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Founder Founded by Founded by Founded by Lao-Tzu, c. 550 Muhammad, 622 Indigenous religion
Jesus Christ in Confucius (551– Siddharta Gautama BC, China. AD, Saudi Arabia of India as
c. 30 AD, Israel. 479 BC), China (the Buddha) in c. developed to
520 BC, NE India. present day.
Gods and One God who NONE Varies: Theravada Pantheism - the One God (Allah in One Supreme
Goddeses is a Trinity of atheistic; Mahayana Tao pervades all. Arabic) Reality (Brahman)
Father, Son, more polytheistic. Yin-yang - manifested in many
and Holy Spirit Buddha taught opposites make gods and goddesses
nothing is up a unity.
Human All have sinned Purpose of life is Purpose is to avoid Purpose is inner Humans must Humans are in
Situation and are to fulfill one's role suffering and gain harmony, peace, submit ( bondage to
and Life's thereby in society with enlightenment and and longevity. islam ignorance and
Purpose separated from propriety, honor, release from cycle Acheived by living ) to the will of illusion, but are
God. Salvation and loyalty. of rebirth, or at in accordance God to gain able to escape.
is through faith least attain a better with the Tao. Paradise after Purpose is to gain
in Christ and, rebirth by gaining death. release from
for some, merit. rebirth, or at least a
sacraments and better rebirth
good works.
Afterlife Eternal heaven NONE Reincarnation Revert back to Paradise or Hell. Reincarnation until
or hell (or (understood state of non- gain enlightenment
temporary differently than in being, which is
purgatory). Hinduism, with no simply the other
surviving soul) until side of being.
gain enlightenment
Practices Prayer, Bible Honesty, Meditation, General attitude Five Pillars: Faith, Yoga, meditation,
study, baptism, politeness, mantras, devotion of detachment Prayer, Alms, worship (puja),
Eucharist, propriety, to deities (in some and non-struggle, Pilgrimage, devotion to a god
church on humaneness, sects), mandalas "go with the Fasting. Mosque or goddess,
Sundays, perform correct (Tibetan) flow" of the Tao. services on pilgrimage to holy
numerous role in society, Tai-chi, Fridays. cities, live according
holidays. loyalty to family, acupuncture, and Ablutions before to one's dharma
nation alchemy to help prayer. No (purpose/ role).
longevity. alcohol or pork.
Holidays related
to the pilgrimage
and fast of
Text The Holy Bible Analects Tripitaka (Pali Tao Te Ching, Qur'an The Vedas,
(Old and New Canon); Mahayana Chuang-Tzu (Scripture); Upanishads,
Testaments sutras like the Lotus Hadith Bhagavad Gita,
Sutra; others. (tradition) Ramayana,