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Hi Everyone,

We all have things we would like to improve, Mine is my ASS !!

Taking this into account I have decided to do something about it & my aim is by christmas to
have the Ass of my dreams lol we can all dream right ?? but unless I try I will never see any
improvements, soooooo I am doing this 30 Day Bonus Challenge sand adding it to my daily
workouts .. & I Challenge YOU to join me are you up for it ?
Can u stick to something for 30 whole days ?
I have made this as easy as possible As you can see there is a calendar below that shows how
many Butt Tightening exercises we will be doing however as you know I LOVE to mix things up
(this wouldnt be a Lisa-Marie Workout without it right lol) So, I have gone one step further & taken
the numbers but mixed everyday up into different & challenging Ass Busting exercises.
The idea is that by the end of the 30 days every muscle in & around the Butt, including the Inner
& Outer Thighs will have been worked.

I am using either my sandbag

which you can find in the Store, but if

you dont have one, dont you worry I have made a post full of ideas HERE & Im sure you can
find something you can use to intensify this 30 days by adding some weight to each day You
will see quicker results if you add weight, so get looking. I want to know how much you use.
I have decided that 20 pounds is my weight of choice for each day as I want to make sure I can
walk at the end of the 30 days, however if it gets to easy I will add more weight each week.
So Print off the calendar below to cross off your days Look at the exercises I have posted
below for each day
Take a before picture for the end of this EPIC Ass Workout !!!
Enjoy Please update me as you work through this everyday
The trick is to add these to your daily routine . and remember you can always space them
throughout your day
Calendar to cross off days:

#Bodyrocker Nadean Morin
Hi Lisa, I made a calendar for the new 30 Day Squat Challenge and I thought Id share.
Im excited/scared for this. lol
Thank you so much for all you do. I cant believe the changes Ive noticed in my overall fitness
ever since starting bodyrock/dailyhiit.
Take care! Nadean

The Challenge:
Day One 50 Weighted Squats

Day Two 55 Burpees

Day Three 60 SandBag Swings

Day Four Rest Day - Enjoy it

Day Five 70 Inner Thigh Lifts 35 Each Leg

Ask Yourself Can you go heavier ?

Day Six - 75 Bench Leaps

Day Seven 80 Weighted Squats

Day Eight - Rest Day

Day Nine - 100 Wide Leg Squats

Day Ten 105 Pulse Squats

Day 11 100 1 Leg Lifts 50 Each Side

Day 12 Rest Day

Day 13 130 Ski Abs

Day 14 135 Switch Jumps

Day 15 140 Weighted Lunges 70 Each Leg (Weight Optional)

Day 16 - Rest Day

Day 17 150 Weighted Squats

Day 18 - 155 Squat Jumps

Day 19 160 Weighted Squats & Kick 80 Each Leg

Day 20 - Rest Day

Day 21 180 One Leg Lifts 93 Each Leg

Day 22 - 185 Ball Jumps

Day 23 190 Switch Lunges

Day 24 Rest Day

Day 25 220 - Mountain Climbers

Day 26 225 Squat Star Jumps

Day 27 230 Pulse Squats

Day 28 Rest Day

Day 29 240 Squat & Side Kicks 120 Each Side

Day 30 250 Random 100 Weighted Squats & 100 Wide Leg Squats & 50 Low Squat Pulses

Thats it you have completed all 30 days !!!
Now take your after picture & see the results !!!!