannes was amphibious in believed. Here the culture bearer was known by a
nature - at home in both sea and water. According variety of names: 'Thoth' was widely accepted as
to Berossus his appearance was both half fish and
half man. This is interesting because the historians'
detailed description sounds just like that of a frog-
man. Additionally we find that where Oannes led
the way, others followed. As Berossus puts it:
"After this there appeared others like Oannes".
Accounts of other culture bearing beings of
aquatic origin are also contained in the ritual
ceremoniesof the Dogon tribe of Mali in Africa.
The Dogon say these beings whom they named the
'Nommos' (interestingly the Greek word for law)
arrived from the sky and gave.them special
astronomical insight. The baffling truth is that this
apparently unsophisticated tribe knew of an
unknown companion star to the Dog Star Sirius

i ti li; i $iii:iifii l.** sedemlertsst

the bringer of wisdom. They ascribed to him the
invention of the sciencesof astronomy,
mathematics,geometry and medicine.
Another important figure in the Egyptian
pantheon was Ptah. The greatest of all the gods
of Memphis. Apparently his name is taken to
mean 'opener' - an opener of knowledge into
all handicrafts. Above all, the Egyptians
regarded him as the masrer architect (the
fashioner of the universe) whose knowledge
and inspiration led to the whole magnificent
programme of pyramid building.
To Osiris is ascribed knowledge of civiliry and
manners. In his book Myths and Legends of Egypt
Lewis Spencewrites glowingly of his influence,
"The land of Egypt flourished under his rule as
never before. Like another'hero-god'he set
himself the task of civilising his people who at his
coming were in a very barbarous condition,
induiging in cannibaiistic and other savage
practises.He gave them a code of laws, taught
them the acts of husbandry and showed them the
proper rites wherewith to worship the gods. And yet another culture bearing being who arrived Throughout
after he had succeeded in establishing law and from the skies. On this occasion he came carrying arereferences
order in Egypt he betook himself to distant lands a "thunder weapon" capable of causing great somehowdishibuting
to continue there his work of civilisation." destruction. Like Oannes in Mesopotamia he gave
\7e see here that the definite understanding is the native people instruction and knowledge of a
that Osiris's mission was not just confined to great many things including the planting and
Egypt but was pan-global in its aims and sewing of seedsand the improved use of weapons
intentions. For instance, far away from Egypt in and handicrafts. Finally Bep Kororoti is said to
Central America the story of Quetzalcoatl is have vanished into the skies to a backeround of
another perfect illustration of this civilising "fiery clouds, smoke, and thunder".
influence. Again we see the very sudden arrival Significantly the Kayapo Indians
of knowledge which brings in its wake an celebratetheir most sacredfestivals
understanding of so many things vital to a dressedin straw garments - a
modern civilised society. duplicate of those worn by the
'sky gods' - garments that look

To the Aztecs Quetzalcoatl was "giver of
remarkably similar in shape
and design as the space
suits of contemporary
knowledge and ail good things". In the light of his astronauls.
advent came knowledge of astronomy, Yet another
mathematics,and architecture. All this presumably surprising
happened many hundreds of years before the discovery is
Aztecs became discernible as a culture. that when
Throughout the emergent civilisations of the
Americas we find this all-present idea of an
influencing hand. To the Mexicans he was known
as 'Quetzalcoatl'; to the Maya, 'Kukulkan'; and to
the Inca,'Kon:Tiki-Wira-Kocha'.
To the Kayapo Indians of Brazll this influencing
personagewas known as 'Bep Kororoti'. This was
foms Colombus made his epic voyage to the New In his excellentbook Aboriginal Myths and
World, the natives of the'West Indian islands Legends, author Roland Robinson tells us that the
believed he was a sky god' They told him of others Aborigines believed, 'Ancestral beings created and
who had descendedfrom the heavens,bringing introduced ritual and law which governs social
with them strange metal items which in some cases organisation and religious observance.They gave
the natives had arranged in their huts as 'sacred instructions to the Aborigines in hunting and food
relics'. These islandersbelieved that the sky gods gathering and food-preparationl "
would one day return and Colombus's arrival
appeared to be a certain fulfilment of this long
awaited promise. Across the other side of the I|JLTURE FUIURE
Once again we see here the archetypal description
world in Australia, the Aborigines believe that
Ayers Rock is their most sacredof places. of the culture bearing beings that in all corners of
Tianslated in their own language it is thought to this globe are seen as having brought a crucial
mean "cross-roadsof the dream time trails". To influence to otherwise primitive people. It would
the Aborigines this age of the Dream Time is appear that wherever we go in the ancient world
roughly analogousto the golden age of Greek we find clear and unambiguous accounts of
mythology - when sky gods peopled the Earth. It influencing beings that have shaped the entire
is from this period that the Aborigine claim to path of human development. According to these
derive their intense understanding of natural and ancient sources man was once taught great things
supernatural things passeddown through a long by others who were not of his species- beings
line of ancestraldescent.They believed these who quite literally just arrive from the sky.
ancestral beings created all human life forms as Some even go as far as to say that this influence
well as "all forms of life in fauna and flora". extends straight on down to this very day - that the
role of the culture bearers is still far from over. And
if all this seemsfar too implausible iust imagine that
barely one hundred yearsago the thought of man
travelling to the moon or routinely flying
thousands of miles in a couple of hours would have
seemed entirely preposterous, In fact these last
eighry or so years have seen an unimaginablt
explosion of knowledge and science.The question
is what hastened this development? it really
our own brilliance, or were we in some way helped
- either consciously or subconsciouslyby beings
who have been gently prodding us in a certain
direction for countless millennia?

