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For the past few years, Mexico has been experiencing an
The SwanageLifeboat crew recentlypursueda strange
object in the skiesover the sea.Roving reporter Marcus
unprecedentedlevel of UFO activity - and much of it has Wa l k e rd i p s h i s t o e i n t o t h e w a r e r .
been captured on camcorder. 'We show some of the
amazing footage shot by members of the public. 66 lireInIncSly
In 1908, an object crashedinto Siberiaand exploded
35 ]rom[To BUiaU]0 with such force that it was heard hundreds of miles away.
How do UFOs fly? Mark McAndrew delves into the Meteorite, comet or UFO? Stuart Thylor follows the path
possiblemeans of extraterrestrial propulsion. of explorer Leonid Kulik.

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NASA hasbeensuppressing picturesof incredibleobjects You saw them last issue,and now-you can win your very
takenby its astronauts
for decades- now at lastthey can own Grey! Scareyour neighbours, unnerve the cat and be
be revealed. a part of the 1990s erperience with this amazing prize,
worth over {220!
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The first actual 'flying saucer' sighting was made by a 12 llaueYouBeen
pilot, and since then aircraft pilots have generally been Daniei Brotongile explores the tell-tale signs of alien
reluctant to talk about their UFO experiences. meet abduction, and provides a means of determining whether
some who aren't quite so recalcitrant. you have been a victim of the Greys.

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Everyone is out to get you, and now they can do it over Not since the original Stdr I?ek has a'TV show generated
the Internet. NetUser's Paul Bartlett surfs some of the such a cult following. Stuart Thylor looks ahead to the
more paranoid UFO sites on the !7eb. upcoming third series.

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I All things strange and extraterrestrial from every Reviews of books, videos and other UFOular stuff.
part of the planet, and beyond. If it's out there, it's
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E They're going fast... 'Words from the wise.
Following NASAs announcement last month
about the potential discovery of life on Mars,
Stuart tylor takes a look at one of the more
controversial implications of this highly
remarkable discovery.
On TuesdayAugust 6th 1996, NASA
administrator Daniel Goldin said the following,
highly significant, words:
"NASA has made a startling discovery that
points to the possibility that a primitive form of
microscopic life may have existed on Mars
more than three billion years ago." Ever since
that historic moment, the meteorite fragment,
labelled ALH 84001, has re-ignited the debate
on whether or not we are alone in the universe.
However, Goldin made a point that the
lifeforms themselvesare only smali, single-ce11
structures and not the likes of a higher life form
such as the fictional Martian invaders created
by H G \fells.
Thelumpof rockthatstaded
it all.Dida meteorite
to [arth?

Nonetheless,if confirmed, this discovery could
became fact then that would technically
make us all Martians.
Zare's idea is echoed by Ray
President Clinton has fully backed
Goldin's suggestion,saying that there
would be a follow-up investigationinto
potentiallybring our own origins into question Bradbury atthor of The Martian possiblelife on Mars, which wiil include
- Richard Zare of Stanford University (one of Chronicles,who feels that we should an unmanned spaceprobe programme.
the scientific groups who examined the land on Mars to find out for ourselves A summit to discussthis programme
meteorite) noted that life on Earth may well whether there is life on the red planet. and future US spacepolicy has been
have been 'seeded'by a meteoriteenteringour NASAs Daniel Goldin echoesthe scheduled for November.
orbit from [Lars. Zare added that if this theory aut ho r 'ss e n t i m e n t ss, a y i n gt h a t r h e
Mars discovery will kick-start 'a world-
wide mission' to searchthe planet for
more samples.
This December, the first in a seriesof
Mars missionswill be launched to
determine whether life exists beneath
the planet's surface.It has been
theorised that when the atmosphere was
destroyed more than two billion years
ago, life-forms may have travelled
beneaththe surfaceto track the
habitable areasof liquid water.
There could be a long wait for
conciusive evidenceas, unfortunately,
the mission that will bring Martian
samplesback to Earth is not scheduled
therock. until the year 2005.

Brazil was again the site of a
UFO controversy when a large
metallic saucer,165 feet in
diameter. descendedover a
sugar cane field in Guarabira.
The incident took place on
British Airways pilot Mark Stuart Saturday August | Oth, and is the
decided that the time was right to finally third daylight sightingof a disc
come forward and tell the story of his to take place this year (previous
UFO experiencewhich occurred ert sightings taking place in April
January6th 1,995. and June).
At 6.48pm, BA flight 5061 was Oriel Farias,a Ufologist from
cruisingover the Pennines,preparing to
Joao Pessoa,said, "Um grande
begin its descentinto Ringway Airport, objeto em forma de disco,"
Manchester. It was then that Captain descendedslowly from the
Roger lfills and First Officer Mark cloudlesssky, startling rwo
Stuart saw a triangular object charge women in the process.At
towards them. For a few seconds the around 5pm another smaller
pair were able to watch the object as it
passedby their aircraft and disappeared
thatUfft exi$tf UFO was spotted high in the
sk5 emanatingan extremely
from sight. lfith the object not being
visible to air traffic control, the pair had
no choice but to file their experienceas
ffiMffi bright white light.
However, by all accounts the
most spectacularsight took

a near air miss, thus leading to an place after dark. At around
extremely lengthy investigation by the 9pm, three UFOs of a triangular
Civil Aviation Authority. shape were seentravelling
Officer Stuart's story was given full slowly acrossthe sky.Then, in a
page coverage rn the Daily Mail on display that lasted only a few
August 5th. and the following evening minutes, the objects began to
Officer Stuart recreated the moment zig-zagthrough the night sky.
when he thought his aircraft was going The following day, Ufologists
to crash into a UFO on BBCl's Out Of from Ioao Pessoainterviewed
This'World. *itn.lses and examined the site.
Iop:TheDailyMailartist'simpressionof theUFO, andlessthantwo
HopefullS Alien Encounters wrllbe limes'illustration(above) After testing the soil at the field
weeks later,
TheSunday of l{ASA's
able to bring you a full account of the huniedlyannounced erperimentalWaverider aircraft.Thetwoshapes where the first saucerwas seen,
pilots' experiences- and the following areamazingly lsthisa coincidence,
similar ora conspiracyof the Ufologists found high traces
investigation - in a future rssue. byIIASA
disinlormation andtheUSAF to coverupthelactthatthey of magnetism.
Cutting O Daily Marl 7996. akeady havea hypersonicaircraft(theAurora) inservice?

The religious community has slowly been coming to terms with the idea that humanity
might not have such a unique status in the universe.
According to Sayyid Syeed of the Islamic Society of North America, the Koran gives
man a specific mission on Earth, but there is room to interpret that God may have given
other life-forms a mission on other planets.
Fundamentalist evangelist, Jerry Falwell, states quite categorically that the NASA
scientistswill not find the concrete evidence they need to prove that life did exist on
Mars. "The Bible makes it clear that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and
Man", saysFalwell.
However, NASAs researchcan only be 'celebrated' according to Rabbi JamesRuden of
the American Jewish Committee. He saysthat most Jews' interpretation of Genesisallows
for the possibiliry of life on other planets. Rather than damage the structure of their faith,
Ruden feels that if the findings became conclusivethen it would only serve to re-affirm
the oower of God.

hen I was barely fifteen years
old and living in Gibraltar, I
witnessed something that I will
Over the next week, the cloud continued to
remember with awe for the rest expand and disperse until after eight days not
of my life. I had developed an even my powerful telescope was capable of
intense passion for astronomy, resolving it. However, I was still none the wiser as
and knew virtually every visible feature of the sky to what it could be. It certainly wasn't a
at night as we know it. meteorite, a weather balloon, or the planet Venus.
Planets, stars, nebulae, clusters and satellites Nor was it a comet or a satellite.The only likely
were all readily identifiable to me, and it was this explanation seemedto be a supernova, or
familiariry with the pattern of the universe that exploding star, but here again the description
made me gasp in astonishmentone memorable didn't quite match the realiry of what I'd
night. There in the western sky above me glowed a witnessedover that week.
huge star where, according to the charts, there Yet if it wasn't described in my trusty astronomy
shouldn't have been anything at all. Its size rivalled manuals, what could it be? For weeks afterwards I
the blazing orb of Venus at its closestapproach. I scrutinised the papers for news of the incident,
was baffled - what could it be? lfhen I finally but there wasn't even a mention. Eventually,I
brought my telescopeto bear on the spot, to my forgot all about it until many years later. Then
amazement I found that it formed a diffuse area of one day I came across an article in the Fortean
cloud shining from a point deep in space. Tin'tes that so perfectly described what I'd

