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The British University in Egypt

Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science

Department of Business Administration

Module: Supply Chain Management-14BBST12H

Module Leader: Dr. Bassam El Ahmady, Ms. Ola Mamdouh
Group Project: Supply Chain Tour

30% of module mark

Report (20%) to be submitted in week 10

Presentation (10%) in the 10th week during lecture and tutorial slots

Project Task
Create a group of 4 self selected students. Each group is required to select a company
of its choice to critically evaluate some of the supply chain activities and its related
aspects based on the theoretical material included in the module. The submitted report
should follow the following structure:
1. Description of the companys supply chain:
In this section, elaborate about the strategy of the companys supply chain and
its process views.
2. Supply Chain Evaluation:
a. Analyse the supply chain performance, drivers and metrics.
b. Investigate the risks encountered if the company is in a global supply
c. Relate the role of forecasting and uncertainty to the supply chain and how
the company plans and manages inventory.
d. Demonstrate the role of IT in a supply chain (for e.g: IT in Forecasting,
aggregate planning, inventory management, etc.).
e. Investigate the level of coordination across the supply chain members
showing how it influences performance.

Assess sustainability in the supply chain.

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3. Conclusion & Recommendations:

In this section, write your recommendations of how you believe the supply chain
of your selected company could be managed better.

You will also need to surf the internet as well as the library database to assist you.
Present the analysis of your chosen supply chain.
Marking Criteria
The group project is graded out of 30%. It will be broken down to 20% (report) and 10%
Written Report (20%)
Points of evaluation


Richness of information obtained


Relating information to theoretical based

Level of critical analysis applied to the
information obtained in the project
Integration of the project as a whole


Referencing (Quality & Quantity)







PowerPoint Presentation (10%) ( A 20 minute Presentation)

Points of evaluation
Presentation Skills (individual assessment)


Analytical Skills (individual assessment)


Data Conveyed (individual assessment)


Overall layout of presentation (team work



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General Instructions
Create a group of 4 people (self selected). If you fail to join a group, go back to your TA
maximum by the 3rd week to assign you to a group. Each group should submit the
1. Written report in a binder (1 hard copy)
2. 1 soft copy submitted via turnitin
3. Turn it in Originality Report
4. Forms: coursework submission form, statement of academic honesty form
and contribution form (who did what)
The format of the submitted report should be as follows:
1. Be word-processed.
2. Be submitted on A4.
3. Be double spaced.
4. Font 12, Arial
5. The number of words circa 4000-4500 (excluding title page, contents page,
acknowledgements, diagrams, tables, appendices and references) in your
submission form, if the word limit is exceeded by 5 % the work will receive a
mark of ZERO.
This coursework covers ILOS 4, 5,6,7,8 and 9 as per the module specs.

This project should be your own work. You should make reference to the literature but
the report should contain your own ideas, based on your understanding of the problem
and the analysis you have undertaken. It should be specific not general.
Do not pass off the work of others as your own. It is you that is being examined. We
want to see your understanding, your ability, your ideas, etc. Cite references correctly
but do not be over dependent on them. You should aim for a Turnitin similarity index of

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perhaps no more than 10%. Less and you will not have been embedding your work in
the literature. More and you will be over-dependent on it.
Do not have someone else write the work for you. This can be detected and will be
severely penalised.
If academic misconduct is suspected, it will be investigated thoroughly and it is likely to
be treated as a Major Offence under the Universitys Examination and Assessment
Regulations (see paras 10.17- 10.32).
Do not start working on the project on the last week before submission. You will have to
plan for the tasks needed to submit this project early enough. Allocate different tasks
across different weeks of the semester and do not crowd them all on the last week
before submission.
Assessment Criteria
Students should refer to assessment criteria uploaded on the e-learning module page.
Assessment Feedback
Feedback will be given to students within 15 working days from of the actual data of
submission. Grades and marks will be given in addition to providing feedback on areas
of strengths and weaknesses and advice on how to improve future performance.
Generic feedback is posted on the e-learning.
Coursework Reassessment
Students who will re-sit the coursework could do the project individually (word
count 2000-2500). Marks will be assigned to the written report.

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Appendix 1
A recommendation letter from the deans office with the name of the BUE is
required for visiting the companies. You have to fill in a form having the following
data (copy and paste the following) and submit it to Ms. Rasha Elhady to receive
the letter.

Request for Recommendation Letter

Company name:
To : Name and title of the person the letter will go to in the
Reason: Supply Chain Management project
Module Team: Dr. Bassam El Ahmady, Ms. Ola Mamdouh

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