$ F Fritil Ifr
fiilll il nLl

UFOs exist.There is too much evidencefor this to be denied,

but we do not know what theseUnidentifiedFlying Obfectsare.
The most common assumptionis that they are structured
cl:aft,piloted by greyaliens.This might not be the whole
story.Chris Kenworthyfeelsthat the lights and shapeswe see
in the sky might be the aliensthemselves.
uman perception is based on of flying saucers only came about once we had
interpretation.'We cannot created our own flying metallic craft. Until then,
perceive anything without UFOs were perceived as anything from gods to
comparing it to something else, burning birds. Could it be that UFOs have always
fitting it into a bigger picture. It been the same, but our way of perceiving them
oforgone canoccur
energr is theoretically possible, has now changed?
anywhere, along
If the UFOs are flying aliens, like some obscure
therefore, that our perception of metallic flying
arethemost .
saucerscomes about becausewe have no other form of airborne whales, is it possible that we
Roman roadsfrequently
followed lines.
ofthese way of interpreting UFOs. The modern perception could perceive them in abnormal ways? There is
even the possibiliry that such creatures might give
off radiation which could disturb our minds, thus
creating many of the symptoms associated with
UFO sightings and abductions.
People who believe in UFOs as sky creatures,
rather than alien ships, feel that the creatures are
at home on Earth. They are not aliens in the usual
senseof the world; they are simply rare sky
animals, normally obscure to us.
Despite the bizarre nature of this belief, there is
a great deal of evidenceto support it. The theory
of Orgone Energy which, although not a part of
conventional science,could help to explain where
these flying bioforms come from.
An Austrian scientist named Wilhelm Reich
discovered a form of energy which he called
'orgone'. This he believed was the force that gave
life to the universe, and could also be responsible
for the sky creatures.
Reich was known for his psychological studies,
but after a while he turned his attention to the
study of organic decay. He filmed moss and grass
disintegrating, noting the way they broke into

blue-green vesicles. He saw that when materials sites, are part of a gridwork of energS fuelling
are allowed to disintegrate in a nutrient solution, the planet. It is widely believed that such a grid
they swell to form these vesicles, which he called exists, and that it is natural in origin, but that it
bions. Although his findings are not backed up by has been further empowered by the building of
conventional science, he was certain that these ancient sites.
'bions' were a source of life, spontaneously Structures such as Stonehenge and Avebury,
forming into amoeba and protozoa. He believed along with other stone circles, standing stones,
that the force of organic matter was somehow the burial mounds and tumuli might be similar to the
source of life. In recent years, the spontaneous components of a circuit board, regulating a
appearance of form from chaos has become more previously unknown energy.
widely accepted. It could be that Reich had People who visit ancient sites often have
discovered an aspect of chaos theory years before experiences that would be expected from coming
its time, by seeing force at work. into contact with orgone energy. There are reports
Ifhile working with bion preparations, Reich of dizziness and nausea. Photographic film often
obtained a deep tan, and found that his lab coat fogs, and batteries in cameras drain. People taste
glowed in the dark. A classical physicist assured something bitter and metallic, and there are
Reich that his experiments could not be forming reports of heightened awareness, headaches and
radiation, but he couldn't ignore the evidence memory loss. It is known that orgone can create
before him. It was this energy, produced by life these effects, indicating that ancient sites do
itself, that he came to call orgone. attract and regulate orgone energy.
Orgone is a subtle form of energy, a
combination of wave forms and radiation, that is
created by all living things. It is somewhat akin ro
The Force mentioned in the Star Wars movies; it
is created by life, and in turn gives power to life.
It cannot be detected by conventional means, but
can be perceived by those want to know more.
It could be a source of many paranormal
activities, including U.FOs.

It is said that orgone is created by the interaction
of sunlight with living tissue. This creares bions, a
sort of biological ether. This ether, which clings to
living tissue, is though to be responsible for
consciousnessand memory. Conventional science
has never found a full oxplanation for
consciousness,and continues to ignore Reich's
discovery of a supern4tural energy which could be
responsible for keeping us alive. This energy could
be the force that transforms us from bundles of
atoms into living, thinking beings.
As well as being attracted to organic materials,
Reich discovered that orgone tended to settle into
special boxes that he created. These were lined
with metal, and contained alternating layers of
organic and metallic material. These structures are If these ancient sites are orgone accumulators, Illi$t orgone
now referred to as orgone accumulators, and this might hint at why so many paranormal events theformationofcrop
experiments have shown that they are capable of occur around them. Either the orgone affects the
raising temperatures, and attracting light forms. human mind, making us falsely perceive ordinary
They can be any size, from a few inches across, to events as being strange, or the energy might rip at
something much larger. normal reality, allowing ghosts, black dogs, fairies
It has been suggestedin recent years that and UFOs to be seen.
ancient sites, such as stone circles, may be orgone If we accept that UFOs are a form of flying life
accumulators. Silbury Hill, in'Sfiltshire, for form, then it would be fair to expected them to
instance, was constructed in segments and layers. be attracted to our ancient sites, perhaps to feed
Archaeologists have never been able to explain on the accumulated energy. Many Ufologists have
why the ancients went to such lengths structuring observed the way that UFOs are frequently seen
the inside of a hill that would never be seen. Is it close to ancient sites, but this has been difficult to
possible that the ancients knew about orgbne, explain. The orgone theory would make it clear.
and were building the hill to accumulate orgone? Our ancient sites could be feeding grounds for
It could be that ley lines, which align the sacred orgone bioforms.

iiti iF i tri::iij: i ai;i$sorernlerls$

explanationlor UFl}s
causing to failmi$t bethat
theyarebeing bya localised
of orgoneenergy.

'Where, though, might these bioforms come isn't beyond our comprehension.After all, whales
from? The evidence collected so far indicates that a r e c o m p l e r e l yd i f f e r e n tt o u s . f l o a t i n ga n d
these creaturesexist in the upper atmosphere, only swimming through water in an environment that
rarely travelling down towards Earth where they is just as alien to us as outer space.It doesn't
become visible. This explains why UFO sightings take a great leap of the imagination to understand
ate rare, but not unknown, how other creaturescould exist in the highest part
The upper atmosphere is the most likely home of the atmosphere.
for these creatures,becauseit is rich in orgone Reich observed spontaneouslife emerging from
energy.As all life on the planet gives off orgone orgone on earth, so it is likely the same would
energy,it is collected in the magnetic fields of the happen in the upper atmosphere.Such life would
upper atmosphere.Although much of it remains have to be lightweight, to avoid falling to earth,
on Earth, especiallyin the grid of ley lines and more of a gaseousmassthan a solid creature.
ancient sites,a large amount collects in the highest These amoeba-like masses,or bioforms, would
part of the Earth's atmosphere,almost in space. be invisible, feeding on electromagnetismand
can think of this upper atmosphere as being the surrounding orgone.
like another ocean. It is rich in chemicals,orgone The orgone aliens might only come down to
and electromagnetism,so it isn't unreasonableto Earth to feed, topping up on their reservesof
Computer ofthisUt(l
expect life to form there. That life may be energy.This would explain why they are attracted
anamorphous shape
asopposed hull.
toasolid different to the life we are familiar with, but it to Dower stations. ancient sites and fault lines.