Unexplainedexplosionsin space,the theory of PlanetX and vitrified

remainshere on Earth all lead Harry Hinde to concludethat life in
our solar systemhas not always been as peacefulas we thought.
od inspace
deep maybecaused
at 'lfhat
explosions we can say is that rather than rising up on
warwitheachother: the planetary scale of evolution, Mars and the
moon are actually decaying. They once held a
reasonable atmosphere with running rivers but
now look sparse, empty and barren. ln fact, a
closer look at the Martian surface shows that at
some stage in its history it was subjected to an
enormous collision which literally tore out a
canyon over 2,500 miles long. Photographs from
the Viking landers showed quite plainly that the
surface of the planet is absolutely strewn with
small chunks of rock that resemble the debris
from a tremendous explosion. But where could
witnessed that it could have been taken from my
such an explosion have come from? The solar
system now looks so sedately dormant that it's
hard to imagine such violence in our deserted
very own notes. Quoting an article from the planetary neighbourhooc.
HeraldT|ibune, it said that there had been at least
80 unexplained explosions in deep spaceduring
the last decade.
This had baffled many of the leading scientists
and astronomerswho were at a complete loss to
Still these things have been known to happen. It
has b'een theorised that a planet between Mars
explain the phenomena. According to the article,
the largest of these explosions had occurred
180,000 light years away in the large Magellanic
and Jupiter literally exploded into fragments to
create what we now know as the asteroid belt.
Planet X as it became known has attracted much
Cloud outside our galaxy.
The article also related that 'Ray Klebesadel,a
leading scientist at Los Alamos, said this event was
attention. Its existencewas even theorised by the
mathematician Johann Bode. According to the
theory known as Bode's Law, (which is actually
definitely not a super"nova'.According to him, the
explosion was more like a nuclear bomb blast.
This was a view also echoed by nuclear physicist
Stanton T Friedmann, who declared, "temendous
the work of Johann Titius) a definite and
repeatableratio of the distancesof the planets to
the sun does exist. Six planets were then known,
but the distance of all the rest of the planets were
activity of this sort could well be life out there correctly deduced using Bode's Law. This is quite
involved in a war". The article also quoted James remarkable since scientists have now deduced that
Oberg of Houston as saying "It is a legitimate this law has no mathematical certainty whatsoever
theory that star wars may be taking place." of being correct.
is of great interest to us is that according

$IELLRR R6E[[01{
RecentlS the continuing phenomena was dealt
to Bode's Law there should be another planet
between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, exactly
where the asteroid belt now lies. Occultists believe
ruins theworld
around show
signs than
with in a piece tn The Times which outlined the this was once the location of a sizeable planet that
- apossible
normal consequenceof
controversy it had sparked. Academics were was literally blown apart by an incredible weapon alien
sharply divided between those who insisted there
was no mystery to address and others who were
firm conVerts to the idea of a stellar Armageddon
being fought out in the depths of the universe.
Some felt the explosions to be no more than
igniting meteors in the Earth's upper atmosphere.
Others were equally as adamant that the evidence
pointed unquestionably to a point of origin many
trillions of miles distant.
Significantly prominent occultists and
astrologers have always believed that a devastating
form of star wars once occurred much closer to
home, within the boundaries of our very own solar
system.The basisof these views concern the fact
that Mars, and to some extent the moon and
Venus, show signs of once having been filled with
running rivers and considerablymore of an
atmosphere than they have at present, These
conditions would certainly make the existence of
intelligent life possible, but inter-planetary wars in
the solar system?Could it really have happened?
of vihification,
heat,hasbeen observed in
theruinsof manyancientcities.

lhe of destruction, or collision with another planetary
body. The former would require a weapon
considerablymore potent than anything we know
the moon were once inhabited by advanced
societieswho fought out a planetary war on a
scaleoutlined in mythology as the clash between

decnde of today, since even the latest nuclear weapons are
incapable of destroying the structural existenceof
the world itself.
the Olympians and the Titans. The result was a
solar system in chaos,the destruction of a planet,
and the orbital change of Venus to a position
considerablycloser to the sun. In the break-up,

I||ERETI OIO|JS vast debris such as that seen on Mars would have
been thrown out in all directions. The Martian

Mythology is habitually a clue to events of long
and Lunar atmospheres,together with their rivers
and whatever life existed would quite literaliy
have been catapulted into space,rendering the
ago, and here you will find frequent mention of planets forever uninhabitable.
Many religions
have accounts
massive battlesintheirancient celestial wars. Even the Bible makes at least one On Earth, the evidenceof nuclear wars deep in
allof whichsound to modern
earslike refetence to a war in the skies.In a nutsheil, antiquity is even more convincing. Here, we not
descriptionsof nuclear
explosions. occultists believe that the planets Venus. Mars and only have the physical scarsbut the graphically
written accounts of some of the most ancient terts
on Earth. The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian
epic at least five thousand years old, speaksof
flying machines called Vimanas which were used
to launch a powerful weapon of destruction,
describedas 'a single projectile charged with all
the power of the universe'.
Here is a reference concerning the destruction
unleashedby rwo warring setsof adversaries,'The
Earth shook, scorched by the terrible heat of this
weapon. Elephants burst into flames and ran to
and fro rn a frenzy, seekingprotection from
terror. Over a vast area, other animals crumpled
to the ground and died. The waters boiled, and
the creaturesresiding therein also died. From all
points of the compassthe arrows of the flame
rained continuousiy'.
Later. we find. An incandescentcolumn of
smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns
rose in all its splendour. It was the unknown
weapon, the iron thunderbolt...a gigantic
messengerof death'. The effect of this weapon

was horrific, 'The corpseswere so burnt that they massiveexplosion. Vitrified rock created under
were no longer recognisable,Hair and nails fell intense pressure is a frequent discovery, and in
'1952, archaeologists discovered a vitrified area of
out. Pottery broke without cause. Birds, disturbed,
circled in the air and were turned white. sand that stretched out over hundreds of square
Foodstuffs were poisoned.' feet. Apparently, deposits like this are similar to
To any other generation verses of this nature those left behind at the V/hite Sandsatomic
would surely have seemedno more than poetic testing site in America.
hyperbole. They had after all nothing to compare Theamount of roclry
them with. Unfortunately, we know only too well
the awesome capability of nuclear weapons, and it 1{|JILEflR
RI{[IEIII of Marssugests
a massive
to some

would take someone of particularly low

imagination to fail to see the similarity berween
these accounts and wlat we now know as a
we look in the world, the baffling

nuclear holocaust. enigma of vitrified ruins challengesour intellect.

From Peru, Scotland and Scandinaviato the

Nor is the Mahabharata the only ancient text to
plateaux of China and India, this indelible
evidence atteststo some undeniably violent act,
Not everyone will be convinced of a nuclear
describesuch things. Similar accounts of great answer, but as we have seen, the evidence is
destruction are also found in the Tibetan Stanzas extremely compelling. Intriguingly, a number of
of Dzyan, the beliefs of the Hopi Indians, and establishedscientistsalso find themselvesseduced
even in the Bible. The destruction of Sodom and by the evidence.
Gomorrah is widely thought of in these terms, In 1909 when academicswere first beginning to
particularly since their location is now occupied by grasp the awesome power of the atom, physicist
the mysterious Dead Seahollow, one of the most Frederick Soddy wrote inhis Interpretation of
inhospitable placeson earth. Radium.'I believe that there have been
Of course, written evidence is one thing, but is civilisations in the past that were familiar with
there any physical evidence of these early atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were
conflicts? Here, we enter into the realms of totally destroyed'. Remarkably Robert
another baffling enigma, the vitrified remains of Oppenheimer, the chief of the Manhattan Project
fortresses,ziggurats (ancient stepped temples), and that developed the first atomic device (that we
towers that have been subjected to an know of) watched the test explosion rise up in a
unaccountably sharp blast of heat. In his book vast mushroom cloud and felt moved to quote
Secretsof the Lost Races, writer Rene Noorbergen from ancient Sanskrit, 'I am become death, the
talks of charred ruins found between the River destroyer of worlds'.
Ganges in India and the mountains of Rajamahal. Perhapshe more than anyone else realisedthat
'Planet byBode's law
'The walls have been glazed, corroded, and split at that very moment man became reacquainted
to orbitwhere
by tremendous heat. Within severalof the with a piece of his history that had once cost him
found theentireplanet
- could have
buildings that remain standing even the surfacesof so dear. The weapon of a 'million suns' was again been smashedto rubble
the stone furniture have been vitrified: melted and within his oossession. suFrweapon?
then crystallised.
'No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption
could have produced heat intense enough to cause
this phenomenon. Only the heat releasedthrough
atomic energy could have done this damage.'
Apparently in this same region, a human body was
discovered with a radioactivity 'which was fifty
times above the normal level'. This enigma of
vitrified ruins is to be found all acrossthe world,
especiallyin North America, where the strange
remains of vitrified rocks and dwelling placesdefy
any logical explanation.
In the Brazilian ruins of Sete Ciddaes, author
Noorbergen writes of 'ruins melted by apocalyptic
energies'.Elsewhere,in Mesopotamia, sizeable
ziggurats have been found melted to their base in a
vitrified mass.In the Arabian desert, blackened
stones litter the sands over a wide area; showing
signs of having been subjectedto intense radiation.
In Israel, the location of the Dead Seaand its
mysterious connection with Sodom and Gomorrah
bears evidence of an amaztng focus of heat that is
thought to have gouged out the entire area in a

fft t|h'I}
;: II


f you thousands of stars that
acceptthe stretch on towards infiniry
existenceof Spiral shaped galaxies,no
UFOsas more than fuzzy pinpricks in the
intelligent sk5 contain hundreds of millions of
closerto '" stars at unimaginable distances.Outside
the next logical question is where do they our solar system,the closeststar, Proxima
come from? Where in the vast regions of this acceptingthe Centauri, is 4.34 light years away. This might
universe could such intelligence possibly originate? not sound like much when expressedin these
Are we for instance looking at a single point of idea that terms, but it works out as 40,570,700,000,000
origin, or are there literally thousands of inhabited
worlds capable of sending out spacevisitors to this aliensreally kilometres. By comparison, the most distant
galaxiesare many millions of light years distant.
tiny planet of ours?
The possibilitiesare truly staggering.In facr,
exist, Harry Faced with this kind of enormity, the quest for
intelligent life in the universe makes the old
whenever we turn our attention to the universe,
our limited Earth bound perceptionis in urgenr
Hinde needle in a haystack seem quite good odds. So, if
we are being visited by intelligent aliens, how can
need of a sudden update to take in the vastnessof
what lies around us. By day, this magnitude often
suggests we determine where they come from?

