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A “lhc 4 AMAZING ell NIGHTCRAWLER HAD BEEN GRANTED AN ETERNITY IN PARADISE nf bt ma) a et AND FAITH. BUT THAT STAY WAS INTERRUPTED BY HIS FATHER, THE DEMO! TES OUT TO IN AZAZEL, At EMON PIRAT a Te HE BESTED THEM IN COMBAT, THEY Ue, LEAN GHTCRANER ALONE AND MEANWHILE, THE BAMFS, SMALL CREATURES BEARING A STRIKING RESEMBLANCE TO NIGHTCRAWLER, HAD BUILT A PORTAL ON THE GROUNDS OF THE JEAN GREY SCHOOL, UPON DISCOVERING THE PORTAL, IT WAS ACTIVATED AND THE X-MEN WERE PULLED IN. WHILE WOLVERINE AND NORTHSTAR WERE DEPOSITED IN HEAVEN, STORM, ICEMAN, AND FIRESTAR WERE SENT TO HELL, WHERE THEY 0 BATTLE WITH BOTH THE DENIZENS OF HELL AND THE DEMON PIRATES FROM ONE OF AZAZEL'S SHIPS. HOWEVER, THE ODDS WERE TOO GREAT TO OVERCOME AND IN THE COURSE OF THE BATTLE, STORM WAS CAPTURED. Te QUEST Hn Hie 0 wareR JASON AARON. pevcts ED McGUINNESS wer DEXTER VINES coors MARTE GRACIA terrener VC’S JOE CARAMAGNA cover ey McGUINNESS, VINES & GRACIA assistant err XANDER JAROWEY associate eviror JORDAN D, WHITE epmor NICK LOWE EDITOR IN CHIEF AXEL ALONSO CHEF CREATIVE OFFICER JOE QUESADA PUBLISHER DAN BUCKLEY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ALAN FINE far 214 Mare Character. ie eee. carats eto a isi ane sieve name nd hanes trea a td are aemet of Marler Ho Ho dry betwen ayo ta nari, trite prvne, ner eons Wi mage wt (ear in abs or ol GD nen gf et geen se me cet > Pry een DID NOT PROMISE YOU ADVENTURE? JAE SAL THE Seas OF THE HEREAFTER AS Dy CONQUERORS? THAT ANGELS AND DEMONS ALIKE WOULD LIVE IN FEAR OF OUR FLAG? DID ZNOT PROMISE YOU PLUNDER? AND THE POWER THAT COMES: WELL LOOK AROUND YOU, MEN OF THE HOARY HOGGOTH. THESE THINGS YOUR ADMIRAL HAS DELIVERED, HAS HE NOT?, "YESTERDAY, YOU WERE ONE OF "THE DAMNED IN PERDITION OR THE LOST IN PURGATORY Ge FREE SOULS ONCE AGAIN! TODAY YOU ARE ‘THE GREATEST PIRATES THE APTERLIFE HAS EVER KNOWN! AND. A TOMORROW...) TOMORROW. YOU'LL BE LORDS (OF AN ALL-NEW HEL YOULL BE. 0 Te FROZEN SEA”,YOULL HAVE ALL OF ETERNITY IN WHICH TO 7 JUDGING BY THE ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS, FRANDI ATTEMPT TO CONVINCE ME THAT THis ACTUALLY The SPIRITUAL REALM OF PURGATORY, WHERE DEAD SOULS ARE ‘SAID TO LANGUISH IN LIMBO FOR > UNTOLD CENTURIES... peer You PRESUME I CARE WHAT You THINK, DOCTOR. "YOU PRESUME ‘TOO MUCH. DIMENSION WHERE. YOU'VE MANAGED TO PRETEND TO BE’ SOMEONE OF \ IMPORTANCE, 7.00, BUT TM TRYING ‘To cur DOWN. BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU. LIKE THEN. WHILE F's oti WITHIN YOUR POWER TO, DO 50. YOU REALLY THANK IOURE GONG ody Giratina) aN Pieate stips aAiten Sab AD PTET, Azzle, BEN FOR INVADE THE EARTH? Olt NO, DOCTOR. SINCE My (Ast DeFeaT, T'VE MOVED ON FROM SUCH A SHORT- ) “SIGHTED GOAL. WHO CARES ‘ABOUT A MODBALL WITH AFEW PALTRY BILLION SOULS ON IT, WHEN Z CAN SIMPLY CARVE OUT "MY OWN CORNER OF ‘THE REALM OF THE CLEAN UP. THIS MESS AND (GET BACK TO FISHING THESE ‘WATERS. ‘Aye ave, THE BAMFS: TELL ME MY SON AS FOR HIS XCMEN FEEL ry TES ay < LA FIND NIGHTCRAWLER. "AND BRING HIM TO ME IN ONE PIECE, PIECES AS YOU LIKE, THE ‘COAST! —_ ( 1 SAS) 7 eK t DEAD_BUT..T CAN Ee ARE tenets 7 younave \ NO DEA HOW \ MUCH WE'VE (, S350 YOU: NO IT IS NOTHING. PERSONAL, KURT. 3 SOMeTHI WOLVERINE PERSON ‘SCARES ME IMMENSELY. MMAZNG ANGES Aaazaaaand, we're back! Howdy, X-tleads! Welcome back to AMAZING X-MEN, WOW ABOUT THIS ISSUE?! It's my favorite Issue yet. Thanks for picking it up and thanks to all of you who wrote in. Lots of letters about Firestar and we got a bunch more emails about wanting Bamt plushies, too. Stil working on ‘making that happen! On to letters! WHOA! AMAZING X-MEN #2 was, well, y'know... Amazing! Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness continue to do great things for this book! Couple questions. First off, who's this Captain Kid, why does he like to be called Billy? Next question, why has Professor X shown up to help Logan? | hope my questions ‘are answered soon, | cannot walt for more. THANKS WICK LOWE, YOU'RE MY BOY! Josh Wielgosz You're correct, Josh. | AM your boy. As for your questions... Hmmm... let me think about the words “Billy” and “Kid.” I'l give you ‘a hint. Put the word “tho” between them and ‘see what happens. And Professor X could help Wolverine because he recently died (in the ‘pages of AVX) and is now, thus, in the attertife! Glad to read this new series. Great story and amazing art. | started reading this because of Firestar, my favorite heroine from ‘SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS. like her classic costume so much, and love that you're using it. However, you're off on this detail: the fery pattern needs to start under her elbow and