Many researchershave assumedthat UFOs are
nothing more than ball lightning or some other
meteorological effect, due to the way they are
often seen in areaslinked to electrical power or
geological faults. It is possible however that UFOs
are seen in these areas because they are attracted
to the sites, as feeding or breeding giounds.
These bioforms, which are normally invisible,
might become visible when they approach Earth,
becauseof the lower magnetic frequencieswhich
occur here. This is why we see them as physical
objects, or glowing lights at night. This would also
explain why 'ball lightning' is seento move in an
intelligent way; because it isn't iightning at all, but
a living, flying creature.

fiiflt$E3 f,tr f,t ?gFd

FE ffi
If orgone sky creaturesdo exist, they could be
responsiblefor the majority of UFO sightings.
Many observers say that UFOs are organic and
flexible, rather than stationary. They have been
seen floating over roads, at close range, and are
sometimessaid to be more like a gas or ball of
glowing light than a solid. Such observationsmay
be more accurate than the clich6d flying saucers
that witnessesdescribe.It's quite possiblethat
when peopie see orgone aliens, they perceive them
as spaceshipsdue to their inexplicable appearance.
If you study UFO reports, you will find that many
contain descriptions of gas-like structures,and the
shape of the 'craft' changing. Sometimesthe
'ship' is described as being transparent, with Almost every aspect of Ufology can be Cropcircles
strange inner workings, which could possibly explained by thinking of alien craft as alien oforgoneenergy
mean that people are seeingthe internal organs of creaturesin their own right. It is even possible ofthehshape.
these unusual creatures. that crop circles are created by orgone aliens,
UFOs are often seen changing shape as they fly, which could explain why radiation, radio
which does not fit ifi with the concept of solid distortions, and orgone after-effects are
ships. Orgone aliens, however, would be flexible experienced in crop circles. UFOs are often seen
and could easily stretch; this might even be a part close to crop circles, before and after their
of their natural propulsion. There are also reports formation. Perhapswhen orgone aliens pass
of UFOs flying into hillsides, or into the ground, through fields, they leave this trace, although it is
which would be possiblefor orgone entities. By possible that the orgone aliens are trying to
existing in different vibrational wavelengths, they communicate with us through crop markings. If,
may be able to passthrough physical objecs as however, the hoax theory proves to be true, it is
easily as we pass through water. ril/hen UFOs possible that crop circles act as orgone
disappearspontaneously,it could be that the accumuiators,thus attracting UFOs. Many crop
orgone creaturesare disguising themselveswith a circle hoaxers report seeinganomalous lights, and
form of camouflage; by raising their frequency, their circles are known to produce paranormal
they might make themselvesinvisible. effects. It is possible that ail circles are hoaxes,
People who witness UFOs report experiences but this doesn't necessarilystop them from being
similar to those that occur when orgone is present, a potent form of orgone accumulator, attracting
including memory loss and missing time. It is just the sky creatures.
possiblethat the whole UFO phenomenon has UFOs have been seen on Earth for many
developed from the misperception of such sky centuries,but contact has never been made. To
creatures. Even physical interaction with apparent this date, there is no evidenceof actual aliens
aliens could be down to the brain being affected recorded on film. \7e may be going about Ufology
by the strong electromagnetismgiven off by the wrong way, by thinking of UFOs as aliens
orgone creatures.This energy could also make our from another place. In a few years, as orgone
car enginescut out, which is something that UFOs energy becomesunderstood more widely, science
are often said to cause. may find that the aliens are already in our midst.

JIIJ. I]I'l'ffi
Kffiffi ffiffiffiffiffif
Last issue,
we introduced
Morning Sl<y,
a Hopi
Indian from
Arizona who
has devoted
much of his
life to alien
Morning Sky
crop circles he first report on the Hale Bopp It's now believed the comet has been regularly

as a part of comet, named after joint

discoverersAlan Hale and
visiting our solar system for some time, possibly
every 3,000 to 4,000 years. If this is the case,then
his research Thomas Bopp of Phoenix,
Arizona, came in August 4th
the ice has a\ready evaporated,which means the
comet is indeed very big.
for many 1995.Th e c o m e t 'sa p p a r e n ts i z e
led astronomers to conclude it was either
The Haie Bopp comet has an object wheeling
around it as it approaches,a blob of free flying
yeafs and abnormally large, or in the middle of an outburst. debris near the nucleus.The debris has detached
After being cold for so long, comets become from the main comet and is caught in a
thinks he covered in volatile ice which then evaporates,so gravitational spin around the nucleus.It is
making the comet look brighter when viewed from gradually heading away from the comet at a rate
has cracked a great distance. of one spiraliing rotation a week. Hale Bopp may
After the initial discovery of the comet, become the brightest comet of the century in
their secret however, astronomersbegan studying old sky 1.997as it is pulled into the sun's orbit.
photos from further out into space. In 1'993 they In August the comet's nucleus was seento
code... spotted an object which was likely to be the Hale fluctuate and surprisingly, an anti-clockwise spiral
Bopp comet. structure was seen within it, continually flaring up
with outbursts. The object's core is estimated to
be 100 to 150 kilometres in diameter.
also strange about the comet is that its driving gas
is completely unknown.

r *. , ;
,1" ,-.- ' ' : j l l i "I r "$
According to Robert Morning Sky, old texts
indicate the Hale Bopp comet (seebox-out) that's
been exciting astronomersrecently is something
quite out of the ordinary. The writer Zecharia
Sitchin talks of Sumeria, the oldest civilisation in
recorded history which is 'pivotal to a heavenly
body known as Nibiru' or twelfth planet (ie, nine
Thewinged it bellaleBopp?
sundiskor 'lmperishable planets, sun and moon and Nibiru). The orbital

to represent
heavenlybodies- if wecould
decode theymightprovide
theirmeaning a keyto ourownfuture.
These crop circle
patterns may
demonstrate the
movement of the

period of the twelfth planet is 3,600 years. Anti-elockwise


According to Brian Marsden of the IAU centre, rhe
Hale-Bopp comet's path "indicates that it's been
regularly visiting the inner solar system,going do-
si-do with the sun once every 3,000 to 4,000
years." Sitehin also statesin a later work that the
return of the twelfrh planet would be from the
regionsof the constellationof Sagitrarius,
coincidentally the region where astronomersfound it bebepossible
Could thatcropcircles suchasthoseshown here
the comet. pointto thecoming
actually 0l l{ibiru,thetwelfthplanetreferred
to by
Hale saw the comet in the cluster M70 in [gyptians
ashaving speoial
Sagittarius.If these correlations were meaningful,
couid the comet be the legendary twelfth planet?
After all, the surfaceactivity of a planet would lightaround
indeed resemblea spiralling acion - it would
appear bright from a long way aw?y, and the
driving gas would be unknown...

