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FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD


Look at the picture. What do you think the people are talking
Listen to the people talking and check your answers.
Read the dialoge and correct the statements a-e below.
a. Richard anks judy to whatch a TV program with him.
b. The magazine survey is about how men and women see
each other
c. Judy is answering the questions in the survey
d. Richard and Judy got married six years ago.
e. Richard spends a lot of time playing sports.

Richard Judy, theres nothing good on TV toninght. What about going

out for dinner or something?
Judy Hang on, just let me finish Reading this.
Richard you seem very interested in whatever it is youre reading.
Judy Actually, its fascinating. Its a survey inviting women to write
down what they would like their other halves to be like.
Richard Is that so? Should I be worried then?
Judy Come on! Im not going to take part in it. Im just Reading the
Richard OK, but tell me. If you took part, what would your answers be? I
mean, do you ever wish I were different?
Judy Weve been married for more tan six years. If I wanted you to be
different, we wouldnt be together.
Richard Yes, I suppose Smart, easy-going men like me are hard to find
Judy But youre not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. For one
thing, youre a football addict. I wish you didnt spend every Saturday
afternoon in front of the TV.
Richard I wish you didnt exaggerate so much I dont watch football
every Saturday. I watch other sports, too!
Judy Wow, we do have a sense of humor, dont we?
Richard Well, thats one of my many fine qualities.
Judy Yes, but modesty is certainly not one of them!

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

Words and phrases

Find examples of conversational english in the dialogue and match them
With their meanings.
a. Wait
__________________ c. Really ?
b. Wife or husband __________________ d. one reason is

1. Read the extracts from the dialogue on page 90 and
answer the questions That follow.
Richard: if you took part, what would your answers be?
l wish you didnt spend every Saturday afternoon in front
of the TV

Do the sentences refer to the present, past or future?

Will Judy probably take part in the survey or not?
Does Richard spend Saturday afternoons in front of the TV?
How does Judy feel about it?

2. Read the rules and the note below and Then complete the
dialogues With The correct form of the verbs in
They express imaginary situaciones or Things that are unlikely to happen
to present or future.
If + Past Simple

would, could, might + base form


FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

We use wish + Past Simple to make a wish about a present situation

which we would like to be different
NOTE: In Conditional Sentences Type 2 and after wish we usually use
were after all persons.
e.g. If I were you, I wouldn't go there. Wish Mom were here now!
A: I want to surprise my mother on her 50th birthday next week. Any
ideas of where I could take her?
B. If i_____________(be) you, I__________(take) her to see The Phantom of
the Opera. It's amazing!
A: Hey, That's a great ideal She loves musicals.
B: If I ___________(have) enough money, I___________ (definitely / go)
and see it again.
A: Well, now I know what to get you for your birthday!
A: What are you planning to do this afternoon, guys?
B: Well, if the weather__________________(not be) so cold,
We_____________(go) for a walk on the beach.
A: Yeah, but there is no chance of that, so how about going to the
movies? George, are you interested?
C: No thanks. But if both of you________________(leave) the house,
i__________ (stay) at home and__________________(watch) my favorite TV
show, which i can never do when you're around!
B: You're so boring!

1. listen and repeat. Notice how the words In bold are
If you took part, what would your answers be?
If i wanted you to be different, we wouldn't be together.
2. Listen and repeat. which words are stressed?
if he wasn't tired, he'd go out tonight.
I'd lend you my car if I didn't need it.
If I were you, I'd try to calm down.
He'd buy her a present if he had tbe money.

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

oral practice
1. Work in pairs. In turn, ask your partner what he/she would do if...
use the ideas in the box and some of your own.
be famous for a day
win a lot of money
see a snake in your kitchen
2. In what way would you like your English class to be different?
Discuss in pairs, using I wish, as in the example.
e.g A: I wish our teacher spoke only in English.
B: I wish he didn't speak so quickly.

Lesson Two

1. Discuss the following:

Do you like doing personality quizzes?

How accurate do you think they are?

2. Read the text. Answer the questions, add up your score and find
out how adventurous you are.


1. which of the following would be your ideal vacation?
a. Sightseeing in a foreign capital.
b. Staying at a friend's house in the mountains.
c. Hiking through the Amazon jungle.
2. If you were given the opportunity to go bungee jumping,
what would you do?
a .You'd think about it.
FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

b. You'd be eager to go
c .You'd definitely say no - it's too risky
3. If a waiter suggested an exotic dish without telling you
what was in it, what would you do?
a. You'd say Thanks Im not very hungry"
b. You'd definitely taste it. You always enjoy trying new dishes.
c. You'd ask what's in the dish and then make up your mind.
4. If you were hiking alone and you got lost, what would you
a. You'd wait for someone to find you.
b. You'd light a fire to attract attention.
c. You'd try to walk to the nearest village.

If you were offered a job abroad, what would you do?

You'd accept it immediately you love a challenge.
You'd say no youre quite happy in your own country.
It would depend on the money they were offering.

