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Power of online advertising:


Pricing models:
cost per impression CPM charged every time your ad is shown. Good for visibility or Brand
cost per click CPC. Good for direct response.
cost per acquisition CPA charged for every conversion tracked to your ad. Good for direct

Ads: - text<headline+2 description lines+display url+destination url>; image; video; interactive.

Google - Google Search Network - google search result pages
- other search result pages: maps, shopping, aol
- 2 add slots: at the top and on the right side
- Google Display Network youtube, food sites, etc.
- can be displayed text, graphics, rich media
- since there are no keywords typped, targets the website or the group
of ppl looking for those sites.
Remarketing = target the audience.

Campaigns: - network
- budgets
- languages
- locations
- schedules

Ad Group: - ads
- keywords
- display targets

Organizing AdWords Account:

1. Product or service types <ex of campaignes: cooking oil, cosmetics, hair care where we can have
different ad groups specific for the group>
2. Brand names
3. Website
4. Seasonal products or services
5. Geographic location
6. Theme or function

Research keywords

speak your customers language

Size of the market + Relevance + Competition and cost

Keyword match types:


Broad ex: Keyword: Athletic shoe; display when cx looking for athletic shoe store, athletic shoe
comparisons, athletic kids shoe, discount athletic shoe, sport tennis shoe. CONS: e mult prea
general, si se irosesc bani.
Broad match modifier. Keyword: +athletic Shoe< youre telling adwords that the keyword directly
following that plus sign has to appear in the users search query exactly as targeted or as a very close
variant in order for the system to display ur ad to that user.>
- Phase Keyword: athletic shoe. This tells adwords that the user query must contain your
targeted keyword in exactly the same order and the form that youre targeting. Will display discount
athletic shoe, athletic shoe store but will not show for athletic kids shoe,
- Exact Keyword: [athletic shoe] .
Negative keywords - help to filter out irrelevant traffic that u dont want your ad to show up for. Can be
placed either at campaign level or ad level.
- Keyword: / sau in fata cuvantului
Options to find these negative keywords:
a. Go on google and search for some of your keywords, we will then see ours used in different
context and co., so now we can exclude those related.
b. Use google keyword planner tool.
c. Search term report in the adword interface.
Evaluating keywords in terms of:
- Frequency we are actually talking about search volume: how often ppl are typing in a keyword
when searching. Must make sure that the keyword that were target have enough search volume that
your ad is being triggered and show up in front of searchers eyeballs
- Relevance the kw we are targeting must be relevant to our advertising goals, ads and landing
pages, products and services. Make sure that the kw have been searched for, using kw planner tool!
- Competition Longtail keywords: may not get lots of searches but they are extremely specific
and extremely likely to convert. Ex: <order a dozen roses> compared to <roses>. Its cheaper using

Creating campaign
Its preferred to have different campaigns for different languages or locations, to make sure that the ads
shown are relevant for the cx.
Budget: CPC bid limit its good to be used by newbies in order to get data and study the market
Shared library???? Tab lateral stanga
Use as many extensions as possibly can!!

Creating ad group
Text ads:
- headline: 25 characters
- 2 description lines: 35 characters each
- Display url: 35 characters
- Destination url: 1O24 characters not shown in ad
Keythings to write great ads for your campaign:
1. Be clear and specific guarantees, promotions, unique features, competitive advantage
ex: Organic olive oil
Love our oil or your money back
Two Trees, Certified Organic
2. Include pricing and promotions - this way, if the cx agrees with price or finds it acceptable, will
click the ad; avoiding ppl clicking the ad and leaving after seeing its not what they wanted
ex: $5.99 Organic olive oil
Love our oil or your money back
Two Trees, Certified Organic
3. Include a strong call to action call today, etc.
ex: $5.99 Organic olive oil
Love our oil or your money back
Shop our organic olive oil today!
4. Include a keyword in ad text preferable in the headline
5. Draw attention with the display URL
6. Select the best destination URL if it doesnt exist, consider building a new landing page on
your site
7. Write more than one ad

Its recommended to test only 2-3 ads at a time, so that well learn about what resonates with our
perspective cx.
Cu cat mai specific mesajul, cu atat mai bine. De aia e recomandat sa facem mai multe ad groups
Campaign ad group in dreapta + ad group avem automate unde avem optiuni pt a selecta sa ne fie
trimis mail in cazul in care nu mai suntem pe pozitiile din top la afisari, sau de unde putem pauza
campania in cazul in care depaseste o suma specifica de bani, etc!!!!
Campaign level keywords filter create filter <if we wanna raise the bid for the kw that are the
bellow the no 3 position and that have a pretty low quality score>. Ex: average position worse than 4
+quality score <= 5. !!!!! can save time and a lot of potential frustration
Bids adjustments
1. Campaign setari Locations: if a locations index is bigger than the ones we have, we might want to
bid a little higher for clicks cause theres a better chance for them to purchase our products
- add location then we can click on bidding adjustments and set the
amount we are willing to pay extra than our default did for our ad to be run in that particular location
2. campaign setari ad schedule/programarea anuturilor putem pune bid-uri diferite pt zile/ore
3. campaign- setari- devices campaniile sunt afisate pe toate device-urile. Avand in vedere ca cei care
folosesc tel nu au timp sa faca cercetari amanuntite despre anumite lucruri, putem selecta ca acestea sa nu
fie afisate si pe mobile devices reducand bidul pana la 1oo%.
Daca vrem sa facem un ad cu precadere pt telefoane, trebuie sa selectam mobile dupa ce facem setarile pt
un nou ad. Este afisat fix sub destination url.
Understanding quality score
Ad rank = bid x click through rate
Ad rank = bid x quality score
Higher ad rank = higher ad position
Max bid
Advertiser 3
Advertiser 2
Advertiser 4
Advertiser 1