'Ra', having uitimate power. Egyprologistsargue

Another argument put forward by Sitchin and the voyage of the sun god through creation might
supported by Morning Sky is that the famous be portrayed as the flight of a winged sun-disk.
Egyptian symbol of the winged 'sun disk' is nor a All this has fascinating repercussionswhen we
depiction of the sun at all, but a representationof consider the Hale Bopp comet - if the ancients
the twelfth planet, Nibiru. Ancient wisdom often hold it in esteem,why did it hold so much power
alludes to one more planet in the solar system,a and significance?Perhapsthe winged sun God is
planet with an enormous orbit that the Egyptians on its return flieht.
called 'the imperishable star', or 'the planet of a
miilion years'. According to Sitchin and Morning
Sky, the winged globe was a symbol of the twelfth
planet in Egyptian mythology, with the sun, or As lvell as heavenly objects,crop circles also
appear to have a spiralling action, a spirai arm
and two bodies contained within them. Robert
Morning Sky links these to the comet and thinks
they augur the coming of the twelfth planet. As a
final twist to the tale, there is one rather ominous-
looking crop circle in \Tiltshire which seemsto
draw out the sun and all the planetary orbits up as
far as the asteroid belt. The third ring has no
planet and Earth is the third planet in orbit
around the sun. Are the crop circles in fact a
warning and if so, is this warning falling on deaf
tendto depictmovement,
ora spiralling
could ears?\7e will have to wait and see...
becompared to thatof comets. Thanks to SteveAlexander.

J :J t;J'
3, l ;
u rl '& t'
Crop circle seasonis back with a vengeanceand the Summer has kicked off
with some amazingformations that witnessesclaim defy the possibility of
human involvement.The first formation to rock the boat was the 650ft DNA
helix formation which allegedlyappearedwithin a few hours. The latest
revelation is a formation of a spiral which has materialisedin a field next to
Stonehenge.There is a branch of researchand belief that links ancient sites
like Stonehengeto both ley lines and UFO acivity. Could the age of
paranormal activity truly have arrived or have the hoaxersbecomecleverer
than ever.'We- that's me, Richard, my reporter Marcus, and Al, our
photographer - jumped in a car and decidedto investigatefor ourselves.

, .'.a.u t.,

:G .*

€&; ?.m
thatappeared ussellYoung works for Mrs They're cropping up all over the place again
alongsideStonehenge 7th
onSunday Sandel,who owns the land aren't they, if you'll excusethe pun?
lt could so
bethebestevidende where the crop circle appeared There's three in the area I think.
farof a paranormal
influence. next to the A303 opposite
Stonehenge.He is helping co- Do you think it has any link to Stonehenge?Do
ordinate the floods of tourists, you believe that it is not man made?
press and researcherswho are all eager to I would say I was sceptical.It's quite impressive
experiencethe power of the circle. spoke to but everyone is trying to find a big inner meaning
him about the latest farming phenomenon. to it all and I think it should iust be admired for
what it is.
So when and how did the formation appear?
It appeared on the 7th July which was a Sunday.A
pilot flew form Exeter to Thruxton at half past
five and flew back to Exeter at a quarter to six. He
't T| |itl R ttt
Marcus talked to some women who were
swears that when he flew over the field the first engagingin a strange ritual in one of the circles.
Apit is inthecentreof everycircle.
Does a fakeorsinply
thisindicate time it was not there and when he flew back, it They were implying that you could feel a 'vibe', a
mindless vandalism? was. It's the first one to appear in daylight. special kind of heat through the palms of their
hands. However, it was a very bright sunny day
and I too felt this heat on my skin, which, not
surprisingly,seem to emanate from a large bail of
fire in the skyl We stared at the women and then
at each other in bewilderment.
They were really impressedby the circles and
w h e n w e q u i z z e dt h e m o n i t s o r i g i n o n e w o m a n
said, "I hope that crop circles remain a mystery
becauseI like a good mystery but if they do find
out the truth behind crop circles, I hope they are
not man made."
It was plainly evident from the amount of
people striding through the crop that there is a
great deal of genuine interest in and fascination
with these phenomena. If this particular circie was
created by human artists then I think they should
t a k e s o m e c r e d i t f o r t h e i r a m a z i n gt a l e n t,
although I am not advocating the destruction of
other peopie's property.

However, this particular formation was
intriguing becauseof the time in which it was
created - 15 minutes if the pilot is to be beiieved.
To do this would take a very large number of
people and extreme organisation. The field is next
to and in plain view of a very busy road and if this
many people were frantically making the
formation then how is it that they were not seen?
The precision in the crop formation is truly
spectacularand could be witnessed even weeks
after its occurrence.

