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Greetings! On its 55th Year, the Ateneo Economics Association will face a significant change - a change not limited to image but goes beyond purpose. With redefined core competencies, modified organizational development efforts and a recently amended constitution, AEA will surely flourish as an organization known for maximizing and cultivating potentials. With all honesty, a leadership role can indeed be scary. People follow your instructions, trust your decisions and get influenced by your methods. Furthermore you have the responsibility to make an initiative exceptional while also getting a hold of your personal growth and the development of your constituents. It is scary - but being afraid means you are about to do something fearless, and that’s worth being proud of. Do not be afraid to take on a challenge, for overcoming challenges makes life more meaningful. Discern well and then follow the maxim of the man behind those Roshes and Airmaxes - just do it. Fri iS uel AEA sideMt 15-16 ATENEO ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION 2015-2016 Vision The Ateneo Economics Association (AEA) aims to be a dynamic and progressive student group that forms its members into competent leaders and agents of economic welfare who are: 1. versed both in the theory and practice of economics, 2. staunch promoters of economic consciousness among the rest of the community, and 3. active catalysts in endeavors for socioeconomic devel- opment. Mission The fulfillment of AEA’s goals lies on the implementation of projects aligned towards our vision. Our organization shall be committed to the following five approaches in the pursuit of AEA’s ideals: 4. Progressive membership through effective academic support, competent leadership formation, and stable inter- nal relationships. 5. Promotion of economic consciousness by staging op- portunities for economic discourse. 6. Serving as an intermediary between the academe (the Ateneo Economics Department plus other pertinent Eco- nomics-related bodies) and the Ateneo student body. 7. Participation in endeavors for socioeconomic develop- ment by equipping students with the necessary faculties for economic research and engaging in related efforts which are beneficial and relevant to the rest of the commu- nity. 8. Advancement and application of basic economic princi- ples in good business practices. Core Competency 1. AEA as the home organization of students who have passion in the theory and practice of Economics 2. AEA as an instrument of member and socioeconomic development 3. AEA as a medium of Economic discourse ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 2015-2016 FRANCIS MANUEL oe CRA CTA ZN rt a elo Ce 43 et ee tegen KYLE OSES Lea Dae a eT Doxa ad Eten aca Teed ad abbas PN Cy BERZA Pee arg ica HUMAN Lae ee Peet eal Rats VAs rte) Va TALC Perr) ae aed ELAS awe DEVELOPMENT Rm CET AZO aces as LEADERSHIP ny PYaat ae TEA SUMMARY OF PROJECTS & INITIATIVES ADMINISTRATIVE ACADEMICS - Youth Economics -SecTeam Summit = OpsTe - EC 102 Quiz Bee steam - SCET Review - Academic Arm ASSET ACQUISITION EXTERNALS - Valentine’s in August ~ Trade-Off : Micheeed Caroling : Expansion Team hey ean - Creatives Team HUMAN RESOURCES RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - Tambay Week ee ~KamalAEAn 1 - Oikonomos Staffers h - Research Arm ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 SecTeam Re ace The Secretariat Team is a year-long initiative headed by the Secretary General that aims to ensure efficien- cy in carrying out the administrative processes of the organization. This year, the SecTeam will be entirely focused on information dissemination and monitoring of the organization's projects and activities. Chosen members will be either assigned to different projects in AEA to handle registration, evaluations and ar- chiving of pertinent documents or tasked to help out in the Creation and maintenance of the new AEA web- site, Available Position: Secretariat Directors Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: Committed, Hardworking, De tail-oriented, Creative Skills Acquired: Being organized, Punctuality OpsTeam Sea an The Operations Team (OpsTeam) is @ year-long initia tive headed by the Finance and Operations Officer that aims to aid members in the many operational } procedures involved in the projects of the organiza- tion. The OpsTeam will function as a center of infor- mation for all logistical needs and an intermediary of all the organization's financial needs. Chosen mem- bers will be deployed to different projects to act as budget monitors, they will collect receipts and cau- tion project managers about their expenses. They will also function as consultants for logistical processes. Bere cei Qualities Needed: Patient, Honest, Committed, Orga- nized Skills Acquired: Patient, Honest, Committed, Orga- nized ACADEMICS DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Bo eT Benatar The Youth Economies Summit is AEA‘s flagship proj- ect in which we invite high school students all over the country to our school and host talks and pro- grams with the goal of teaching them the importance (of economics. The event has usually culminated in a Quizbee, where the winner Is declared the champion of YES. This year, AEA hopes to improve YES by ex- tending it to three days with more competitions possibly a market simulation or debate tournament, hosting talks with big name speakers, and invigorat- ing the youth to partake in economic discourse and action. Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, meets deadlines, always contactable Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, communication skills, time management skills EC 102 Quiz Bee Aon cdik tensa Reeuneead The Ec 102 Quiz Bee is a semestral competition hosted by AEA for students currently taking Ec 102. The Quiz Bee is composed of questions that students, in groups of three, should have learned from their in- troductory economics class. It is customary for the Project Managers and Core team to request for aca- demic incentives for the Quiz Bee, as they are sought after by many students and serves as a large part of why many teams joins Available Position: 2 Project Heads ; Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, meets deadlines, always contactable Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, communication skills, time management skills ACADEMICS DEPARTMENT es 2015-2016 BT ote) Ce RD Se ee ature The newest project under the Academics department, the S-CET’s goal is to be able to help students in areas of low economic welfare and those unable to prepare for college entrance exams due to the lack of funds to purchase review materials/tutorials. We hope to be able to teach them the necessary skills to be able to pass CETs and hopefully uplift their future. ‘AS such, the Academics department is looking for both Project Managers and Tutors willing to teach on saturdays of the summer semester. Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, meets deadlines, always contactable Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, communication skills, teaching skills Academic Arm Peer ry rey ‘The Academic Arm is AEA’s pool of tutors whose goal is to train its members in the art and craft of problem solving, the heart of the many economics and math subjects that its members are expected to encounter, Headed by the Associate Vice President for Academic Aid, this initiative fulfils AEA’s mission of a progres- sive membership through academic support. As such, weekly reviews will be held for the different Math and Economics subjects that members have historically found difficult. The Academic Arm is looking for AEAns willing to step up and head the tutors as- signed to a subject, creating mock exams and extra review sessions if necessary. The Academics Depart- ment realizes that before AEAns are members of an organization, they are students in need of help. The Academic Arm is here to help, Available Position: Academic Directors Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: Responsible, Competent, Well versed in a particular subject Skills Acquired: Time-management, Leadership skills, Public Relation skills ASSET ACQUISITION DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Valentine’s in August Seto Valentine's in August is AEA's longest-running project, having been held by the organization for over 20 years. It is also Ateneo’s first bazaar annually. This year, AEA. takes ona bigger challenge with making VIA another success, as classes in the Ateneo resume in August Given the exposure that VIA achieved campus-wide last year, we want this year's edition to be an even bigger success and draw even more attention, with more innovative themes and creative publicity, as well as a range of interesting products. As such, we are looking for responsible and effective Project Heads who can dedicate time and effort to spearheading another unique and unforgettable installment of VIA for the Ateneo community. Avallable Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Responsible, Creative, Innovative, Detail-oriented, Organized, Dedicated, Goal-oriented Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, Problem-Solving skills, Time Management Coletti tem etl) lite] Aiieiadausteeunereed Last year's Christmas Caroling came as a pleasant surprise for AEA, becoming another huge success for the Asset Acquisition Department. Through the efforts of our members in endlessiy practicing Christmas songs and patiently going door-to-door, Christmas Caroling sealed its position as another lucrative fundraiser for AEA. This year, we are looking for Project Heads who have a particular interest in music and embody the Christmas spirit and are able to channel these in order to organize and inspire a group of carolers for the enjoyment of their audience and the benefit of the organization. ’ Available Position: 2 Project Heads Donen To: Active Members Only Qualities needed: Interested in music and the Christmas season, Original, Responsible, Organized Goal-oriented Skills acquired: Leadership skills, Problem-Solving skills ASSET ACQUISITION DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Marketing Team Ree aneacd ‘The Marketing Team is a year-long initiative, headed by the Associate Vice President for Marketing, that aims to ensure that the organization is provided with all its marketing-related needs. This year, the Marketing ‘Team be focusing on the AEA Privilege Card (throughout the months of May to July) and the gathering of partners and sponsors for the organization's different projects. Chosen members will: 1) brainstorm on potential partners, sponsors & sponsorship packages, 2) edit sponsorship letters & MOAs, and 3) design the privillege card & layout of the booklet that will come with it. With the experience each member will gain from putting together the privilege card, they will be asked to help share their knowledge with marketing-related procedures in the series of marketing workshops to be heid during the school year, Available Positior