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CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) in Regular Pathway (All 5 Exams) successfully

completed / passed @ 1st attempts with a good grades in 5 months...Happy to

share the Video Testimonial of 167th Success Story Ms. Vaishali Kale, MBA (Finance),


Video Learning Kit: an Innovative way of learning Enhance your Client Acquisition,
Client Advisory and Client Retention skills- Double your conversion rate, Triple your
Ticket size and multiply your AUM...100% Return on Investment every year subject
to implementation of learning.

Happy to share that today we have crossed the milestone 51+ CFP Aspirants
successfully completed their CFP certification in Regular or Challenge Pathway @
1st Attempt with good grades with help of CFP Video Learning KitYou can also
acquire the Quality Knowledge & Skill sets in Personal Finance Domain with help of
Video Learning Kit and achieve your dream of CFP certificant by Sept.'15.

We are happy to launch Video Learning Kit (2015 Version) of Comprehensive FAST
TRACK CFP for Regular & Fast Track Pathway CFP Aspirants who may not able to
attended the our Weekend or FAST TRACK CFP

Training workshop due to time constraint or like to purse CFP at their own pace or
living out of Mumbai.

In last 2 years, 51+ participants have already successfully completed their CFP
certification in Regular pathway or Challenge Pathway with good grades @ 1st

Contents of Video Learning Kit :

1) Training: As per Current Syllabus 04/02/2015 (64 hrs- 8 full days Training

We have LIVE Recorded our 56th Mega Batch (Feb. 2015) 8 full days Comprehensive
FAST TRACK CFP Training Workshop You can watch video & learn as an offline E
participant (without need of Internet) at home/office without leaving your desk and
learn at your pace will take approx 100 hours with the Practice & Evening

a) Watch New Sample Videos: Logical & Magical 5 Steps Process


b) Mr. Vishwanath Narayanan, Mumbais Leading Independent Financial Adviser

shared his Success Story.


3) Happy to share 167th Success Story of Ms. Vaishali Kale, MBA Finance, Sr. BFSI
Professional Founder- V Link Financial Services & Associated with a leading CA firm,

2) Latest updated high Quality Study material/Question Banks with solutions:

(Soft Copy format 500+ MB Content)

Study books and workbooks for each module (500+ Question per module), High
quality Study Contemporary 500+ question bank with detailed Solutions from A to E
case Studies (2015), 45+ Sample Case Studies with Question bank with the
solution, Short notes, and also learn to make handwritten customized Financial Plan
Construction for yourself & your customer.

3) Post Training Supports:

Post Training Supports through Mail/phone/webinar till you complete your CFP
maximum six months from date of enrolment.

Total FEE of Comprehensive FAST TRACK CFP Video Training kit= Rs.25, 000/(Twenty Five Thousand only)

Rs. 5000/- Discount on Video Learning Kit (Ver. 2015) of Comprehensive Fast Track
CFP Learning Kit till 25-4-2015...An Option to pay in 2 equal monthly installments of
Rs. 10,000/-.

Call now 09167362201 / 09930751709



Happy to share 167th Success Story of Ms. Vaishali Kale, MBA Finance, Sr. BFSI
Professional Founder- V Link Financial Services & Associated with a leading CA firm,

She enrolled in the Regular pathway with one of leading EP and completed her
Training But, she was unsuccessful in 1st module exam and later on enrolled in
Our Successful Innovation called VIDEO LEARNING KIT in June2014. She successfully
passed her all 4 modules exams and Exam5 @ 1st attempt with a B 60%+ -1st
Class at 1st Attempt on 29th November2014.

Kale kale.vaishali@yahoo.in Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 12:22 PM

ReplyTo: Vaishali Kale kale.vaishali@yahoo.in

To: Keyur Shah CFP keyurcfp@thecfpaspirantclubindia.com

My success story

Dear Keyur Sir,

I'm glad to share that I've successfully completed my CFP certification in Regular
pathway all 4 Module exams and Exam5 Advanced Financial Planning with a B
Grade 60%+ First Class on 29th November in just span of 6 months with the help of

I would like to THANK YOU Sir for this success. This would not have been possible
without your proper training & guidance. You're always there as a mentor in each
and every situation. Thanks for boosting my confidence & ensuring me to do it in
very short span of time. Because of time constraint it was very difficult to manage.
But you were always one step ahead to help.

Sir, you are as a CHANGE CATALYST in our FINANCIAL PLANNING Industry. The
concepts you've explained are crystal clear. Video learning was very helpful. It was
as effective as live training or workshop. Each and every word said by you in the
training or during my post training preparations makes sense.

The approach to attend the exam or be it how to do post training preparation, are so
perfect that there are no chances of failure. I would like to specifically mention
about Question Bank and Solutions. They are very comprehensive, latest and
always upgraded as per latest syllabus and more practical. You just need to trust
your Mentor and success is yours. I did it in same manner.

I'm very proud today that I've completed my CFP^CM Certification and ready to
deliver more valuable Services to my clients. The training not only helped me in
professional level but on personal level too.

It helped me to budget my personal finances in an organized manner and I was able

to prioritize My Goals and calculated inflation adjusted corpus required and also
started investing for sameI think everyone must learn financial planning.

Keyur Sir, thank you once again for being part of myJourney.


Vaishali Kale