So how did the owner of the farm feel about it all?
Mrs Sandel seemedin a mixture of moods. As you
often find with farmers with crop circle formations
in their fields, instead of sulking about the loss of
crop, they invite people to look at the formation
themselvesand charge a small fee for the privilege,
two pounds a head in this instance.By the looks of
things this must have paid off as the daily influx of
crop circle enthusiastsand those who are simply
curious was tremendous.
Recently however, Mrs Sandel has been a little
disheartenedabout vandalism to the formation.
She tells how a gang of 35 youths stormed the
field one night without paying and how they left a
terrible mess in their wake. She has also had nasty
moments with angry'young men who refuse to pay
on the grounds that it's just a field like any other
and they have the right!
However, not all is bitternessand bad news. She
seemsto now have a genuine interest in the crop
circle and talks about the formation with pride.
Some people return to the site virtually on a daily
basis,such as crop circle expert Colin Andrews,
who, we were informed, thinks this is a very good
casefor a genuine paranormal phenomenon.
referred back to the vandalism and disruption to

we inspected the circles ourselveswe
the circles, saying that originally there were small
clumps of crop still erect in the centres of the
circles but since then they have all been pilfered
noticed that there were small pits in the centre of by visitors leaving only these dry circular pits.
every circle. Instantly suspicious,we thought about
the process of driving a stake into the ground and
by winding a rope attached to some flattening
device it would be possibleto create a perfect ever
RLl!ltl T0510
Eight miles north of Salisbury surrounded by
decreasingswirl. qilzzed Mrs Sandel who burial mounds, Stonehengehas long been a place
of mystery and ancient significance. It is estimated
to be around 5,000 years old. There are many
beliefs surrounding it. Firstly, it was believed to
have been a place built for sky worship. It has also
been linked to Druids, a type of Ceitic priests but
most significantly it is seento be some kind of
astronomical time keeping and prediction device.
In 1,919London's Society of Antiquaries carried
out excavations for sake of finding out the history
and purpose of the ancient site. It appeared that
there were three main periods of buiiding.
Around 3100BC the Aubrey holes were dug,
which were a ring of 56 pits as well as a circular
of American
ditch. The second phase of construction was

frequency sounds in a puisating rhythm out of the
range of human hearing and only detectablewith
an ultra sonic detector.In 1,978the Rollright
stones near Oxford were investigated.The
pulsating sounds occurred around dawn every day
and lasted severalhours on those mornings of the
Spring and Autumn equinoxes. Circles of stone
were also found to create areasof ultrasonic
silencewithin the circle when the outside
levels remained normal.
'Witnessesto crop circle creation are adamant
that there is an electrical presence,as they witness
arcs of light and hear cracks similar to the
'cracking of thunder' or an electrical dischargeas
Ziggy Kklyonsski quotes, "It was like a Van De
Graff generator.Just before a Van De Graff fires
there's that almost neon purple, which you get
inside a plasma dome. You get the fields between
the two electrodeswhich arc." Could this possibly
be linked to the quartz crystal vibrations from
the stonesthemselves?
lllarcus themysterious
investigating 2100BC, pillars of rock were brought in from So is the Stonehengecrop formation a genuine
holes inthemiddle circle.
of each 'Sfho
South'lfales and two circles rvere erected in the one? would dare put money on it? It seems
middle of the site. There were 30 upright stones, however, safe enough to say this caseis possibly
each weighing an incredible 50 tons. The last stage the best to date for a genuine paranormal circle
of construction was in 1500BC. The whole for the following reasons:
complex proves that ancient people used 1. The pilots claim that it was created in fifteen
astronomy. On midsummer's day, June 24th, if minutes.
you stand in the centre of the circle you see the 2. It was created in daylight near a thriving
sun rise over the heel stone. Stonehengeis tourist spot.
undoubtedly an instrument for the sky and a 3. The size of the formation and its precision
complex one. Stonehenge'ssymmetry is striking would take a very conspicuousteam of people
when viewed from above, which may lead to who were not seen,
interesting speculation. 4. The formation has similarities to another
It is easyto seewhy Stonehengecaptures the recent massive650ft formation in Dorchester
attention of Ufologists. which was created in a few hours and is also
widely held to be a genuine formation. The link

l l O I I E$
O FI HE$ IO[|E $ being the spiral shape.

The following researchis courtesy of W J Whitry
an Alien Encounters contributor, who gives clues
to the deeper significanceof the stones. The trouble with crop circles is that the sceptics
A zoologist investigatingbats discoveredthat at and the believers do not seem to trust each others'
certain times of day standing stones emit high stories.!7e have people swearing that they know
how to make the circles and also spoke to
believerswith testimonies to verify that it would
be humanly impossible. So, as per usual, we are
left with a mystery, one that may never be solved.

Stillnotconvinced? andMarcus
Richard would thepilot
liketo contact
before a paranormal
verifying influence.

ffiLgryW ver since the story leaked out,
back in 1987, the Ilkley Moor
alien encounter has, for many
p e o p l e .b e e n o n e o f t h e m a i n
p i l l a r : s u p p o r t i n gt h i s te e te r i n g
edifice that we call Ufology.
After speakingwith veteran investigator Arthur
Tomlinson, I was amazedby just how many
details applied to this casethat I had previously
been unaware of. The first surprise for me was to
learn that Arthur, who has been in this field of
researchfor some 40 odd years,was the original
detective on the story. Yet look this account up in
numerous UFO-related books, and often you will
G not even see his name credited.
After speakingwith severalother sleuthswho
knew the man, I discoveredthat he is one of the
great unsung heroes of this subject. Unlike most
others, Arthur has not sought publicity, written
books, and not attempted to milk Ufology for all
that it is worth, (as many seem to be doing
nowadays), but rather, has been quietly lecturing
up and down the country, charging groups only
for his oetrol exDenses.

. , li_ f t :
i l - i '4 '" :
The aliegation made by a former policeman (who
wishes to remain nameless)was that on the
m o r n i n g o f l i t D e c e m b e r .1 9 8 - . w h i l s t cr o r si n g
Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, he disturbed a small
'green' humanoid. Surprised, the creature ran
along for a bit, halted when at a safe distance,
turned, momentarily standing motionless, before
apparently signalling by bending and raising its
right arm. At this opportunity, our friend (who
had gone equipped with a basic pocket camera to
t a k e p i c t u r e so f t h e t o w n , h i g h f r o m t h i s
moorland area, and a compassfor navigation
should the weather turn nasty) snapped a single
shot, just before the startled entity rapidly scuttled
towards, and around behind, a large moss-covered
rock formation in the distance.Pursuing this
lifeform to its hiding place, the witness was
astounded to discover when he arrived at the
spot, not a cowering green alien, but a dome-
topped, sleek, silver metallic disc. In what
seemedlike a fraction of a second, the flying
saucerrose at breathtaking speed and disappeared
high into the clouds.
This is how he initially recalled things, but there
were definite discrepanciesin his story. Partial
memory loss was apparent, and as much as two
hours could not be accounted for following this
episode.It was decided by Arthur Tomlinson that
t h e o n l y c o u r s eo f a c t i o n w a s t o r e t r i e v ea n y

