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ATNAZING lll Recently, the Red Skull utilized the stolen psychic power of the deceased mutant Charles Xavier to round up and execute mutants. Trying to put an end to his evil, Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom cast an immensely powerful spell. Though the spel seemed to defeat the threat of the Skull, those who were present for its casting seem to have somehow been affected. Among that number is the mutant Kurt Wagner, known as Nightcrawler. Gifted with a mutation he was unable to conceal, Nightcrawler was aban loned by his mother, the mutant Mystique, shortly following his birth. Though he was Constantly the target of hatred and prejudice i in his youth, Kurt was able to eventually come to peace with his appearance. Upon joining the X-Men, Nightcrawler found his true calling in life, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. In his time wit the X-Men, he has come into conflict with his mother many times, but has aN s managed to rise above the hatred and vitriol he could and should hold for her. However, SOT EtS tH ie purest souls are the ones most easily tainted. “ale est WORST OPUS. waTeRCHRIS YOST — pavoueas CARLO BARBERI & IBAN COELLO covorist RACHELLE ROSENBERG — ixers WALDEN WONG & IBAN COELLO teTresen TRAVIS LANHAM coven gy KRIS ANKA sssistat coon XANDER JAROWEY eoiroa MIKE MARTS EDITOR IN CHEF AXEL ALONSO CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER JOE QUESADA PUBLISHER DAN BUCKLEY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ALAN FINE X-MEN CREATED BY STAN LEE AND JACK KIRBY © 2014 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. All characters featured in this issue and the distinctive names and likenesses thereof, and all related indicia are trademarks of Marvel Characters, Inc. No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those of any living or dead person or institution is intended, and any such similarity which may exist is purely coincidental. WWWMARVEL.COM DR. DOOM ano Th Scaler WITCH PT IR OWN H ALL THE BURVIVAL. MY SURVIVAL +, 004%, aaneetatene’s erates: 8 2 v CONFESSION, FATHER.> SAND TQ OFFER YOU PENANCE.» AN HOUR OUTSIDE OF Ui aa ak —- . AC TAK TO, uel eSaoon, ) WAS BLOOD ON My HaNDS. EVERY HORRIBLE "THING 1°D DONE IN MYLIFE: T ACTUALLY WANTED TO CRY. LI ©, LIKE MY MIND WA BACK AND FORTH, Ri TREALIZED ie THis WAS HABPENING TO ME, IPT WAS FEELING THis WAY. AFTER DOO! AND THE W B casi AL THER LT COULD THINK ABOUT. Was ACTUALLY AFRAID FOR Hil BECAUSE... BECAU: A MAN WHO NEVER WISHED ILL ‘ON ANYONE HIS WHOLE LIFE WAS ‘GO FIND THE FIRST PEOPLE TO EVER REALLY HURT Hi DDN'T WANT Him TO BECOME Uke ME. YOU wit BE THERE: ‘SOON /_ STOP. (we7l moTHER ALL THis TIME You Were RIGHT! THEY HOUNDED YOU gust LIKE THEY DID Me, JUST BECAUSE WE WERE ‘DIFFERENT. TONIGHT, T'M GOING TO MaKe YOu PROUD. PLEASE, YOU Pvc HAVE TO LISTEN © YOURE apes GOOD, TOME, SOMETHING p_A,GOOD_ ‘GOOD, ‘SOUL. ‘SOUL? MOTHER, ETHOUGHT YOU WERE THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY SUSPECTED T TRADED IE AWAY TO COME BACK TO LiFeL ALL THE TIMES T'VE § FOUGHT MY SON THIS TiMe, 17 HURTS. Vain SOMEONE FPN 1 Le UHN! x au nor “A GONG TO LET YOU KILL ANYONE, Do YOU HEAR ‘ME? OF ME! youre My BON, youRe MY RESPONSIBILITY: NSE, MY ENTIRE WHEN?! 1166 "YOU WERE NEVER THERE... YOURE Better AT DISAPPEARING ‘MY SON TELEPORTS ME nero AWONE se z HOGS (aE pobre Zs) oe © BY NOW, BUT T REFUSE. ‘ONE PORT, T.CAN HANDLE. TWO, MAYBE. ] Or ALL IT TAKES IS: eines eae < Tat MOMENT [S>-— LP” 4 Tuar secon fi ees é ; BUT £OR THe RST oR 5 TIME IN MY LIFE, Z irs nor Because YJ OF DECEPTI Nea a \ | IN THE PAGES OF a oe TA aT LSet Ae [eel ag NY FR