eludes us, but on any clear and frosty night, away alternative
from street lights and neons, the astral sky is a
forceful reminder of our own insignificance. locations
Early societiesand civilisations who believed they
Thousands upon thousands of stars confirm the had been educated by beings from other worlds
enormity of creation. Strain your eyesand look which these believed their benefactorshad arrived from a
deeper into spaceand yet more starsbecome planet close to the bright star Sirius. In fact,
visible. !7ith the aid of a telescope,this number beingsmight throughout the ancient world, Sirius acquired an
multiplies still further, until at the limits of the incredibly devout following of belief and worship.
most powerful optical device there are still call home. It was seen as the abode of the gods, and several

passagewaysof the Great Pyramid at Giza are said
to have aligned with Sirius on important dates in
the ancient Egyptian calendar.
Three great constellations of the autumn and
winter sky - Canis Major, Orion and Thurus -
together with the famous Pleiades star cluster, are
all neighbours in a splendid outline of stars that is
perhaps the most beautiful cluster in the sky. Many
believe we have been visited by beings from the
Pleiadean star cluster which has also been
This belief has persistedto the present day
though sciencehas cagt doubt on the likelihood of
the Pleiadescluster hosting any planet bearing
stars. The reason for this doubt is that the Pleiades
are a relatively recent development, no more than
sixty million years old, which astronomers believe
is far too short a time for life bearing planets to
have developed. Even so, contacteesof UFO
encounters and prominent psychics have always
insisted on a Pleiadean connection. They answer looking text. Egyptian hieroglyphs consist of Theremains
of explodedstars,likethis
the scientific objections by saying that life on this alphabetic and pictorial characters which are nebula,
arethesource of heary
planet developed at the earliest possiblemoment easily interchangeable, thus shifting their meaning. elements to life.
and could likewise have done so on planets close I came to study the word for Sirius, I found
to the Pleiades. ' it was composed of symbols that when expanded
In his book The Flying Saucerers,author Arthur to their entire range of meaningscame out as
Shuttlewood draws attention to a possible 'teach to make ready the Star Door'. I felt really
connection between Arthurian legend and the elated. This seemedlike a clue to an incredible
constellation of the Qreat Bear, also known as mystery, and certainly established the Egyptian
Ursa Major. Shuttlewood points out that Arth-ur, belief that stars were the entry point to another
or Arth-wr in Velsh means Great Bear. King dimension. Perhapsone day these strands of
Arthur was always known and respected for his knowledge will lead to an incredible discovery
incredible size, leaving the author to surmise, 'If that will show us just how easy it is to travel to
man on Earth was indeed seededby giants from
outer space,they hailed from the Great Bear
constellation. Our earliest Celtic people would
even the most distant of planetary systems.
$ncient wisdom always believed in the
eilstence of visitors from the Sirius star system.
have greeted them as coming from Arth-wr',

These visitors were thought of as educators and
bringers of knowledge. Perhaps the Egyptian
expansion of the name Sirius is to teach us, and
ready us for this entry to the star gate and our
Remarkably, the ancient Egyptian word for star union with whatever may lie beyond it.
also means door. In other words, they perceived
stars as the opening, or the door to something -
but what?
'Wasit the door to an alien civilisation,
the home of the gods or a quick route to a
$i l t1[E
T 1 |E
{ $ E ffR IH E $
$ l tIE $
different dimension? Even before the film Stargate,
I had been working on a developing theory that
the Egyptians considered stars to be the gateway to
In its own way, the conventional science of today
has expended a great deal of effort and money in
another dimension. Chambers and passagewaysof
prominent pyramids were all aligned to the
principal stars, and in the book The Orion
Mystery, the authors outline how the Egyptians
attempting to find its own star gate and evidence
of alien existence.For thirty years or more there
have been occasionalendeavoursto scan the
heavens for traces of intelligent signals that may
had laid out adjacent pyramids in the shape of the
constellation of Orion. I began to believe that this
diligence transcendedmere imagery - that here, as
have been beamed at our planet from alien
worlds. This NASA funded operation, known as
SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) first
in everything they tackled, the Egyptians had left started with 'Project Ozma', the brainchild of
us a massive encoded puzzle that was itself the American astronomerFrank Drake.
gateway to a dimension of completely new This limited search, which lasted for no longer
knowledge and wisdom. than 150 hours, was directed at a number of stars
As a result, I began to develop an intense in the Pleiades,and proved entirely fruitless.
fascination with Egyptian hieroglyphs, which I However, Drake remained convinced that alien
soon found was an ideal language for hiding a life existed and condensedthe possibilitiesinto a
double or even triple meaning within innocent mathematical equation which he believed showed

evidenceof aliencivilisations?

the overwhelming likelihood of intelligent life on could conceivabiybe attributed to an intelligent
far distant planets. signal of alien origin. On some occasions,likely
According to his estimates,at least ten thousand candidateswere heard and monitored, but only

advancedextraterrestrial civilisations must exist for short periods of time. In the end, these proved
within our galaxy alone, and he believesthat by impossible to verify.
the year 2000 we shall have received the first
verified and confirmed signal of alien origin.
Howeveg Drake's equation could not tell him
where to look. The logical answer was to monitor
0 h$l l 0fll lL '
I]|E '['l
Undoubtedly, the most astonishing incident was
what is known in astronomical circles as the the discovery of what iater became known as the
hydrogen 2L hne. This line is also termed the ''Wow signal'. This was an intermittent signal
celestial'watering hole', since it is the most likely rather like Morse code received by the 'Big Ear'
area for intelliger.rtlife to be found. telescopeat Ohio State University Radio
Since Project Ozma in 1,960, over sixty separate Observatory in the USA. In the end, this proved
searchesof the hydrogen 21 line have failed to to be yet another transitory phenomenon that we
gather a single piece of conclusive evidencethat never heard again. However, in his book Is
Anyone Out There, Frank Drake relatesthat, 'The
ultimate hallmark of intelligence was the way the
signal turned itself on - or off - while it was in
the teiescope'sbeam'. Apparently, it became
known as the ''Wow signal' after the cry of
exclamation given by astronomy professor Jerry
Ehman as he watched the signal's data make its
completely unexpected appearance.
Early searchesof the neareststar systemswere
limited to certain bands and wavelengths.There
are literally hundreds if not thousands of separate
possibilitiesand permutations, and monitoring at
this comprehensivelevel was until recently far
beyond our reach. Now, powerful computers have
extended the potential of research,so that the
latest project from NASA, the SETI Microwave
Observing Project, can target over 15 million
separatechannels.The expectation is that by the
start of the new millennium, conclusive proof will
visited life.
byextraterreshial exist of alien existenceout there in space.

I 1|E
SIIE book maintains that in 1871, the respected
astronomer,Birt, 'deposited in the library of the

Ironically, dedicated Ufologists, psychicsand
Royal Astronomical Society, a record of some
sixteen hundred observations he had made of light
changes, moving bodies, geometrical patterns and
occultists all believe that aliens exist much closer flashing signalsin the Crater Plato'. The authors
to Earth. They believe that these alien visitors have complained that no attempt had ever been made
set up permanent baseson the moon and Mars, to interpret these signals, which they believed were
which they maintain as logistical facilities for of the utmost importance.
repair and refuelling, and also as convenient The famous Inca Ciry on Mars (the supposed
vantage points to monitor the Earth. This may outline of an intelligent construction) was said to
sound laughable,but if we accept that UFOs exist, have turned up on official photographs that were
and are indeed visitors from other solar systems, later claimed to have been censored.Also well
then we also have to accept that occasionally they known is the notorious B block, which has now
will be in need of logistical support. Therefore the become known as the face of Mars. This
idea of setting up facilities on comparatively remarkable rock formation eerily resemblesthe
nearbyplanetssoundslogical. facial features of a humanoid,
One particularly suitable and is cited as evidence of an
location would be the dark intelligent presenceon the
side of the moon. This is intriguing red planet.
permanently shielded from
the Earth and radar
detection, so these visitors R tLl l l
could virtually come and go
as they pleased.
The existenceof aliens on
Having started out in the
the moon has even been depths of space,and then
quoted as the reason why moved to the planets of our
America and the for.mer own solar system, our search
Soviet Union suddenly for UFO origins takes us back
appeared to lose all interest to our very own planet.
in lunar exploration. Up until Remarkably, there are those
the beginning of the who suggest that UFOs may
Seventies,lunar missions actually be sophisticated
were conducted on a frequent basis,but then the humans from the future, or in other words, time
emphasis switched to shuttle flights that remain travellers. They reason that mathematically, past,
well within the Earth's orbit. The theorists suggest present and future are all very fluid and that
that man was warned'away from the moon by
aliens who were not prepared to share their space.
So are aliens really in charge of the moon?
Irnlte given the abiliry to achieve enormous speeds,
time travel would certainlv be possible.The
renowned astronomer and author Stephen

bgIigvgs [,h0|, H;H:?,:ilij:T.Hnilil::xr,-,'