The correctand usualmethodemployedby BEAMS researchers is
that when investigatingthe seeminglyfantasticor implausible,
one'sfirst considerationshouldbe the more mundaneor
carriedout for this article.However,this particularcasehas some
very soundpoints of argumentfor beinggenuine.Ken Parsons
looks into the matter.
missing memory by employing the services of a
qualified hypnotist. Although the testifier then
shunned (as he continues to do now) all forms of
publiciry the media eventually got wind of what
had happened to him.
Amongst all of the various comings and goings
at his house, one day there was a dramatic
development. fivo men claiming to be from the
Ministry of Defence'(bearing in mind that the
Menwith Hill base is only 8-10 miles down the
road from here), paid a call. Flashing their ID
cards (which looked authentic enough), they
introduced themselvesas 'Forester' and 'Davis',
and asked to examine the photographic evidence.
These visitors were quickly shown to the door,
and like many others had done before them, left
long-faced and empty-handed.
Meanwhile the blur'red photo and negative was
examined by Kodak and declared genuine, (in as
much as the originals had not been tampered with
Thepathway where theentitystood.
Manchester Institute of Science and TechnologS
Thegentlemaninthepictureisilr Alan
in any way). Although quite fuzzy, the film had where it was discovered that ordinary magnets
Smith,who assistsStephen
indeed captured a peculiar-looking green figure available to the public had no permanent effecr lt i3tenyards
investigations. fromthe
with its right arm raised! on a similar compass. The only thing that could Ut(lsite.
The policeman also noticed, about a week after alter the polarity would be a very powerful
the event, that the polariry of his compass had industrial magnet available from Japan, or a
been reversed,so that it now pointed South. The rapidly applied or pulsed magnetic field generated
compass was examined at the University of by mains electricity.
Later, and with fulI approval of the witness,
hypno-regressionwas carried out...

As a result of all his dedication and hard work,
Arthur Tomlinson has brought forth some
exceptional details about this case. Since then, his
enquiry has been tackled by other researchers,
most notably Peter Hough (who now owns the
copyright to the alien photo) who, together with
clinical psychologist Jim Singleton, has arrived at
thesilverdisowasseen. the following facts.

After chancing upon the hovering silver disc, the

to thewhitewellsbuilding
one-time policeman was suddenly engulfed by an

lihen electrical field of some sort, which levitated him
up inside the craft. Next, he was positioned onto a
table in a white room. Feeling like a specimen in a

Ind laboratory he became quite anxious and attempted
to struggle, but was made to relax by soothing,

he telepathically conveyed words of reassurance.
His captors were describe{ as having green,
roughishJooking skin, and were of small stature,

became "about four foot, with big pointed ears and larqe
black eyes.They haven'tgor a nose and only a
small mouth. Their hands are enormous,and their

and arms are long. They've got funny feet, like a V_
shape, flvo big toes (cloven hooves). They've got and,2.00am along the Addingham Road when

three big fingers, like sausages.,
Repeatedly a kind of illuminated scannins
device was passed over his body, before he
they saw a mass of white lights hovering over
some rocks. They initially believed the lights to be
coming from some farm buildings, until she

btt[ invited to sit up and leave the aliens' examination
table. After a short breather he was taken to
another room and shown harrowing future images
realised that there were no farmhouses on that
part of the moor. They observed the phenomena
all the way into llkley.

[o concerning the pollution of Earth and its eventual
destruction. The next thing that he remembered
was finding himself back on land at the exact
Added to this are strong traditions from peoples
(some long-departed, some still living) about

hq outcrop where he had first seen the.craft.
The final hypnotically-recalled remembrance
apparitions, goblins, earth spirits, fairyfolk and
numerous other miracles in these parts.
The Vhite Wells building was construcred

revealed that he had taken the crucial around a natural spring and bequeathedto the
photograph, not shortly after spotting the little people of Ilkley by a wealthy landowner at rhe
green man, as he first believed, but right at the beginning of the 19th Century. $filliam

[elepobhirallq very end of the abduction ordeall

In the light of this last mind-blowing revelation,
the raised arm of the creature is now taken to
Butterfield, the Bathman, witnessed a bizarre sight
when he went ro unlock the premisesone

morning in 1815.
mean that it was waving adieu! All over rhe water and dipping into it were a lot
of little creaturesdressedin green, none of them

of I'ilil[0ht
llJords RREfl There is no doubt that some strange things can
more than 18 inches high, and making a
chatteringsound. They appearedto be takine a
bath. only they kept all rheir clotheson. Then

reds$t|rdt|cB. happen on the bleak moors of yorkshire. Ilkley is

rumoured to have been host to at least a couple of
other alien confrontations.
they all took off, toppling and tumbling, head
over heels, towards the hill were the policeman
was to have his experience with a green entity
Peter Hough was recently approached by a 162 years later,
woman keen to recount her UFO sighting in the
Just recently, certain reporters have sought to
stone. summer of 1987. She and her husband lived in debunk the Ilkley Moor alien case,and using
Celtic andllordic
lor Good
and[igt. Ilkley. They were returning home between 1.00 skillful evasionof the factshave att.mpred to
cheapen this quintessentialexamination.
However, their campaign has not worked. Thev
say that "The truth will out", and it certainlv has
triumphed here...and although they had their
brief moments of recorded glory, the doubtersl
mission has turned into a dead duck. Unless I am
shown firm evidence to the contrary the Ilkley
encounter proves higher-intelligence visitation.