larketing Directors Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Neede Committed, creative, and dependable Skills Aquired: Communication skills, organizational skills and self-confidence EXTERNALS DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Trade-Off ‘Target Date: First & Second Semester One of the most anticipated projects of the year, the Trade Off gives AEA members the opportunity to experience what it's like to be an economics major in another university for a day. Conversely, AEA gives students from partner organizations the opportunity to experience being an Ateneo economics major for a day with interesting classes and fun bonding activities. Examples would be eating with the students at JSEC, giving them a campus tour, letting them ride the E-Jeep, and many more. Last school year, AEA was able to successfully partner with DLSU EconOrg, our ongoing partner for several years, and UA&P BEA, Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: organized & detail-oriented, persistent (in dealing with the school offices), effective communicator (with partner organizations), innovative Skills Acquired: problem solving skills, professional behavior and formal letter writing, a much wider comfort zone Expansion Team The Expansion Team is the Externals Department's newest project, having been implemented since only the previous school year. Expat visits different high schools in Metro Manila to give the juniors and seniors a short talk about what economics is, how it change lives, and why they, the youth, should take up economics in college. Last year, Expat visited two schools, Kostka School (right in front of ADMU) and St. Stephen's High School in Binondo, and was met with much praise and enthusiasm from both the students and their teachers. Avail ble Position: 2 Project Heads and persistent (in contacting high schools), effective communicator, fun and innovative Skills Acquired: outgoingness & openness, problem solving skills, professional behavior and formal letter writing EXTERNALS DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Econ Tours ‘Target Date: First & Second Semester The Econ Tours offers AEA members a glimpse of the real world by stepping out of campus and into a world where they can visualize themselves in the future. The Tours ideally happen once every semester. For the past Econ Tours, AEA has gone to the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), and many more. For this school year, the Externals Department wants to shake things up a bit by taking a different approach to practical economics, to see how economics can truly transform the lives of people by visiting places such as public hospitals, Gawad Kalinga communities, and the ike. Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: passionate about change, organized and detail-oriented, effective communicator (with partner institutions) Skills Acquired: problem solving skills, professional behavior and formal letter writing, patience Creatives Team Re Rauch ‘The Creatives Team is headed by the Associate Vice President for Communications and is mainly tasked exposure for AEA in the Ateneo community. The creatives team will be composed of committees for documentation and promotions and members will be assigned to specific projects to cover throughout the school year. Available Position: Creative Directors : Open To: All AEA Members O t) Skills Acquire being organized, innovative, efficient HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 PNT A 4 feed ceknce eur AEA Week is how the organization aims to show itself to the rest of the Ateneo Community. It’s main goal is to be able to showcase the different sides of AEA and to let the students know the different things we have to offer. This year, we aim to show an AEA Exhibit where the different accomplishments of AEA can be seen. Alongside this, we would like to host one proj- ect from one department each day of the week. This is for everyone to see the different aspects of our or- ganization Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, Creative, Has good time management skills Skills Acquired: Leadership Skills, Coordination skills, Adaptability Tambay Week Alcea Sodineeoed Project description: This project is for the members to get together and bond. It provides a venue where the members can relax and have fun, all while getting to know their fellow AEAns. This year, we plan to fill the Tambay Week with more interactive games and activ- ities to ensure that there are more opportunities for the members to enjoy themselves in the company of their orgmates. Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only ’ Qualities Needed: Innovative, Resourceful, Adaptable 5 Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, Time Management skills HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 AEAlympics feed cekxcae booed This is AEA’s sports competition between the mem- bers. It improves teamwork and camaraderie between the members with different sports activities like relays. This year, we plan to hold two AEAlympics competitions in order for the members to have anoth- er opportunity to bond with their fellow AEAns through sports. Available Positio 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Ne agement skills Jed: Responsible, Fun, Has Time-Man- Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, Problem-solving skills, Adaptability Mentorship Re ance The mentorship program helps new and_inactive members to establish their home in AEA. The pro- gram seeks mentors willing to guide and help