Numerous comments have been attributed to
astronauts alleging alien sightings on the moon,
and the outline of strange geometrical shapes, travelling to agespast and present is
domes and protrusions in some lunar photographs
have all heightened the issue.Then there are
reports of strange flashes from the lunar surface
bqlheqedr demonstrably simple.
Then, of course, there are others such as the
psychologist Jung who believe that UFOs are a
which date back literally hundreds of years.
uill figment of our minds, an externalised illusion
brought about by wishful thinking. In other

tl t E x P Lt[flBLt hnve
words, we see these things because we want to see
them. As more and more people add more weight

LIO||T$ to these sightings, so the phenomenon gains in
credibiliry. In other words, alien sightings are no
ln Mystery of The Ancienfs, authors Eric and Craig
Umland quote source material indicating strange d more than a mass delusion.
Whatever the truth, and whatever the origins of
flashes from the lunar surface, including an
account of a sighting by William Herschel rn 1783.
Herschel, discoverer of the planet Uranus,
these strange 'chariots of the sky', UFOs have
now become an inseparablepart of this planet's
heritage and will no doubt continue to be seen,
observedbright flashes'in the dark part of the discussed,and debated for as long as intelligent
moon, a luminous spot'.
In the book Flying SawcersHaue Landed, authors
Desmond Leslie and George Adamski report at
oil0in Iife exists on this Earth. I also believe that sooner
or later we shall come to know the whole truth
regarding their origins and purpose, and the
least thirty unexplained sightingsof a luminous mysterious affection they seem to have developed
glow emanating from the surface of the moon. The for this tinv olanet of ours.

* !k-'
il I
r ruryr
]) IJ
exico harbours the largest ciry in off. After I landed the aeroplane I contacted radar
the world and is currently control and they told me the moment I was
undergoing an alluring mystery. making my turn there were rwo UFOs! I crossed
'lfhat my path with theirs and that is why I declared an
has already been
happening in Mexico and what emergency..."
Rg# happening right
is happening right now
now is one
one of Considering Fhght 1,29had a crew and 1,09
and well documentedUFO
the most spectacular passengerson board, the scaleof the potential
waves of all time. tragedy can only be wondered at. These close calls
Eyewitnessreports, radar confirmation and were not isolated incidents. in fact. far from it.
most dazzling of all, video footage of the UFOs On Thursday August 4th, 1994, Flight 479 was
has been pooled by Arc Soundwavesand forced to take evasiveaction when a UFO
presented on a video entitled Voyagers of the Sixth approached them head on. Four days later, on
Sun. Over one hundred separateclips of the UFOs August the 8th, Captain Fernando Mesquita
have been culminated into a monumental reported a large silver metallic object coming out
testimony. It is no wonder that Mexico is of the sky and passingdangerouslyclose,
becoming the Mecca of UFO lore. Before asking travelling under the plane. One UFO even flew
why the UFOs are here, let us examine some of piggyback on an airliner and was recorded on
the most staggeringevidence yet revealed to video camera and on radar.
support their existence. These close encounterswere said to occur at an
averagerate of two a week for quite some time,
r r r r { c1fr !" f!n tilr with some occurring twice in one day according
ffif,ilffitt ilf lrr u clJE '..r8!!
to two flight engineers.Far from being a problem
The UFOs initially.attracted the most attention for easily 'swept under the carpet' and forgotten
their interest in commercial air traffic, which about, these incidents of close contact are
unfortunately became d very serious problem, as potentially hazardous.
lives were put in potential danger from Apart from the obvious dangersof collision, the
uncomfortably close calls with these strange UFOs also interfere with digital computers on the
metailic objects. aircraft, thus giving false
For instance, on July altitude and direction.
28th 1994, the following * Y/hen the instruments of
communication was an aucraft are not
recorded between the working correctly, the
control tower and a pilot: results can be fatal, as has
Pilot: This is Mexican been proven countless
180, what traffic do you times in the past.
have on radar? I have an It is for this reason that
unidentified object on my the pilots and ground
right moving very fast. crews in Mexico
Tower: There's nothing continue to bravely file
on radar. official reports of visual
Pilot: You have nothing contact with UFOs. If
on radar. lfhat do we do? they didn't passon these
Tower: Maintain aititude encountersto the media
and heading. and the general public,
Later on, Flight 129 was how would a serious
on its final approach to the crash with a UFO be
airport in Mexico City explained if there is no
when a UFO almost caused official recognitionof the
Dayfly past
a horrific disaster.The landing gear was being phenomena?As reporter/Ufologist Jaime Maussan
bya saucer
lowered when seasonedpilot, Captain Raymundo shaped
craft. explains, "Someone has to take responsibility.It is
Cervantes Ruano heard a loud 'bane'. Here is the affecting security."
recorded response:
Pilot: What was that?
Copilot: I don't know. Tr€fl
Pilot: Check the lamp and the door. Tower, we
have an emergency!
Tower: You've had a collision.
The UFO's interest in air traffic was not limited to
It transpires that Flight I29 had collided with a commercial flights. Ironicallg in light of the
UFO. Captain Ruano was forced to initiate an current box office hitlndependence Day about an
emergency landing as a direct result. His alien invasion of Earth, the UFOs have turned up
comments later were "I felt a very hard hit. I to shadow every Mexican IndependenceDay
didn't know what it was. Maintenance checked the (September16th) air parade in Mexico Ciry since
plane and found the shock absorberswere torn the first maior UFO wave in 1991. Almost as if

llayairdisplay. heavy around one site. Air traffic control tracked
theobject passes
actually infront several UFOs to and around the Popcatepteptl
ofoneofthehelicopters. volcano in Puebla. Mystified with the apparent
heavy UFO activity in this area, an investigation
ensued and as a direct result, it was discovered
that the volcano, which was thought to be
dormant, was in fact showing signs of activity. In
February 1994 the volcano began to smoke.
In December 1994, the volcano of
Popcatepteptl in Puebla erupted violently
covering Mexico's fourth largest ciry Puebla, in
ash. However, the authorities were by now
prepared, and a military assistedevacuation of the
area ensured and averted disaster, saving
thousands of lives. However, it was the UFOs
which had originally guided investigators to rhe
region just as it was becoming volatile.
they are part of the parade itself, they follow and UFOs generally seem to be very active around
buzz the aircrafr at the show. volcanic areas, which Mexico has in abundance.
Just after 11am on IndependenceDay in t993, In fact, 80o/ool sightings in central Mexico have
over 20 military helicopters flew in close been reported within sight of a volcano. Three of
formation as part of the military display of might. the major UFO hot spots, as chosen by air-traffic
A small metallic oblect then glided ahead of and controllers, were also in areas of volcanic activify.
just under the helicopters, seemingly oblivious to Perhaps it is no coincidence that Mexico City is
any danger of collision, as they flew in formation surrounded by volcanoes.
through the sky and over the startled crowds. On 'Whatever
the link, the unknown craft, whether
every other Independence Day preceding last year, by accident or design, helped bring attention to a
video footage and still photographs have revealed major disaster area and perhaps for this reason, Iheimpfint
these visitors seemingly watching curiously from the population of Puebla should be eternally landed.
nearby, following military craft. Their purpose is grateful to these unidentified flying objects.
unknown, but they have not to this date shown It can be seen from these reports that the UFOs
malice or overtly obvious hostile intent. are curious about us, and they have both
endangered lives and helped to save them. Their

The UFO flap that ensued really set Mexico City
intentions are not entirely clear. but it seems
logical that they do have an agenda.

