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Atri Jyotish V. 2.

The Actionbar menu has 4 image buttons that can be used to move between pages.
DTP (Date-Time-Place) Page:
1. Click on date button (1963-08-07) and select date
2. Click on time button (21:15:00) and select time
3. Click on Place button that opens a dialog to select place
Enter at least 4 character of a place and click on view
The list of places starting with place entered are in the drop down list box
Select one to see the corresponding place, country, state, latitude, longitude and time zone
Click on select to accept the place. Then the dialog will be closed
Selected place details updated on DTP page
4. Click on Save, to save the native information with a file name same as name.xml
Ex: If name is Bhanu, then the file name will be name.xml.
5. Click to select a file and load the saved native data
6. Click on Calc, to calculate and display the horoscope
Currently the horoscope is in only south Indian style.
Horoscope page
1. The horoscope is displayed in only south Indian format
2. If you want in another format, please make a request to astroopensource@gmail.com
Based on number of requests, the other formats may be added.
3. The Raasi chart (D-1 is displayed by default.
In the middle of chart,


(a) the current dasa period is displayed (Ex: Me=>Sa=>Ra (2014-11-09 to 2015-04-06)
(b) Week day and tithi are displayed (Ex: Mon; K.03 (59%) (Ma)
Mon indicates Monday; K.03 indicates Krisha Tritiya; 59% left; Ma is Tithi lord
(c) Next line has Yoga and yoga lord (Ex: Y: Vajra (Mo)
(d) Next line has Karana and Karna Lord (Ex: K: Taitula (Me)
Click in the center of the chart to display Navamsa (D-9)
If you click again, both D-1 and D-9 are displayed on the same chart.
The objects of D-1 in black and the objects of D-9 in Red
The Lagna of D-1 is indicated by yellow in the top part of sign
The Lagna of D-9 is indicated in Blue in the bottom side of sign
Sun (Su); Moon (Mo); Mars (Ma); Mercury(Me); Jupiter (Ju); venus (Ve)
Saturn (Sa) ; Rahu (Ra) ; Ketu (Ke)
Arudhas are represented as An, n is the house (AL, A1, A2, A3 A11, UL)
Scorpio has 2 Arudhas. The Arudha of Mars is indicated with house number.
The Arudha of Scorpio as Ketu as lord is indicated as ANk (N is house number)
The Arudha of Acquarius as Rahu as lord is indicated as AMr. (M is house number)
Sri Lagna (SL); Varnada Lagna (VL); Ghatika Lagna (GL);
Pranapada Lagna (PP); Hora Lagna (HL)
The retro planets indicate by single quote. Ex: Sa.

9. Slide backwards to go back to DTP page

10. Slide forward to see the planet information
Planet Info page
1. Sun rise/set are calculated using Tip of Suns disc is Appear to be on eastern horizon.
2. Planet positions are apparent positions and mean nodes

3. Traditional Lahiri ayanamsa is used

4. Placidus house system is used for Lagna calculation
5. The planet info is displaed in the format: Graha; D-1 sign; Longitude; D-9 sign; Chara Kaaraka
Ex: Su Ca 210411 cp BK Indiactes
Sun in Cancer in D-1 at longitude of 21:04:11 and in Capricorn in D-9 Bratru Kaaraka
6. The abbreviations used:
Sun (Su); Moon (Mo); Mars (Ma); Mercury(Me); Jupiter (Ju); venus (Ve)
Saturn (Sa) ; Rahu (Ra) ; Ketu (Ke)
Aries (Ar); Taurus (Ta); Gemini (Ge); Cancer (Ca); Leo (Le) ; Virgo (Vi)
Libra (Li) ; Scorpio (Sc) ; Sagittarius (Sg) ; Capricorn (Cp) ; Aquarius (Aq) ; Pisces (Pi)
7. The bottom of table also includes the spped of planet and the star in which it is placed
Ex: Su 0.958 Ashlesha 2 Me Sun at longitude speed of 0.958; in Ashlesha 2nd pada
Me is lord of Ashlesha.
8. Slide backwards to go to Chart page
9. Slide forward to go to Vimsottari dasa page
Vimsottari Dasa Page

The current running dasa is displayed on top

The next list contains Maha dasa periods
Click on any of Maha dasa to see Antar dasa
The selected dasa is displayed on bottom and the top list is replaced with antar dasa.
The same can be repeated up to 3 levels.
To come back to Maha dasa periods, click on selected dasa.
Slide backwards to go back to planet information
Slide forward to see future developments

Settings: Use options menu Settings to edit and modify the settings.
Help: Use Options menu Help to see the brief help instructions on how to use the software

Special Android Notes:

The data files are installed in Internal Storage: /sdcard/AtriJyotish.

The software can also load jhd (J Hora data files).