6. you won $10,000, what would you do with it.

a. Youd put it in the bank.
b. Youd spend half of it and save the other
c. Youd spend it on a vacation in an exotc place
7. If you had to move, how would you feel?
a. Stressed it's difficult to find a house you like.
b. Happy its good to make changes from time to time.
c. Excited it's a chance to find your dream house
8. If you were on a train and it got stuck in a tunnel for an
hour, what would you do?
a. You'd start a conversation.
b. You'd lie back and take a nap.
c. You'd panic and scream.
9. If life were like a sound, which of the following would it be?
a. Heavy traffic.
b. Birds singing.
c. A waterfall.
If you were one of the following animals. which
would it be?
a. A dog
b. A tiger.
FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

c. A dolphin.
1. a.0
2. a.1
3. a.0
4. a.0
5. a.2
6. a.0
7. a.0
8. a.2
9. a.0
10. a.0

b. 1


16-20: You like living on the edge.You are a daredevil who knows no
limits and no fear You live life to the full and you don't let anyone
stand in your way You couldn't care less what other people say
Actually you believe they envy you and that they wish they could live
the way you do You feel that life isn't worth living if you don't take
risks and this is obvious in your everyday life, too.
7-15: although you are not a daredevi, you still do what you want,
when you want, and how you want. You are not afraid of taking
risksand you are eager to try new things when you get the chance.
However, you always consider the results or your actions before you
do anything.
0-6: You definitely don't like changes. You dont Comfortable with new
ideas or with strangers. You refuse to take risks or try anything out of
the ordinary. If you want to be more adventurous, you should relax
and stop thinking about what your friends might say if you did
something different. Its what you want that macters and not what
others want you to do.
3. In groups of four, discuss the results of the quiz Do you agree with
the results? Why/why not?

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

words and phrases

Find expressions in the text on page 92 and match them with
their meanings.

have a short sleep

have an exciting life and take risks
stop someone from doing something ____________________________
not worry about


1. Read the examples below and match the two halves of the
conditlanal sentences. Then, match them with their
If Mary is compu literate,
I would offer her the job,
The speaker isn't sure if Mary is computer literate.
Mary were computer literate,
I will offer her the job.
The speaker believes that Mary isnt computer literate.
2. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verbs in
Sam Have you made any vacation plans for the summer?
Pete Not yet. Anyway, I have only six days' vacation left.
Sam That's a shame. If you_________________(have)
two weeks off, you___________________(come) to
Bali with me. But, you could come with me anyway
and leave earlier. What do you think?
Pete Get real, Sam! Even if______________(have)
the time off work to go to Bali, I still____________
(not be) able to go. I can't afford it.

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

Sam Listen, Pete.I_____________ (lend) you the

money if you really_________________(want )to
come with me.
Pete Really? OK. If we______________(find) tickets
for the days I want,i _______________ (come).
Sam OK. We'll go to the travel agency tomorrow.

1.Discuss the following:
you had a house with two rooms, one blue and white. what would put in
each room?
2. You will hear a conversatlon between Greg and Martha. usten
to the first part of the conversation, look at the pictures below
and circle the items that Martha would put In the two rooms.

3.Before listen to the second part of the comersation try to

guess what Martha's answers reveal you about her character.
Then sten and compare her answers with your guesses.

oral practice
Work in of four. Tum to page 111 groups

Lesson Three
words and phrases

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

Adjectives describing personality

Read the sentences decide and whether the adjectives in bed have a
positive or negative meaning.
a. My parents are really generous They give me whatever I want.
b. Jim is very stingy. He novor offers to pay for anything when we go
c. My dad is very quick-tempered. He gets angry casily.
d. My cousin. William. doesn't makn friends easily He's very shy.
e. She's a very intelligent child. She could write her name when she
was only two years old!
f. There's no need to Panic. Just stay calm and everything will be OK
g. Peter cny thinks about himsolf. He's so selfish!
h. My sist is really bossy. She always tells me what to do.
i. Im very reliable. t will never let you down.
J. You can believe everything Jonathan says because he's an honest

1. Discuss the following:

Do you know what IQ tests are?

Do you think having a high IQ means that you will be successful?
Do you know what EQ is?

2. You will hear a radio interview with an EQ consultant.

Frederick Patrick. Listen and find out what EQ is.
3. Listen again and declde whether the statements ae are
true according to Frederick Patrick. White T for True F for

Poope with high IQs are always successful.

Success depends more on EQ than on iQ.
People with high Fos don't get angry
Peoples emotions afinct their decision making.
People's EQs develop throughout their lives.

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

Work In groups of three and dscuss the following:

What are your friends like?

Do you wish they were diferent?
How would you desenbe an ideal friend?
Do you consider yourself to be a good friend?
If you had the chance to change something about yourself, what
would that be?

reading and writing

Read the text about Mahatma Gandhi and answer the following
a. What's the topic of each paragraph?
b. which adjectives does the writer use to Gandhi's character and
porsonality? How does he describe justify these qualities?

Mohandas Gandhi known as Mahatma (Great Soul)

the man who devoted himself to maling India, an independent countr.

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD

He was born in 1869 at Porbandar, the west

coast of India. He studied law in London and
worked in Bombay for a few years. He then spent
21 years in South Africa, where he supported and
fought for Indian people's rights. When he
returned to India, he became the leader of the Indian National Congress,
the political party which was fighting for India's independence.
Eventually, Gandhi's dream came true and India became independent in
It was because of his personality and life choices that Gandhi managed
to change the future of India. He used to say: "Service of the poor has
been my hearts desire. He was an unselfish, generous man who was
never after money or power and whose only dream in life was to help
those in need. He though of all people as equal and he wanted freedom
and independence for everyone. Although he was a politician, he never
followed ordinary politicians' methods in his fight for equal rights. "I
have no secret methods. I know no diplomacy are that of truth," he
once said. He was an honest and reliable man who considered truth to
be the greatest virtue of all. He was a dreamer and an optimist, too. He
believed that all problems could have peacefui solutions. To millons of
india people he is a national hero. Because of his humble way of life and
strong beliefs, he's still an inspiration to us all.

FUENTE: American Channel H.Q Mitchell J Scott Teachers Book and CD