alight with speculation. One TV programme called

Frenie al Pwblieo debated the UFO phenomena live
on broadcast. The host of the programme, Julian,
P | Rrr{V
$5 R $ti l l
The most remarkable spectaclesof UFO activity
presuming the UFOs were monitoring the are the ones recorded over Mexico's cities by
airwaves, sent out an open invitation to the witnesses with home video equipment. These are 0vertwentysilver
visitors to reveal themselves to the city before the real events which when captured on film could seenflying
end of the show As the show came to a close and
the credits were about to roll, two UFOs (in the
guise of strange materialising lights suspended in
the air) appeared nearby. The host later
commented, "It was a very strange moment,
nobody could believe it. People had left their
homes to look at the UFOs."
' $f ll| l0 l| R $ ?
This interaction, if it is more than mere
coincidence, really has to be the strangest and
most exciting aspect of the phenomena. It
indicates that they understand us, and can monitor
us in a profound way.
Even more intriguing is a case of the UFOs
possibly trying to help us. It revolved around an
incident which attracted international attention,
although the UFO's heavy involvement in the
incident remained unreported by the media.
For three years UFO activity was particularly
I d".
trIF UI]IffI:J []

ffi#$$ #
In an area near Thllupa, severalUFOs landed in
fields, creating flattened impressionsin the tall
grassesand crops. Experts in various fields of
researchdescendedupon the landing sites only to
discover that what had landed had had a strange
effect on the environment. It seemedthat
overnight the pumpkin plants which had been
under or near the ianding sites had mutated.
Although still alive, the plants altered their
biological composition and makeup every six
hours for the next few days.
No biologist could explain this behaviour, but it
is speculatedthat this is a residual effect of the
UFO contact. There was certainly no radiation
(lneof themutated plantsfoundin the rival any Hollywood blockbuster, so it is baffling detected around the plants that were affected.
vicinityof thelanding
site.Thoughstill that they are not given greater international Perhapsit was the same energy responsiblefor
alive, to mutate
continue disrupting aircraft technology which also affected
co\rerage.It is awe-inspiring enough to witness one
UFO, but to witness over 20 fly overhead at once these living plants in such dramatic ways. The
must be enough to change anyone's perception of only scientific guesswas that an electromagnetic
Iife. ln 1.994,entire armadas of metallic UFOs pulse may he responsible.
dominated the Mexican skies.One very special
piece of footage captured the processby which the Tsif* ftEgr ftEf;rsTgftaE
armadaswere formed. EffiT
The film shows at first just one solitary object in So where do they come from? It seemsthat an
the sky. This object then divides like a replicating explanation for the four Mexico UFO waves is

$ET cell, with each part becoming similar in size to the
last, and then divides repeatedly into more and
available.It transpiresthat these recent events
were prophesied 600 years ago by the Mayans, a

YO|JH$ILF! more objects. These eventually assemblein their

allotted place before continuing their iourney
together in formation. This is fascinatingyet
culture of people who believed that they were
visited by people {rom the stars. One prophecy
has particular relevanceto the time when the first
difficult to comprehend. major UFO wave began rn 1,991".
The objects seem like they are solid, with tanslated. it states."In the era of the sixth sun
reflective metallic surfaces,and the capability to all that was buried will be discovered,truth shall
hit other objects and create damage, as seen earlier be the seed of life and the sons of the sixth sun
with the plane collision. However, this dividing will be the ones who travel through the stars."
processsuggeststhe craft are not solid in the same The 'sixth sun' reference seemsrelevant as the
way as we perceive the meaning of the word, and first UFO wave occurred when Mexico was host
are possibly even alive. They often behave like to a rare total solar eclipse.Just as the eclipse
living entities themselves,as they appear to play occurred, four identical metallic UFOs were
with each other in the sky and don't seem to be spotted in the cities of Puebla, Mexico City and
hindered by inertia and propulsion problems. Tepyeji. The age of the sixth sun signified the
If these objects have pilots, they wouid have to beginning of a new era, the era of truth.
be very robust to withstand the enormous G-forces It seemsthat this era has finally arrived...and
created by the craft as they often travel erratically, we are here to experienceit.
changing speed and direction as if on reflex.

#xxr1;l;:1?:;,:, One purpose of the armada seemsto be to escort a
different type of UFO to the common silver orb or

ll''*'l;*';rnqi; disc. This object has been labelled 'the container'

as it seemsto house eight smaller objects within it.
It is a long trailing shape in the sky and has only
ever been filmed once, despite severaleyewitness

accounts.Since the other tlvenry or so smaller
ships accompany this 'container', could it be a
'mothership' of some kind?
Our concept of technology seemsso far
removed from the conceptswhich are utilised for
these craft that definitions for the UFOs sometimes TheUF0s
seem withMexican
to belascinated Mexico
cities,making the
seem a futile exercise. oneUt(lhotspot
number oftheworld.

draws on
Unified Field
Theory in an
attempt to

I auI explain how

UFOs pull off

Einstein's tieldTheory
en percent of UFO sightings reports of large intelligently controlled craft
defy'rational' explanation, flitting around our airspace with the agiliry of
mainly becausethey perform mosquitoes, btzzing conventional aircr aft without
fantastic aerial manoeuvres.If a wisp of turbulence, and hovering a few feet off
you see a distant point of light
moving at high speed,it could
the ground without making a sound or showing
any visible means of propulsion. Close encounter
Uf|[ar frunffi
be one of many things. If it gets closer and looks witnesseshave often testified to electrical
distinctly un-aircraft shaped, then there's always interference and a'haze' around the UFO.
the possibility that it's an experimental skyplane or distorting its appearance.Are we seeingthe effects
such like. However, if it acceleratesfrom 0- of advancedtechnology, or advanced imagination?
2,000mph in lesstime than it takes to say knife, It seemsthat whatever propeis these things is
dancesaround some ponderous F-16s and beyond our comprehension. However, Einstein
somehow makes 90o turns, incurring G-forces that was working on the Unified Field Theory when he
would kill a man, then you know it certainly isn't died, a theory which would mathematically relate
of this world. evbry known force in the universe to every other.
As the more experienced reader will knoq this Even when you learn that there are only four of
describes some of the amaztng aerobatics of the these fundamental forces (electromagnetic, gravity,
famous UFO over Antwerp, Belgium in 1988, strong nuclear, weak nuclear), the work is still
which was seen by 2,500 people and confirmed by incredibly complex and represenrsa 'Holy Grail' Surely
radar. There are many other well documented for theorists. Without turnins this article into a huge

r:.. l .. lchnert3S6
Ihemostimpressive Uf|lwitnesses
moving at 2,000mph can accomplish such a feat.
Not only does it have to 'slam on the brakes' with
atkibuted to Einstein's Field
yetnoneof themhadanyprior nothing substantialto brake against,but it then
knowledgeof physics. has to somehow acceleratefaster than a rifle bullet
from complete rest back to its original speed.
As if that wasn't difficult enough (in terms of
the huge energy required), it also has to withstand
the effects of this explosive deceleration and
acceleration.An F-16 can go from 2,000mph to
stop in the space of a few metres, but it involves
contact with the ground and tends to hamper any
further manoeuvring.
For a brief moment, let us assumethat
unknown craft with advancedtechnology are
physics paper, it is enough to note that strange capable of withstanding such forces. But what
concepts like dimensional travel, anti-gravity, about the occupants?A Jivingorganismis
invisibility etc, are all theoretically possiblewith comparatively fragile - in fact, some UFOs have
this complete understanding of the esoteric forces shown changesin speed that would turn organic
that govern our universe. matter in pAt6. This could mean that all such craft
A disquieting fact is that the most impressive are robotic or remote controlled, but evidenceto
UFO witnesses,with no prior knowledge of the contrary is widespread. It would seem that
physics,aeronauticsand the like, have all reported someone - or something - has discovereda way
similar phenomena which, according to some of travelling without all the problems of actually
observers,are the normal and predicted effects of moving. So, is it possibleto warp space?
a working Unified Field Theory. Let's examine
some of these and compare them to the work we
aiready know.
" l |[l ''l
H 0[0 ]'l T fi0L$
"ll il[ [,'l SPfl[E, THE
something makes a right angled turn, it isn't l .|J'|IV IH $ [''
really a turn at all. Rather,it is an instantcessation Spaceis not nothing, empty and inert. It can be
Iryto imagine
anobiect flyingat of movement in one direction followed by an bent, stretched,broken and generally abusedby
2,000mph comingto aninstant stop
immediate initiation of movement in another the presenceof energy and matter. Gravity is
andthenshootingotl in a completely
direction. Tly to imagine how a flying object merely the effect of a large body distorting the

\ rr

t ti'
.( I

M0 uNTEDouTBoAFDoNAoowt . Eoo|s eEs T A E L l S +| g 5 T t | E c H A *A c T E R | s t | c p p g F l L E o F T | {g
to move

spacearound it. If this were not the case,ligl-rt

(har,ingno mass)u,ouldn't be subject to gravit,r,,
but experinrentshave proved that it is.
Einstein explained that light never deviatesfron'r
a straightline - it only appearsto bend becauseof
the curvature of spacc itself. Reliablervirness
reports (and some pictures) of UFOs bencling or
warping coulcl well be evidence of a por,verfuland
controllable gravitv field or (in other worcls)
wi:Lrpedspaceencolnpassingthe craft. This rvoulcl
erplain both the apparentdistortion and, to some of gamma :rnd X-ra,vsstripping electrons from the
extent, the method of propulsion. air. These then spin do\\rn to Earth giving off huge
If you can bend and folcl spaceinstead of . t m o l l n t \ o i r r . l i o t v a re s .A n 1 m e t a l e a n a c r l i k c . t
actuall,vhaving to move through it, then inertia is radio aerial and consequentl,vabsorb this energl',
no longcl a p rob lern .The t r af t x nJ { ' ! aupr nt \ creating electrical cLlnents strong enor-rghto burn
have no momentuml feel no accelerationand are out, or at leastoverload any circuits.In a 1962
thus able to perforn-r'irnpossible' manoellvres. experiment,US scientistserploded a 1.5
This could also explain hou' UFOs are able to fl1' megatonne device ,40Okmabove the Pacific,
in front of an aircraft at supersonicspeedslr.ithout causing porver lines to fuse and streer lights to
leavingan1'turbulence,as reported by several erplode a thousandmiles awa,vin Harvaii.
experiencedand astonishedpilots. That fact that sorne UFOs have this abilitl' to Therearemany documentedepisodes
unlucky sentto intercept
A further bonus of this technologf is invisibilitl; disrupt all electrical acrivity (intentionallr' or
a mere party trick when you have the ability to otherr'vise)in their vicinity shows that thel' are
bend light waves.Sure enough,UFOs that appear
ar-rdthen disappearhave been documented.If
anyone thinks that warping spaceand anti-gravit.y
is pure sci-fi,rememberthat ideassuch as anti-
rnatter,once a possibleonly in the realmsof
fiction. are now fact.

