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Cecilia Carbone

Practical Proposal
Professor Brown
UWRT 1103

The human experience is all about embracing all life has to offer. The different
challenges, joys, burdens, lessons: everything. A place I feel can paint a very clear picture of
what the human experience is all about is the Humane Society of Concord and Greater Cabarrus
County. This is a place that wants to teach people the importance of spaying and neutering their
pets, works with animal cruelty cases, find homes for lost and abandoned pets, and promotes
responsible pet owning ("Mission Statement."). Their mission statement states, The mission of
the Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus County, N. C. is to end animal suffering and
cruelty, reduce overpopulation and educate the public regarding responsible animal ownership.
This mission is accomplished by utilizing trained volunteers to investigate cruelty, supporting
efforts to establish a low cost spay/neuter clinic for low income families and a sanctuary for
homeless animals (Mission Statement.).
I feel that this is a place that can act as a guide for the human experience because it shows
how people can better the lives of others and better the world. It also can show the human
experience in both a positive and negative sense. If approved, Ill be able to learn about people
giving up pets because they cant handle the responsibility and hopefully find out how or if that
animal can find a new home. I want to profile this place because truly love animals. I have
always wanted to volunteer at a shelter and this project gives me the opportunity to do that. I
love that theres a place that can be the voice for these animals.

I plan to volunteer to get the full experience of what the Humane Society does. Sunday,
January 25th, I went in to apply to volunteer. Mike is the shelter manager there and Judy runs the
place as well. I could interview them about what they do and get all different facts about the
humane society. I start my training Friday, January 30th so I know how to care for the dogs safely
and properly . Ill be walking dogs, feeding them, and cleaning up their crates. I have to wear
long pants and tee shirt, and keep my hair back. This humane society is twenty minutes from
campus in Concord and Ill most likely be visiting once or twice a week. My second choice is
my psychology professor, Dr. Levens. She has been in school her whole life, she is a professor,
and she is involved in a few research studies and is mother. She is my second choice because
shes a mentor, a student, and a mother. She would be an excellent example of a human
experience guide.