these members in their participation in AEA’s projects and year-long initiatives. They are the go-to persons of their mentees, and they are responsible for monitor- ing their mentees’ activeness in the org. Also part of their duties are arranging with them one individual consultation per sem, and tagging them in promo- tional materials online. The Mentors’ Pool is a good way to further develop the leadership skills of men- tors and mentees alike. For the mentors, it serves as a training ground for future leadership roles As for the mentees, the system serves as a way for them to be immersed in the org's undertakings, and it is a great way to familiarize them with their responsibilities and duties as members. ’ Available Position: Mentor 5 Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, patient and persistent (this is a year-long initiative), good with people, knows how the organization works, good time man- agement Skills Acquired: Leadership skills, better time man- agement, improved social skills, being responsible for other people HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Sports Manager Ree ae The managers will be in charge for the annual IAC basketball and volleyball tournaments. The managers will also serve as the team captain and will take charge in forming the most competitive pool that will best represent AEA in future basketball and volleyball tournaments. Avallable Position: Basketball Manager, Volleyball Manager Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: Competitive, Good with people, Responsible Skills Acquired: Leadership Skills, Coordination Skills RiB Manager emery The manager will be in charge of the annual RiB dance competition. The manager will also serve as the team captain and will take charge in forming the most competitive pool that will best respresent AEA in future dance competitions, Available Position: RIB Manager Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: Competitive, Good with people, e@ Responsible Skills Acquired: Leadership Skills, Coordination Skills PUM Elda meltele (1g Seed The manager will be in charge of the annual Blue Har- monies singing competition. The manager will also e serve as the team captain and will take charge in forming the most competitive pool that will best re- g spresent AEA in future singing competitions. Available Position: Blue Harmonies Manager Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: Competitive, Good with people, Responsible Skills Acquired: Leadership Skills, Coordination Skills, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 KamalAEAn ‘Target Date: First & Second Semester ‘An avenue for discovering different fields of econom- ics, KamalAEAn is a series of two talks which invites speakers who are both knowledgeable and passion- ate about their fields. The talks engage AEAns' inter- est in new applications of economics as well as the relevance of economics in places other than business. This year, the talks will tie in with R&D's research workshops, for the synthesis of the talks, in order to inspire economics majors in the further exploration of the economics fields, in theses and careers. As such. KamalAEAn will be introducing brand-new applica- tions of economics, to give AEAns the opportunity find a topic of interest that suits them. Available Position: 2 Project Heads Open To: Active Members Only Qualities Needed: Organized, Punctual, Easily Reached, Good with people Skills Acquired: Time-management skills, People skills Research Arm Year-Long Initiative The Research Arm makes use of the data gathered in NSTP and JEEP and creates an output or assessment comparing the data over several semesters and even years. They cement the relevance of economics inajors’ involvement in the communities they visit as well as make the information accessible and under- standable to their fellow students, This year, the team will be working with the Oikonomos Design Staff to provide data for infographics. If chosen, Research ‘Team members will also be trained in research work- shops to further hone their skills. Available Position: Research Directors Open To: All AEA Members Qualities Needed: punctual, easy to reach, organized Skills Acquired: analytical skills, research skills RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT 2015-2016 Oikonomos Ree ane The Oikonomos is the official publication of the Ateneo Economics Association which publishes arti- cles discussing the relevance of economics in current events monthly. With a wide readership that spans different universities and institutions, the Olkonomos is both a comprehensive and condensed way for readers to get information. This year, the Oikonomos is expanding Its staff to a more visual medium, with Infographics and comics with the data gathered by the Research Team. The publication taps into AEAns' different talents, and allows them to contribute in dif- ferent ways. If chosen, the staff members will be as- signed to write articles or design infographics and comics which will be published on the AEA website, and have thelr work recognized by the Cikonomos: readers Available Position: Writing Staff, Design Staff (auto- matically becomes part of Creatives Team as Creative Director) lI AEA Members Open T Oikonomos Writing Staff Qualities Required: Punctual, Easily reached, Good technical writing skills Skills Acquired: Analytical skills, research skill, knowl- edge of current events Olkonomos Design Staff Qualities required: punctual, easily reached, creative, graphic design and layout skills nowledge of economics