Another commonly reported e{fectof a close

encounteris the UFO's interferencer.vithelectrical
equipnrent.This rangesfrom 'compassdials going
cr. rl) to comp lererhu tdowr r .c au\ r ngc ar s t o \ t op
running or modern jets to suddenlyexperience
complete system failures (obviously with dire
consequencesin f11.fy-1a71t. aircraft). There are
mani' documented casesof unlucky pilots ser-rtto
intercept UFOs and promptly falling out of the sky
when t}revgot too close.This is yet more evidence
of . rn cn crg l-ficld :urro unding t ] le\ e c r af t . bur
these effects are more like an intense (and
continuous)electromagneticpulse (EMP).
An EMP is a rvell l<norr',nconsequenceof a high-
altitude (4Okm+) nucleardetonationas the result

,4, iive year test program to refine the external aero-
dynamics began in 1976. This study used one,sixth sca'e
radio cont.olled modets that were extensively wind-tunnet
and flight tesled. The goal and r€6ult ot thi$ program was
to secure a lcw drag coefficien{ and a higftly stable aero-
dynamic conftguration for this class of aircraft.

Evenif wediddiscover howUt0suse harnessingcolossalamounts of energy - amounts (spherical,disc or cigar-shaped)are definitely not
freeenergyto propel themselves,
it that we can only 'control' at the end of a warhead. aerodynamic in the conventional sense,but they
notbeeconomically viable
forus It also adds more weight to the arguments that are shapesthat field-generatingcraft would
to useit inoursocietv. these craft are displaying such incredible naturally conform to. This is not a theory, it's
technology that they are simply not of this Earth. establishedscience.In other words, we are already
Having said that, if a clean source of virtually making disc-shaped'anti-gravity' devices.But do
infinite power were to be discoveredby some they work?
maverick scientist or t!vo, would it be announced It has long been said that according to the laws
to the general public? of physics, a bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly,
There are still many well qualified people who although more recently the complicated
claim that cold fusion and other free-energy aerodynamics of how its tiny wings work has
processeswork very wel1, but their ideas are being supposedly been figured out. Another popular
consciouslysuppressedbecausefour-fifths of the myth is that you can't make a sealedunit
world's economy is based around the buying and generate lift. You can. One way is by using a
selling of energy.If energy became free overnight simple array of gyroscopic devices that ring the
then the international monetary system as we craft (seebelow diagram). The pioneering anti-
know it would collapse,which would be bad news gravity research of Nikola Tesla,John Searle,
for the rich and powerfu,. Bruce DePalma and others is still being used and
improved, as the photograph above shows. Tom
'Watson of Geelong, Australia made this

OFT|{E prototype (basically a model UFO) and it
7r r *
If we assumethat these various effects of UFO
worked. It has no jets, no propellers and no
wings, yet it produced lift.
You would have thought that the military would
encounters are becauseof some esoteric fieid- have jumped on ideas like this. 'Well, you'd be
envelope, then other piecesof the jigsaw fall into right; Russianand American engineerstried to
place. Most significantlg the shapesof most UFOs make their own 'flying saucers'over 40 years ago
and are still apparently working on prototypes in
placeslike Area 51 and S-4, Nevada.
Since they started work on these projects
shortly after the Roswell incident tn t947, it
makes you wonder where they got the idea for
disc-shapedcraft from...
Ultimately though, most engineersworking
with gravity-defying devicesare limited by the
massiveamounts of energy consumption. No
known form of generating power is suitable, so
that brings us full circle - if there are indeed
other, unlimited sourcesof energy which
humaniry is poised to understand and make use
of, then the development of our own flying
saucerswill swiftly follow. Maybe someone 'out
Asealed unitcanbemadeto generate there' is well aware of that.
lift byusing Thanks to Nexus magazine for their help with
shownhere. the source material for this article.

$i}lrlili l,l,
i l,r
lerieaeatrep*:*E€,y*ec'r* thc
d.iqe*telrmf c3aaAr*a 5!
Resc*rekil*mt*ru has*d i.a
E{*a&el"Ffes*da. *eed*di€*r i:g
tb*, {ry#*rsef'-afu.e
sewe9*{tera$e.v*cesi ta}
irnc*ceri,n* t3c* s*{:r*es c}t &"8*a 55, F{a:e' &;^*.y+sts
f#sr r\ecocfterrnars'fli 3rt* 51" a$ri "e,ilsqi:r*u4h,
ycrr #r!i c*,:ch* SfcEeds &ev,ertr+ ++ef*r .v'*"ars*lf?
I usedto be a computer programmerin Bosron
and was fairly tuccessfulat it. I was looking for
adventureand becameinterestedin the UFO fieid.
in 19q2, bu yin g u p a lIthe t r t er ar ur eI c our d I r nd. I
becamevery interested becauseI felt that although
most of it was nonsense,that didn't mean that
there wasn't a grain of truth in it somewhere, and
it w as an inte llectuach l allenger o f ind r hat gr ain.
UFOs are very vagueand it's hard to pin them
down. If the re is a sig htingin one loc at ionit will -,ti.itrtrr:1vir,,&'"*srr 1,1{).+J

very rarely sh ow u p in th e s am e loc at ionagain. !t Gl6no Campboll,ArH 5t fiesrch g0ntor, il{q$ #Ls "/6gF
Houever. so me UFO lite r ar ur ec laim edt har if v or
went to a specificlocation on a remote deserr
highw ay yo u cou ld se efl y ing s auc er son dem and.
lr w as s pe cifice no ug h fo r m e t o c hec k it out and hlt{tRtt$RHEfl
prove whether it was true or in lare '92 I The official line on Area 5 [ from the US Governmentis now not that it
,: Area 5 I - that is. Racheland H,*hyil doesn't exist - they have been daring enough to admit that'there are
:1T. facilities at Groom Lake' - but thev won't discuss them anv further.
J' ,) - Ior tn e frrst flme. I dr d t ne t r adr t r onalt ht ng.
which is to stay out all night and look for UFOs. However, Glenn Campbell's map iabove) marks Area 51 within the central
I saw fantasticlights in the sky.all of which I airspace zone called 'Dreamland', putting it almost due south of Rachel, the
came to recogniseas military flares.and other nearesttown, The nearestmajor city, Las Vegas,is to the south of the
lights connecredwirh the wargamesthere. I almost massiveNellis Range, a restricted military zone the size of Switzerland.
automaticallyb eg anwrir ing down ev er y t hingt hat
I encoun tere d,rig ht do wn t o t he m ilepos t salong aircraft, and there is reliable information that
the highway.and within a few days rhat started there have been stealth helicopters tested there, as
shapingup into rheArea 5l Viewers'Cuide. I have UAVs (UnmannedAerial Vehicles)and
wasn't trying to prove or disprove UFOs. I was possiblya follow up to the F-l l- stealthfighter.
simply c olle ctin grhe da r a I neededt o c om plet et he That's the baseitself; of course, what people are
guide. At so me p oin t I re ally got hook ed int o t he most rn_terested in are.theperipheralareaslike
whole Area 5 I phenomena,becaurealthough all Area 5l and PapooseLake. The latter is about I5
the lights I had seenwere conventional, there was miles south of Groom Lake, and i, where Bob
srill a secretmilitary baseout there that cried out Lazarclaimshis flying saucersare. but you can't
for attention. get in there to examine it so the
ly:r1igl.r:Trin. stay.neurral,onrhe UFO field. I rry,
Ther* are pl*nw of fhecries afoa:u!Brhar s*6s s:n to collect all the data rhat's available,whether wild
inslde fuea 51; sqrm*crfd:$rlsu*rhsrs tasoea" \E&;g or more reasonable.but I don't really pre-judge
d* y*a beiisqe tk* €-iS#oeeffie:*t*Ee.i* fuidi:r.g *ercl the information before I find the truth.
The US Governmenris certainlyhiding new Thisunassuming inRachel,
aircraft there. The baseis a traditional aircraft l{evada,
ishome Campbell's f),-r1*u'!ia\arFir , E*in*s+f chr:qesei;h *s F.,E;
to Glenn
testingground ior reconnaissance and srealth lrea5l Research
Center. t*aas sfo*.€€rera 51rffir*aqEgl**a$i$-4, *r wfu*e*ser i*s
q*$fi*i+3destgcae#*atffi*y ild: ir*-,ases*i*er ,
oeq',versd EEirq 5g1p6gc€G.!R r!{ i;xx"r-rft huilt *ith
ali*n r*thnulnw."
Do I believeBob Lazar?I neither believenor
disbelievehim; I think his'story is very well told, it's
a very coherent story that simply saysthat he
worked with alien hardware. it's remarkablefor its
restraint- there are plenry of charlatanstelling
plenry of exotic talesin the UFO field, but they
always seemto exaggeratebeyond the original story.
The sort of stories that are common tend to
involve aliens lecturing us about how we're
screwing up our planet, etc. Lazar's story is
different - he simply stateswhere he worked, how

he got there and what he saw. It stops there, and
Lazar doesn't elaborate,which essentiallymeans
he's given up a great deal of economic potential to
cash in on this story.

