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Finwings (Home Page)

Finwings software is a core banking software which is developed by India Active Software
Inc. This software provides all the functions which are performed by the banks. This module
provides comprehensive financial data management of our clients customer information.
This System manages banking clients head office and branch financial activities for clients
customers on all levels. In addition to core banking software that helps to manage billions in
loans, investments, mobile banking, and term. Our product is used by banks, credit cooperative companies, credit co-operative banks.
Finwings software offers high-end technological and economical banking solutions to mid
and large-size banks worldwide. This software equips banks with the latest technology trends
in banking. This software caters to the requirements of banks to automate their banking
process and increase efficiency for customers. This software also offers customized solutions
to fulfil unique requirements of prospective clients. This software consists of financial
applications that include automating tools to satiate the needs of the banking sector. This
software also computes loan amounts, interest rates, terms, and payment amounts based upon
inputs. It helps to forecast loan repayments thereby aiding debt management. Finwings
software serves the normal banking sector, which includes managing withdrawal, deposits,
loans, and other simple routine operations including storage and retrieval of processing data
on a daily basis. Features of banking software include calculations based on multi-currency
and multi-language inputs.
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Customer Registration / Customer ID Creation
The registered customer gets a username and a password. Unique customer ID will be
created. After this the KYC scanning and uploading is done. We can copy the details of
customer for New / Identical Customer. We can any time temporarily suspend / Un-suspend
any customer. Verification Required by Second Authority. We can enquire about any
customer. We can cancel any customer.

Customer Verification
Verification is the act of reviewing, inspecting or testing, in order to establish and document
that a product, service or system meets regulatory or technical standards. In this stage all the
documents of the customer which he has submitted to open an account in the bank or for any
other purpose are checked and verified. So that no issues are created further. One or many
Verification authority creation in branch. KYC Easy Verification. Transfer Case Facility to
transfer Authority rights to another authority. HOLD ON facility. Say Disqualify and Reject.
Log Maintenance

Account Opening
This is the process for opening a account in the bank. A KYC form is to be filled by the
customer. Customer ID is required to open a account. Facility to change consolidated
Charges on A/C is provided. A specific Staff is entrusted for special customer. Allocation /
Modification of Interest Rates , TDS Rates, Tax Deduction policies, Tax Slab etc. (Subject to
verification, also available in masters). MIS Details are required for opening a a/c. Interest
rate pay cycle allocation.

Scheme Management
Scheme management is a unique scheme process automation tool equipped with unique
business intelligence concept. The scheme management system consist of various schemes
such as RD, FD, MIP, BOND creation. The payment for various schemes can be done by
cheque or cash. The minimum and maximum limits for the schemes are decided. Interest
Rates which are to be paid are fixed.

RD- multiple compounding facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)
Penalty Provision
Credit business Provision (Mostly Used in Agent Promotion)
Loan against Deposits.
Normal ROI, Special ROI Provision
Minimum amount condition
Scheme Wise Irregular management.

Member Management
The member management consists of the various process of registration, data entry etc. in this
module we collect all the information of the member by filling up a registration form. All the
formalities are done regarding the members in this module.

Member registration
Member edit registration
Member report
Member complete summary report
Approve data entry
Approve guest
Members Photo, Signature Upload
Data Entry Member
Approve Guest

Agent Management
This is the process of agent registration. Various formalities regarding the agent is done in
agent management. When a agent gets registered he is given a agent username and password
to access his account.

Agent Registration
Edit Agent Registration
Agent Report
Agent List By Post
Agent Downline
Commission Information scheme wise
Agent Upline
Member to agent Creation
Agent Promotion History
Agent Promotion Date wise
Shift Agent Leg
Agent Promotion (Manual, Auto)
Update Designation
Direct Policy
Direct Installment
Down Line Policy
Down line Installment
Deleted Policy Record

A transaction is an agreement, communication, or movement carried out between a buyer and
a seller to exchange an asset for payment. In this software the process of transaction is easy
and less time is consumed for the transaction. Our software provides the transaction facility is
easily assessable.
Fixed Deposit
MIP Policy
Daily Policy
New RD P Policy
Bond Policy
Approve Policy
Approve Installment Receipt
Pre Maturity Management

Payment is the process where money transfer takes place in the exchange of goods or
services. In this software the payment process is simple. It includes all types of payment such
as policy maturity payment, agent commission payment etc.

Policy Maturity Payment

Agent Commission Payout (Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)
Issue Cheque (In case to Cheque Payout)
Paid Payment report
Agent Wise Commission
Month Wise Commission
MIP Policy Payment(Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)
Paid MIP Payment Report

A list is index in which all the data is stored for easy search. In our software the list is stored
as a database. The access to this module is very simple and the search for particular item in
the list is easy. This module consists of scheme list, RD policy list, FD policy list and MIP
policy list.