Although calledthe 'swastika' (and rarelv The
FylforStone),far from beingwhar mostpeople
would recogniseas a swastika- which is in fact an
ancient symbol for peace and light, along with
being a charm against 'the evil eye' superstition -
this badly weathered pattern resembles somethine

f t:t:+iiEf;*5j#?i$$
closer to a star constellation. Below this is the
outline of an amoeboid. Investigator and head of
BEAMS 'WestYorkshire, Mark Gibbons, reported a |lOI,I
flI{[ T|{E
paranormai occurrence whilst visiting this time-
worn position.
On 3Oth March, 1996, Mark, along with his
Come off the M62 at junction 26 and take the M606 signposted to
aunt, her niece Michelle and her son Craig, went Bradford. After two miles turn left on to the A6177 ring road, then follow
to this the point which overlooks the \Tharfe the ,4.650 to Keighley. Three miles past Keighley rurn right onto the A6034
Valley.The intriguing piece of coarsesandstone for five miles to Addingham. At Addingham turn right on to the A65 for
which measuresabout 19 feet long and about four six miles to llkley.
feet thick, had been the source of many a rumourJ In Ilkley town centre, iust before the railway station, there is a sign to
and it was decided to take some pictures of the the moor. There is plenty of room to park. Thke the path that runs to the
site. Upon touching the stone, Mark, who has left of the White Wells building, which is visible from the road. This is now
certain psychic abilities, claimed that he could a museum and we think well worth a look. The next leg of the short
immediately feel energiesrushing through his iourney is very steep.
body. Immediately the nagging pain of an old Follow the path behind the museum up inro a gully. Take the parh ro fhe
arthritic complaint vanished. His aunt (who is alsc, right, up the side of the hill. The stand of rrees on the left is where the
psychic and very spiritual) then proceeded to policeman was paralysed by the entity. Continue for about 100 yards up
meditate and begin a conversation with an unseen the path to the crown of the hill. On your right is the pit where the
entity on the rock, when suddenly something policeman took the photograph of the being. Walk into the pit and around
happened which was only visible to Mark. To his the outcrop, where there is an even deeperexcavationabout 40 feet across;
surprise, he watched a stunning, glowing, violet- this is where the silver disc hovered.
coloured 'vision' shoot ollt from the swastika.
Standing back, thinking it was a trick of the light,
Mark turned away, and then looked again, and the However, the gr-rardtower at the entrance to the
figure had completely gone. install:rtion compound is unusual. If it is a guard
Mark says,"It is up to the reader to decide tower, why? \fhat for? These seem to be rather
whether or not to believe what I have reported. To over-elaboratesecurity measuresfor somewhere in
my mind this event actually happened." the rniddle of nowl.rere!
There are various stone circles on Ilkley Moor, "It also hacl a manually operated swivel
the best known of which is the 'fwelve Apostles', mounted micro-transceiver dish attached to the
almosrce rtain lypla nn ed in it s or ient at ior rt o tower. \fhat is this for? And why at this
various other stone monuments out here. installation? The masts themselvesappear to be of
Photographersof this site have reported a standard type. The satellite micro-transceiver
anomalous glows and distortions on their prints. dishesare commonplace and don't indicate
Our intelligence gathererscame up r.vith two anything other than a high siting location."
unconfirmed reports (one from the 1970s and the My own calculations show the installation to
other of a much more tecent date) concerning a stand on at least one powerful ley line, and in
potential military radio-delay building off the between two important alignment markers.
beaten track over Ilkley Moor. Using the few clues A11in all, this strange little communications unit
to hand, Mark and fellow researcher/archaeologist is quite interesting, and I am sure that we wiil be
Awide angle
Gary Foster have indeed confirmed this significant hearing more about this exceptionally interesting 38yardsfromthe
discovery close to another ancient monument, that place...Ilkley Moor. WhiteWells
of the 'Cross Stone'.
They stumbled acrossan installation approx
200x110m, surroundedby a double wire mesh
perimeter fence, comprising of two large steel
masts like radio pylons, with equipment housings
at their bases.Also present was what looked like a
guard rowe r off:e t to th e nr ain ar ea.c ov er ingan
entrance to the compound. Numerous satellite-
type disheswere clustered around the lower
portion of the two steel towers. After collecting as
much u se iuld ata a' po ss iblet hey depar t ed.

F? i Ftill'fl"3:
f f iE . , E ,lilt ES
After speakingwith an er-RAF
Communication/Radar officer, Gary Foster has
come up with the following:
"The double perimeter fence is a standard
securityre r u p fo r man y c or nm unic et ionrs it c sin
remote areas,as an outside tampering deterrent.


ION||$||IN any parts of the world are
considered to be, in the words Forget flat caps,Emmerdale and
of Ufologists, 'window areas'-
Bonnybridge in Scotland and puddings, Yorkshire should be more
the county of ITiltshire berng
just two examples. One area not famous for its UFO sightings.Marcus
usually discussed,however, is yorkshire, which is 'Walker
strange considering the rich vein of UFO lore reports on some of the strange
found in the county.
Yorkshire's two best-documentedcasesof alien
objects seenaround this normally
abduction date from the 1980s. The first was rhe
down-to-earth county.
mysterious death of a man called Adamski (no
relation to the American contactee George
Adamski). Mr Adamski's corpse was found
sprawled on top of a coal heap by PC Alan
Godfrey. Godfrey was part of a team looking into
'What was
the disappearance of Mr Adamski.
bizarre about the discovery was the absence of
footprints around the body: what's more, the coal
hadn't even been disturbed. The only logical way
that Adamski's body could have ended up on top
of the heap was if it had been lowered onto it
from above. There was no way the corpse could
have been dragged to the top without leaving a
trail. Even more startling were the coroner's
findings. Apparently a strange substance
resembling cream was discoveredaround
Adamski's neck - a substancenot previously
known to man.
Yet this was not the only occasion Alan Godfrey
would be involved with possibleUFO activities. In
November 1980 whilst driving back to Todmorden
police station along the Burnley Road, PC Godfrey
encountered a lit round object near the roadside.
The policeman stopped his car and began to
sketch the object. The next thing he knew, half an
hour had suddenly disappearedand the object had
completely vanished.
Mr Godfrey later underwent hypnotic
regression,bringing to light his full abduction
experience. !7hat's iirteresting about this caseis
that severalpolice officers on the Moors saw lights IEFtl'lllEt?
il01 Ihe lo0icnl
in the sky during the same evening, but nobody
travelling along the Burnley Road around the same
time that PC Godfrey was allegedly abducted saw
The caseof the Ilkley Moor alien is describedon tud|l
the object, or reported seeing Godfrey's empty page 56, but there are also other, more recent
patrol car. However, a witness did come forward
later who claimed to have seenthe object placing
sightings. At Greetland, Halifax, last Christmas
Eve, members of BEAMS UFO group noticed an
Alan Godfrey back into his car. It's important to
note that during the days leading up to Godfrey's
abduction, the Todmorden Police had been chasing
object which looked like the moon, but was
coloured a strange shade of orange. This object
was spotted at 6.30pm. Vitnesses claimed it
unidentified objects from Ilkley to Halifax. looked as though something was about to eclipse
Unusual inthePendle
lightdisplays Hill
areacouldbeattfibutedto natural
energy through localrocks.
RRL $0l'lERB
Moving to Sowerby, Halifax, a large UFO was
seen on February 26th. The object was seen for
about half an hour, emitting pulses of white light.
At around 9pm, people reported seeinga Tornado
fighter heading towards the Sowerby area. Eye
witnesses claim that as the Tornado confronted
the object, it shot off at a great speed, but didn't
make any discernable sound.
On the 29th, a huge triangular-shaped object
was encounteredby a single witness, who claimed
that the object first appeared travelling from the
Scammonden area and suddenly stopped and
hovered above their home. The object was
described as being triangular in shape with about
25 different coloured lights, and the witness could
only compare it to something from Star Thek. The
UFO hovered above the house, about 10 metres
above the roof, for roughly five minutes. It then
took off again at great speed. Sadly, no
photographs were taken for the annals of Ufology.