trust him on those things, how can you trust him

on the things you can't verify? Lazar therefore
remains an open question, but it's not something
that I activelyinvestigateany more. I've taken all
that I can from Lazar's story and it's my choice to
move on to other things.
If thse really are tiFO based aircraft in the USAF
inventory, how have they managedto keep thcm
seffet for so long when other branchesof
goYefrfmentleak like sievest
thi, i, on. revelation I've hadwhile beinghere-
' I've recognised that the governmentcan keep
secretslIt hasenoughcontrol over its peoplefor
, lhem not to talk. Everyworkerat Area51 is
requiredto takelie detectortestson a reqular

that's not connected to the Air Force, the NSA or

AmapfromGlenn Campbell'sArea51
easternborndary ofthel{ellisRange
andth tonnof Rachel (topleft).Area
5l itsoffhat bottomleft.Hi$way 375
isnoroffchllyknown asthe
bn$irgbyhenththCentury Fox,
malersof Independence Day,anda man

with it?
not breakingany lawsassuch-'this is an
administrativeaction that had no "r'.och
needto sa ..,, .,
ry lil lL: ,.

'ffiiill'',wheqhglgloqpdure;wq*prope4y fod6w*# *
*l ;
whethir the Air Forceffi tonesi about its
.1i '
lntentions and"whetherit had eiventhe correct
reasons for the withdrawal of

a " ;::
Vehicle'that I and a news crew were in to obstruct
t"ni ittoria havebeenwithdrawnwirhout the seizure of the news crew's videotape. I was
more information being given. However, the act is arrested, I was convicted, I appealed the
now complete, these viewpoints have been taken, conviction and the appeal was rejected. I
so we simply moved to further viewpoints. ultimately had to do my time, which was five days
In all, the military lost on this deal - they may of communiry service.I completed this by writing
have gained the viewpoints but they lost on the a history of Rachel.

:iiil i ;-iii' octoner

It was a misdemeanour,a very minor charge, but you look at them more closely.I've seen a lot of

"lfq$tl it was completely wrong - the authorities were

wrong for attempting to seize material without a
bizarre human apparitions at Rachel, and met a
great deal of'aliens'- these are humans that claim
to be aliens - and plenty of people who tell
warrant in very dubious circumstances. What I
fantastic stories, but this is anthropology, and is

learned in the process was how to be my own
lawyer. I represented myself at both the trial and nothins to do with aliens.
the appeal, and I put up a good fight. I produced
some legal briefs that I'm very proud of, and
lliltt|g'ffr8il which I think will ultimately prove me to be
correct to anyone who reads them.

[upssFln Although I could have gotten out of the charge

at any time simply by payrng a fine and admitting
my guilt, the charge was wrong in the first place,

ilrl|0 so it was something I had to fight and I fought it

for almost two years. Although I lost, I think I
$ 'lt*0"'1."',': ::.:,:.:".a:-::-.-r.::.i:.::..,::t.:.'t:::
Playingdevil's advocate,doesn'tthe Air Force
--'-r '
have a right to kecp its secrettechnologv from
Yes.of course there's alwavs a need for secrecyin
military affairs,there'sno denying this. You don't
want to reveal, for example, your troop strength
to a potential Saddam Hussein, or what weapons
m ieht be us ed.

GlennCampbell'sArea 57
Viewers'Guide is availableby You have to strike a balance berween secrecyand
mail order from the Area 51 the need for oversight, and I represent the forces
ResearchCenter,PO Box 448 that are fighting for greateroversighr.Sincethe
(DeptC), Rachel,NV 89001, a;rJ\i;i';;;; ;";;;;' r'"";;i'
USA,and costs$15.Also technologicallysophisticateJ.n.-y that we're in a
avaifabfe is the IJpdate,which race with for advancedweaponry, we face a
costs$9. Ordersby creditcard -dif-ferent kind of threat now which means that the
can be takenon (001 702) ' Uameiuei]dgdn olq$€l$ Ssgtro1,,,,,
729-2648.Fax orderscan be changein soffieway - all I'm doing is simply
.r_... :,:::.::.:..,;t,,
t,, tl
takenon (001 702) 729-2580. purhirreioi t!i, ii.iai\ii
Make sureyou checkthe price
of p&p beforehand. uuu****, *"..r"**i* '\rxw**1t.,,
The Guide is stuffedfull of dron* {see page 62} - do ynu think this might be
maps,UFO accounts,details part of a deliberate plan to gradu*lly reveal the
of viewingsites,base existsrce of atready operational super-tech aircraft N*xt ffionth, is."thesecondpart cf this iaterview,
informationand'sarcasm such as the Aurora? Is Groom Lake, *s m*ay have Glenn Campbell renealshis views on aliens,
when required'.Soundspretty suggeeted, the test sit* f$r Aurora? conspiracy theories aod coaspiracy theoristsoas
handyto us... I know nothing about Aurora - I rate it one notch well ar mare *bout the *ecret goings-on af Area
of credibility below the UFOs, quite frankly. The 51. Be there!
"Area 51" best information I have is that there was such a
Viewer's Guide programme, it failed to achieve its objectivesand
?lr (:lFn fn'HdsE was cancelled.Despite the reports of triangular
aircraft over places like the North Sea, the story
hasn't advanced in six years.

Whst's the most inpressive end out of the

-r**!*,+{,*q A-
ordinary tbing you've $een at or oyer Groom?
In my two and a half years of living there full
time, spending probably more days and nights out
Wffi'Htt|* ryUF
htr6 &ffi1# #
in the desert than an1"one,I've never seen anything
I can't explain. I've seen a great deal of fantastic
lights, but I know that they are mainly flares and lVarning of thetlellisRange.
signsat theboundary photognphing
celestialphenomena which you can understand if thesignscansometimesgetyouintotrouble withtheCammo
IR | | E
l I flR IIE
NASA and the USAF have announced that they
TheSunday Times
AngustlSth;1096. take off i' have been jointly working on developing an
aftcraft capable of travelling at twice the speed of
Concorde. This prototype has just been publicly
unveiled, but speculation is rife, especiallywhen
you consider the remarkably revolutionary design
of the
It is now being mooted that a full scale version
of the may have been developed years
ago. This version could have conducted test flights
t is virtually impossible to world-wide, provoking the public to mistakenly
speculate just how many people report.'Waveridersightings as glimpsesof UFOs.
around the world have reported After all, the classic triangular shape of the
seeinga UFO that was of a 'Waverider does suggest that it could be responsible
triangular or wedge shape. The for some sightings.
best estimate puts the figure The Waverider's official name is the LoFlyte
in the rangeof 10,000sightings,but the
somewhere (Low Observable Flight Test Experiment), and it
Iheloflyteerperimental drone
real figure is probably much higher.Accordingto is believed that it could reach speedsof up to
is verlclose
newsrecentlyreleasedby NASA and the United 3,000 miles per hour. The aircraft obtained its
to thatclaimed fortheAurora
jointly on a
hypenonic spyplane,which the StatesAir Force,who havebeenworking nickname due to its ability to surf on a stream of
USAf deny exists.
Conld Lotlyte be top secret project, there may well be an explanation air, as opposed to a conventional aircraft which
a wayto divertattentionlrom for this triangular intruder of the airways.This is a simply ploughs straight through the air. This
alleged si$tings? new prototypeplanecalledthe'Waverider. surfing effect is achieved mainly due to the

As NASA announcesa new prototypeaircraft,

Marcus Walker wonderswhether it could be
responsiblefor masssightingsof

W fftM&#
\Taverider's innovative triangular design, which stealth aircraft would fly so close to a commercial
traps a cushion of air below the craft. The atcraft, endangering both the lives of the
'Waverider is 'Waverider's pilots
so complicated that a software and the lives of the general
program has been developed by Accurate public travelling on the passenger aircraft.
Automation Corporation that will teach the
aircraft to fly itself, after basic instruction from a
pilot. NASA have also commented that the
neural network is more akin to the
It has been suggestedon more than one occasion
human brain than a computer. that the American government has entered an
agreement with extraterrestrial life-forms, in that

t'ilRl|ERIIIR they guarantee to allow human beings to be used
as guinea pigs for experimentation in return for