Scheme List (Show all Scheme List)

RD Policy List
FD Policy List
MIP Policy List

A report is any informational work made with the specific intention of relaying information
or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form. A report consist of a short summary
of the RD installement, due payment, etc. The module is easily accessible. All the
information of the particular report is stored in the that particular report.

Due RD Installment Report

RD Installment Report
Daily Collection Report
Receipt Information
User Tracking Report
Journal Report
Trial Balance
Day Book
Audit Report
Guest Member Report

The print module in finwings software is used to print the reports, receipts, passbook entry,
certificates etc. All the documents which are to be printed are stored in this module. The print
module is the easy way to use the print function. In our software the print module is listed in
the modules menu.
Policy Certificate Print
Cash Receipt Print
Passbook Print Setup
Passbook Reprint Setup
Statement Print

Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service which is used in our software to
send SMS to the customers. The SMS can be sent through phone or through software. In
finwings the SMS is sent to the customer regarding the cash deposit, cash withdrawal etc.

The SMS module consist of sub modules like ID wise Sms, registration Sms, birthday Sms

Id Wise Sms
Down line Wise Sms
Registration Sms
Scheme wise Sms
City /State wise Sms
Non pan card holder Sms
Non bank detail holders sms
Birthday Sms
Group Master
Add new Contact
Loan Wise Sms
Other Sms

User Manager
A user manager is a management system which can be used for various
purposes. Here the user manager is used to keep a record of all the masters like
city master, state master etc. the masters are one time entry forms which can be
used in the software.


Branch Master (N Numbers of Branch Creation Facility)

Fetch password

State City Master (For Multy State)

Region Master

User Connectivity

Designation Role

Designation Master

Saving Account Management

The savings account is used to store the savings of the customer. This account is available to
all the customers of a bank. Our software has easy access to this account and the information
of any customer which is needed can be accessed easily. You will find the savings account
manager in the modules menu. The savings account management consists of modules likes
savings account master, savings account report etc.


Saving Account Master

Saving Account New Account
Saving Account Report
Transaction Saving Account
Cheque Management
Balance Information
Saving Account Statement
Account Statement

A loan is a debt provided by one entity to another entity at an interest rate, and evidenced by a
note which specifies, among other things, the principal amount, interest rate, and date of
repayment. The loan module consist of loan master, new loan, loan list etc. The loan master
in our software is used as a database of the customers who are taking loan from the bank,
with what % is the loan to be repaid etc.

Loan Master
Approve Loan
New Loan
Loan Installment
Loan Closing
Loan List
Due Loan Installment
Loan Repayment
Loan Issue Cheque
Loan Penalty Report


A payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and
deductions. The payroll consists of the record of the salary, employee master, position master
etc. Our software gives an easy access to this module. This module is easy to understand and
work on.

Position Master
Salary Making
Employee Master
Advance Management
Manual Increment
Salary Report
Increment Report
Due Promotion Report
Advance Payment Report

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial
information about economic entities. This module consists of payment voucher,
journal voucher, balance sheet etc.


Payment Voucher
Income Voucher
Sub Group
Journal Voucher
Approve Voucher
Voucher Report
Transfer to Profit And Loss Account
Balance Sheet

Share Management
A share is a unit of ownership, or equity, in a company or a corporation. Shares are one of the
most traded financial instruments. Share management is a module used to keep the records of
the shares the customers are having. Share management module consist of entities like Share
Master and Share Report. This module is the easy way to access the database of share

Share Master
Share Report

User Panel
The user panel is called the Dashboard of this software. It has the credentials such as
username n password. A login panel is provided with which the user can get access to the
software. the user panel consists of entities like direct policy, down line policy etc.

Members Edit Registration

Direct Installment
Direct Policy
Down Line Policy
Down line Installment
Direct Installment
Saving Account Statement
Installment Deposit of Self Policy
Generate new Policy via Saving Account (FD,RD,MIP,DD,BOND)

The FINWINGS software is specially designed for the co operative society and co operative
banks. The operations in this software are related to banking. These operations are creating a
unique ID, once the ID is created a username and password is given to the customer. All the
functions such as money transfer, RD creation, FD creation etc are performed by this
software. The account operations like account opening, verification, modification, status
maintenance etc are performed.
Some of the Key Features of the software are:

One Stop Solution to the entire client requirements

24x7 Online Support

Skilled Resources

Cost-effective custom software development

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