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Social Problems Faced By Indian Men

Men are often portrayed as emotionless, abusive, party-freaks, criminal-mind and

with many more words, but in reality nobody even thinks that men can suffer from
any problems during their lifetime, society is always brutal and harsh towards men,
that is the major condition why we doesnt have any protection laws for men, when
we have protection laws even for animals. India have National Commission For
Women who take cares of womens right in India, we have National Commission
For Minorities who take cares of rights given to minorities but we doesnt have any
commission who take cares rights for men, even in the situation when we have nearly
82% of tax payers were men, but if you have noticed in budget session you can easily
find out that there were zero amount sanctioned for protection and upliftment of
men. Lets look upon some social problems faced by Indian Men in daily life.
Burden of Responsibilities
In a single day of 24 hours he has to take responsibility as a Husband, Father, Son
and Employee. His day starts with rush towards office and to take children to school,
if he is late to office then he is ready to listen harsh words from his boss, after a long
day of working, he go to his home thinking that now he will have some peace of
mind but majorly no husband find peace when he reach home, not in a condition if
he is late because of any reason. There were plenty of works waiting for him as soon
as he reaches home. He has to take responsibilities as a son towards parents, he has
to take care of every need of them. There was a situation, when every men find
himself helpless when he is stuck in a conversation between his mother and his wife.
Both wants that he should take their side. As a father his children see him as a person
who will fulfill their demand, and men always love their child from deep heart, they
are attached and are ready to give a comfortable life to them and see them successful
in their life. But mostly in custody cases, courts are not agree with this and rarely
give custody to father. Men work 24*7 to fulfill all his responsibilities.

Burden of Expectation
Every parents expect from their child to fulfill their dreams, what they havent
achieved in their life they want their child should achieve the same, if you want to
see an example of it, you can roam around Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi area, which is a
hub for IAS and Judiciary aspirants. Maximum number of aspirants who are male
definitely say that they are doing this just because their parents want it, not because
they want it. It is a burden of expectation who abet them to suicide if they are
unsuccessful. Consistently their parents told them you have to achieve, if you
achieved then you will be married to a good girl, we have a good reputation in
society, a hindi saying, Beta humara naam roshan karega.
Being Emotionless
Men never got a chance to show his emotions unlikely to women, who can cry if she
feels bad, society is so rude towards men that he has no right to cry. Not to a small
male child, his father or his mother will told him to stop crying because boys dont
cry. Because men doesnt have a chance to show his emotions, maximum number
of men have gone through a stage of depression in their life-time. Believe that men
have every emotion and they are very much sensitive towards every situation.
Forced to work in Hazardous Situation
If it is a hazardous and dangerous work, call men he will do it. Men is always
forced to work in hazardous working condition where he has a danger to his life.
From handling of toxic substances to working under sewage pipes, he is agree to do
it every work which can provide his family a sustainable life. I have seen this
republic day, when parade is hosted by a women and giving guard of honor to the
President of America, I feel proud of it and on my country, that day I came to know
that we have such a huge women army in our country but still I never heard that
women soldier fighting a war or taking part in any execution of militants. Even I
came to know that they have plenty of advantages in that job which men couldnt

have even when they fought real wars and stand in -45C temperature in Siachin.

Shorter Life
Women is always lives longer than men, it is a reality that men have a shorter
lifespan then women. In a report by United Nations on gender, they have shown that
women have average 65 years of life that to men who have 62 years of life.

(Picture: Presentation of gender statics in UN Stats Report)

No Choice of life

A men cannot have choices if we talk in respect of work, its a taboo in our society
if a man doesnt work or doesnt earn. If he want to sit at home and want to play the
role of a home-maker and wants his wife to work outside than society will never
accept him and call him with different abusive names. Even every parents want their
child to earn properly so that he will be married soon and according to his parents
he will be settled down. Is he really settled against his wish? What if he wants to
pursue his life to fulfill his dream? What if his marriage will not work-out? Who will
be held responsible for that? If a men will over-time in work, then there will be
complaint that he will not give time to his family. If he chooses a life where he is
going for a shopping frequently, gossiping with friends, hanging out with them,
watching daily soaps, most important not working, and attending kitty-parties then
you couldnt because society havent give you permission to enjoy or choose your
life, you have to take abuses of society because its not a mens life, it cant be so

As an ATM
Men is often tagged as an ATM, may be some of you see a tag written on a car or a
T-Shirt saying My Dad Is My ATM, its not about only few people who thinks
that men as a ATM, its more than that, you can see a live example if you can go to
a divorce case or a maintenance case hearing, Its always on mens side who is to be
told to give alimony to his wife or maintenance, if he is find disobeying court orders
than he will be behind bars. Recently a court have given order that men have to take
care of his parents, wife & children. Subsequently, in one more decision, Supreme
Court of India have given direction that live-in couples will be presumed married, in
case of Dhannulal & others v Ganeshram & others on 08 April 14, 2015, The
Supreme Court has since 2010 consistently ruled in favour of couples living together
as husband and wife, giving the women the right of a wife. A bench of Justice MY
Eqbal and Justice Amitava Roy said continuous cohabitation of a couple would raise
the presumption of valid marriage and it would be for the opposite party that they
were not legally married. This means that a live-in women can file all cases that can
be filed by a wife, even she can demand for maintenance in case of break-up.
By looking all the facts and situation in which men pursue his life, its always a
difficult task to sustain life as a men, and especially in India where we have no laws
for protection of rights for men. As Judiciary always held liable and feminist always
accuses all men community for an act of a single men. Its because of these feminist
scenario in India which dignify the status of Indian Men at Global level, recently a
man is declined by a German university just because he is a man and he is from
India. According to NCRB Data almost 65,000 married men commit suicide every
year in respect to women, which are very much less in number. This problem cannot
be over looked, Government of India should look into this current situation of men
and have to make some protection laws for men and a commission who take cares
all of the rights for men.
- By:- Roopenshu Pratap Singh