It is now believed that the 'Waverider was
details of the aliens' advancedtechnology. Bob
Lazar claims to have worked at Area 51 on a
reverse technology project, where it was his job to
responsible for a huge wave of sightings in establish the functioning capabilities of recovered
Belgium in December 1989, when over 13,000 crashedUFOs, supposedlyhoused at Area 51.
witnesses reported a strange triangular-shaped If we are to believe everything we are spoonfed
object in the skies. These sightings were by various sources,then it may make perfectly
corroborated by military pilots and pilots of logical sensefor the Americans to have developed
commercial aircraft, who either came into close an aircraft that is not entirely dissimilar to the
contact with the obiect, or tracked it on radar. It triangular-shaped UFO so often reported by
would appear, at least from a governmental civilians. In fact, if the Americans were given the
standpoint, that the Vaverider may make a very knowledge by aliens, then it stands to reason that
convenient solution to the mass sightings, but if the two atrcraft would almost certainly be
you examine the evidence,then glaring identical. This bizarre explanation would account
discrepancies appear. for the many sightings of possible alien crafts
The Belgian UFO was captured on camera in invading our skies, evading radar and travelling at
what is now a legen{ary picture, and to be honest insurmountable speeds.
it does not resemble the \(averider, It wouldn't
make sense for the American, or any other military
for that fact, to make such a display of public
unilateralism if they wished the project to remain
secret. In short, it is impossible to make an
argument for the Belgium UFO flap being
attributed to the Vaverider.
Another UFO case currently getting the
treatment is the Manchester near miss
incident of last year. On this occasion, a British
Airways Boeing 737 flying from Milan to
Manchester was involved in a near fatal collision
with a triangular-shaped object. The pilots Mark
Stuart and Roger'Wills both filed 'air near miss'
reports as a result of their experience.They
claimed that the object had passed within just feet
of their atrcrak.
Radar operators were unable to lock on to the
second object, but other eyewitnesseson the
ground also saw the object in relation to the
Boeing, and ther'efore confirmed what the pilots
had reported. The pilots also drew sketches of the
object, which do resemble the Waverider with
startling accuracy. But could the X(averider be
responsible?I think the answer must be no for a 'We are now Thenowinfamous'Bel$an
entering an age of advanced
number of reasons. technological achievement.The design and ashapthatisrema*ablysimilar
The first is that the 'Waverider is supposedly an capabilities of terrestrial aircraft is starting to
American atcraft. and as such it would be reflect this new dawn, but it is essential for
required to carty a radar beacon which would Ufology to keep its feet firmly on the ground.
enable air traffic controllers to identify it. This is a Otherwise we will soon find that governments
prerequisite of carrying out manoeuvres in British will be passing off many UFO sightings as new
airspace.The second problem with the Vbverider technology and before we know it the impetus
being used as an excuse for the Boeing sighting is that Ufology has worked so hard to achieve will
that it is virtually unthinkable that an American begin to wane.
UJ .r
F ij,iF$
I [[[il
Ib dUGIGil
Daniel Brotongile distils alien abduction
caseresearchto discoverwhat abduction

victims go through and how someone

suspectingthat they have been abducted
could recognise
the tell-talesymptoms.
ow that aiien abduction', then there are definite clues to
abductions have come look for. However. the cluesand
to light, several characteristicsof alien abducriondo not
common anomalies indicateabduction as the only possible
have emerged between explanationfor thesecharacteristics and
abducteesin general. the following list is. of course,only a
Theseanomaliesare so common that they guide for those who are curious. 3: Cracking Noise
are even used to differentiatebetween Alternativenatural explanationsare A n u n u s u a l ,p o s s i b l yi n t e r n a l ,c r a cki n g
real and falseclaimsof abduction. offered for the list, but when all of the noise in the ear. also noted in OBEs.
What has surfacedtime and time again following attributesoccur, the odds seem which seemsto repeat itseli at an ever
with the phenomenonof alien abduction stackedin favour of the paranormal. i n c r e a s i n gr a t e u n t i l t h e n e x t p h a seo f r h e
is that the victims rarely have an insighr experieflce occurs.
into the exact evenrsof the abducrion
experience.However. hypnotic regression
can supposedlyrelax rhe mind to such an
R B It| [TIOi
[L| J I$
extent that thesesubconsciousmemories ill-*H-;lff., "oo "*ion.wherher
are gently released. rhe subjectis randomly chosenor soughr
It should be noted ar this point, for the specificallyfor abduction,we can only
record, that relativelylittle is known guess,but UFO sightingsare often the
about hypnotic regression.As this is the first indication and more often rhan not
main meansof recallingabduction the startingpoint in hypnotic regression
memories,we should perhapsbe careful before the whole story is drawn out. In 4: OBE - Out of Body Experience
not to assumeit is a watertighr method British abducrions,rhere seemro be rwo Floating abovethe bed or above the
and rhat regressionists are all of the same very common types of UFO which are position where your physicalbody is
standardand integrity.After all, it is sightedprecedingthe lossof rime. These suspendedin'spirit-[ike' state.
possibleto place i suggestionduring or are the black triangular UFO of Belgian
prior ro regression. fame in 1990 and the classicsilver
nteingthe reflectiveflying saucer.
". I':r ;hT,T'.'.'fi
employed in abductioncases.abductees
are more than likely to know somethingis
not right. It is this feelingthat something
has happenedwhich drives them to seek

"ti::l::,fi*':; lff,,[L']::?.
the study of the paranormalin general
5: Night Seizure,Paralyses
These night seizuresprevent speechor
that there are very interestingcorrelarions movement and yer the victim can still be
to some aspectsof alien abducrionand conscious.What is interestins is the
the paranormal phenomenonof OBE 2: Intense Light correlation of rhis trait with lut of body
lOui Of Body Experience)and even NDE Most often blue, somerimesgreen and experiences.The victim remembers
(Near Dearh Experience).If you are very bright. It seemsto strike the floaring in paralysisaway from where
wondering if you have fallen foul to 'alien forehead.Also nored in OBEs. they are sleeping,sometimesthrough
solid objecrssuch as walls. In an sympromsare usuallythe result of being 7: Heightened Spiritual Awareness
abductionscenario,this is sometimesakin medicallyexaminedor tamperedwith. After contact and even sightings of UFOs
to the sciencefiction 'rractor beam', a Nose bleedscan occur due to implants

beam of energy which tows the person up which have actuallybeen recoveiedand
forexaminarion sureicallyremoved as physicalevidence.
::Jffi;ooffiTft These implantswhen analysedhave a
strangemineral composition. extremecases,psychicabiliryis

4: Vivid Dreams
Theseare vivid memoriesand dreamsof

P O $I R B I| J[IIOIl#.':1":'#fiTllilTr,T
with large black eyes.Such strong images


and anxiety when recalledor viewed in an
illustration.For those who have not been

:ll,iJffi Til:i,lilJtit'll*., regressedor have little inkling of why

they are fearful of the image, this can
becomea very confusingand disturbing
lruxl'H:i T?:i:J,"i:
;?,ffi :i'ff :ffi.tffi'Hniht;:i:
after days.Often, this loss oI time is
t h,uin'J;:::
;:TiTL5'trff E TP IR IE I I I E
During an abduction.the abducteeis laid
on a table, often within a white room, and

:i:;l::Til .,."r
anal and genitalareasby small grey
humanoidswith large black oval eyes.
Sperm or ovariesare often removed.

5: ObsessivePursuit of UFO Knowledge

Ir seemsthe prerogativeof abduction
victims to pursue their understandingof ;'I;ni ?:,'ffi
the UFO and alien phenomena,and can
becomean obsession. ;'Jff.l ,H:
abductors,who are often reported to have

This has even lead to sexl

2: ScreenMemory
'lfhen 6: Insomnia
::;,:: :;#.J:ml;t#'jffi:
victims due to forced interferencewirh
trying to remember eventswithin
the lost time, abducteeshave a strong Insomnia is the fear of sleep, and occurs their sexualorgans.
image of something non ET-related and particularly around 3am or in the early
cannot comprehend why. This is often
referred to as an implanted screen
memory. Abducteeswiil frequently
hours of the morning. This is also a time
when UFO sightings are remarkably
common. The fear of sleep could be
t$[ R tfl L?
C o n s i d e r i n ga n a t i o n w i d es u r v e yh a s
experiencea strong image,yet will be linked with the trauma of night revealedthat five percentof the American
confused as to why they are remembering . n d t h e p o s s i b i l i t yt h a t
abduc t ions a population believedthey had been
it and exactly when it occurred. abductions are related with OBEs, which abducted.and claims of abductionare on
usually happen just prior to sleep. the increaseworld-wide, it is hard to
ignore the subjectand even harder to
claim it has no substance.
If you have been abductedor even feel
that you may have been,then you may
3: Nose Bleeds and Scars realisethat whar is happeningto you is
Nose bleeds and scarring may eventually also happeningon a very wide scale.It's
be accountedfor in regressionor time we woke up to this increasingly
remembered durine abduction. These c o n v i n c i n gp h e n o m e n a .