knee, respectively. Otherwise the cast Is Interesting, the story is promising and susponsive. Keep the ‘900d job! Kostis from Greece First, Kostis, great job inventing the word “suspensive.” Seriously, I really ike that as a new word and plan on using it often as possible. Second, the change in the fiery pattern was a conscious choice made by artist extraordinaire Ed McGuinness. Regardless, I dub you THE #1 FIRESTAR FAN IN THE WORLD! Wi Amazingers, | am loving this series so far. Aaron's words and McGuinness's art aro top notch. The reason Ym writing is even though Nightcrawler isthe star of this series, Firestar { the reason I'm buying this book. Pve loved Angelica since Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. P've followed her story in the comics since she's been a Hellion, a New Warrior, an ‘Avenger, a Young Ally, and now an X-Man! You've capturod her character perfoctly. Also, ‘ona personal preference note, PLEASE DON'T Send letters to: com 135 W SOTH ST. 7TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10020 (PLEASE MARK “OKAY TO PRINT?) CHANGE HER COSTUME! It's perfect and loonie just the way itis! Pm stil trying to rocover from her face paint and goggles look from her time in the Avengers. Ebi. ‘Thanks Dan, Webster MA. HELLO, DAN! Thanks for the kind note. After your pretty thorough list of tities Angelica has been In (though you did miss MARVEL DIVAS), apologies to Kostis, but you just earmed THE #1 FIRESTAR FAN IN THE WORLD title! Other challengers can stop to the plate. Apologies to George Perez if he's ‘reading this (and it hes, MI, GEORGE, PM A BIG FAN, COME DRAW SOME X-MEN), but ! agro ‘on the face-paint era of Firestar. But 'm not ‘against her getting a new costume either. So, LUVE IN FEAR, DAN. Dear Masters of Awosome Stuf, First of all, ‘oved AMAZING X-MEN 1 and 2, "oved the Bamts, "oved the red Bamts, "oved that Firestar joined the team, {loved everything, ‘also have a few questions: 1. Can you please give Storm her white 90s costume? (Maybe just for one issue or something?) 2. Will Cassie Lang come back to life? 3. If Luna Maximoff joined one of the X-Schools, which one would it be? Jean Grey School for Higher Learning or New Charles Xavler School for Mutants? 4, Will Polaris at leoman ever be a Yours sincerely, ‘itiam Thunhotm Holo, Wiliam! Thanks for writing In. To ‘answer your questions: 1) I don't think you'll be seeing Storm’s white costume, but I never say “never” (except when I use that phrase). 2) | don't think we'll be seeing Cassie soon. Sorry. 3) If Luna wanted to go to one of the schools, Fd leave it up to her or Crystal and Quicksilver. 4) Don't ask about Polaris and Toeman too loud or Warbird may decapitate the green-haired leader of ALL-NEW X-FACTOR (on sale now!). A few years ago, | wrote in to GHOST RIDER: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE to let Jason Aaron ‘know that I want to buy him a beer for doing Justice to Helistorm, one of my favorite characters. Now, after spending the past ‘several years telling incredible stories in the pages of the Wolverine and the X-Men titles, ‘and finally culminating In the return of my favorite ¥-Man ever, want to buy Jason Aaron a case of beer. WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN has boen an ‘extremely fun ride, and for my money, Aaron thas become one of the best writers on t X-ien ofall time, right up there with the likes of Chris Claremont and Grant Morrison. But | ‘opt hoping against hope that sooner or later, ‘we'd soe Wightorawler back. The Bamts were the first tease, then later the return of Azazel cinched in my mind that Kurt was coming back. ‘And now—AMAZING X-MEN! As good 1s the X-Men books have been over the past few years, it does kind of feel lke we haven't hhad an old schoo! core team of X-Men In a very long time. But this grouping has a very Classic, yot now footing to It—yow've got old ‘mainstays Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, and, of course, Nightcrawler, mixed in with nower mombers Firestar and Northstar. 1 do hope this core group will remain the focus of t ‘book. it's been so fong since there has been ‘small team of X-Men and its kind of @ nice ‘change of pace after having all these different characters running between the different ‘books. Keep up the good work. And Jason, it you're ever in Japan, Fe got a case of beer with your name on it. Percival Constantine Prcivall | printed this one to sorve as 2 contract in case Jason does go to Japan. 1 couldn't agree more that Jason deserves: @ high spot in the X-MEN WRITER HALL OF FAME. And he's @ nice guy, to boot! 'm a very lucky editor! That's all the space we have this ‘month. Keep on writing in and well see you all next month!