and current PROJECT HEADS TESTIMONIALS 2014-2015 Valentine’s in August xed | can say that handling Valentine's in August 2014 was really stressful for me, my partner, Ambo Goco, and the rest of the core team. From the planning stage up to the project week itself, we've been experiencing frustrations due to unmet expectations, Before the project week, one of the main challenges we faced was the lack of commitment of some core team members. This resulted to inefficiency and caused delays in deliverables. | be- lieve | can speak for Ambo as well when I say that our reaction in a situation wherein a group member ~ in this case, a core team member - does not deliver is we tend to take on their job. And that's what we did. However, this was not after repeatedly re- minding and telling them of their responsibilities. Another main problem we faced was during the initial selling days of the proj- ect itself. My partner and | have a bit of a misunderstanding due to unmet expectations such as the adherence to the system we placed. However, with the help of our VP back then and due to my partner and ‘i's open and honest communication with each other, we were able to fix our misunderstanding. | am actually thankful for having experienced that conflict with my partner since we were pushed to better ourselves for the sake of the project and the very supportive volunteers that we have. That ex- perience made me realize the importance of having good and open communication with other people especially with your friends. It was an added bonus that my partner and | were good friends so we knew how to handle each other. However, it also posed as a challenge for the same reason because we were expecting a lot from each other. In the end, we were able to learn from the experience and even strengthened our friendship. However, the success of the project would not have been possible without the committed VIA core team and volunteers. Up until now, I'm still grateful for having met a wonderful set of volun- teers. Being the co-head of the project challenged me to not simply give orders to the volun- teers but ensure that they are taken cared of as well. More than being able to sell all the flowers we had each day, the continuous challenge for me was how to make the VIA experience memo- rable and fun for the volunteers and the customers. Seeing the smiles and hearing the “thank yous" of the customers and knowing that Ambo and | weren't alone in the project made the stress, fatigue and waking up early bearable and worth it. | believe and hope that this experience was the same for all the other wonderful people involved in the project. Trade-Off ECU Managing the Trade-Off project with my partner gave me more fulfillment than anything else in my entire second year because | knew that my efforts contributed to a stu- dent body's collective vision. Through my duty | also learned how to represent an organization, coordinate and with people you may not necessarily know (or like), and be humble enough to ask for advice and ideas from others. If asked about any regrets in my college stay so far, I'd say | feel regretful for focusing on studies too much on my first year only to find myself to be quickly jaded about school. ‘Thankfully, managing a project for AEA reminded me that | can be actively supporting causes that | believe in in the midst of academic work load. Besides, learning how your organization works and getting to know new people is fun! 2014-2015 Expansion Team Pe cued | can honestly say that being a project manager was one of the best things I did in my college life. It defi- nitely was not easy, but seeing the high school stu- dents and their teachers have a good time and listen to what we were saying, having them share their thoughts and doubts, made everything worth all the stress & anxiety. It was a great learning experience because it forced me to plan every detail and to think on my feet in case something went wrong, to make important decisions and to trust my team, to make my ideas a reality and to know that in reality, it’s not just about me—it's about the people I'm working with and the people for whom the project is for. So if you want to apply to be a project manager, do it. Even if you're scared or you think you'll suck at it, just apply and be open to the experience. It’s hard work, but it’s, very enjoyable work. Trust me, you won't regret iti KamalAEAn eeu d Being with AEA and able to work as a project manag- er for KamalAEAn is tedious and hard. However, | do enjoy what I do, and | can see the Impact | had made being part of KamalAEAn team for the past two years, aCe Co oe by Yesu Hernandez Where would | even star in sharing my experiences Berane Manager of Atones, Youth “economics Summits Handling the flagship project of AEA not [ust'for one year but twice were some St the. most trying and challenging months of my college life, but they were some of the most fulfilling and indescrib- able months of my life as well. Meeting some of the ’ nation's movers and shakers in economics and advo- cating for national development through economic B eerehettness ed uftracy Pave growmzo much ops Student-leader because of YES, and can eontidenty say that the best part of ir vas that | was able to work with some of the most hardworking’ and passionate people in AEA (and in Ateneo, | can say!), and that we were able to be part of each others’ leadership jour- neys. stepping up as Yes summit Manger it not a hes in the park, but it's definitely an experience of a etme PROJECT HEADS TESTIMONIALS