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M E M B E R S H I P Membership Dues Schedule
1 Truck - $166 4 Trucks - $331
2 Trucks - $221 5 Trucks - $386
3 Trucks - $276

6 Trucks or more - based on

WV mileage schedule below
Annual WV Mileage Domiciled Non - Domiciled
0 - 250,000 $479.00 $479.00
250,001 - 500,000 $631.00 $631.00
500,001 - 1,000,000 $721.00 $721.00
1,000,001 - 2,000,000 $994.00 $933.00
2,000,001 - 3,000,000 $1,237.00 $1,146.00
3,000,001 - 4,000,000 $1,449.00 $1,267.00
4,000,001 - 5,000,000 $1,692.00 $1,510.00
5,000,001 - 6,000,000 $1,904.00 $1,601.00
6,000,001 - 7,000,000 $2,146.00 $1,783.00
7,000,001 - 8,000,000 $2,389.00 $1,965.00
8,000,001 - 9,000,000 $2,511.00 $2,146.00
9,000,001 - 10,000,000 $2,874.00 $2,329.00
10,000,001 - 12,000,000 $3,116.00 $2,511.00
12,000,001 - 14,000,000 $3,359.00 $2,692.00
Over 14,000,000 $5,381.00
Allied Business - $575

Membership Application
Type of Membership
For - Hire (Domiciled) For - Hire (Non - Domiciled/ WV Facilities)
For - Hire (No WV Facilities) Private Fleet Allied Business

Please mail this completed

application to the West Virginia
Company Name
Trucking Association at
the address below:

City, State Zip

Phone Fax

Website Email
Contact Title
2006 Kanawha Boulevard, E.
Describe your company and its activities
Charleston, WV 25311
Membership Benefits
Workers’ Compensation
State and National Liaison
We act as a liaison with many state agencies including the Discount Program
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Public Service Commission
The West Virginia Trucking Association has teamed with BrickStreet
(PSC), Department of Transportation (DOT), State Police and State
Insurance to offer active WVTA members who have a good safety
Tax Department. We work closely with the American Trucking
record a discount on their workers’ compensation premiums.
Associations (ATA) on federal legislation and governmental affairs.
If you can meet just a few criteria, your company can qualify for
this cost savings program through WVTA. The criteria includes:
We maintain strong one on one contact with state and federal
legislators and government leaders. We are proactive in our efforts Report claims within 48 hours of a loss;
for the benefit of our industry and members. Achieve and maintain a loss ratio of 65% or less;
We represent the industry on such issues as: Implement a formal Return to Work Program;
Transportation laws and funding Environmental law Attend at least one safety seminar per year that applies
Highway use and sales taxes Highway safety to operational hazards or complete one on-line course
Our Mission through Safety Source;
Vehicle size and weight
Implement BrickStreet’s 5 Step Loss Control program; and
The mission of the West Virginia Trucking Education and Communication
Be a member of the West Virginia Trucking Association.
Association is to serve and represent We constantly strive to keep members informed regarding issues
the interests of the trucking industry with affecting their businesses. For example: That is all there is to the program. You continue to make your
One United Voice by: We supply a monthly newsletter, Highways & Byways and payments to BrickStreet and continue to use the agent of your
various timely bulletins throughout the year on specific issues. choice. Contact your agent of record to see if you qualify.
Promoting safety and security on our
When the Legislature is in session, members receive News
highways and among our drivers; Other Member Discounts
from Inside the Capitol legislative updates to keep them
Advancing the trucking industry’s image; abreast of legislative activity and to aid in our grassroots efforts. In addition to our workers’ compensation discount program, we
also offer a variety of other discounts, including shipping costs
Providing educational programs; We have a web site,, which supplies a
with UPS and products from J. J. Keller.
Influencing in a positive manner state vast array of information to keep members informed, as well
governmental actions; and as links to other industry sites.

Promoting a healthy business Survival Hotline

environment in our state Members are urged to call the WVTA office at 304.345.2800
anytime with questions concerning any matters that affect Call us with Questions!
Types of Membership
their business.
Fleet Membership Promoting the safety of our members and the public is very or visit our website at
Any firm, company or corporation owning or operating important to us. Each year, we conduct a Truck Driving
motor transport vehicles shall be eligible for membership Championship (TDC) and hold contests for fleet safety awards
in the organization. and driver awards, including West Virginia Driver of the Year.

Annual Convention
Allied Membership We hold an annual convention for members where they gain
Individuals, firms or corporations having any interest in the information at our business sessions and network with others
trucking industry shall be eligible for allied membership. in the industry at social functions.
Individuals, firms or corporations having no interest in the
West Virginia trucking industry but desiring to be affiliated WVTA PAC
with the association for business reasons shall be eligible With the many tough issues that our industry faces, it is important
for us to have candidates in office that understand our industry.
for non-voting participating membership.
The WVTA PAC gives us the ability to donate to business friendly
candidates with whom we can work in the State Legislature.