Since March 28th this year, many orange balls of
light have been spotted around the Scammonden
area (Australia is currently experiencing the same
phenomena almost daily). Three members of
BEAMS decided to go up to Scammonden to
investigate. About 30 minutes later they saw a
bright orange ball of light, moving at extreme
speed towards where they'd parked their car.
Suddenly the object stopped and started to dance
up and down. The object, viewed through
binoculars, was describedas a perfect sphere. The
MembersofBIAM group
UF|) repoded the object when it suddenly moved quickly group attempted to initiate contact by flashing
downwards, as if something was pulling it out of their headlights in the direction of the object, but
sight. At this point the witnesses got into their car without success.Altogether, the sighting lasted for
and followed the object to BlackstoneEdge Moor about 10 minutes.
on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. \We Just as the BEAMS members were about to
understand that the object eventually changed leave, they noticed that the object had reappeared
direction and headed towards Scammonden: the over the Sowerby area. Again the object was
same object was also been reported earlier this observed through binoculars, only this time an
year, and seemsto have cropped up in Liverpool. orange tail of light was seen coming from it. The
stay in Greetland, but fast forward to object then appeared to be writing symbols in the
December 27th 1995. Just as Mr Paul O'Malley sky, shortly after which it stopped, changed shape
was about to turn his car into School Street he into a triangle and disappeared.
noticed a large metallic object hanging in the sky. Yet more was to happen that evening. As the
The object seemedto be changing shape. O'Malley group were driving home, they saw the object
reported the sighting, but no further information again reappear over Sowerby. This time it
about the casecould be uncovered. demonstrated a new trick. It split into two red
Iights, which proceeded to dance around one
another. Then there was a flash of violet light
before the object finally vanished. Again, the lack
of a camera meant no photos were taken.

claimthata Tornado
Scammonden was in the news again on April 19th
a largeU[0aboveSowerby, and 20th when the triangular UFO, already an
at extremely common sight in Europe, was spotted
greatspeed. over the M62.

i.,t'ti 't-i.,'.'l: $eileInbefl9t6

The first sighting was on Saturday 19th when a
young couple reported that rhey had seen a round
to anothersighting
when they
object with lights revolving around it. They spofteda tdan$larobject
observed the object for about 5 minutes, reporting overthet162.
that it moved vertically downwards before
eventually seeming to disappear into the ground.
Once again the sighting was reported to rhe
BEAMS Vest Yorkshire Branch. The investieators
were fast to reac{ and were soon headine tJwards
Scammonden.It was at this poinr that they noticed
the triangular object hovering over the M62. The
object was covered in bright blue and green lights,
which appeared to be flashing.
i A-fter speeding up and slowing down, ir vanished
I into the only cloud in the sky. Five people drink as well had it not been for a similar sighting
I witnessed this strange phenomenon. from an independent and very sober witness.
l The following day the craft was seen again, and This story now takes a peculiar rwist - Jenkins
l an orange ball of light has also been observed in suddenly had an overwhelming urge to go to a
I Burnley and Pendle (a notorious window area in clearing in some woods close to where he lives to
I its own right). meet some 'beings'. Jenkins was asked if anything
Returning to the triangular object, it was seen in else unusual had happened to him recently, and
Liverpool approximately three weeks ago. There more of the story was revealed. He stated that on
were also traces of a possible landing by this Tiresday11th June, he had been walkins down a
object, but unfortunarely the landing site had been road which he had been down on many
disturbed by the first people to arrive at the site. occasions, listening to his Iflalkman, when he
I Curiously, a duck was found nearby with its
beak removed.
came to a certain point where he normally turns

r Apparently this area of Yorkshire is becoming

known as the Yorkshire tiangle as if you join
his \X/alkmanoff. On rhis evening,Jenkini had a
strange compulsion to walk up some steps which
had appeared out of nowhere. He walked uo
Scammonden,Todmorden utrd Ilkl.y on amap, them and came into a clearingnear rhe woods.
you get a perfect triangle.
Jenkins, who has lived in the area for the oast
three years,was adamanrthat the stepshad nor

ElIIO|JIIIIR been there before,as he walked pasrihar area
every day! He also statedthat he was going to be

On Thursday 13th June, Mr Neil Jenkins
met by beings and this was the place where it was
going to be. He later claimed that he was going
to go there and see if anything happened. came aciossaflight0f steps,
(pseudonym) frantically called Yorkshire BEAMS '$(ihen whichalthough
hewalked thatroute
BEAMS contacted him again a few days
at 11.45pm. Clearly distressed,Jenkins began to after the initial 'phone call Jenkins said that he everyday,hadneverbeentherebefore_
relate what had happened to him on the way had intended to go but after ringing BEAMS he
home from a friend's house. Near a church, had fallen asleep and woke up the next morning
Jenkins noticed a white light which he took for a on the floor by rhe 'phone. A strangecaseindeed:
star. The light was bouncing around in the sk5 narcolepsy - a rare condition characterised by the
until it became srationery. At first, Jenkins pur this uncontrollable urge to fall into sessionsof deeo
down to a quick drink he'd had earlier, and sat sleep- could be a possibleexplanationfor Mr
down on anearby bench. Looking at the star
again, he noticed it changed colour to red.
BEAMS would have probably put this down to the

lccodingto lenkins,
hewitneseda star
around intheslry,
to a redcolour.