Quality score
still mostly CTR

Quality Score Components:

- click through rate
- relevancy > more specific = more relevant
- landing page quality



Actual cost


Not ranked


Relevant Landing Pages:

- theme and copy relate to ad
- quick to load
- clear menus and navigation
Tracking ad performance
Conversions. Ex: for online shop: online purchase, lead generation, newsletter subscriptions, contact form
or call. Secondary conversions: social follows, file downloads, views, coupon downloads, driving
In order to identity our conversions we have to ask ourselves <what do I want my visitors to do?>
As soon as we realize the answer, its time to start tracking them.
How will I know when a conversion has happened?
Ex: dupa ce s-a cumparat online sau s-a facut o abonare la newsletter, apare o pagina de multumire.
Dupa ce stim rasp la cele 2 intrebari, we can set up AdWords Conversion Tracking feature to measure
campaigns. This will help us figure out if our campaigns are driven traffic or not.
Conversion tracking: 1. what is the conversion?
2. on what page does the action happen?
Use conversion tracking to figure out cost per conversion!!
Instrumente conversii pagina web+nume salvati si continuati
Pentru a utiliza Urmrirea conversiilor, va trebui s introducei un mic fragment de cod HTML i
JavaScript n pagina pe care o vd clienii dup ce efectueaz o aciune valoroas pe site. De exemplu, ai
putea aduga codul n pagina de confirmare a achiziiei, care este pagina pe care o vd utilizatorii dup ce
au efectuat o achiziie. Pentru a putea configura aceast funcie, avei nevoie de urmtoarele:
un cont AdWords: nu avei nc? Creai un cont la adresa http://adwords.google.ro;
un site: acesta este locul n care vei introduce fragmentul de cod;
posibilitatea de a modifica site-ul: dac nu tii s lucrai cu HTML i JavaScript, nu v facei griji; vei
putea, totui, s generai fragmentul de cod n programul AdWords i s l trimitei persoanei care se ocup
de modificarea site-ului.
n cmpul Contorizare, alegei dac dorii s contorizai toate conversiile sau conversiile unice.
Opiunea Toate este potrivit pentru vnzri, iar opiunea Unice este potrivit pentru clienii

Optimizing for performance

ROI = Profit Costs
$3O = $45 - $15
Cost Per Conversion = Conversions / Clicks
Net profit tells us our true winners and losers.
View through conversion = conversion where the cx was exposed to the ad, but they didnt click on it, and
then they got to the site through other way and they converted.
Use the Conversion Optimizer when uve accumulated at least 15 conversions over the last 3o days.
Campaign level bidding setting to find conversion optimizer/bid strategy
When u choose the C.O., you no longer bidding for clicks or imppresions, instead youre telling the system
to get you as many conversions as possible according to your cost per acquisition or the amount u pay for
a conversion.
Max CPA bid: maximum you would pay for a conversion.

Target CPA bid: a payment goal for a conversion.

Split testing.
If we have 2 or more ad groups in a campaign, we have to make sure were telling adwords to randomly
display each of them evenly. To do that, we must head to campaign setting, ad rotation, and select either
of the rotate options there.

CTR = Impressions / clicks??

www.cardinalpath.com/tools/ - PPC AD TESTING TOOL - tool that does all the statistical calculation
quickly and for free.
How do we get out and get more conversions and still remain profitable?
1. take a look at what share of the market ure already capturing. This can be done by going to
the customize columns area and adding ur impression share columns<competitive metrics>
= search impression share, search exact match IS, search lost IS rank. This way well be
able to see how often our ad comes up when its eligible to show.
2. change your bods to get a better average position.
3. add more keywords
4. relax some of your targeting settings.
1. Add users cookies to a target list
2. Create a campaign based on that user list. Target who instead of what
Creating RM list
Shared library Audiences - +Remarketing List
Ex RM list name: put smth in shopping chart
Better to be done in analytics. More criteria to choose from, plus we dont have to put in the html code
We must create the RM list before creating the RM campaign!!!
Display format
Image ads: jpeg, png, gif files only. Under 15O kb in size.
Animation: gif format and less than 3O sec length at max 5 frames/sec.
Rules ab graphical ads:
- only use one format
- ads have to be right-side up and use the full space
- images must be clear and legible
- ads can not imitate strobe light or include flashing backgrounds
- ads cant imitate something else
- ads cant be camouflaged

Video ads:
1. video is engaging
2. video is another way to reach your audience
3. you only pay for video that users actually view
4. videos can be used for more than just ads can continue to be used on youtube channel
5. video advertising has all the benefits of online advertising
TrueView ads on youtube:
- in stream only pay if at least 3o sec are watched. If less than 3o sec, only pay if video is
watched entirely
- in display dreapta sus
- in search
Creating video campaign similar to text camp, except that this time we select the last option -> online
video. De la advanced setting, inainte sa cream camp, putem selecta un anumit system de operare, un
anumit device model, wi-fi.
Video ads are linked to youtube channel. We must have the video uploaded to youtube first.
Dupa ce se uploadeaza video, alegem daca vrem sa fie instream,insearch.sau toate.
Check advanced ad attribution as well!!
We can target different ages, sex, when ppl look at certain categories.
La target ppl who are searching putem alege keywords mai generali like food festivals, coocking,etc
Video reports: