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Elijah Sterling Vedder

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East Florida State College

Miss, Yarnell ENC 1101
April 2, 2015
Which Way to Happiness?
As described in the declaration of independence, the founding document in the Constitution of
the great free continental United States of America, All men are entitled to Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness. The pursuit of happiness written as a active verb suggest that there is correlation
between pursuing happiness and a state of being happy. Immediately when one looks to make lifestyle
changes physicality is often the first place to start. This might illustrate a connection between the two
again. Diet programs promising before and afters reiterate this ideology once more. it is deduced that
this after is some sort of happy ever after where the problems no longer exist, extending beyond the
shedding of pounds into the realms of emotional security. The first lady of the current presidency
Michelle Obama's Lets Move initiative is a nation wide attempt to encourage. Happiness is essential to
humans and announced as an inalienable right to the one nation under God, however how might we
attain this prospect? perhaps actively seeking is the key answer. The Gimme Five Challenge chosen to
mark the five year anniversary of this program is a attempt to let the reader decide what they might
have time for. Just by being knowledgeable and conscious of including different directional courses.
As with many other humanistic dilemma sometimes the best test subjects are those holding
membership of a another species entirely. A well written respectable sourced article by Christie Wilcox
speaks on many issues worth sharing in the discussion starting with this tid bit. as emotional beings,
place a high value on happiness and joy. Happiness is more than a feeling to us its something we
require and strive for. Were so fixated on happiness that we define the pursuit of it as a right. We seek
happiness not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but also for our planet and its creatures.(Wilcox)

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In a Zoological environment animals observed expressed an attitude far more complacent and
sedimentary than their wild counterparts. Obviously this contraption of captivity extends far beyond the
border of not enough leg room, but the point is made that cheetahs striving to attain their food source
and given the opportunity to roam relentlessly are like a cat who just got the cream as opposed to being
forced to fake a yawn for stereotypical tourist onlookers who leave the creature in a state of uncertainty
where happy is few and far between. As Emma Watson, a animal lover and happy go lucky child
actress herself renowned for her role in the Harry Potter films and other acclaims such as the recent
block buster story of Noah expressed happiness come from life with out fear, engaging in different
scenarios, I mean, I have done scenes with animals, with owls, with bats, with cats, with special
effects, with thespians, in the freezing cold, in the pouring rain, boiling hot; I've done press with every
syndication, every country; I've done interviews with people dressed up as cows - there's honestly
nothing that's gonna intimidate me!(Johnson 3). She showcases the determination needed to
demonstrate happiness in a wide variety of situations in this excerpt of a interviews enshrined in a short
book titled Inside The Mind of Emma Watson. And touches on a point made by the previous scholar
miss Wilcox, Happiness is hard enough to define in people, let alone in an animals. You cant just ask
them how they are feeling. Instead, we tend to qualify happiness in animals as a lack of chronic stress.
Stress, unlike happiness, is very easy to measure. You can look for decreases in overall health in just
about any kind of creature. You can keep an eye out for neurotic behaviors, and measurements of
hormone levels of cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline and other "stress" hormones provide a quantified
means of measuring stress. Though lack of stress doesnt guarantee "happiness", its the closest we can
get. (Wilcox) The story of Noah in which she the actor plays also surfaces the notion that happiness
for both people and animals is achieved by doing, and ultimately survival itself is weighed on this
ability to perform physical action in stressful areas eventually providing the means for merry. The life
or death elimination obviously did none any good for the people of the time period in the tale of Noah

Vedder 2
or those caged for amusement. complacency first and for most must be rendered as a hindrance.
In the ordinary life of a student a ark is not a relative scenario. Scholastic workmanship
however often confines us to a desk, and spring break is the end of our forty days and nights of the
painful patenting of papers and seeing to subjects such as math, science and English. Draining the life
of collegiate people with no divine intervention. As a result spring is routinely seen as the letting loose
of those involved. Is there an associates with happiness? Believably so as standing ovations are given at
the beach, concerts and other locale. Most spend this time enjoying activity, engaging in hobbies and
catching up on personal postulates. Soccer relieves the sour hearts of many. The addition of walks
subtracts the distraught spirit. Riding bikes can be a time saver and surly a few drops in the
metaphorical aerobic cookie jar counting every slight effort toward fitness and a overall healthier,
happier outlook. The increased actively during this time span directly restores the students happiness.
Very similar to the recess period given to young children.
Many student also have grand parents or other relatives on the cusp of older age and would like
nothing more than to see them happy as well. Unfortunately they are extra susceptible to mild
depression and everything that goes along with getting old and spending less time outdoors being
active. Elderly people's depression linked to outdoor activity is examined in a volunteer driven study
expounding on the topic. showing promise, suggests a treatment and further random test on this matter.
A simple solution can be condensed that provides the recipe in treating disease and the prevention of
illness for parental guardians from this(Collegiate Volunteers). More activity, and not the yogurt of the
same name. Real heart beating activity. Tennis is a great game for those still in decent shape and injury
free. But accompanied walks work for those in a different situation. Wheelchair participants are even
acceptable to this regiment. A study Effects of physical exercise programme on happiness among
older people. subjecting elderly individuals to a exercise regiment displayed the following Findings

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showed that physical exercise programme is so beneficial for increasing older adults happiness.
Physical activity is associated with well-being and happiness. (Khazaee-Pool M1, Sadeghi R,Majlessi
F, Rahimi Foroushani A.) This Iranian confirmation is not a isolated incident. The seeing to of exercise
in retirement homes is often a deciding factor in the retirement home they reside.
All aspect of humanity are aided by happiness, from the youngest of children growing in
development. Many facing bizarre characteristics in their home life in today's day and age. Physical
activity provides for the gap in perfection. The upbringing of high schoolers to the very college
students caused to endure stress like a retrieving dive in a pool full of the possible side effects or poor
outcomes of a challenging attempt to be successful one item at a time. who are often over worked and
find recreational sports and designated breaks in scheduling usually spent as the most actively time in
the semester as the only escape. Even the advanced in age receive benefits from the current of the
belief that a busy bee is a happy bee. NewsRx, a collective of researchers had this to say in the journal
entry Investigators from University of Ottawa Target Epidemiology. "Happiness is among the most
fundamental of all human goals. Although the short-term association between physical activity and
happiness is well known,(NewsRx journalists) this acknowledges that endorphins and other scientific
reasoning support the doing good feels good philosophy on a physical level too. Also this statement
sets the stage for the relationship between activity and happiness, that actively seeking provides
happiness and can be a common sense decision by taking steps in the right direction. Each step is the
way. A proverbial piece of Chinese wisdom from Tao Te Ching( a country now surpassing America
in many numerical standing) forecasts the the fundamental foundation that activity and happiness go
hand and hand.

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