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Om Sai Ram !Om Ganeshaya Namaha!

Jai Maata di!Om Nama Shivaya!

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Latest News related to Shirdi Sai baba
Profits from Sale of Sai Baba Postages in USA, to
be Donated to Indian Temples
01st Feb`2010-Washington :
Targeting the large number of Hindus in the United States,
an Atlanta-based company headed by an Indian-American
has launched a series of custom-made postage stamps
depicting Hindu gods and goddesses.
The first set of such postage stamps in denomination of 44
cents was launched in January by usa-postage. com, the
Atlanta-based firm, depicting Sai Baba, Lord
Venkateshwara, Lakshmi, Murugan, Vinayaka, Shiva-
Parvathi and Sri Krishna.Such postage stamps depicting
Hindu gods and goddesses have been launched for the first
time in the US taking the benefit of a six-year-old law of
the US Postal Service (USPS) that permit issuing of
customised postages.
“These postages have not been issued by the US Postal
Service, but these are as good as stamps and is legally
valid. We do not call them stamps. We call them as
postages. But these can be used as any other normal
stamp,” Roy Betts, spokesman of USPS told PTI.
“Commemorative sheets from usa-postage. com are valid
US Postage produced by a technology call PC Postage. This
is the first company to offer customised postage with
divine images that have specific appeal to the Indian
community living in the US,” said Ennar Chilakapati, vice
president, usa-postage. com.Since its quiet launch, usa-
postage. com has received tremendous response from the
large Hindu community in the United States. More than
1.5 million Hindus live in the US.
Mr. Chilakapati said he has been receiving requests for
postages from countries like Britain too where people want
to keep it as a souvenir.Mr. Chilakapati said Profits from
the Sale of such postages are being Donated to Indian
Temples.“Customised postage sheets are ideal for giving as
gift items. Indian community living in the U.S. can order
online as a gift item,” he said.
Meditate on Baba and see the blue dots disappear.
The blue dots are like all the negative energies
within us. Negative energies such as anger,
hatred, jealousy, greed for power, greed of money,
lust, ego etc and when we mediate on Sai alone
with love , devotion, faith and patience- All those
negative tendencies within us slowly start to
disappear . The only thing then , that we are able
to witness is pure bliss and joy of Sai darshan.
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'Samarpan for January 2010' ,which is a wonderful
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Baba's unique Feats of Dhouti and Khanda Yoga

Sri Sai Baba is the Great Seer and Maha Yogi. He is the
Supreme Spirit who meditated on His Guru, chanting
Allah Malik. He is, indeed, the Highest of the High who
did not reveal the secrets of His incarnation and lived as a
Fakir. He excelled in the yogic practices like dhouti,
Khanda yoga etc. There was a well far away from the
Mosque. Baba used to go there every three days to wash
his face or take bath. At that time Baba used to
disembowel his entrails, clean them with water and dry
them on the branch of a black apple tree. Some persons in
Shirdi witnessed it. Normally in the dhouti method of
Yoga, a cloth of 22 feet in length and 3 inches in width is
swallowed and kept in the stomach for half an hour. Then
it was taken out after it cleansed the intestines. But Baba's
dhouti technique was unique and incredible. Baba's
performance of Khanda Yoga was even greater. One day a
person went to the Mosque and there he found Baba's
head, torso and feet lying scattered. Fearing that Baba was
murdered, he ran out. He did not tell anybody about it,
afraid that people would hold him as a culprit. Yet, out of
curiosity, he went to the mosque with other devotees, and
was stunned to see Baba was alive, flashing His cool
benign smile as that of the moon. Through these incredible
yogic feats, Baba revealed His Divinity.
"Shri SaiSatCharita ---> Leads you in Sai's unique
Shree SatChidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj
Ki Jai