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One of the Largest and Oldest Food Companies
National Foods is one of the largest and oldest foods companies in Pakistan. It enjoys a good
reputation among customers and is one of the leading Brands of Pakistan. Its reputation for
quality and innovation are two assets that can enable them to penetrate into the domestic market
specially in developing urban areas.
Diversfied Product Categories
Over the years National Foods has expanded its product offerings and has been exporting
products to foreign countries as well. It is not wholly dependent on the Branded Spice and
Recipe Masala Mix sales.
National Foods Is a Public Limited Company
National Foods is a public limited company where is Shan Foods is a private company. This
factor is very important in deciding any strategy. National Foods can raise capital easily as it is
traded on Karachi Stock Exchange and is one of the KSE 100 INDEX companies.
Strong Nationwide Distribution Network
National Foods has the strong nationwide distribution network. As it is one of the oldest food
companies and has large assortment of products it enjoys good relationship with its Distributors.
This factor can ease the things for National Foods if it is to follow Cost Leadership strategy.
Preferred In Northern Areas

National being the market leader is popular in the upper parts of the country because people there
have a higher preference for slightly mild food. Punjab is the most populous province of the
country and the people there are fond of eating. Now since it is the largest market with mild
preference for spice, it makes it easier for National to have its success story in that part of the


First Mover Advantage

Shan is the largest exporter of packaged spices. This is because of the fact that they were the first
ones to enter the market and together with this because internationally there does not exist a
specific market rather they are activating consumer needs that might exist with Pakistanis and
Indians living abroad, the concept of mild taste (National) being preferred over slightly spicier
(Shan) does not exist there. As a result of this with the first ones to break through Shan has
successfully established a market for itself and a taste that consumers now prefer.

Cryogenic Technology

Shan Foods is the only spice company in Southeast Asia with cryogenic technology that
preserves the taste of 1600-1700 tons of spices when it is ground, by maintaining freezing (0
degree Celsius) temperature and killing heat produced from friction.

Preferred In Southern Areas

Shan has a spicier touch which makes it popular in the southern part of the country.

Targeting Both Genders

Females aging from 18 to 45 years compose the main target market of Shan Foods. This is
because of the reason that in this part of the world, women are mostly related to the food and
cooking. Hence, Shan Foods develops products that are according the needs and wants.
However, lately with the concept of Nuclear families becoming increasingly popular, the
company caters to the needs of males as well making sure that their product is convenient to use
and satisfies their needs too.

Global Presence
Mehran Spice & Food Industries started its journey in 1975 and within a few years of its
inception, the company grew to become one of the leading spice & food industries globally. It
has a greater market share in exports than National or Shan.
Leader in Quality Rice
Mehran is a world leader in quality rice, equipped with the most advanced rice plant from
Germany. The plant, which is one of the few in Pakistan, has enabled Mehran Super Kernel
Basmati Rice to become one of the top selling basmati rice in the world.

Growing and Processing at One Place
Mitchells is the only major food company in Pakistan today with fully integrated operations
having its own growing and processing facilities at one location. Modern high-volume industrial
equipment, professional management and a trained workforce all combine to ensure that
Mitchells continues its dominance as the innovator, market leader and trend setter.
Institutional Clients
Mitchells sucessfully caters to the demands of its clients such as the Pakistan International
Airlines (PIA), leading five star hotels and clubs, Utility Stores Corporation, Canteen Stores
Department, main stores and reputed restaurants in major city

Haleeb Foods (Indirect)

Competitive Advantage
Haleeb claims to be the best milk for making tea, as it is the thickest milk.
Haleeb has its own plants and dairy farms so it is incurring low cost.
HFL has a strict and rigorous quality policy regarding intake of raw material.