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Prior-art search/State-of-the-art search, Novelty/Patentability search

Searching for prior-arts available, novelty in inventions and patentability prior to filling

Brief Overview
These searches form an essential part of the process of Methodology for Search/Analysis
determining the patentability of a specific invention. For Prior art searches we review each and every aspect of
Here, identification of prior art forms part of the invention in great detail, get the relevant keywords and
Patentability (also referred to as Novelty) search type, search for patent and non-patent literature.
which is probably the most frequently exercised patent
For Novelty searches we review the document by the
search. In order for an invention to be viable for securing
client very carefully, make the keywords and search for
a patent, no prior record of a similar or identical product
patents similar to the client’s novelty.
or process may exist. This search task aims at clarifying
whether any such records exists in patent and non-patent
Steps followed
literature that have been published prior to the filing of a
patent application in question. Prior art also plays a vital
•Documents recieved from the client
role in Validity (Invalidity) searches that are exercised in •Review of documents and background search on Internet/Non-patent literature
1 libraries and patent database
order to render specific claims of a patent, or the
complete patent itself invalid by identifying matter •Collection of keywords and search query building
•Collection of the documents from the search query and taxonomy formation
published before the filing date of the patent in question. 2
It is of note that for this kind of searches the legally active
•Sample analysis on the taxonomy
part of the targeted patent, the claims, form the basis of 3 •Client review and feedback on the taxonomy and search query

the information need.

•Finalizing search query and taxonomy
•Starting analysis
Benefits you would derive
•Finishing analysis
o Identifying whether the invention talked about is 5 •Marking relevant patent and non-patent documents

satisfying the basic laws of filing an invention; it is

“new” as well as “non-obvious”. •Structuring report
• High/Medium/Low ranked patent marked
o This helps in making distinctions between what is 6
already known (prior art) and what is new (the
•Creative graphs/charts/tables preparation
invention). 7 •Final delivery of the report

o A prior-art patentability search can avoid losing the

investment in a patent application if the search
discovers prior references that would likely Output
preclude patenting the invention. Reporting and results will be given on Microsoft excel as
o Inventors can perform basic prior art searchers to well as on our interactive platform where clients can
see what knowledge (usually in the form of review the results in an easy to digest format. Client can
patents) already exist in the invention's scientific also look or sort patents/documents according to the
area. relevancy obtained by us. Client can filter out best
patents/documents required by him by a single click.

Delivery format
All results will be stored on password protected
encrypted content management system, however it is
possible to deliver report is other formats according to
client requirements.

About us:
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IIMs and IISc. We provide services in the form of patent landscape report, patent portfolio management, patent
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We at Hadron combine science with technology to make lives a little easier. Our analysis techniques and visualization
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